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19/08/2012 at 22:19

Oops HTF, did you feel alright after eating that and are you back on board with the fruity stuff?  Any time I eat something cooked I get a headache or get sick, couldn't resist a really nice slice of bread and some brie on it today - already got the headache   That was all I had that I shouldn't have, I took a lovely pineapple, mango & OJ smoothie and a lovely salad - lettuce, toms, cucumber, coriander, a couple of nectarines, a couple of peaches and a mango .  it was lovely, I put the bowl on the table while I had my smoothie and when I went to get some half of it was gone  everyone loved it 

I'd love to help with the GNR Trigger but I'm as useless as a chocolate frog right now where running is concerned   You'll be just fine - at least you've actually done some running!

The balloon festival looks lovely Cinders, so calming to watch 

The BBQ was lovely, got to see some neices and nephews I hadn't seen for 13 yrs and some great nieces nephews I've never met - some of hubbys family had a bit of a fall out when his dad died - money and stuff of course, it'll never happen in my family, we haven't got any money   KC behaved herself too, she was hyper and played with all the very young kids rather than ones her age or a bit older and spent most of the time 'helping' them - also known as bossing them about but they didnt mind.  We didn't get home till 9pm, she's in bed but still awake now (10.20) -she better get to sleep soon, kept me up till 12.30 last night having a wobbly 

20/08/2012 at 13:03

Afternoon everyone   Am 'back' from my week off although technically we didn't go anywhere!  Did some chilling out, a bit down the lottie (although not as much as I'd have liked), went to the beach a couple of times and had a friend to stay for a few days.  Very nice all in all but really could have done with two weeks!  Still, only a four day week next week and then we are off again a week after that  

Been an up and down week recovery wise.  Had my last counselling session last Friday and that seemed to panic me rather, although I didn't realise it at the time.  Had a couple of bad depression days this week with some bad food binging which was disappointing as I was hoping a week off would help me get myself organised, but I have to accept that recovery is a long process and as I've been drinking for 30 years I'm not going to get better in a few months.  So onwards I go and hope that the gap between the bad days continues to expand - it currently is about every 6 days or so whereas before it was every couple of days and for a few days so I can see there is improvement there

Did anyone see the Russell Brand programme about addiction?  It was on last week I think but we recorded it and watched it last night.  I'm not keen on the bloke, but was impressed by his documentry and being an addict and having spent several years working with them, he has some very valid points.  Shame the government won't take any notice and change the way it deals with people with addiction problems and invest in getting off the drink/drugs rather than throwing methadone at them.  It's ridiculously difficult to get help when you need it as my own experience taught me; if it hadn't been for that one helpful nurse I'd probably still be drinking.  If I was even here at all.

Well done everyone who is running, and Trigger you will be fine if you are already up to 8 miles

20/08/2012 at 20:13

Evening all, long drive home.

Didn't see the programme TST, what channel was it on in case I can iplayer it.  Sorry to hear counselling was hard.  You are doing great though, increasing the days is a good sign

How are you feeling today SL, did the headache pass? 

Trigger, ditto, if you are up to 8 miles then you will do good

Had a fab few nights away, the balloon festival was amazing.  No running but walked miles, little C included.  Still no sign of the missing wedding ring though

20/08/2012 at 21:15

I didn't see the programme either TST, have you read Russel Brand's book, it was quite good surprisingly   You're doing really well, never forget how far you've come - especially on those tough days.

The headache passed Cinders - stuck with the nanas today, and grapes and peaches etc....... apart from the bit of kc's dinner she didn't eat, chicken and bacon pasta in a cheesy sauce. She'd eaten all the meat but the cheesy pasta smelt sooooo good   Oh well, I suppose it'll be another headache tomorrow........  We're off to the foster agency for a 'ready steady cook' activity day tomorrow - I'd better take lots of bananas with me 

21/08/2012 at 16:22


Did you get a headache from the pasta SL?  And how did the activity day go?

