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10/09/2009 at 18:49

Hooble Doop Peeps!

Kwala, it must have felt good in the "zone"!  I can't wait to get the "runner's high" everyone talks about!  

 Been for my R3 W3 x 4.  Left ankle, shin, calf and knee are now hurting!  Sitting here with my friend the ice pack!   I am determined not to let this stop me!  My back was more painful this time too, got better as I warmed up, but is bad again now.  What am I to do?  Whimper!  I don't want to go too slowly at it, as I have my Boxing Day target and would be gutted if I missed that! 

 Still feel good about getting out and doing it though!  

 Anyone on here going to be at the Great South Run at all?  I will be spectating (hubby running).  

11/09/2009 at 08:30

Hi all, sorry for being away so long, work & home been a bit manic, trying to settle into a routine again now, including talking to you lot!  So, deep breath, here goes ...

HnB, sorry to hear you're suffering.  Sounds like you're doing the right thing with the RICE.

Kwala, wow!  The mojo is back! Sounds like you're running is going really well? You'll soon be doing that 30 min non stop.  Can't say I've experienced what you've described as yet, here's hoping ...

LK, good luck for the race today & enjoy celebrating at the BBQ.  I'll try to look back for list to see what you're doing.  Ahh found it, the handicap idea could be a laugh? Friendly competition or taken too seriously?  Will done on blazing those hills! Rest is a good thing too.  Enjoying BodyPump?  Even planks?!?!

Alb, waves...

Mo, well done on the 15 miler!  Good distance!  And well done for getting back into it.

Ecky, sorry to hear you're ankle is playing up. Mind you, I must have been away a while, wow, you're running some distance now!  Nice one!

Smint, waves.  Hope you move's gone well and you're running is too.

MnP, well done on your 35th Marathon!

As for me, GNR is just over a week.  Hope all the faff of deferring from last year, date change this year, hotels going bust, etc is all worth it.

Running is good.  Pace is no where near what I was doing nearly a year ago (OMG, was it that long ago?!) when I developed my ITBS.  Jut gad to be doing that distance again. But the knees are still holding out.  Sore for a few hours after running, but recovering better than ever.  3 rest days a week at the moment might be the answer (2 runs, 1 BodyCombat, 1 BodyPump).

Did the last long one (11 miles) last sunday.  Tapering now with 6 miles this weekend.  Been doing Sunday LSRs with a couple of friends recently, normally run alone, so that's been really nice.  The miles go by much quicker.

Take care all.  I'll try I'll try to be more regular...

11/09/2009 at 09:15
Morning Burnside, morning everyone else

Pain gone this morning, so hopefully will stay away, but probably not!

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?

Rest day for me today, run/walk on Saturday, try to get out for a decent long walk on Sunday, maybe pick some sloes - mmmmm, sloe gin!!!!

Website updates and bookkeeping etc for hubby's business and housework with the rest of the time. My what and exiting life I lead!!!

11/09/2009 at 13:16

Great to hear from you Burnie - thought you'd abandonned us!  Glad to hear you're back 'doing the distance'.  Are you still doing the pervy on the table exercise for your ITBS.  I'm sure your GNR experience will be memorable - from everything I've read it's a totally love or totally hate race, hope you love it!!

I went netball training last night, managed to turn my ankle - it's not swollen, and I can walk without limping.  It just hurts if I put my foot in certain positions (I know - don't put your foot in those positions then, fool!!) so I may just have a slight pull on the top of my foot.  Was going to run tonight, but will probably take the bike out for a spin instead and keep my weight off the foot.   I have PT sesh tomorrow, and then will probably try a little plod on Sunday, see how the foot is by then.   MiL's birthday Sunday, so going for a meal.   Like you HnB, the rest of my weekend will be taken up with washing and housework

11/09/2009 at 14:44
Kwala - Do you find that a personal trainer is worth it? I have been toying with the idea, but it just seems a little expensive for having pain inflicted on you!!

11/09/2009 at 15:19
BURNIEEEEEEEE!!! Welcome back from your travels. Good to hear the running is going well. I'm hopefully out for a 12 miler with a friend from running club on Sunday and am looking forward to it. Like you say, it makes the miles go quicker

The handicap race is definitely friendly competition rather than taken too seriously, so it'll probably be quite fun. Looking forward to the BBQ too, especially in this beautiful weather

Glad the shins are feeling better H&B.

Sorry to hear that you've damaged your foot Kwala Hope it's not too serious and gets better very soon.

