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17/08/2002 at 09:17
Hi Guys

It seems I've been absent from this thread - sorry :)

So how am I getting along..? Well, in the last week I've run 6.5 miles. This seems pretty dismal but it's been 4 occasions and split pretty evenly. I was running with the dog on Thursday evening though and he ran into my knee (right) and I semi-twisted it. So I'm resting it at the moment. Not running until Sunday and even then if it's still sore - I'm not running.

I'm finding my breathing is fine - I remember when I started a few weeks ago my lungs felt like they were on fire by the end of my first couple of jog/walks. But now I'm not even short of breath when I finish my 2 miles which is run with only one or two walking breaks of around 30 seconds to a minute.

Really the only problems I'm having are some minor aches and pains after running and each time it's a different thing. I'm making sure I warm up properly - I use the step machine for 20-30 mins (depends how I'm pushed for time) before I go out and I stretch after stepping but I still end up with aches and pains. The pains so far have encompassed obviously the knee pain from the bash with the dog, aching under right heel bone, outer muscle of lower right leg, inner muscle of lower right leg and minor shinsplints. The shinsplints aren't as bad as they were, in fact the left leg is fine and fine on recovery but I seem to get all these aches and pains on the right side for some reason. If anyone has any ideas why I'd be interested to hear them. (I did buy new shoes).

I decided to start doing some weight training at the gym because I saw a post from someone who mentioned that training the muscles helps with stability and reduces risk of injury - which makes perfect sense when you think about it. So I'm trying that. Did I mention, joined a gym too and went everyday this week - it's going to be a week day thing though because it's near work. Also might not be as regular the next two weeks - I'm on holidays so less gym time, more running time.

I abandoned the beginners schedule - I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere plus I was losing track of where I was upto. So I pushed the boat out early last week and ran for 20 mins in one stretch - which I've tried to maintain with more or less some degree of consistency even though I do end up doing different distances (less than a mile and half on one occasion). Also it isn't as easy to run with the dog as I first found - I think it's because I'm having less walking breaks so I've found I'm running and then taking the dog out for his walk when I've finished! So punishing myself with a 2 mile run and 3 mile walk :)

Diet-wise I've had some mishaps this week... in the form of cadbury's milk chocolate and crisps but on the whole not too bad I don't think although the weight hasn't shifted. I'm feeling fitter but there still isn't less of me :)

I think I'm doing okay. I'm not sure I'll be ready to run this 5K thing in September (8th) but I'll have a go and I'll probably end up walking most of it :)
17/08/2002 at 09:30
SOunds like you're doing well Cath - apart from the dog incident :o)

I think I might try somethign gentler for the warm up though - 20 minutes on the step machine is potentially going to give your quads a major bashing. I generally do a few minutes on the recline bike on a pretty easy session, then stretch, then do whatever exercise I'm going to do, and then stretch again (holding them for longer) at the end. Ask the staff at the gym - I don't really want to advise too much.

Keep an eye on the various niggles - they could be just your legs reacting to your starting running, or something more serious which you'll need to tackle. The lower right leg thing is interesting - if it keeps up then maybe some sort of professional advice - unless anyone else has got any ideas? My niggles tend to be one or other side of a leg - both sides at once isn't something I've come across.

5k is only just over three miles, so you're not that far off now - I reckon you'll run most (if not all) of it :o)
17/08/2002 at 09:32
Whoops - forgot to say - even Paula Radcliffe admits to eating chocolate (see this months issue of Health and Fitness magazine).

My experience of satrting to exercise again was that my weight didn't change at first - I gained muscle, which made up for the fat I was losing. The numbers on the scales were disappointing, but I was changing shape. Plus of course, you're getting fitter anyway - hence you're not having as much trouble with the breathing now.

Kepp it up - it sounds to me as if you're doing fine :o)
17/08/2002 at 09:40
Hi Cathy. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you've thrown yourself into training wholeheartedly.

Aches and pains are inevitable on starting any training programme, especially at the stage where your cardiorespiratory fitness starts to outstrip your leg muscle capacity (or when you start doing enough to get carried away on a wave of endorphins). The fact that they're all on the right side could be down to biomechanics or to the great god Coincidence. Might be worth having a gait assessment.

