From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.

Preparing for a marathon from scratch, in 22 weeks.

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26/08/2012 at 17:38
By the way happy, I didn't say it, above but thanks a lot for the advise and learning from your experiences. The more I know from everyone else the better it is

Good to know I'm not the only one with the odd mental block.
02/09/2012 at 09:03

On a whim, don't ask me why, i got some pretty looking and expensive different socks. Thin hilly socks instead of the fat cushioned Nike and karrimor socks that I've worn.

Well they dln't go with my feet / shoe combination been wearing them for 2.5 runs and my feet have started to ache didn't think about it 1/3rd through long run in agony with blisters under my foot arches... Only thing different these socks for last 3 runs.

STUPID six weeks from my marathon and I screw my feet up by trying something different on a whim. Plastered up, scolding myself and now

Know not to mess around at all with my clothing that works. So rookie mistake made, feet need to rest a couple of days, and lesson learned

Annoyed with myself!!
Edited: 02/09/2012 at 09:11
02/09/2012 at 09:14
If like me you are new to this game like me, I've still only been running 4 months, even though it feels a lot longer, and have an objective in mind then i guess the lesson is when something works stick with it, experiments are all well and good, but in the right time and place...

This wasn't the right time, after my marathon was/is
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02/09/2012 at 10:27
I might have got a little carried away.

I've just signed up for the Lakeland 50m which is at the end of July 2013.
02/09/2012 at 12:59
Rather than plasters go with something like compeed (all blister stuff buy one get one 1/2 price in boots at the mo) more expensive but last a few days and really work better at healing and pain relief. My 1st marathon in 5 weeks and I did the same this week - 2 19 milers ruined my feet, blister on toes, between toes and the ball of both feet one big blister - all because I put my socks on a bit wrong and it rained ( fancy double skin endurance socks that are hard to line up right). I've had the compeed on 2 days now through the shower and I can't feel them at all when running.
02/09/2012 at 15:01

Thanks for the advice.
02/09/2012 at 16:42

Blimey 50m!! It will certainly keep you motivated after completing your marathon though.


02/09/2012 at 23:57

I pop into this thread from time to time to see how you're getting on but don't think I've actually posted yet.

Obviously for a first post I was going with the traditional "Good luck" sort of thing but after reading today's update I'm going to branch out a little ----Booktrunk, you're mad!


03/09/2012 at 01:36

Only a little mad life would be boring without just a small sprinkling of madness.

03/09/2012 at 01:49
You can do it. Just keep focused, I'm doing my first half in October .. Why..... Because I can. Ive never done one and thats on my "bucket list"

I've been spinning for 4yrs now and I swear by spinning for helping my recovery/heart/breath rate as well as using other muscles. I play a lot of football for a ladies team and previously my usual running was only ever for general fitness in training or match day!! Go for it. Well done keep it up be a " yes I can"
03/09/2012 at 12:30

The LAKELAND 50m? Jeebus Duck. That's meant to be really really hard. You're mad. Good luck!


03/09/2012 at 12:45

Good luck to you, madness and all!

I'm just in awe of people who do marathons and worse. I'm too lazy to go that far!

03/09/2012 at 13:43

booktrunk I think you are awesome. I have been running for around 6 years (and completed 5 HM)  and only now have I got the courage to consider taking on a full marathon! Keep up the hard work and you will achieve your goals, it sounds like nothing and/or nobody could ever stop you! Inspirational stuff, well done!

05/09/2012 at 19:49
Thanks cordelia

Wow... Crap day at work. I had a little 5k in my plan for tonight.. Meant to be very slow, but I got carried away. My fastest 5k was 35:24

Well. I got fed up ran 7:14 first km and dreamed about breaking 35m for first time do went for it..


33:22 in total (the extra 2 secs is the little extra bits).

Last 3km each within a second amazing!!

I had no idea I could go that quick!!

So plodding along for the marathon should be great.... Excited. Also jumping with excitement at the speed I went.
08/09/2012 at 21:35
It's funny I'm exvited and slightly nervous as I have a 28km long slow run tomorrow.

I will be taking longer than quite a few people on here take to run a marathon. But, it's just me and my omm 6l bumbag, lots of water, and a bag of jelly babies, oh and my garmin watch of course.

I've run 27k so far this week, and did all of that reasonably quickly, have to ensure I slow down to begin with. I have one other longer run pre my mara, so don't know why I am so nervous about this one but I am.....

Oh well watch last night of the proms, then bed.
09/09/2012 at 13:09

I survived. 28km 3h 54m to slow struggling for six hours. But only 4/5k was on paths the rest was either dirt tracks or undulating farmers fields, and I had to HO through lots of gates and climb a few stiles which after the first 20 or do k's are a killer.

So panicking about 6h but all I can do is keep doing my best and hope.

Was fine after until I stopped then I was all wobbly n exhausted. But so happy that I can do 28km, 4 and 1/3 months from 0 to 28k now I need the nail the other 14k. 5 weeks today until the Leicester Marathon.

Oh I had a cold bath when I got home straight from the naive do quite cold sat in it for 6 minutes I think it helped my muscles and they would be even stiffer than they are now if not for that.

28k wow, cannot believe I'm getting close to doing it.

09/09/2012 at 19:48

Woohoo well done to you. You are doing fantastic keep up all the good work

09/09/2012 at 19:50

Well done, 28k is 17.5m, only 8.7 to go on the day, also there hopefully wont be any stiles or ploughed fields, both of those always slow me down.I also assume that you may have had hot weather today another strength sapper. I assume Leicester in October will be a little cooler. And with 3 weeks more training and 2 week taper you will steam around it. Cant wait to find out your time.

09/09/2012 at 21:59

Found a plain white technical top so I've now ironed on my charities logo and my name on the front, and the charity logo and how to text sponsor be on the back

It is all starting to feel nearly real now. Cannot believe that it's only 35 days away.!/media/set/?set=pcb.400269033372381&type=1&__user=100001678641283
09/09/2012 at 23:07

Well done Steph!  I have been following your marathon training journey on and off over the months and you have made awesome progress

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