I'm also having a very exciting weekend being a lacky for the BF as he's going to put new barge boarding & gutters around the bathroom roof (it's an extension with a flat roof). I've been nagging him to do it for months, so I'm glad it's going to finally get done. Just hope nothing goes wrong. Italian GP is on this weekend too... WOOHOO!!

Hope everyone else is well xxx
11/09/2009 at 15:55
Sounds like your weekend is going to be nearly as thrilling as mine LK! Bear in mind that you will get sworn at for not doing your job properly whilst being labourer!!!

Home time now! It's the weekend - YEAH!!!!
12/09/2009 at 11:39

Hi all sos  not been on here again for a couple of days,training hard and been busy with me charity stuff.Fab to see you back Burnie we has missed u..

A week to go till my big run Yipppppeeeeeeeeee I cant wait. Managed 6.5 miles on Mon in 1h 10 mins and felt ok so I should be able to do it in 2h 30. I had a mail from BBC Sport the other day and I am on a shortlist for my story to be shown as part of the coverage for the Great North Run so Im keeping it all crossed and will find out on mon  and Ive been asked by the HRTrust if I would help them out on the marathons section the are introducing i.e getting places in runs up and down the country so Im well pleased.

I will catch up with what everyones doing soon I promise,Hope everyone has a good weekend,Im taking it easy now til Sun with just a couple of runs and me boxercise.

12/09/2009 at 18:51
Ecky - that would be fantastic if you get coverage - will do wonders for your campaign. I think it's amazing what you are doing
12/09/2009 at 20:32
Im just keeping it all crossed because it would be so amazing.They mailed me to send the story and some pics then he asked me for some more of me running and of all the kids so Im just hoping I get through.
13/09/2009 at 17:58
Hi guys!

Ekcy that's amazing news even being on the shortlist for having your story covered by the BBC during the race. I'll keep everything crossed for you. Have you decided what you're wearing yet? We want to be able to look out for you Great news about the other stuff too Take it easy this week.

Did 11.5 miles today with a lady from running club. It was a pretty hilly route, but I really enjoyed it. Pace was about right for the distance I was doing. This is my first HM, so time doesn't really matter too much. I'll be happy with 10 minute miles

I've also decided that I want money towards a Garmin Forerunner 405 for my birthday (in a month). I've lost my cheapy stopwatch and it's crap without it because I just don't know how fast I'm going. Loads of people at running club have Garmins and they're so damn useful!! Can't wait to get it now!!

Oh and the barge boarding is finished. It was completely rotten up one side, so he had to replace all the wood and then put the uPVC on top of it, but it looks so much better now. Not brown and rotten anymore. I feel a lot happier knowing that we're not going to spend another winter with a cold and drafty bathroom And I didn't get shouted at much either. I just helped him get all his stuff up on the roof and then ran to Wickes and back as he decided he needed this or that. Phew!! Now all I need to do is persuade him up the ladder again to re-point the chimney & take down the knackered tv aerial before it blows down.
13/09/2009 at 19:16

Thanks Lk I just so hope they do it because it will do so much good for awarness.I have decided just to do the neon headband and sweats with matching ones for Iggle Piggle my friend has done me a t shirt with the Camerons Smile logo too,bit boring but I realy want to see how I manage the distance first before I do costumes n things. Well done on your run,thats an amazing distance, you will be brill on ur HM. Sounds like you have had a very busy but productive weekend.

I have been a bit lazy today but will do a little plod tomoz,I so dont want to tempt injury,OOH got some of them fabby running socks today wow they are so comfy cant wait to try them out tomoz ,Im becoming a rite running

Hi to everyone else,hope you all had a good weekend.

14/09/2009 at 08:03
That's great news about the TV coverage Ecky, I really hope it comes off for you! Let us know when you know!

LK - Well done for not getting shouted at too much - you must have been an excellent sidekick!

I am completely gutted - hadn't run since Thursday as my shins were hurting a bit, so went out on Sunday evening, managed to run about 2 minutes and my knees and shins were really hurty - so I stopped and walked home. Now they are still all hurty and I wanna run! Boo hoo, whinge moan! Suppose I had better not run until they are completely ok, but I just know I am going to be back to square one!

