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09/12/2009 at 08:09

Oh no Kwala - consider this a boot in the bum!

Me thinks you should go for a run tonight come what may - go as soon as you're home from work. Just go for a mile, or once round the block or whatever and see how you feel.

 I missed my run on Monday, as I felt really crappy, but was feeling better last night so went and did 3.5 miles -  still can't wait until after the midwinter solstice - roll on ligter and warmer evenings!

09/12/2009 at 11:30

Come on Kwala you can do it!  Just put a mojo on your Christmas list!

 Just over 4.5 miles for me last night but when I'd finished pf was playing up.  Not too happy about that but after a warm shower and a good night's rest it seems no worse this morning.  Maybe it's just something I have to bear.  Am ok so long as it doesn't stop me running!

I'm with you on the midwinter sostice FT can't wait until we start seeing the days getting longer.  Wouldn't be any good living in those countries that don't have much daylight!

09/12/2009 at 16:33
You will be pleased to know I dragged my sorry butt out last night, did about 1.7miles, was a struggle, but at least I got back out there. Might even go out again tonight!
09/12/2009 at 17:56
Well done Kwala.  Look forward to hearing about your run tomorrow
09/12/2009 at 20:52
Didn't get out tonight after all. forgot the old man was off out, and I had a million errand to get through. I have netball tomo, and may be out on Friday, so won't fit another run in until the weekend
10/12/2009 at 07:58

Kwala - well done on getting out the other night! Shame you couldn't make it out again, but so long as it's for a bona fida reason, as oppose to lack of mojo. Make sure you make time for your weekend run. And don't worry about distance or time - at this time of year it's a big achievement just to get out there and do something - and if you can drag yourself out for 2 miles now, just think about how easy (and enjoyable) it will be to go out for a run on a nice sunny, warm (but not too hot) spring day!

 Trigger - apologies for being a bit ignorant on the PF front, but sounds like you may have found a way to manage with it.

 Where's everyone else?!

10/12/2009 at 20:11

Well done on getting yourself out there Kwala. Like FT says, it's an achievement just to get outside when it's cold and dark out there. Don't be too hard on yourself chicken

Sorry to hear you pf is still playing up trigger. Hopefully more hot baths and rest will keep it under control. 

I'm being lazy this week and only running Tues & Fri with the club to give me plenty of rest before my HM at the weekend. Feels quite nice actually

11/12/2009 at 07:47
LK - sounds like a sensible taper to me! Good luck with the race!
11/12/2009 at 15:40
5.5 miles for me last night and hopefully 6 tomorrow.  PF is a really strange thing - some day's good, some days bad.  Hope everyone is well.  Good luck with your run on Sunday LK - is it Bedford HM by any chance?
11/12/2009 at 18:27
No it's the Turkey Trot in Keyworth (Notts). Thanks though
14/12/2009 at 07:46

Race Report LK?

 I had a sudden spike in mojo this weekend. Finished work at lunch on Friday - it was a cold day, but with blue skies and sunshine and kind of crisp - ran my furthest this year, doing 4.67 miles and still did it at around 8:30 miles - felt great afterwards!

Then, went out again on Sunday morning - It was still really frosty, but not icy, if you know what I mean - did a very lazy and laid back 2.2 miles.

----- but 3 weeks ago doing that sort of distance would never be easy, it would still be hard work!

 I guess it was good for me to do a couple of runs in daylight, and I feel like I've made a bit of a breakthrough too.

14/12/2009 at 08:35
Well done FT.  Glad your mojo has "peaked" again - long may it last, I love those blue crisp days too.  Saturday was like that.  Managed just under 6 miles.  Only managed to get reserve place for VLM at club Christmas Party - so have to train anyway and just see whether one of them drops out.  Highly unlikely but only time will tell.  I think they have until February to make up their minds.
14/12/2009 at 22:16
Jumped on the treadie tonight, managed 1.5miles before terminal boredom set in and jumped off again!!
Seriously, I'm really struggling to do anything at the moment, it's not the weather - I prefer running when it's cold, and I'm not bothered by the dark, I just really can't be bothered

Hope you get your VLM place trigger Will you go for a charity place if noone drops out?

