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27/12/2004 at 17:38
Hello all.

Fisrt post here, so here goes.

I lost 3 stone in 2004 through weight training and a better diet. I started using the treadmill for Fat Burning, and found I enjoyed running, for the first time. This led me to start road running, and the dream kicked off, to run the London Marathon in 2005, just before my 40th birthday. Alas, I fell the way of many, and was rejected, and the shame is I have little time to manage the project of raising sufficient sponsorship for a 'golden ticket'. So I re-focused, and have entered a half marathon at the end of April 2005, 2 weeks shorts of the 'big 4-0'. I am (like us all, I hope) enjoying a little indulgence before I start training, but whilst I am planning etc, thought I'd stick up a note to say 'hello' and would appreciate any words/advice/abuse, oas I start my adventure!
27/12/2004 at 17:40


28/12/2004 at 10:55
Captain - welcome aboard (forgive the pun!).

We would have some of those people with the liddle whistles if we knew you were coming.

First question that springs to mind is, have you been out running on the road because you'll find there's a hell of a difference between running on a treadmill and running on the road/path. For a start, on the treadmill, your legs sort of get pulled along but on the road, it's your own muscles that do a lot more of the work.

Also, we're all going to assume you've done the right thing and been to a proper running shop and bought the correct running shoes for your running style.

Keep us all posted in this thread and let us know how you get on.

This crowd are amazing for keeping you motivated, congratulating you on your successes, kicking you up the ass when you're on one of those low days saying you can't be bothered, etc.

Good luck
29/12/2004 at 10:06
Thanks Cath and Voods!

To answer your question I have been running on the road, for around 4 weeks, before I caught man-flu in December.
Thanks for the tip on getting the right shoes, I hadn't thought of going to a specialist shop - I guess there will be a section on this site somewhere with good running shops.

One question I have is how you guys calculate the distance on your routes?
29/12/2004 at 10:16
Hi Captain

Welcome :0))

If I run next to the road I measure in the car (although now I know what most bits of road near me are).

I use a pedometer when on cycle paths/tracks etc. It gives me reasonable reproducable results (to within 0.15 of a mile). I have to reset it every few runs to ensure this though. Sometimes I wear it on a known bit of road to check. Pedos aren't great though, they are well known for innacuracy.

Some peeps use a map thingy on the 'puter which is probably better. Don't know much about it but I'm sure someone else can tell you.

Hope this helps.

You a Blackadder fan by any chance?

29/12/2004 at 11:29
Captain, if you are running on the roads, just watch out for the cars :o)

On a more serious note, Samta is right about using the 'puter to work out route distances. A good website to lookup is Map24 which allows you to first of all put in your postcode and then mark out the route you take for your runs from there.

It's a bit confusing to start with but once you figure it out, it's a damned useful tool.

Re: Running Specialist Shops. I'm sure once people know you're in Leicestershire, they'll be able to recommend somewhere for you.
29/12/2004 at 13:34
Thanks Samta

I may get a pedometer to start with, and with a surmane like Darling, I was only ever going to get one nickname :)

Thanks Voods

Appreciate the link, I've used and multimap etc. They are fine for driving directions, but I don't find them ideal for where I run (I work in London, so I run around Hyde Park). I think its an 'A-Z' and some string for me! We are off to Milton Keynes tomorrow, so I've searched this site, and found a decent shop there. BTW - how do you make your picture change like that? I take it that its a 'before and after' thing?

29/12/2004 at 14:09
It's an Animated GIF. I used Paint Shop Pro 7's Animation tool but I think you can get freebie packages that will let you do the same. The only problem is the limit on filesize for your pic's on this site. I had to reduce colours down to about 16 to get it under the 12k limit.

And yes, it's a before and after.

Re: Hyde Park - I run in a local park in Scunthorpe which just appears as an outline on Map 24. I ended up finding a program called Trailgauge (which is free for some features) and imported several screen shots from Map24 to give me a map with a known scale and then overlayed a photo of the park on the top so I could work out the routes.

A long and convoluted system just for the sake of working out distances I know, but at the time, it was fun working out how to do it all.

Re: Distances - as you progress in your running career, you'll start to know the distance you've run based on the times you're running. I know that after 10 minutes, I've normally run at least a mile so work out that after 60 minutes, I've done at least 6.