Well I got the job, eeek!  Now got just short of 4 weeks to try and shift a bit of lard and find some work clothes.  Best dust of the trainers

21/08/2012 at 23:31

Fortunately for me Cinders I didnt' - might have one tomorrow though as I've eaten all sorts today that I shouldn't.  Congrats again on the job by the way 

We went to the activity day, everything had to be prepared and cooked outside either in a stone pizza oven or on a bbq, they had to make meatballs and spaghetti, chicken curry and create some desserts.  I made a fantastic loaf of bread and an even better cake.  I'd taken all my food with me but the day was about it being a challenge for the kids, they set the table and everyone sat round to eat the food they'd made - I made a conscious decision to have a bit of everything as it's important for all these kids to get praise and approval for their achievements.  Most of them have suffered neglect, violence, verbal, physical and sexual abuse.  None of them have any self esteem, they all feel they are bad and worthless and have serious behaviour problems so just to work together in teams and be able to create a fantastic meal with all the extras is a major achievemnent for them.  I figured one day of rubbish however it made me feel was worth it if it made them feel good about themselves - even if it is only for one afternoon - does that make sense   I only ate a tiny bit of everything, thankfully I didn't get any pain and so far no headache   We had a really good day, me and one of the other crazy kind of carers were singing all day - whatever word came up in conversation we tried to find a song about it - very funny and the kids thought we were nuts 

Hope everyone's had a fantastic day as well today x

22/08/2012 at 09:27

Morning, sounded a fab day enjoyed by all SL.  Glad KC had a good time

Dentist and waiting in for a replacement bed this morning, what fun.  Hope to get along to Broadstairs Water Gala this pm though   Hey, I might even manage a plod lol

22/08/2012 at 10:55

Morning all, lovely and sunny here again and tomorrow should be even better   Strange side effects from the food yestersday, no colon pain, migraine or sickness but have got an almighty allergic reaction with hives all over my body and itching like mad.  I'm also full of mucus and  had to use my inhaler and nasal spray just to be able to breathe comfortably in bed last night - first time I've needed to since about day 3 of the challenge   Oh well, we live and learn...... there's every chance I'll start getting a bit feverish in a couple of days too.

22/08/2012 at 11:50

Morning everyone   Am a bit fuzzy round the edges at the moment, so you'll have to excuse any blunders! 

Think the Russell Brand programme was on BBC 3 Cinders, and really well done on the job   No, not read his book SL, might get it out the library at some point.  Sounds like you all had a great time at the cookery day SL, think it's a brilliant idea!

Well, I'm broken yet again   Got up Monday morning to find my left wrist wouldn't work at all, for no apparent reason as I didn't bang it or do anything to upset it on the Sunday or previous few days.  Doctors have given me pain killers (which don't seem to be working and are making me feel sick, but the blurb says that should pass in a few days), told me to put a tubi-grip on, try to keep it moving (which just makes it hurt like feck), take ibuprofen and go back if it doesn't go away.  The pain is comparable with when I've broken it, really not good.  Am in work and just seeing how it goes and my boss is happy for me to come in late and go early.  Have brought a pillow in so I can lie on the floor after I take my lunchtime pain killers as when they hit my system they make me feel dizzy and faint - a 'white and wobbly' we used to call it when I used to take drugs!  I probably could stay at home, but I'd rather potter here and do some work than just lay on the sofa at home.  It hurts to type for any length of time so if I'm quiet for a few days that's why - had to type this in stages! 

22/08/2012 at 12:59

Hi TST - I watched Russells Documentray and felt the same - I think he has some very valid points. I love RB  

I have recently chosen to stop drinking and finidng the reactions from people very entertaining at the moment. I am loving the new not hungover me and feel the best I have ever felt in my life as I train for my frist 1/2 Marathon. I didnt have an addicition problem, but I drank a lot more than I should and felt like I was wasting my youth and abusing myself. All of my mates/partner drink though, I am 25 and if you dont do drugs or booze at my age I think people think there is something wrong with you.

