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02/06/2003 at 00:04
The Police for a change :)

Happy plodding folks :)
02/06/2003 at 00:17
begin of rant

<I think late night posts starting a thread for the next waking day are.... just... wrong! - as this is supposed to be about what we're going to plod and supporting other plodders rather than staying up all night to be the first to post (even if the titles are great)>

end of rant

...goes and hides in a concrete bunker
02/06/2003 at 00:26
Morning 3TL hope you sleep well in bunker! What were you doing here at this time of morning??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No plodding today as schedule says rest day!
Happy plodding everyone....

02/06/2003 at 00:28
Sorry FR moring, and 3TL you forgot in your rant to mention late night posts by non plodders!!!! (sorry FR!!!)

02/06/2003 at 05:45
I agree with 3TL
i got up specially you know, and what do i find--:)
will report on plod when i return
02/06/2003 at 06:54
I think non-plodders should be banned from this thread!!!

No plodding for me today, more revision tonight. I have to say everyone, that I am feeling more positive about my club - I did a lovely 9 miles with them yesterday, came back feeling very up-beat. Tomorrow I will be doing my first ever proper "hill work" which sounds very intimidating!

Have a good one all!
02/06/2003 at 07:09
Morning Everyone

No running today too rest my legs so did 40 minutes on Cross trainer instead...I found it very very boring rather have been running!!

Have a good run everyone
02/06/2003 at 07:19
5.8 miles
02/06/2003 at 08:49
heaven knows (I'm miserable now)

doesn't worry me who posts when, although did have huge anxiety attack at being 1st yesterday - the pressure

should plod but have 2 children with INSET days who want to go to Legoland / zoo / similar (probably can't convince them to do RA or gym instead?)
02/06/2003 at 09:02
Smitch - glad you're feeling better about your club and doing 9 miles with them is brilliant. I'm almost tempted to join one myself....

Plodded just over 7 miles yesterday, had to walk for about half a mile of it (part of the uphill bits!) but felt OK. No plodding today. Just some weights.
02/06/2003 at 09:59
Update ... plodded 6 miles (furthest yet) on Friday - very slow (11.5-min miles). Think it was the heat/humidity, found it hard going. How do you cope with running in hot weather?

V busy weekend - no posting or plodding. Tonight will do 3 or 4 miles.
02/06/2003 at 11:40
Hello fellow plodders!

Like you Jill, no plodding or posting this w/end due to stuffed schedule and poorly pc...

I think the only way to deal with the heat is to get up early before it gets too hot. I know you're a country runner but in central London running anytime after 7.00-8.00am in the heat I find that my breathing is really affected by the pollution.

It's a bit of problem with races as well. I wish they'd start the summer races much earlier. Last year I did the Flora Light and really struggled with the heat (it was only 5k I know but I still found it really hard going).

Anyway, hope to do a 4 mile plod tonight.
02/06/2003 at 13:40
Jill - congrats on your mileage on Friday!! As to heat, I find the only way to do it is take MASSES of water / isotonic drinks and plod slowwwwwllly
02/06/2003 at 14:45
Thanks, 3TL. I drank plenty of water before I set out but didn't take enough with me and had drunk it all by half way. And I never plod anything but slowwwly!

Flatfeet - pollution not such a problem here in the dales but I think you're right about plodding early in hot weather. However, the 10k I'm aiming for is in August, so I'll have to try to get a little used to running in the heat - just in case.
02/06/2003 at 14:55
I must be a wierdo as I actually prefer running in the heat, i loved my runs on thurs and friday as it was gorgeous and hot and felt brill!
have done approx 5 miles today, looking forward to 10k on sunday.
also - water - how do you take water on a run with you? i dont think i could just carry the bottle in my hand, would distract me?
02/06/2003 at 16:17
No real plodding today, had fitness assessment at gym and in last 3 months have

> lost 6 kg
> reduced body fat by 3%
> reduced blood pressure and resting HR
> gained 2 minutes on treadmill test (10% incline speed increases from 2 mph every minute until 80% max)
> increased hamstring stretch by 1cm

so feeling pretty good. Did a bit of X-trainer/rowing/cycling after.

Managed just under 4 miles in 38:20 yesterday along canal (towpath not miracle/pollution!)

02/06/2003 at 16:20

Brilliant. Well done! That's an impress list of improvements in a relatively short time. What's your secret?

You deserve to feel better than pretty good.

02/06/2003 at 19:03
Floosie - you really ought to give your club a go, you can always go a couple of times to see if you like it or not before you officially join up. That's what they said to me anyway.

Mind you, after tomorrow I will probably dislike it again!! I am very fickle you know.
02/06/2003 at 19:31
No plodding today - I did go out yesterday evening in the drizzle. I'm away for a few days so I need to finish my packing, get the rubbish ready for the binmen, clean the budgies out and warn the budgie-sitter that said budgies (2 of them anyway) are in deep disgrace for having somehow pulled the seed pot out of its slot, tipping the contents all over my cushions, and then the youngest one escaped through the open slot and took up residence on the other cage - all this in the 30 minutes I was out plodding.
All I got was the "Wasn't me Mam" look of innocence when I found out what they'd been up to, little wretches.
02/06/2003 at 20:39
Oh Pix, sorry to hear about your crap run...remember we all have crap days, don't worry about it.

I don't mean to put a downer on everything, but I am having such a rotten day today. Work is so busy at the mo, I've got exams this week, I had about 2hrs sleep last night because I had so much on my mind and lots of other stuff in my life is a bit crap too.

Sorry, venting finished. Feel better now.
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