What I'm trying to say is ... don't worry about distance for the moment, concentrate on building up time on your feet.
29/12/2004 at 16:09
Captain - you could do worse than to join in on the first 1/2 marathon thread on beginners. A really friendly lot. Some have done their first half (and a few more) and others are still working towards it but they're incredibly supportive and a fount of useful knowledge. Which half have you entered?
29/12/2004 at 16:36
Thanks Voods

I've downloaded TrailGuage, and will have a go. Also appreciate your comment about distance

Thanks Happy

Trust me for missing that thread! It's very good. I'm running in the Shakepeare Half on April 24th.
30/12/2004 at 11:55
I'm a first timer too. Taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon Relay so am building towards 10k. Actually today was my first day out. I feel so great now but at the time was questioning how much fun it's supposed to be. ;)
30/12/2004 at 12:11
Hi Captain

I used a pedo and OS maps - 1:25000 - to work out distances initially. The experts reckon your better off working with time rather than worrying about distance but of course we all obsess about these things so I bought a basic GPS on EBay and use that - I do most of my runs off road round an airfield so accurate mapping isn't available. Its also good for marking out accurate 200, 400 metre and so on stretches for speed work.

I also use a HRM and as I train in the dark a Petzl head light - you've guessed it it's the 2 X12volt car batteries to power it all that slows me down!
30/12/2004 at 12:32
LOL Pere

Pere's just reminded me that you also need a massive wallet for running because you'll be introduced to all these new toys you never thought you'd need like :

Heart Rate Monitors
Global Positioning Systems
Wicking tops
MP3 players (a definite must)
Stopwatches with split timers

Oooh, the list is positively endless.
31/12/2004 at 10:15
Hi Balanced - Best of luck with your training - I recall it being quite hilly in Edinburgh!

Hi Pere - Thanks, I think I'm going to go with time to start with. If this all goes swimmingly (and plus us guys like gadgets) I may go for a GPS. I like the idea of the car batteries, I like weight training too...

Hi Voods - How ironic. Took the family to Milton Keynes to see the Panto yesterday (oh yes I did!) and made an excuse to go early and visit a specialist running shop. The guys were excellent, although I felt a plank running around their (open-fronted) store in my socks with my trousers rolled up. They informed me that I am heavily over-pronated (I asked for cream to help with it) and prescribed 3 trainers - I chose some Asics. I also bought 2 wicking tops (they weren't wicking cheap!) and shorts.
I have a HRM (cheap thing)a stop watch, and an mp3 player.

All I need now is motivation.

Anyways, thanks all!
31/12/2004 at 12:40
Am sure this lot can provide you with motivation. Just tell them you've entered a race and they'll keep egging you on. Especially if you keep us all informed of your progress.

Re: Wicking tops - go to websites like Wiggle.COM and for cheap gear.
31/12/2004 at 14:19
Hey voodoo how's it going? Nice to see you're still encouraging everyone, you're a good asset to the forum mate, remember my story? Well just got back from a nice 10 miler, and i feel grrrrreat, i bought one of those Garmin forerunner 201 thingies and it's absolutely fantastic, i highly recommend it, i thought i was running 10 minute miles, but according to the garmin it's more like 8.35 min miles, which is nice, as when i ran my first mile in may, it took me over 14 minutes, my weight is down to 12st 13lb now yay! i was 18st 7lb, so tonight will be my first new years eve, where i wont have to make the will stop eating chocolate, cakes crisps etc resolution, instead just to improve my mileage times, and to beef up a bit on the weight training, Captain, voodoo is right, surround your self with gadgets and other running type things, and before you realise it you'll notice that indeed you're a runner, keep going, and happy new year to all, Matt
03/01/2005 at 16:48
Hey Matt - good news on the weightloss and the continued running. Are you entering any races this year? I've done the daftest thing possible and entered for a Marathon in America.
04/01/2005 at 14:30
Thanks Matt and Voodoo

Started the campaign today, went for a light 20 run to ease myself (and my new trainers) in.

Exercise - Will be a mixture of running, HIIT and weights.

Diet - 5 meals a day, low fat, complex carbs, protein etc. Cals and carbs to be adjusted nearer to the race.

Stats - 39 years young, 6' 3", 15st 8lbs at this mornings weigh in

18/01/2005 at 14:26
Hi i too am a first timer in running and to the forum. I decided to give up smoking so running has become my new habit. For some crazy reason i thought it would be a good idea to enter a race. Any races people could reccommend in the essex area would be great.
18/01/2005 at 15:44
My boss lives in Essex and he's a runner so I'll ask him. Actually, no I won't 'cos he's a raving lunatic tri-athlete who would probably recommend a nightmare hilly half-marathon.

Have a look under the "events" tab at the top of the screen. You can search on races by area. Most of us started racing with a 10k, which is long enough to provide a challenge but not so long that you need to train for months to do it.
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