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04/11/2009 at 07:59

LK - Costa's have started sprouting up all over my work. We call it 'Costa Fortune' cos I couldn't afford to drink all my coffee from there.

The first one was next to the building I used to work in - then they re-located me to a building off site where they built one on the ground floor. I've moved sittes again now. There are 2 new ones on my current site, but luckily they are a fair trek from the building I work in.

Well done on your run, and you too ET and Kwala.

Kwala, you sound like you're changing your attitude to food which is good - stick at it!!! You've probably forgotten that eating erll can still be enjoyable!

I did half an hour on Wii Fit Plus last night - mainly Yoga. Going to try and use it regularly. Due for a run tonight.

04/11/2009 at 09:47

 FT Well done on your Wii fit last night,it all helps.Hope you have a good run tonight.

Im glad I dont have a Costa too near me,Cappuchino is my donwfall. Well so far so good today,my food has been good for the last day or two which is a huge improvement on the last few weeks,I have walked from scholl and will walk to work and back which clocks up around 8 miles altogether.If I can just get back to healthy eating too,I should be ok.

Hi everyone else,hope you have a god day.

04/11/2009 at 12:34

We can all do this with such great support from each other, a bit of willpower and a whole lot of positive thinking

I hardly ever use my Wii Fit - the Wii is in my son's room and there's not enough room to do it in there, and I'm not doing it in the living room in front of the family!!

04/11/2009 at 14:07
Kwala thats what I think,if we all support each other on here,we have more chance of success,hows your day gone today,any sign of that mojo.
04/11/2009 at 19:35

I could do with my a*se being kicked too!  I work in a school and there are always birthday cakes, biscuits, GOSH sweets (£1 a bag!) and other temptations.  Then in the evening there's the wine, the bombay mix etc., etc.,  I know that I shouldn't but......  I've been bouncing around for ages with 9lbs or less to lose and I just can't seem to get there.  Have bought the latest issue of SW and will look through over the next few days to try and sort out a few dishes.  It's so much easier in the summer with the salad days but then I gues that's just excuse number 99999 in my book of thousands of excuses!

Not running at the mo - resting since Stevenage but hope to be back out there next Tuesday.  Physio appointment booked for Friday.  I just get so frustrated!

 I find the idea of a Wii Fit quite tempting but I've already got a treadmill and crosstrainer in the garage.  Do you need other kit as well like a playstation?

Hope you're all well.

04/11/2009 at 21:41
Quite a good day today, not managed to kick the latte habit, but eaten healthily, and managed to get 4 of my 5 a day today
HAd a netball match tonight, played a bit of a shocker and lost 18-9
05/11/2009 at 08:36

Trigger you need a Wii console, Wii balance board and the Wii Fit (or Wii Fit Plus) game

Kwala - hard luck with the netball

 I got out for a 2.5 mile run last night - not a great distance, but chuffed with myself that I went out in such minging weather.

I can't really see myself improving my running between now and Xmas, as I hate running in the cold and dark, but I'm just going to try and sustain around 10 miles a week until then, and hopefully look to start increasing my mileage after that.

Dinner last night was Pork Chops marinated in Piri Piri sauce and Lime with spinach and chick peas

05/11/2009 at 10:44

Great sounding dinner FT.  Just spaghetti with red pesto for me (oh and two glasses of wine!).

I'm with you on the running front- hate running in the dark - 2 years ago I had a fall which resulted in me having 27 stitches in my face - oops!

05/11/2009 at 11:23
05/11/2009 at 13:25
Ouch trigger, sounds nasty.  I still prefer running in the dark though - noone can see my wobbly bits or my beetroot face!!  And I also prefer the cold rather than running in heat, although probably not too much colder than it is now - will be harder to convince myself to go back out, once I've got home!
05/11/2009 at 19:09

Mm not one of my better runs!

I'm sure many people will just think you're great for getting out there Kwala!

Take care all - physio appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping that I'll be out there next week.  Anyone running this weekend?

