Giving up the booze

Can I?!!!

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28/08/2012 at 19:26

Stick a roof rack on it HTF and we're away  - my washing is dry too but it won't be seeing an iron any time soon 

28/08/2012 at 19:27

Managed to stay dry and even managed to do the 5 miles!

Son has taken himself off out again.  OH is working late so I'm here on my own.  Wished I'd known and I would have delayed my run and spent the afternoon in the garden.

HTF would it be an option for you to go part-time if you didn't want to give up work completely?

Hope you enjoy your weekends.  SL if you get the chance to join one of the beefeater's tours of the tower please do.  We did that a while ago and he actually seemed to bring the place alive.  Didn't cost anything apart from a tip at the end.  The Wizard sounds great too - have fun.


28/08/2012 at 19:33


Agree with trigger, go on the tour.  We had this guy and he was just the best.  Not sure he still has his job though.

28/08/2012 at 21:13

Room for one more in the escape truck?

Enjoy your London trips both of you, hope KC has a fab time too.

My washing isn't dry....cos I've only just done it had running kit in it

28/08/2012 at 21:58


Oooh running kit Cinders - now you are just showing off!

Well done

28/08/2012 at 23:19

Lol, does *shuffling on a treddie kit* sound better?

Felt good though

29/08/2012 at 11:23

A run is a run Cinders - well done!

What a difference a day makes.  Still don't know what the issues are with my son but he seems to have come out of it.  He returned home at about 9pm with a can of monster drink (similar to red bull), sat down in the lounge and started to talk/grunt with me.  He's agreed to come out shopping this afternoon - it's not going to be too exciting but at least it's a start?

Rest day for me - no running - hoorah!  Fat club tonight though

29/08/2012 at 12:03

I'm expecting to find moth holes in my kit when it finally see's light again   I've had my jab so should be feeling better in a day or two.  KC's a poorly girl today, don't know whats up with her but she's pasty, lethargic (still can't sit still though) and has a headache, no temperature though.  She's almost as hard work as hubby when she's not feeling well - muuuuuuum, can I have this/that/etc. every few minutes.  Still, at least she can describe feeling unwell now, she didn't used to be able to, she used to hit and scream not understanding why she felt rough!

Monster sounds an appropriate drink for your lad Trigger , at least he's grunting at you now - small improvements eh!   Keep your purse tightly shut in your bag, he's probably going to try to appeal to your softer side.  Good luck at fat club, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Oooh - running Cinders - what was it like, do remind me 

I like the idea of having the beefeater tour but is it vegan 

29/08/2012 at 16:21

Afternoon everyone

I've always wanted to go to the Tower of London, looks well exciting!  I've kind of even nearly got Mr TST to agree, so long as we go when it's not full height tourist season as he can't cope with crowds.  Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your trip SL.

Glad your son is behaving a bit better Trigger, hope it lasts

*waves to Cinders and HTF*

Well I've done something exciting/stupid today!  I've entered a 40k cycle event in Cheshire!!  Not sure how clever it is for a lady from flat Norfolk to by cycling in Cheshire, but it says it's undulating and designed for beginners so should be ok.  I'm doing it with a friend who is hiring a bike for the day and has never riden a geared bike before so we'll have a great giggle if nothing else and we'll just walk up the hills if necessary!  Normally I wouldn't do something like this but my friend said she'd entered it and it happens to be not far from Macclesfield and we happen to be visiting Mr TST's Mum in Macclesfield that very weekend.  Would have been rude to ignore fate and not doing it!!

So am now feeling in a rather bouyant mood!  Also have a girlie night out on Friday with the girls from running club - if they can remember who I am  - which is both exciting and scary as it's the first time I've been out without Andy, but they are a lovely bunch and I'm sure it will be fine.  Think there are a couple of others who aren't drinking so I should be ok.  A big step in my recovery though, going out on my own in a strange town without the back up of Andy

30/08/2012 at 09:10


When's the bike ride TST?  Sounds exciting and hope you enjoy your girlie night out on Friday too  

How is KC today SL, is she feeling any better?  She's come along way if she can now communicate feeling ill.

When are you off to London for the day?

How are you feeling today HTF?

Thomas' last day in nursery today, I blubbed on the drop off.  Going to make the most of today.  Being taken out for lunch and hoping to go out in a min for an amble......before the rain comes!

Wonder how Yeo and Apps are....

30/08/2012 at 09:21

Morning everyone

The bike ride is on 7 October Cinders, so a few weeks to get back in the saddle so to speak!  It'll be a nice easy pottle though which will be nice and hopefully she will enjoy it enough to think about coming over to the Dark Side as she calls triathlon!  Just hope the weather is nice for us as if it's cold, wet and windy it won't be so enjoyable and my feet always seem to get cold really quickly in my bike shoes no matter how many pairs of socks I put on    Am still really excited about going though, and just need to call Mr TST's mum and tell her I've kinda high-jacked a day when we are there, although she loved coming to watch me swim and run when she came here so am sure she'll be excited about coming to watch me do a cycle.

