Fourth time out...and counting!

Why is it harder then easier???

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29/10/2002 at 19:58
Hi all you runners

It's my night off and I'm on here to check the forum and I've loadsa encouragement! I find it hard to say how much that means to me - especially as I'm starting from scratch, running on my own and have the family/hubby to consider. Thanx again - it means everything to me.

I am enjoying a bottle of red as I type - it tastes better for a night off last night!?

I noticed today that it was easier to get in and out of my little car - a Clio - but being a tad ( ?????) overweight, it's not always easy! But today it felt different.

The other strange but true side effect is that I feel stronger mentally (and physically) when faced with situations that are not easy to deal with. I have this strange imagining that if I manage to be strong physically - I can be strong psychologically.....does that make sense to anyone - or have I lost it completely??!! Blame the red !!!

Thanx again to all who have added their thoughts to this thread - as a newcomer I will continue to 'log on' and have my efforts praised!! You can't beat it for motivation!

Easy runs to you all

Jay :oD
29/10/2002 at 20:22
Jay, I think the mental strength bit (which I agree with totally) has something to do with feeling good about your body. Running makes us aware of exactly what our bodies can do. It also reminds us that those of us who run (however feebly!) are inevitably much fitter than those who don't. Therefore, being mouthed off by a group of yobs, or grabbed by an attacker, is less of a threat, because we can just sail away (well, that's how it feels, anyway!).
29/10/2002 at 21:13
Sass, And, JJ, RB,Bu and anyone I've missed since last time!!

Bless you!

It's like having a virtual reality running club by my side - or on my shoulder, whispering in my lughole!!

This really is the best 'Go For It' I could imagine! I am thoroughly enjoying my 'night off' and my red!

Tomorrow I will get out there and go for the next bit of 'beginners schedule'and see how I perform. (Probably not the best cos I'm suppin the red - but I'll try)

Soon I'll try and get a 'running partner' who's local. I have a couple of contacts for running clubs within 15 miles of me, so who knows?

The meagre glory I experience is due to you all!

I'll definitely kep in touch!

Kisses (well good wishes anyway!)

Jay :oD

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21 to 23 of 23 messages
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