05/11/2009 at 20:52

Ouch Trigger that does sound nasty.

Well done guys,butt kicking is working,I have been realy good today,only had 3 of my 5 but no biccies,not a very good tea as I was in a rush so just beans on toast for me,Im trying so hard to avoid the wine tho.

Running club was good tonight but I seem to have a dodgy knee now,I cant win,I realy need to lose some more weight before my legs drop off.

Hi everyone else,hope you are all ok.

05/11/2009 at 22:11

I'm a Forum virgin so I need a big hug.  Bit of a scaredy cat.  But I've got the shoes and the T-shirt and now I've got the marathon place (deferred from last year)  and the excuses are really getting a bit thin on the ground.  Have managed to run 90 minutes but find I'm getting very competitive with myself and yet struggling to fit in the training - only doing twice a week.  I find the challenge is chucking out all the extraneous stuff - it's quite nice having a goal for a change, and I'm getting quite obsessive!

But it's less than 6 months and I want to do the marathon in a really respectable time.  Guess I ought to join a running club - WImbledon Windmilers are my nearest.  Anyone want to join with me?

 To the person (not quite for the hang of this Forum thing yet but hello and good to rattle around in here with you) who's gone to Weight Watchers, I am 2 stone lighter than I was when I was 24 (am now 44) and it all began with the education I got at WW.  One of the main things was just stuffing myself with vegetables before I got near the chocolate!

06/11/2009 at 13:41

Hi RooE!  Welcome to the forum   I struggle to find time ( and inclination) for 30-40 min runs, so can understand how hard it must be to fit longer runs in.  I would really recommend joining a running club, mine has really helped me - I'm extremely slow and sometimes I still need to run/walk but they are really accomodating and push me to acheive more than I would on my own.  Well done on the weight loss and keeping it off.
Good luck with the mara training, let us know how it's going.

My left ankle has been playing up a bit over the last week or so and has been quite bad the last couple of days so I gave running a miss last night.  I think the netball aggravates it, all that start/stopping and jumping around - really must make sure i warm up and stretch properly when I'm playing.  Think it might be ok for a short one tonight  - mind you a long run for me is only 3.5 miles, so maybe just a mile on my treadie - easier on the joints too.

07/11/2009 at 09:34

Welcome ROOE,I was nervous at first too but dont be,these lot are a fab bunch and have always made me feel welcome,Well done on your Marathon place,you will be fine,I ust managed a half in a reasonable time and I cant run for much more than 15 mins so you will get a good tima at a Mara.I would reccomend a running club,I have just joined one and its fab,they do a jogging group just till I get a bit better then I can run with the big am aiming at the Marathon maybe for 2011 so am doing a Kilomathon which is 16.3miles as part of my training.

Sorry your ankle is playing up Kwala,hope you get it sorted soon.Hows the eating going?

I have sent my story to the Kilomathon peeps to see if they would be interested and they have mailed me back asking for pics,that makes me quite hopeful that they will use it,I think it goes in their newsletter and the local newspapers nearer the time.Hopefully one day me and Iggle will get recognised for all the right reasons.

Hope everyone else is ok.

08/11/2009 at 08:09

Ecky, good luck getting your story in the Kilomathon press.  Glad your ankle is getting better and running club is working out for you.

Kwala, hope your ankles improves with the rest.  You're doing the right thing.  I have friends who play hockey on astroturf and their knees are always giving them jip.  I guess you place on a hard unforgiving surface?  There's not give when you turn.  Haha, as for running in the dark, me too.  Infact the first few times I got the bottle to run out doors I did it before dawn!  Good eating plan too, small changes over time are the key, rahter than change everything all at once.

Welcome RooE, you've come to the right place.  No need to be scared, we don't bite Sounds like a running club would be good for you.  Have you run any races before?  As for WW, same but different, I'm around 8st or so lighter thanks to Slimming World & running.  Slimming clubs are fantastic!  As for competitive vs. fitting in training, perhaps realsistic goals could be the answer.  I read on here somewhere (or the magazine) about setting yourself 3 target times.  The dream time if all went perfectly, the realistic time, and the it wall went tits and that'll have to do time.  I use that now and generally my times are just to the better side of the middle one and occasionally either the first or the third.