Right, finished moaning! Have a great day everyone! Don't work too hard!
14/09/2009 at 17:00
Our hard earned Robin Hood marathon in 5:02

Last week Wolverhampton FM in 4:39

This weekend Robin hood in 5:02

Well what a day yesterday was, had a super chat with people and good laugh-

They gave us a super send off behind the wheelchairs - I felt fine, I went 9:30 pace , never set off fast cos I had room to do so, then came the pack -,But this run was to be nothing like last weeks 4:39 sweeping run
I knew just how TOUGH RH first half was, and again the first 10 was tough, but it levelled off after,
University and park was tough as hell, just killed my back,
But we had so much support, I was actually running crying at times - a big thanks to all those who cheered us on, patted me on the back etc

So, I was running fine, I knew last weeks marathon would take it’s toll, got through the 13 mile mark with relative ease -
Then onto the embankment, those tree roots through the tarmac - 13 - 13.5 miles ,gosh did I feel them

Then onwards things were ok, and with my experience I see it as on the way home

So just plodded on, legs tiring, then at around 16 miles, my achillies ( my achillies have been sore for weeks now )and groin started , by 17 miles I was in total agony - I so desperately wanted to give in and say stop

By around 18 and 19 miles there just before lake, and on the lake - there were Ambulances, -marshals, and allsorts got said to me - they really were great
Mick n Phil - good to see you again, everyone, police, St Johns, motor outriders, marshals - they all paid tribute to us
But for anything I could have said, I’m going to call it a day and get in ambulance - but I knew if I could get around the water sport centre that would give me 21 miles and we’d be on the way home,
When I walked I walked as fast as I could walk, when I jogged it killed me, I jogged a little, I walk fast and so no

But what with all the support, I persevered, actually I spent 2 miles thinking of the good things - and then at 21 miles it was as if I’d finished
Off the centre along the Trent river and home, I talked to runners who were in dire trouble, I was walking faster than they were jogging - and then after 23 & 24 I was really on a high, passing the pub at 24, they sang to us

I’m just so glad I worked through that bad patch, I kept saying come on I may be in pain, but I’m not unwell or ill
I saw 25 miles and walked and ran in grinning like a cat drinking milk

Marathon no 36 pushing Phillip was in the bag
Half marathons are no problem, very much like a long fun run, but our marathons are feeling tougher
14/09/2009 at 17:44
Great job!  Well done!  What's next then??
14/09/2009 at 18:23

Well done Micknphil what an inspiration you are.

Ive not been running today but boxercise tonight,still waiting to hear if story will be on BBC,they may show all of them tho cos theres only 7 of us on the list. I sent off some more info and pics from when I went to house of commons raising awarness to try and persuade them to choose Cams story.Im sooo exited now and just cant wait.

Hn B sorry to hear you having pains,I have a bit of trouble but after resting its usually ok,I never run with pain tho.I used to go swimming cos I was still using my legs but it didnt hurt.

Hi everyone else hows it all going?

14/09/2009 at 18:27

I will be watching Ecky!  And when you are running make sure you wave at every camera you see.  (If you notice any of them that is!!!)

15/09/2009 at 12:42

HnB - you've prob already told us this, but save me reading back - did you get a gait analysis done when you started running, and get running shoes based on their assessment? How old are your shoes?  Until your shins are feeling better can you do anything else with less impact- walking, cycling, swimming?

Healing vibes to you ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~

15/09/2009 at 12:54
Hi Kwala

Unfortunately there is nowhere here to get gait analysis done. I did go to the closest thing we have to a running shop, and they just watched me standing still and walking up and down the shop barefoot. I overpronate a lot and have always been aware of this, (as a child by ballet teacher used to go on at me about it!) and both my ankles have been sprained to varying degrees, on a number of occasions over the years. (The joys of horses!!!)

Shoes are new since I started a couple of weeks ago and were chosen at the recommendation of the shop. I do feel that the shoes lack cushioning and find the concussion quite hard (I am not a light person!), but I understand that I need the motion control shoe for the overpronation. I have been wondering about orthotics or something to see if that helps.

I am thinking that my problems may all stem from my spinal injuries, and perhaps I shouldn't be doing it at all, but I really want to give it my best effort before I give it up as a bad idea! My back is standing up to it better than I expected, and although it does swear at me for most of the night just lately, I am still able to move about etc.

I just feel daft bringing up all these things when I am a beginner, surely I should be able to go out running for half an hour (well run/walk) without it hurting - it is silly! Once the pain has gone this time, I shall try staying off the roads and see if that helps at all. Fingers crossed!

And the bike is out of the shed and has carried me everywhere I need to go since last night.
15/09/2009 at 12:55
Oops! Sorry chaps, that looks like one huge essay of a post!!
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