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01/11/2009 at 23:22

I think I need some support,I am so relieved that you can still run inbetween  injuries though,Im so conscious that I only took this up aged 35,I just want to still be running for years to come,I could do with finding a fizz that isnt a cash cow.Do you think Taping is a good idea.

01/11/2009 at 23:50

I have entered the Kilomathon,bless my Hubby,he just agrees to it and is my support team.FANR reunion.

02/11/2009 at 00:30

Hello all, i am as new as they come!!!!!  Can bearly walk let alone run (slight exageration) i have about 5 to 6 stone to lose and as sitting thinking about doing something has not worked so far thought it was about time i pulled my finger out.  I may be unfit now but i am very stubborn and i think, sorry know with the support of people i dont know and the expectation of the look on the faces of those i do i know i will do this.  Had a tough time lately and i know running will help sort me out on many different levels,  i did complete the great north run back in 2007, i ran the first 8 miles, then a lady on crutches over took me so i walked/ ran the rest.  Disappointed as it did not feel like an achievement to me which im sure says more about my mental state rather than my physical one at the time.  Anyway, soz did not expect to waffle, just planned to say high,  me and Ruby my beautiful yorkshire russle (or cross to us real commoners) will be out tomorrow making the most of the lovely fields and farmland on our doorstep.  Goal!!! as i turn 40 in July i plan to look and feel fabulous both inside and out, you heard it here first....come on!!!!!!!!

02/11/2009 at 07:54

Hi Debbiedoodar lovely to meet you,wow fantsastic on doing the Great North,I did it this year and could have walked quicker but the achievement is just amazing,and like someone said to me"at least we are doing something"  When I started running last year I was 3st heavier than I am now,I did it to deal with Grief and I am a great believer that running helps a number of things,it realy gets your head sorted out.There are some good training plans on here to start you off but just take it easy and listen to your body,dont overdo it because before you know it the weight will have gone and you will feel much better about your achievements.By the time you are 40 you will be fantastic,and when you are 41 you can do the London Marathon with

Hi everyone else,hope you all had a good weekend,I seem to have noticed that in a bit of a drunken state last night I have signed up for the Kilomathon,better start the clean living

03/11/2009 at 10:34

Welcome Debbie -  you sound very determined! And you SHOULD be proud of doing GNR - it's further than I've ever run (even to the point where you say you gave up!)

 I only ran once last week, but got myself out there last night for 2.5 miles and felt a lot better than the previous week.

Had a weigh in and initially the scales said I'd lost 4lbs, but then stood on them again and it only registered 2lb loss

Still, I'm aiming for 2lb loss per week for the next few months, so in theory that's still good!

03/11/2009 at 10:51

FT 2 lbs is a fab weight loss for a week,I think the slower it comes off the less chance of it going back on.Glad you felt better on your run,I find there are a lot of ups and downs with running.

Hi everyone,I managed Boxercise last night and my ankle seems a lot less sore today so Im guna try running club tonight,just did a nice 4 mile walk with a friend of mine to try and lose some flab.

03/11/2009 at 12:50

Well done for your 2lb FT  and for your 2.5 miler
Hi Debbie, welcome aboard

Latest streak was aborted pretty much as soon as it began - mojo has disappeared again!!  Hit a bit of a low point again, could be seasonal - seems to have coincided with the clocks going back and it being dark so early   SO I need a big kick up the bum to get me going again.  I'm planning to go out tonight for a minimum of  3 miles. 

Also need to sort out my diet, every day i get up and say to myself "right that's it, going to be good today" and I don't even last until lunchtime.  I don't think I could take going back to a slimming club - all that happy clappy crappy gets on my nerves (god I'm a right old misery guts, lol), but don't have the willpower to do it on my own.  Any suggestions? 

03/11/2009 at 13:36
Right Kwala,I too have lost some of my Mojo too and my diet  has gone right down the pan,I too need to get back on track but I must admit I get nothing from patronising clapping,I suggest we both kick each other up the jacksy and nag nag nag, so that we keep up the good day long enough to reach tea time.We will find that Mojo.
03/11/2009 at 15:20

Yep, let's all kick each other up the jacksy!!!!

Kwala, I looked after my weight best back in the 'ole Dustville days - keeping an online food diary along with other peeps really seemed to help me.

I think it helps to identify healthy treats - ways to spoil yourself that aren't too bad on your waist line - we have a kebab shop nearby that do grilled chiken kebabs - they feel naughty, but they're not actually that bad for you!