The other day on the way to a social gathering my friend popped into the shop to get some booze and asked me if I wanted anything - I said yes just some vimto please. When he returned he had remembered hisbooze but not my vimto and said ahh never mind they will have pop there....and off we drove. I made the point that if he had forgotten his booze he would have been straight back in the shop for it. Just because my request was non alcoholic for some reason it was less important/a less valid drink. He agreed and I think felt really bad (and so he should the little turd!). It is interesting when you don't drink, peoples perspectives on alcohol and how the view it as more valid than soft drinks!!

*sips vimto*

22/08/2012 at 16:45

Sorry to hear about that TST, I wonder what it could be   hope the painkillers begin to work soon x

Just been to the agency for kc to see her mum, she'll be ok today and tomorrow but in the coming weeks will probably deteriorate until she has a major violent blow out - oh well, we keep plodding onwards............  Her mum isn't supposed to bring anything for her but we don't mind the odd small thing and they normally have lunch together so I don't mind her having crisps or a choc bar or maybe a dessert if mum brings them - she normally brings loads of sweets, crisps and fizzy drink and KC ends up being sick in the car on the way home.  It was at a later time today so she had lunch before she left, mum bought::-

1 strawberry cheesecake trifle

2 pepparamis

2 easter eggs (not mini/creme eggs - big ones)

1 Pack of chicken Fridge Raiders 

14  chocolate fairy cakes made by nan

1 spirograph game

1 spiral art game which is the same as spirograph

1 pack of craft squares and shapes

1 pack of colouring pencils

1 pack of normal pencils

1 pack of felt tip pens

1 Hello Kitty stationary set (more pens and pencils)

1 Hello Kitty biro

1 Hello Kitty Keyring

3 small hard plastic dogs (from home)

1 Syvannian type bear doll

1 Picture (paint by numbers) of tigers done by mum (don't mind that)

1 Picture (paint by numbers) of horses done by brother (don't mind that either)

1 card with message from Grandad and £5 note - she's not supposed to have any contact with him! 

I think that's all but there could be more!   She's up in her room playing something with them now, it'll keep her occupied for now 

22/08/2012 at 16:50

Hi Lmk57, well done you for making such a positive step, it's so difficult for anyone under 30 these days to just go out and enjoy themselves without having to be pi$$ed or high before they even leave home, sad thing is they will pay heavily for it in later life health wise and in their wallets!  Feel free to join in anytime, we're a friendly bunch.  At the moment theres just a few of us chatting regularly but there are lots of ex regular posters lurking who jump in to say hi now and then and all newcomers are welcome 

22/08/2012 at 16:52

TST, is it something related to a previous break?  Think you'd mentioned breaking a wrist.  Hope the painkillers do their thing and the wooziness passes soon.

Yikes SL, that's not exactly something *little* is it?  How on earth do you deal with that, could she end up bringing even more next time or can you say something?  Must be very confusing for KC.

Hi lmk87 and good luck for your first half, when is it?

23/08/2012 at 08:51

Welcome Lmk57 - good luck with the not drinking.  I like you believed I was drinking too much - wine every night so made the decision to stop drinking at home.  I still drink when we go out for a meal or when on holiday - just not at home.  Been doing that for 4 months now.

Crikey TST that sounds very painful - hope you recover soon.

SL that sounds really over the top - how often does she see Mum?  Must be difficult for you when you're the one who has to discipline following her blow outs.

Hey Cinders how're you doing?

Racing towards the end of summer hols - can't believe back to school week after next.  Having fitted wardrobes installed in son's bedroom today so have workmen in the house - ugh!  Waiting to have some replacement windows installed in conservatory next week and then blinds installed - busy, busy!

