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26/02/2008 at 15:46

I used to eat before my long run's in the morning, a bowl of shreddies, say an hour before, but I found similar results, you just feel sick after a couple of miles.

So I agree with Julie, I now try to eat a big meal, usually pasta or something with lots of carbs in it the night before. Then a good nights rest. The following morning, before my (reasonably long) runs - around 10 miles on a sat morning, I have a cup of tea. I find it just helps fill that void in my stomach just enough until I have finished my run. I then enjoy a large brunch, like a fry up! feel like I have earned it!

 I run during the weeks too. It tends to be intense interval training in the eveings and for this I just ensure I've stocked up on carb rich foods throughout the day, then finish with a good meal afterwards. This meal is usually high in protein as I agree it does help with muscle recovery. Also, if I eat a carb rich meal after this type of training, my metabolism is naturally on "over-drive" and I find I can't get to sleep.

 So I guess that if time is not on your side (work and family) and you don't have saturday mornings to yourself and early morning runs are your only option, just fill up the day before with lots of complex carb foods. I also find that tapering (as athletes do before a big race) can help if you plan on a long run and time is against you.

19/08/2011 at 15:23
Glass of orange juice and a banana does the trick for me, about an hour before he run, normally in the mornings...!!
02/01/2012 at 11:05
Thanks for all the advice. Eight years after posting this I am about to start running again !
02/01/2012 at 11:31

For me, I have to leave at least a 2 hour gap between eating and running. In the morning I'll eat Weetabix with water (i'm another one who cant have milk) and then a glass of water and i'm fine for 2 hours.

Mid afternoon run: Pasta for lunch

Evening run: Late lunch, Banana 1 hr before running

I guess it's all what you're used to...

02/01/2012 at 18:51
What happened in the intervening 8 years? Did you manage to eat between runs?
13/01/2012 at 12:40
for the last 8 years I have been eating and drinking non stop ! No running, just piling on the pounds. Thought I better do something about it.
13/01/2012 at 13:04
I have a bowl of porridge and a cup of tea about an hour before a run. I started running last January and have lost 4 stone. Started with 10 mins run, now up to 10k runs, this sunday bromley will be my first event run, but will be my 5th 10k in total. I also take a bottle of water with me on longer runs.
13/01/2012 at 20:59
David Thomson 4 wrote (see)
Looking for some advice! I've started running at 5am as work and young kids take up the rest of my day and night. Only problem is im not sure if I should be eating something beforehand. I get up at 04.30 run at 5 for an hour then have quick brekky, protien shake and bath b4 going to work at 06.30. Im worried that my body is just burning the muscles if I've no fuel in me. Obviously getting up earlier would give me time to eat and digest something but I get little enough sleep as it is.

If I've eaten ok the day before I just have a cup of coffee and a couple of jaffa cakes for early morning runs. Works fine for me. And suck on a jelly bean or two on the way round, although that last bit is probably just psychological.
18/01/2012 at 12:08
That's fantastic Jennette. You are an inspiration.
01/01/2013 at 18:56
I have only really started running but I quite like a bannana,peanut butter and honey toasted sandwich half hour before. It seems to give a energy boost.
01/01/2013 at 19:20
I tend to run first thing in the morning and always run best on an empty stomach. Even for long Sunday runs of 16 to 18 miles I never have anything to eat before running, not even a glass of water. But try and make sure I have eaten well the night before.
05/01/2013 at 13:18


I am training for my first marathon. Ran a Half marathon at 2:30,few months back.

 However, I have problems to run my training more than 20k without the gel (that i hate)...Any suggestion to replace the gel? I am seeking for advices on what to take during the long run. (p/s:I usually do not eat before I run.) 


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