Good to see you got your mojo back FT - send some this way please!!
15/12/2009 at 05:58
Well done on your runs FT. It's so hard to get out there this time of year with the lack of daylight hours. Still, winter solstice soon and it'll be spring before we know it (hopefully!!)

Well done on your run too Trigger and fingers crossed about a VLM place You never know..

Sorry to hear your mojo is still AWOL Kwala. Well done on your run anyway though

I had a cracking half marathon on Sunday and beat my PB by 4 mins!!! I also got sub 1:55, which I was over the moon with. Didn't feel particularly on form when I started, but someone advised me to do negative splits and start off slower than my regular pace. So I did, and it worked. I didn't get that "I'm going to die" feeling at 10 miles and was even able to power up the last couple of hills right near the end. Legs are still aching a bit though. I didn't feel like this after my last HM, so I've obviously worked a lot harder.

Running club tonight. Going to take it easy because I'd quite like to do another (slower) 13-14 miles at the weekend if it's not icy.
15/12/2009 at 09:40

Wow, you all sound soooo good getting out and running...

I have signed up for the Leeds half marathan thinking that will spur me on and give me the motivation to get out there, need to lose weight, get fit etc but am finding it hard to go out with the dark cold nights. plus my dog was attacked a few weeks ago so have been looking after him as he has broken leg etc..

When i signed up i did go out a few times then the dog thing happened and have barely been out since. and the thing is, i really really want to do it, but cant seem to get my ass out of the door...

Plus i work 7 days a week so i do seem to be able to find plenty of excuses as you can tell...x

15/12/2009 at 19:58
Hi Jinky, welcome to the thread I am the Queen of excuses, and can spot a feeble excuse at 100paces, I would say working 7 days a week and having a poorly pup to look after aren't excuses, but good reasons not to get out there so I will let you off - just fit it in when you can. But to give you a bit more motivation, try and remember how good you feel when you have been for a run. And failing that, keep posting in here and we will give you a virtual kick up the jacksy to get you going!!!! Sorry to hear about your dog - what happened? When's the Leeds Half? What sort of mileage you doing now?

My work has blocked access to the forum - I can get into other bits of RW but not the threads - will have to get a decent phone with web n walk or I'm restricted to evenings and weekends

Right, I'm off out for a minimum of 2 miles - I mentioned in an email to a friend that I 'might' go out for a run tonight, and she outed me on a thread over on Fetch, so now I have to go!!! See - I need virtual kicks to get me going too

15/12/2009 at 21:01
Hi Kwala, thank you for your message. i really do feel good after i have been out.
My dog was attacked by another dog about 4 weeks ago. he came worse off unfortunately, with a broken leg, fracture in his paw and lots of bite marks on his face...he's not doing too bad but we are averaging the vets about twice a week. He's my baby.
The Leeds half is 9th May. so only about 5 months ish left to go...If im honest im really not sure about my milage, just go for time rather than distance at the moment, and only going for around half hour to 45 mins. so not so good yet.
I do find readin the messages on here a real help though, hearing how far people have come since they started.
It is nice that not everyone is so motivated all the time. I shall keep you posted ow i get on. Thank you again x
15/12/2009 at 22:21
2.33 miles run/walk done!
15/12/2009 at 22:29

Good girl. Well done

Welcome  Jinky and sorry to hear you're not doing so well at the mo. Stick with us and we'll try and get you inspired. Hope the pooch gets better soon too. Poor thing

Went to the club for a wee recovery run and ended up doing 6 miles, lol. Felt nice though. Wasn't too quick.

15/12/2009 at 22:47
Jinky, I thought when you said the dog had been attacked and had a broken leg you meant it was a person that had done it - kids throwing stones, or someone kicking it or something. Even so, must have been awful. Hope he's better soon.
Edited: 15/12/2009 at 22:49
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