Be careful, though. It is all too easy (I know - I've done it) to feel that the beginners' schedules aren't letting you do as much as you think you can do, and to take off on an accelerated scheme which involves pushing yourself close to your limits. That's when proper injuries happen. Don't be tempted to train every day. The training effect takes place on REST days as your muscles recover from the stress of the last session, and piling in more training on rest days just delays the process. For Paula Radcliffe, a rest day might be 10 miles at marathon pace. Some of the experienced runners on this forum do "recovery" or "maintenance" runs and call that a rest day. For the likes of you and me at this early stage in our training, a rest day is just that - sitting on our butts.

Better to arrive at September 8th slightly undertrained than tired and injured.

Enjoy your holiday!

Cheers, V-rap.
17/08/2002 at 10:54
Iain -- I have to use the stepper for 20mins to really warm up because otherwise I end up with the most god awful leg pains when I start running. I find that the warm ups they advise atthe gym (5-10mins on the recumbent bikes) don't really warm me up at all. Maybe it's just me and my system is a little slower than most people's..?! I don't know but I find I run better when I've done at least 20mins warm up and don't worry - it's always on the easiest settings and besides I don't struggle with it. Plus, I've got huge quads anyway, I used to cycle the 20 miles to work each day (many moons ago) and back again.

re: right sided leg pains -- not always at the same time, usually it's either the outer muscle or the inner muscle that's hurting not both at the same time. I think as V-rap said, it's just coincidence but I'm keeping an eye on it.

V-rap. Thanks for that. I do think it's only a coinicidence. I've trained hard this week but I think half of that has been to put other things out of my mind... I don't know I seemed to embark on this "if I try to get as healthy as I can then the lump won't be all that bad to deal with if its a nasty" thing. I know that sounds ridiculous and I ought to know better but there you go. Sometimes I think reason and common sense lose out to plain old fear :) Anyway, I'd already defined my marker - I can run either 2 miles or 20 mins whichever comes first and I've only done that 4 times this week. Plus, I don't intend increasing that until I'm good and ready and comfortable with it. I'm realising that the body needs a rest and I'm paying attention to that (honest I am). The knee feels much better this morning and I'm going out to buy a new support (like blue knees) for it today. I shouldn't need it but I want to support the knee whilst I'm building up my muscle strength. As for the other training well, I'm doing that for the low-impact cardio fitness and weight loss and seem to be getting there. With my holidays looming and a huge garden to straighten out I doubt I'll have time for the gym anyway :)
17/08/2002 at 13:00
Just a thought - are you running on a heavily cambered road? and does the side of the aches vary depending on which side of the road you are running?

I find if I run to the right of the centre I have no shin splint problems and to the left then I get right shin problems. I assume this is because the camber one side stops the over pronation in my right leg and on the other increases the problem.

In general I try to mix it up, but tending to favout the right has definitely helped.
17/08/2002 at 15:38
Hi Mij

No, I run either on a treadmill or in parkland (grass & trail). I think it's possibly just starting pains (I had them in the left leg too but that leg has cleared up).
17/08/2002 at 18:46
Interesting Mij's comment about the cambered road. I did a long run (13.5 miles) on a heavily cambered road and had awful pains in my glutes on the one side for a couple of days afterwards. I'm more careful about running towards the middle on cambered roads now.
Well done, Cath, on your progress. If you are having difficulties keeping track of where you are with a programme, why not mark up a calendar with your next month's schedule and hang it somewhere convenient, then tick off each day as you do it?
17/08/2002 at 20:10
Hi Cath, Really pleased to hear your updates. I can't wait to hear what's happening to you a few months down the line. You've done so well already and seem to have the commitment to be in it for the long term so it will be great to hear how you get on.

I wanted to write what V-Rap wrote. Rest is when it all happens. The best thing about running is that it doesn't take so long compared to other sports and then you can lie around and think about how much fitter and stronger you're getting just sitting on your arse watching the tv. It's great.

Re road cambers: I am better running on a road that slopes down to the left as my left leg runs longer than my right due to a rotated pelvis and otherwise I get minor shin-splints in my left leg.
17/08/2002 at 21:46
I'm with you about warming up on the steppy rather than the bike, Cath - like you, I used to cycle a lot as a mode of transport, and I've always enjoyed a good hill-walk, so my calves are about as wide as the average distance-runner's waist. Besides, I can read a magazine on the steppy...

Cheers, V-rap.
18/08/2002 at 13:51
V-rap -- that really made me laugh!! I had my fitness mags over the step counter on my machine this week :) I think the stepper kind of makes me work a little bit harder than the bike but not so much so that I'm too knackered to actually work out. Plus, I do think my system takes a while to warm up -- I'm slow and sluggish like that!