At fat club last night - lost 1/2lb so well within target.  5 miles for me tonight - am struggling with the training plan at the moment and am not really enjoying the long runs - finding them a real chore this time round.  Haven't even received my race pack yet so that's another worry 

23/08/2012 at 11:53

Morning everyone   So the wrist problem was an arthritis flare up, my first one so worrying as I didn't know what it was.  After two days of feeling really ill we called a nurse friend yesterday afternoon to ask her advice as I wasn't too confident on some of the advice given by the doctor.  It's the codeine that was making me so ill - nausea, dizzyness, feeling faint, hot flushes, thirst and dry mouth - so she told me to stop taking them straight away.  Am now taking ibuprophen, paracetamol, icing the joint and using BioFreeze gel, and it's made a massive difference!  Today I'd feel almost back to normal with none of the problems from yesterday and my wrist has gone from being about 5% mobile with massive pain to about 65% mobile with not much pain this morning.  It's most likely the heat that caused it inflamation (so probably why icing seems to be very effective) so not much I can do about another flare up happening if the circumstances are right.  Never had it do this abroad though so am hoping it was just a set of conditions that won't happen that often.  The main thing is that I'll be fit to have a go at archery on Saturday!

Welcome along LMK57   I am a total abstainer rather than a dabbler; I'm an alcoholic and probably the person that the phrase '1 is too many and 15 is not enough' was made for so I don't drink at all any more.  In fact it was 40 weeks on Tuesday! 

That's a hell of a lot of stuff her mum brought SL!  Are they not supervised visits so they can check on what her mum is giving her? 

Well done on fat club Trigger, you're doing really well!   Don't think I've lost anything at all so have to get myself together as I really don't want to go back to the dietician in four weeks as fat as last time I went!

Oh, and well done on the job Cinders!

23/08/2012 at 20:11

These holidays have flown by Trigger, I can't believe it's only one week left either   Try to put your happy head on when you go out for a run, keep telling yourself what great fun you're having and you might just start to believe it  Well done with the weight loss - I've thrown my scales away and only weigh myself when I remembet to at the docs.. 

Sorry to hear about the arthritis TST, literally a pain! Glad to hear it's feeling better today, codeine's a rotten drug, I can't take any stuff like ibruprofen, it's a killer for my stomach.  Make sure you always eat before you take them, they can cause ulcers etc. 

kc's contact visits are supervised but it's too late when she arrives with everything as little 'en sees it.  They used to be supervised by a social worker but now they've employed someone to do it and she didn't know that she shouldn't have any contact with other family members or that mum shouldn't bring things - not her fault.

We've been to the beach today- Joss Bay, jsut up the road from Cinders. A lovely time was had by all   It was an agency organised day and lots of the kids were there but not all the carers.  It makes me cross when they drop the kids off and leave them to the social workers to look after - it's supposed to be for everyone but some carers don't always treat the kids like one of the family.  I know there are times when they have things they have to do but there's only one other kid who's almost as challenging as kc and both me and her carer alway stay and join in - the others can't wait to escape 


24/08/2012 at 17:47

You picked the right day SL, chucking it down here now.  Joss Bay is about 5 mins by road from me   We're wet anyway, been swimbling. 

How long was the session for SL, sounds well off to just dump and run so to speak!

Well done at fat club Trigger

Sounds very painful TST.  Is the athritis a result of breaking your wrist.  Codeine sounds grim, glad you realised it was that making you sick.

24/08/2012 at 21:53

We certainly did pick the right day, it started raining here about 5pm, stopped for a bit and is chucking it down again now 

Hubby got a big cheque coming in the post, he phoned his credit card and said he wanted to claim back the PPI - they got him to fill in a form and hey presto - cheque in the post.  Sadly for him I'm spending most of it on a new second hand car, I can't fit me, hubby kc, my 2 kids, one girlfriend, 2 greyhounds, big tent and assorted camping bits in a ford ka!  It's unlikely we'd all be in it at one time but I can't fit just me, kc, dogs and tent/stuff in my car - when I put the bikes on the back I'm amazed it doesn't tip up with the front wheels in the air   This is the one I think I'm going to get

25/08/2012 at 23:45

We put a deposit on that car today, I took hubby to see it and we both took it for a test drive - very nice.  Just need the cheque to clear now.

26/08/2012 at 08:45


Fab news on the car SL

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