Was Thomas excited that it was his last day?  Have they got special things planned for the children who are moving on to school? (I assume he's going on to school!)  Being taken out for lunch sounds just the tonic!

I am feeling rather pleased with myself today, have just made it through the last two days at work with the most amazing homebaked biscuits in the kitchen and I didn't have one   I know they are amazing as I had about four on Friday  but really kicked in with a drive to cut out the crap over the weekend and am now on day 5 of no rubbish and eating properly!   Admittedly this was partly fueled by the fact I see the dietician in 3 weeks and currently have probably got fatter than I was but, hey-ho, who cares so long as it's kicked my motivation in!!

30/08/2012 at 11:12

KC is much better today thanks, she was really poorly all day but had a sudden recovery just before bed time   She still had a bad head and managed to get to sleep quickly despite trying to keep herself awake - shame she can't just relax at bed time 

Woop Woop TST - Bike race sorted and 5 days of good food, bet you're feeling good 

Cinders, now it's time for me to say it won't seem long before it's Thomas's first day at secondary school .  Be preared to be forever putting your hand in your pocket now he's at big school, you'll be amazed at how many things they want you to pay for, not to mention teh PTA's fund raising cake/book sales and charity walks/dances/silences - it's worth it for the last one!

We're off to London Tomorrow TST (or Trig- can't remember w)ho asked me that, it's on the last page .  My daughter Daisy is 22 today and hubby's birthday is tomorrow.  They'd be happy with a few (too many) beers at the local, we're only going to do the tourist thing for KC.  She saw a few of the sights when we took her to London for the psychotherapist but not much and it was just a whizz round.  We're going to Greenwich Pier by train, taking a boat to the tower, back on the boat to Westminster Pier, we'll have a stroll around there then make our way to Buckingham palace.  The weather should be good so we'll have a picnic for lunch then find somewhere nice to eat for dinner - so long as they'll do me a big salad I'll be fine food wise.

On the subject of raw food - I'm going to be brave and post some pics of my flabby belly   The really huge one was done on 3rd August, the rest are done this morning.  There's a definite 'reduction', which is amazing considering the least I've eaten is 2500 cals, sometimes over 3000 a day and I've hardly done any exercise.  It would have been much better if I hadn't slipped up so much, the last couple of weeks I've had a nibble of something cooked almost every day - mostly bread and butter which is weird as I wasn't a huge bread fan before!  Here's the link, hope it works.

30/08/2012 at 12:10

Crikey SL you're right there is a reduction - well done!

A good result at fat club - I lost 4lbs this week but I think that' mainly down to the fact that now we're back from our hols I haven't been drinking wine with my meals.  Am now in the position where I either have to put on a pound and a half to get back within the lower range of my target or reset my target.  Am not going to do anything until next week when it might have settled a bit.  Back to school on Monday and so back into the regular routine.

I read the post about keeping my purse shut too late.  He did but a tshirt whilst we were out (I paid) but when he got home he offered up the money.  Things are ok at the mo - just hope they stay that way.

Wow that's a huge bike ride TST.  I can't cycle to save my life.  I read somewhere that it uses a different set of muscles to running?  I had thought that I'd try to dust off the bike during the summer hols but the days just seem to have run away.  Maybe October half term?

Last day at nursery  - ah!  Enjoy the day.

30/08/2012 at 16:01

Thanks Trigger, no calorie counting for me except to make sure I've had LOADSSSSSSSSSS 

So happy, the surgery phoned back last night, the doctor has agreed I can have my B12 Jabs every 2 weeks.  I should be full of beans soon and be able to run, swim and leap about properly in a very short while 

But might need a miracle to get round Beachy in 2 months 

Edited: 30/08/2012 at 16:03
30/08/2012 at 17:04

Oh oh, there's that Beachy word again

Well done on getting the jabs fortnightly and yay to the pics, that's some result there

Happy Birthday to Daisy and to hubby for tomorrow

Well done at fat club Trigger

Lunch out was fab, been out to get the last of Thomas' new uniform and now off to collect him for the last time.  Will try hard not to blub!

Edited: 30/08/2012 at 17:05
30/08/2012 at 20:26

Well did you, Cinders?  Go on, admit it!

Evening all.   Starting to get into the Paralympics here 

That's good news about the jabs, SL, just hope yjey don't dope test for B12 after you zoom round Beachy

TST, as someone who moved from Norfolk to not very far from where you'll be cycling, I'm in awe at you wanting to tackle real hills!  And I know I would have been unable to resist the biscuits.