Running muppet -- well, I'd like to think I'm in it for the long haul. We'll see. I certainly have the enthusiasm for it. I suppose it's a compromise between that and trying not to overdo things too soon. I'm trying to be sensible.

Dangly Spice -- I was wondering whether that might be my problem. It seems funny it's only the right leg gets sore but we'll see. I have really pushed myself this week. If it doesn't start clearing up whilst I'm off work I'm off to see a running physio. Oh and good idea with the calendar - I've got some Winne Pooh Calendar software (favourite character - it's all coming out now) so I can make that myself and put it on the wall.

More update: Today I was supposed to go to the health club yoga class but I bottled it because I was shattered. I stayed in bed until midday!! I didn't get in last night until 3am -- although I have to say I wasn't drunk (I drank 3 litres of water) so I was slightly merry maybe and I think in total I had about 5 alcoholic drinks the whole evening. BUT I'm toying with the idea of "cross training" today -- that is the garden needs straightening up ... and I mean NEEDS it :) But also the gym is open until 9pm so I might go there later if I don't get the garden started. I had intended running today but I can still feel the knee twinging when I get up - I was thinking about "running through" the pain but decided it isn't worth it. I'll try tomorrow.
20/08/2002 at 08:48
Okay so I'll post here instead of the training forum for yesterday seeing as how it was so late when I got home from the gym.

You would not believe the day I had yesterday. It started out with me posting here my intentions - gardening and then gym and relaxing evening in. Didn't work out like that.

Managed to finally get my backside into gear at around 11am - started the gardening after going to B&Q for compost. Mowed my huge lawns (which was okay) and the minute I turned the mower off it started raining (again) so the weeding and hoeing etc has had to wait... I was going to say until today until I just looked outside and the skies are looking dodgy again.

Anyway, finished the gardening for the day after lunch. Took the dog for a walk and then decided to go to the gym. Arrived in Liverpool at 5pm (just as everyone was leaving, great!) and decided to park the car at work (Uni car park).

Did really well at the gym:
What: Full-on taining session -- 30mins stepper; 30mins treadmill - did 4.1Km in 30mins (not sure if this is good but works out at 11min miles which I think is okay for a beginner) anyways to say I was pleased to run for 30mins with no twinges from the knee was an understatement... I was dead chuffed; rowed 1000m; cycled 5Km and assorted weights and ab training - concentrated on upper and lower legs to support knees. Anyways, I finished in the gym at 7pm.
Why: In training for corporate cup and haven't run since last Thursday.
Last hard day: Thursday.
Last Rest day: All weekend.

Anyways, left the gym at 7:15pm and walked back to the car. What did I find when I got there..? The Uni car park was locked - like 6ft iron spiked fencing locked and bolted with my little Mini inside it. I panicked... phoned the Mr told him I wa sstanding in the middle of Liverpool with no money, no car and no way to get home. Tried to phone the Uni - no answer only the clearing hotline number. At this point my stress levels had gone through the roof.

The Mr arrives 45 mins later and tells me we have to get the car out of the car park somehow because he'd left his wallet in it and forgot to mention it. So the car would have been okay to leave overnight if not for this. To say I was floored was an understatement!! When I asked him how long the wallet had been there without my knowing - he says "Since Saturday night"!!!! How much worse could the day get. By this time it's getting on for 8:15 and I'm starving and he's irritable and starving. We then have to drive the 20 or so miles home to get the University directory so we can get hold of the emergency 24 hour security number. We ring them. The guy says "yep, no problem I'll get someone to you when you get there". We then drive all the way back to Liverpool and wait 40 mins for the security guard to arrive and I finally get my car out of the car park. I ask him since when did they start locking it..? "They always lock it at 7pm" I explain I didn't know that. He says he didn't think a nice new motor would be intentionally left there all night. At which point I could have screamed because the car is displying my ID number for car parking - which is done through the computer facilities - where they hold all the details of contacts etc. Why didn't they just ring and say "when you need to get your car let us know". Grrrr.

So we finally arrive home at getting on for 10:30pm after having to call at Pizza Hut for "dinner" because I'd intended going to the supermarket on my way home from the gym. So take away it was and pizza at that ... all that stress and all that hard work wasted :(

What an awful day. BUT, I did run for 30mins and the knee is okay today and I did run 4.1Km and my target is 5K :)
20/08/2002 at 09:15
Hi All

I discovered Runners World, and subscribed to it a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been reading all the messages in the forum and I think its graet the way everyones seems to encourage and motivate each other.

