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14/11/2009 at 10:38

Good luck to anyone brave enough to venture out this weekend - how cr*p is that weather?  Quite pleased that I can't run at the moment as I wouldn't enjoy it too much.

Ecky I've been there too - not quite the same circumstances as yourself but find that the running is a great way of clearing the head - I always come back feeling better than when I went out on those occasions.  Stick with it.

Furious with myself and my weight this week.  Have managed to put on 5lbs so am within a 1lb of where I first started using the sw website earlier this year.  How dumb is that?  Really do need to get my head (and mouth) in gear.  My sad, sorry ar*e needs some serious kicking so get busy guys!

14/11/2009 at 10:45

Its amazing how it works to clear the head isnt it Trigger,come on mrs you can do this,I am going to seriously kick ya I have not lost weight since Feb cos I have been messing around but I feel Im on track a bit now,its so hard tho and if you get down days its even harder.Please just put it behind you and take it one day at a time,even one meal at a time,thats how I manage it.xx

Hi everyone,yeh like Trigger says good luck to anyone who is brave enough to run today.

17/11/2009 at 16:17
Hey! I am trying to get into running but I am finding it so hard to get motivated in this horrible weather! Any suggestions at making myself get out there?
17/11/2009 at 18:07

I have great big boots and kick anyone who doesn't get out there, myself included  - welcome to the thread btw!!

tbh, I'm not a good person to respond to this one as I am severely lacking in the mojo department at the moment- hopefully someone will be along with a sensible answer soon

17/11/2009 at 18:23

Put your running kit on and throw yourself out the door. It's all I can say really. The worst part is going out the door. Once you're out there, it can only get warmer and closer to the end on nights light this. Besides, you might enjoy yourself

17/11/2009 at 20:37
Hmm.. I will go tomorrow then! I only live 2 minutes from Bute Park in Cardiff, so I have no excuse really!
17/11/2009 at 21:14


Welcome sweaty I agree with LK just get out there,I find if I put my kit on I am more likely to get out and do it,once I am out there I love it.

Hi everyone else,well I am quite chuffed cos my ankle seems to be better,I have missed a few nights at club but have been boxercise,I have been for a few long walks too to try get rid of some more weight and I think its working.

17/11/2009 at 21:36

Hey thank you all for encouraging my daughter to get back into running. She enjoyed the hyde park 5k in sept, and has been out a bit, but doesn't have anyone to run with at the mo at uni. She did sub 40 mins, which was really great since she had her preparations hampered through illness and had never run far before.

If you get 5 mins, I'd love you to vote for me for the Lucozade Super six (details on front page of RW site). I'm in the sub 4:30 category, but was a complete beginner in feb so hopefully should be able to be a good read for fellow newbies. If people want, I can keep my progress up to date on here if successful. I've learned such a lot through other forumites and RW articles but havent had any proper training or anyone watching me run and should be able to pass on tips to you. Hope you don't mind me asking - popped in after seeing my daughter post and couldn't resist the plug, sorry!!

There's a thread with details of my background on

Hope you heal p soon eckytump (great name!)

no need to kick me, Kwala - I've been for my 3 miles up and down hill tonight!!!

17/11/2009 at 22:25
Dad...stop promoting yourself so much hahaaa! Go and do it in your own threads!
17/11/2009 at 22:38
Lol sweaty fairplay to the man,I would do exactly the same, I will have a look .
17/11/2009 at 23:02
What can you do with a cheeky daughter, eh? I will retreat if you want, hun ...
17/11/2009 at 23:22
This banter does make me smile,  i promise right now that rain or shine tomorrow i will do a 2mile run!
17/11/2009 at 23:22

You will all be pleased to know I went running club tonight

Struggled round 3.7 miles, walked quite a bit, but clubmates kept dragging me back to a run.  Must get back into going to club more regularly - they always make me do a bit more than I think I can!

Off to look at the super six thing now - nice bit of self promotion there BB!!

18/11/2009 at 08:31

Ecky, glad ankle is improving & running club is good. Well  done on the weight loss.  Do you go to a class?

LK, glad you're loving running club, it's definately doing wonders for your pace!!  Probably less travelling with the new job, more desk bound for sure, but at least I didn't have to move house to find another job.  It's getting better day by day, my boss has only been here 3 weeks longer than me, we were chatting about not having a clue what was going on, so he understands.   Running is going well, ta.  More below ...