03/11/2009 at 15:21
oh... and I know what you mean about clocks going back - it's never hit me so hard before, but I've really struggled for the last fortnight - hopefully turning a corner now though!
03/11/2009 at 15:25
weight watchers pizzas are to die for!!!

i am really struggling to get up and go for a run today got such a huge painful blister from last night i am a little apprehensive bout going out but its running club tonight
03/11/2009 at 15:49

Hi Muppley  I may give those a go,I so gota get a move on now,just over 5 months to the Kilomathon,Im confident I will do it in the 4 hours max time but I realy did wana do a good time,running club for me tonight too.The blister sounds painful,hope it goes quickly.

FT yey more but kicking,thats gota do the trick.

03/11/2009 at 18:34

Haha, I remember the dustville days, FT!!

I signed up to WLR a while back and logged everything religiously - based on what I was normally eating, not on a diet - it was quite shocking just how much fat is in my normal diet.  So I was good for a little while but then one by one the old habits sneaked back.  I need to get off the naughty cycle of eating crap, feeling crap, eating more crap and onto the good cycle of eating sensibly and healthily, so I will lose weight and be able to run more, and lose more weight and run more.............

OK, let's get out of here, head on home and then straight out for a run, before my lovely  comfy sofa changes my mind again.  And I will get back on WLR and log my food for the last couple of days - hopefully that will shock me into doing something about it again - I have a feeling I will need to run a marathon to shift the extra cals I've gorged on!!

Are WW pizza's ones you buy, or is it a recipe Muppley?

03/11/2009 at 20:42
Just been running club and had the best run I have had for a long time,yipppppeeeeeee,my ankle feels so much better,will give it a good few weeks with Jog England then may add a night of endurance in prep for my next run.
03/11/2009 at 21:19
Struggled round just under 3 miles. Walked quite a bit, but at least I did something I s'pose.
03/11/2009 at 21:32
I have runs like that Kwala,dont be disheartned,like you say,at least you did something.
03/11/2009 at 22:27

Well done Ecky & Kwala on your runs tonight It's so hard to get up the mojo to step out of the door when it's dark & cold outside.

Nice one on the loss too FT. 2lbs is bang on what you should be losing!

Welcome Debbiedoodar - have you taken the first steps yet? Good luck!!

Hello Muppley - did you decide whether to go to running club in the end? I'm really prone to blisters, so I feel your pain. I generally just stick on compeed and get on with it though. If I stopped running for them to heal, I'd only get out about once a month, hehe

With regards to diets, I've never really been a fan of Weight Watchers or anything like that. I managed to lose most of my weight by just watching what I ate and having enough willpower to resist naughty things. However, I did sign up to Tesco Diets a couple of years ago and did their Healthy Eating plan for a bit. It wasn't anything fancy, they just give you meal plans & recipes for the week as well as a shopping list. I now have about 15 pages full of healthy recipes which I still use regularly. I also scour the Good Food website regularly for healthy recipes. I also make sure I take plenty of healthy snacks to work with me so I don't get that chocolate craving. OK, I still get it, but I turn to my carrot sticks instead of picking up a Kit Kat Chunky... mmmmm Kit Kat Chunkies... mmmmm

Anyway, had a cracking run at running club tonight. I chose the route because I fancied going up a big hill for some reason. 5.5 miles with an average pace of 09:03. Not bad for a night's work I reckon. I'm absolutely shattered now though!! Night x 

03/11/2009 at 23:03
LK - fab going, I noticed you've overtaken me on the 200 mile target on Fetch - in only 3 months too!!
My sister did really well on the Tesco plan, but she wasn't working at the time and used to shop each day for what she was eating that day. I tried it, but didn't get on with it. Part of my problem is that I've been dieting for so many years that I've got very good at making excuses as to why I can't follow the diet at the moment. I have a lot of bad habits to break - so maybe need to start by just changing one thing each week. Hmmm - maybe go for 2 things this week
1. I will start by cutting right back on the lattes - my intake of those seem to have crept back up again! SO just one as a treat on the weekend!
2. I've hardly eaten any fruit or veg lately, so rather than go straight in for 5 a day, maybe aim for a minimum of 3 a day for starters.
I will report back to you guys every day with my progress!!
04/11/2009 at 05:45

Sounds like a really good plan Kwala. You're more likely to stick with it if you make little changes. 

Nescafe do some lower fat instant lattes. They're not the same as proper ones, but they have 80 calories, which isn't as bad as a latte, so if you're desperate you could buy a pack of those.

I used to have a few lattes a week at my old place because there was a Costa coffee downstairs in the building. Nothing like that anymore though so I've switched back to Earl Grey. There's a guy here who drinks filtered coffee and would happily make me one too, but  he drinks so much that I've had about 8 cups of coffee by the end of the day and have a headache. Not good, so I stopped bothering.

04/11/2009 at 05:46
Just checked my Fetch target. Woah, only 25 miles to go!! Should be done by mid-Nov!!
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