Trigger, hope fizz went ok.  As for the weight loss, I know what you mean.  After taking 4 years to get to target, I then went to the other extreem & went 9lb under, looked ill and was misserable.  Now I've been between 6-12lb over target for the last year and don't seem to be able to get back to it.  Having a proper go at it now until xmas.  Even been considering staying to SW class to punish myself into getting a grip!!  But I can't face it.  4 years of it was enough.  Still better 12lb over the 8st I suppose!  Anyway, so I know how you feel.

FT, well done getting out is the minging weather.  Don't be too hard on yourself about the amount your running, just try to do your best & get out regularly?  Bad news about Costa, what a nightmare.  I'm a Starbucks fan myself, but have to go into town for it, so not too much temptation there.

LK, well done on the going it alone weight loss, that takes sooo much control!  Fantastic.  Mmmm, kitkat chunkies!!  I'm continually impressed by your improving pace, fantastic stuff.  You got any races due?

Welcome Debbie, you're in the right place for advice, occassionally some of it's about food & running!   I've known a few people use the 8 week beginners plan off this website with success, it's a run/walk plan they gets your out for 20-30 mins with more running & less walking as the weeks progress. Oops, just seen you've done the GNR before, so you'll know all this as you're not a beginner.

08/11/2009 at 08:10

Bah, waffled so much had to post too!

As for me, started my new job on wednesday, been a bit nervous & worried about it all, not been sleeping well.  Hardly understand a word they're saying.  Standard stuff I guess, take it one day at a time.  Must be greatful to have a job sorted so quickly, my old place is closing soon and so many of them have yet to find something.

7 miles yesterday, 2nd week on the kilomathon plan, went well.  A little twinge in the right IT band, might get the foam roller out later.  AS I said above, really giving the SW a good serious go now.  12lb over target, 9lb out of not having to pay range.  Gonna try to loose that 9lb in 3-4 weeks.  There, I've told someone now!

Take care all.

10/11/2009 at 07:52

blimey - we are quiet!

Good luck with the weight loss Burnie. I had a weigh in last night and had put on three quarters of a pound - d'oh - at least it's not much, and I started a new routine this week that will hopefully help start shifting the weight.

Did 2.5 miles again last night. Did well to fit it in having spent an hour on the phone trying to sort out the £2500 transaction that has mysteriously appeared on my credit card for flights that I have definitely not booked!

Welcome RooE!

Kwala, hope the ankle gets better soon!

Trigger, how was physio?

ET - good luck with your Kilomathon newsletter

I've made the decision to try and do the Lancaster/Morecambe race series next year. It starts with a 5k race in spring, with a 10k and then 10 mile race in the summer and finally a half marathon in the autumn. Will try and do more racing inbetween this as well, but as 10k is the furthest race I've ever done, and 8 miles is the longest long run I've ever done then it's a bigger gaol to aim for.

 Come on peeps - let's get arse kicking!!!

10/11/2009 at 08:03

Yey lets Kick arse,FT with determination you will do the race series,I am by no means an amazing runner,I just love taking part,If I can get through a HM anyone can.Well done on fitting a run in,its realy difficult sometimes.

I am at running club tonight,did Boxercise last night and am off for a walk with my friend this morning.

Food intake has been a lot better and I am losing some weight now.I have exiting news about maybe having my story in a Magazine or Newspaper so watch this space,the more people I can tell out there the more chance I have to change things.

Hope everyone else is ok,tis very quiet at the mo.

10/11/2009 at 11:29

Ive done it!!!!! My first 2mile run, wwwwwwwwhhooooooooo

 It may not match all you seasoned runners but to me it feels like my first marathon,  woke up today feeling really positive,  i have my training schedule sorted out and today was day one of the rest of my life,  i feel great

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