Kwala, glad your ankle is showing signs of improvement.  Good on your club mates helping you round and well done on your 3.7 miler.

FT, ta, good luck with loosing yours.  You've you've been to WW before, you know how to do it.  Well done on the 2.5 & Wii Fit.

Trigger, my missus has just been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, so I can see the effect it has, she's hobbling round like a crip!  I know exactly what you mean  about annoying weight gains missus!  Have a day or so being pee'd off about it then draw a line under it and move on.  Do you still go to a class?

S&S, The only way I can find to motivate myself is to book an event & tell as many people about it as possible, then my pride won't let me back out.  Then I put a plan on the fridge as I need some structure & the fridge is good at bossing me about.

Debbie, well done on the 2 miler.  I've had the Big D in the past, so I feel your pain.  Getting out running, hopefully, should be a big help.  I reckon running & gym classes is a big part of what keeps me on the rails these days.  Good luck with it.

LK, You're right about the ITBs.  I'm only doing 1 run & 2 classes a week at the moment & foam rolling the legs, so far so good.  Did 8 miles on sunday.  I really need to add 1 more shorter run a week (speed or hills say) as I don't think just doing one long run a week is a good idea?  Any thoughts?

As for weight lost, mine seems to be going ok, after 12 months of being 7-12lb over target, I've given myself a real kick up the bum and am on a mission.  6lb off in the last 2 weeks.  3lb to be in non-paying range, 6lb to target.  Want to definatly loose the 3 before the xmas festivities start, hopefully be back at target, we'll see.

I think my running & diet has improved now my work life is more settled.

Take care all.

18/11/2009 at 08:39
Hi Burnie,I used to go to a SW class but with Boxercise and Running club I cant realy afford it right now,I used to be a consultant and know it inside out,could do with the support sometimes tho,must admit being on here helps tho,I have had a proper kick up the bum too. Glad everything is more settled for you now,your weight loss is fantastic,well done.
18/11/2009 at 10:25

Eckyt what a coincidence I was a consultant for a year too but found it really tough going.  No excuse for not getting it right myself.

Congratulations Burnie - things seem to be going well for you at the mo.  I've taken a day off today and am truly wallowing.  OH lost his job two months ago and it's now starting to kick in financially although I seem to be the only one worrying about it - he doesn't show his feelings too much (surprising that for a Cypriot!).  Son broke his PS3 last night and we forgot to pay the insurance so he can't understand why we can't just go out and buy a new one (doh!) so I'm going to have a serious chat with him when he gets in from school.  He's 16 now and I think it's about time he understands the real picture.

Shame about Mrs B's pf - does she run too?  Mine seems to have settled a little and I'm toying with the idea of a little jogette on Sunday.  May just use the treadie in the gym but we'll see how it goes.  Surprising how much running helps lift life's problems - I think that's why I'm so frustrated at the mo.  No races scheduled until Brighton Mara on 18 April but I'm still hoping for a VFM place through club ballot!

18/11/2009 at 13:56

I only did it for around 6 months,I never seemed to make any money tho,I did love supporting people but as they lost weight I gained it all cos I had stopped going to group,dont miss leafleting tho.I hope you can manage a plod,I know how frustrating it can be not being able to get out,I have been on a real downer lately but now I have managed a few plods I feel much better.

Hi everyone,how are you all?

19/11/2009 at 12:01

Hello all - great work Burny.

Trigger - hope things turn around for you soon.

Ecky - hope you start feeling better soon too

personally I can't wait until midwinter solstice, cos then the days start to get longer! I hate running in the cold and dark - not sure if I have mild SADs, but really don't like this time of year.

I've still been getting out there though - only doing 2.7 miles 3 times a week, but at least doing something. I'm def in a bit of a rut/plateau, but really can't motivate myself to push on - I'm just happy I'm running at all to be honest - only 6 weeks to the new year, and then I really want to crack on, maybe even join a club!

19/11/2009 at 12:48

Know exactly what you mean FT, I lost it completely when the clocks went back.  I find running club brilliant for pushing me a bit further - can't always get there though

I have a couple of races coming up at the end of the year, and got my number for one of them yesterday, so it's time to really knuckle down and get some miles in

19/11/2009 at 18:53
Hey Forumites...I just spotted your thread for Newbies! Does anyone object to me posting my story on here for the Super-Six thing? Nice to find one where were all kinda new to it!
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