So I thought I would say Hi and maybe join this running community!!!

I have been a recreational runner and a regular gym goer for about 5 years. I particpated in my first race earlier this year .....(Race For Life 5k), and would like to take this running thing further.

I have since registered to do the 10k Rainforest Run in anyone else doing that???

Any advice or training tips would be great!!!
20/08/2002 at 12:00
Hi Tommy Girl, How did you get on with your Race For Life 5k? Welcome by the way.

Cath, I was about to reply to your message just to say sorry to hear of your awful day and congrats big time on your 30 min run. However, Mini RM has just awoken and is grinning at me so I'm off now for the rest of the day... Bye for now.
20/08/2002 at 13:54
hi cath

it sounds like you are where i was a month ago. in may i starting training (jogging once a week)for the race for life in july. i did that and have decided to keep going! so far i've slowly been increasing my milage and can jog for 50 minutes/4.5miles which i'm pretty pleased with!

i'm also trying to lose some weight - have been doing weightwatchers for the last 17 weeks and have so far lost 16.5 lbs. i want to lose another 40lbs or so though so it's going to take a while!

anyway, just wanted to say how interesting it is to read someone else starting to run - thanks for that!
20/08/2002 at 14:30
Hi Running Muppet

Thanks for the welcome! I enjoyed Race for Life. I did it in 27 mins, I try to run 3 miles reguarly 3 times a week now. Sometines its hard to get up at 6 in the mornings!

I am trying to reduce my time. I have figured out that I need something to work towards to motivate me which is why I have entered the Rainforest Run in November.

20/08/2002 at 15:09
Tommy Girl -- Hi there. ,ust have misse dyour post earlier. I started out trying to run at 6 in the morning (when no one else was around) but that soon fizzled out. I go ealry afternoon now - when all the other runners are out.

Running Muppet -- Do you know whether 4.1K in 30mins is any good for a beginner..?!

Susannah -- Hiya. I started the "Getting Started" thread which eventually got too big and so we pushed it over into 2 threads. There are loads of us who have all started to get back into running at the same time. I think most of us are also hoping to lose weight too. How did you do with the Race for Life..? I want to do that in my home town next year (this years has gone) ... I found a lump a week or so ago which is being investigated so it kind of kick started me into thinking about it.

Forumites -- I've made a startling discovery. Smoothies. I bought a Kenwood food mixer today and fruit and skimmed milk = great filling drink which is really really good for you :)
20/08/2002 at 15:21
i did the race for life in southampton this year. i've done it for the last three years and my times have been 34mins 1999, 30mins 2000, ill in 2001, 33mins 2002 but the last time was a bit altered because i didn't get to run (kind of just shuffled slowly!) for the first 5 minutes cause there were so many people plus it was really hot that day. it's really good fun to do as there's no pressure, lots of people doing it and lots of support.
anyway, normally i start to run two months before do the race then give up till the next year. this time i've decided to keep going! i've been thinking about doing the london marathon in 2003 - i've always wanted to do it and really feel that if i build up the milage slowly i can do it - but we'll see!
i hope the lump doesn't turn out to be anything too bad.
by the way - i love the idea of the smoothie. have you got any good recipes? i have a bit of a fruit problem, ie i don't eat any and never have. maybe this could be a way in?
20/08/2002 at 16:26
Hello Cath, Ssuannah and anyone else

Great to keep reading everyone's updates.

Hope I'm not too old to join in at 35!! Only started running last year and am hooked. Am doing a Half Marathon in October so am training hard.

I did our local race for life and it was a fantastic experience. About 2,500 took part and I finished in 32 mins. Which was pretty good as I'd just finished some antibiotics for bronchitis!

Go for the marathon Susannah.

All for now Helen
20/08/2002 at 16:33
Can I join in too?

I made a new year's resolution this year to lose weight and get fit. Lost most of the weight I want to through dieting and going to the gym and am now trying to get back into running. (A few years back I shuffled round the Robin Hood 1/2M at snail's pace, but since them have been mostly vegetating).

I've targetted a local 10K at the beginning of December to train for and so far am running about 20-30 minutes, three times a week.

Like Susannnah, I also have dreams about doing the London Marathon - am I being unrealistic?

Wise Owl
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