Well done at the fat club, Trigger.  I hope your son is able to eventually unload about what's bothering him if he needs to.

I've been working 2 days a week in the cafe for the last couple of weeks, but I hope to spend some time in the main centre tomorrow. I need to because the grand opening and open day is on Monday, attended by social workers and others who we hope are going to refer clients, and we need to get some preparation done.  Plus I really am not comfortable working in the cafe, not my knd of work.

On the domiciliary care side things are getting silly.  Our reduced mileage allowances and payments for travel time kicked in this week, and people are leaving in droves, and others throwing sickies. I'm manfully not taking on any extra work that I don't want to, and then only after working out if it's financially worthwhile.

31/08/2012 at 20:18

Evening all.

Plans to escape from the cafe didn't work out, as it was our busiest day yet. Which I suppose is a good thing!  The one cafe assistant there today was behind the counter, the boss and my fellow activity coordinator were cooking, and I was mostly kitchen porter/ washer-upperer/ gopher.

One of the off duty cafe assistants came in with her daughter for a cup of tea and a sandwich, which we all agreed was taking the piss. And we told her.

The boss's boss came in after the rush had died down, but she could see we need more cafe staff. It was actually quite fun in a manic sort of way, and we've got Monday morning to sort out the grand opening - the cafe will be closed!

I'm now more knackered than a knackered thing on World Knackered day, but after an early start I've got a nice morning's work tomorrow and the rest of the weekend off.

Hope evrybody has a good one.

01/09/2012 at 17:00

Afernoon all, it's a bit chilly today isn't it!

Did you manage not to blub Cinders, you're not going to be one of those embarrasing mums at the school gates are you 

Dope tests for B12 - oh no, my secret's out 

Hope you're the afternoon off Yeo, sounds like it's been hectic.  Good luck for Monday

We had a lovely day out, KC enjoyed herself as much as she could, she was hyper adn rushing everywhere so we didn't have time to read about all the things we were looking at but she loved it all the same.  We took the river boat from Westminster to Greenwich, had a walk around there then back on the boat to the Tower.  KC ate non stop all the way there and back on the boat - I thought she would burst if she ate more but she managed a huge ice cream then more rubbish on the boat back to Westminster then on the train home.  By the time we got to the restaurant she was almost asleep and couln't eat much - surprise surprise!

On the subject of food - hubby & Daisy chose the restaurant, the only salad on the menu was a chicken and bacon one so I ended up having burger & chips , it wasn't very nice actually.  

The September challenge starts today so I'll be continuing and trying a bit harder not to eat anything cooked.  I ordered some stuff to pick up at the market and hubby got it for me this morning - 18kg box bananas, box of oranges - about 50 huge navels, a mixed box of honeydew and galia melons - 10 in total, a box of 18 fresh figs (drool) - all that cost £27.50 and she gave me a box of persimmons/sharon fruit for a quid!  That's what I call a bargain 

I wanted to go to get some other bits but kc was having a blow out - punching and spitting like a camel so I stayed home with her - I might have realised I'd forgotten the pineapples if I'd gone, I'll have to pay silly money in Tesco for them this week instead .  I've found another raw fruity girl who lives in my village - how good is that!  We're meeting up with a couple more down in Brigrhton early next Saturday morning, going to a wholesaler there who sells tropical fruit then going round another girls house for breakfast smoothies   It'll be a good morning and I can't wait to get some green coconuts, the water's fantastic in smoothies 

Hope everyone's having a good day today x


01/09/2012 at 18:54

Afternoon all

Yeo, how much longer will you have to work in the cafe?  Sounds very busy, take it they have enough food now?

Wow SL, that's a bargain on the fruit front.  Your meeting up with other raw peeps sounds lovely.  Not heard of green coconuts.

And yes..... I did blub, in the morning and in the evening.  It's been such a lovely nursery and 2 of the girls really bonded with Thomas and said they were sorry to see him go.

Hasn't it been a bit fresh today!  See from FB that HTF is stocked up for her burner.

As for my FB status, my wedding ring didn't show up so I got a new one today

01/09/2012 at 19:00

Sounds like you're all having great times!

SL that's a bargain box of fruit you have there - so much!  You'll probably make savings too if you pair up with the other foodie in your village!

I had to take my engagement ring to the jewellers yesterday to have it made smaller as it was swivelling around so much I felt I was in danger of losing it. 

We're off out to a party tonight.  My sister-in-law and husband were born on the same day 4 years apart.  Yes I know - it speaks volumes about my mother-in-laws sex life!  He didn't get to have a 50th when it was his turn as his father was terminally ill and died the day after - it's my sister-in-law's 50th on Tuesday.  She's decided it's fancy dress - ugh with a Hollywood theme!  I really can't be bothered so have found myself a dress (I normally always wear trousers) and if anyone asks who I've gone as I'm going to say Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie!

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