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That plodding feeling - all welcome

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04/07/2003 at 12:42
Actually I really like aerobics, and know what round the world is and everything ... I see it as a nearly dancing opportunity. Wish I could plod tho' , just so much more time effective than driving to the gym in order to exercise.
L shaped grapevine anyone?

Now have blue food colouring on hands as well as broken nail - will have to take KidB out to birthday tea in gloves at this rate.

No good, giving in to hangover and lying down.
04/07/2003 at 12:44
FRL - am re-inventing you in my head as Gym-bunny.... complete with broken purple diamante nails, blue food colouring and all... ;-)

04/07/2003 at 12:50
gym bunny - that's me. YES! YES!
I'm secretly slender, blonde, and orange from all over suntan - how very right you are.
04/07/2003 at 12:52
Okay, been trying to snooze but impossible what with Wimbldon and that rather nice Frenchman currently playing (I utterly forgive him for beating Henman).

Sound advice from FLR and Birdypie which I intend to follow. You're right life's too short and I'm intrigued to see this band after watching their Glastonbury performance on TV (raving bonkers tricksters or talented off-centre musical ground-breakers? I suspect the former but won't know until I've seen them).

Best party present I've given kids has been a metal harmonica from Ikea at about quid. My children still play it and wasn't something that broke immediately you stood on it. Only problem was that all 25 kids decided to have a toot at the same time....
04/07/2003 at 13:35
FF - If Grosjean hadn't beat Henman, somebody else would have. Much as I would love to see a Brit win Wimbledon, the boys just not good enough.

Giving harmonicas as Party Presents. I bet the other mums & dads loved you!! :)

Im no good at aerobics - no co-ordination. If i do go i will remember to stand in the middle as a safe guard for any 'end swapping'.

04/07/2003 at 13:43
look forward to hearing about the spree next week Flatfeet! I am sure it will be entertaining whatever!
04/07/2003 at 13:53
Alf - of course you have no coordination -you're a boy.

FF, take it easy. Did snooze a bit, and sad to see Grossjean behind.

Henman - total carp I fear

04/07/2003 at 14:13
Glad to see everyone is saying what previously had been unthinkable...Tim Henman is the best Tennis player in the land, but NOT in the world...if he can't win with support like that, then all hope is gone. And the face on it when he's losing?!
No areobics experience, but Mrs ADB is a keen participant despite being Deaf. She gave up worrying about being 15 secs behind everyone cos she can't hear instructions and learned to love her weekly session. "Better for you than running" is her verdict - I beg to differ, of course!!!
04/07/2003 at 14:19
Much respect to Mrs ADB.

Would have told you that Henman was a fish at any time actually, and do do loathe that pariotic braying that goes on.

Managed to get most of food colouring off hands with pumice stone, and may well go for a mass nail paint session with Kid B and her best friend - sure her mum won't mind her looking like trailer trash when she gets home from Wimbledon to collect her. On the other hand they may be too busy playing with Baby Born's carseat - best £7.99 I've spent in Woolies recently.
04/07/2003 at 14:33
Fully agree FLR Henman a fish and crowd like a bunch of football hooligans!
04/07/2003 at 14:34
Hope kid B has agreat birthday and party!
04/07/2003 at 14:36
Here here! and good weekends all round! I am plod free till Monday but best wishes to all weekend plodders!
04/07/2003 at 15:31
Ran a 5K race today in 29:59...finally broke 30 minutes...yea!!!! New goal will be 25 minute 5K....would that still be plodding? think so... :o)
04/07/2003 at 15:49
25min 5k not really plodding Marathong, IMHO

2959 fantastic tho'

happy w/e all

the aerobics queen of Teddington
04/07/2003 at 16:04
Happy plodding weekends, one and all.

Mrs Uncoordinated of Coventry :0)
04/07/2003 at 17:24
Not plodding today or tomorrow but I did walk to a home visit this afternoon. It was just up the road and too near the current set of roadworks (can't you tell it's summer in a tourist area??)to be convenient for taking the car. I also refused a lift back from the Macmillan nurse who happened to call at the same time. My halo is positively gleaming!

Tomorrow is the Merched y Wawr trip - lots of eating involved in that, stop for coffee, stop for lunch, stop for afternoon tea, stop for supper on the way home. I shall have to plod on Sunday to work some of it off.

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