Giving up the booze

Can I?!!!

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22/09/2012 at 13:45

Hi Strangely brown,

Wow thats a great time, I would probable come in last lol.

I can't get to one for the next few weeks, but will get to one regularly after i been to boat for the last time this season.

Watch out for Monday meant to be strong wind and heavy rain.

Even at school i couldn't get close tothat sort of time, but im impressed.

22/09/2012 at 14:55

Gosh, I badly estimated that.  My Garmin had a wobbler at the start and I didn't sort it out until a minute into the race so I only had half a clue how i'd done.  Turns out it was 19.24.  A personal best mind (from my first 5k last week) but I did feel I could have gone quicker.  Looks like this running lark is harder than I thought!

Anyway, you'll have a ball when you get around to it, they're fabulous events

I've seen that forecast for Monday and have already decided that it's going to be my rest day this week.  I really do not fancy running in that crap

22/09/2012 at 15:29

Welcome Strangely brown and hi again Sinbad.

Giving up booze can be really difficult Sinbad, it took me years but it was more the social aspect than the not drinking part I found difficult.  You really have to want to stop - or cut down to a point where it's not a) killing you or b) affecting your everyday life.  Personally I think giving up all together is easier than cutting down - cutting down almost always leads to it creeping back up again - there's always an excuse to say 'well it won't matter - just this once!'

sinbad113 wrote (see)

Hi all,


yet thats not the hardest thing, what is is the fact on how much of a pain some people can be when drunk most days. You just don't know how bad you are, as you have done it for so long, that its hard to realise what are your own thoughts and speech, when your drunk so much of the time.

That is so true - it's one of the things that makes it so much easier to not have a drink when I do go out.  What's worse is the people tend to have the same conversation over and over again......

Not everyone who chats here wants to stop drinking completely, some are teetotal and have been for years.  Some have no intention of stopping but just want to cut down to improve their running, some of us have been affected by other people's drinking.  

Oh the hangovers Strangely, I used to get them soooooo bad, I was always a useless drunk, a couple of glasses of plonk and I'd be suffering for days   Fantastic running for the parkrun by the way, I couldn't run that fast 25 years ago, no chance of it happening now!  There aren't any parkruns round my way - the nearest is 30 miles away.

I had a really good food day yeserday right up till I had a small bowl of spag bol - that didn't do my stomach any good at all 

22/09/2012 at 17:12

Good running SB   Got to ask though.... why "strangely brown"?

Nearest parkrun here is about 15 miles I think.  Did register ages ago but not got round to doing one yet.

Are you feeling better now SL? 

22/09/2012 at 21:09

Feelling fine now thanks Cinders, it was just the after effects of the spag bol - I've been 100% raw today and doing fine.  Need to buy another bag of frozen cherries, I want some of that ice cream tomorrow.

Your nearest parkrun is in Whitstable by the way - best you check it out - we've got a race soon 

23/09/2012 at 08:22

Hello again Sinbad, and welcome along Strangely Brown

sinbad113 wrote (see)

I just thought I would just say that giving up booze completly is extremly difficult.

Oh it is indeed Sinbad!  I stopped going out altogether when I quit; I couldn't stand being in the pub, couldn't stand drunk people, couldn't even stand people drinking around me really.  I rarely go out now although I cope better now when I do, but I simply don't enjoy being in a pub any more and I have found I enjoy doing different things with my time now, like my new allotement   Everyone has a different journey though and you may find that after a while you don't mind people being drunk and jibbering on a bit!

Strangely Brown wrote (see)

It was the hangovers that did it for me in the end but I still get them, even off the reduced lifestyle. 

Must admit I never got hangovers unless I'd had a spectacular session, but then I'd be really ill for the whole of the next day   That sure as hell is one thing I don't miss!!    Fantastic park run time too, that's the sort of time I only get in my dreams!

So, saw the dietician again on Friday, she is very pleased with how my eating has been and that I basically have the binging under control now and now we can start on the weight loss   But on the down side I had put on 2lb, which takes me to 12 stone, somewhere I've never been before, and means I'm now 2 to 2 1/2 stone overweight   Still, I feel focused like never before, ready to do it and ready to put in maximum effort.  I am spending this next week really looking at how much I'm eating - apart from the binging she is more than happy with the nutritional side of what I eat - so that means weighing and calorie logging, which is a phaff but I need to know how much I'm actually consuming and therefore how much I need to cut and where that can be achieved.  I also got given a £25 Amazon voucher by a company we do business with so have decided to get myself HRM so I can monitor the calories I burn at things like circuits and when I'm down the lottie doing lots of digging as calories expended are going to be just as important as calories consumed. 

Glad you are feeling better now SL   We went to Whitstable when we visited my brother in Canterbury the other week, had some lovely fish and chips there!

23/09/2012 at 14:47

Sunluvva/TST/Cinders - Many thanks for the congrats.  I am chuffed with the times i've done but I have a proper training plan in place now so i've got to keep focussed on improving them.  Talking about times in an open forum is a weird thing because we are all at different stages and there is a tendancy to feel a little like you're gloating at the people slower than you but it's the most relevant element of racing to discuss unfortunately.  I have been reading the forum and seen many runners at 16.x and 17.x for 5k so I know i'm a very long way from being a good 5k runner right now but happy to have laid down a reasonable marker for myself.

Dilligently rose at 7.30am to do my "LSD" this morning, 12 miles after some lovely "Brewdog" 5am saint last night.  See, booze and running can coexist

TST - I'm very envious of your allotment.  I grow a fair bit of veg in the garden but never have room for winter veg.  I'd love to have all year round freshly grown goodies to enjoy


Cinders - My favourite TV show of all time is Blackadder and Strangely Brown is a nickname of a former uni chum mentioned by George in "Goes Forth".  It's also because both my parents are very pale yet i'm really olive skinned and tan up something rotten when I see sun.  They both assure me that I do belong to both of them but i've stopped short of the DNA test

Edited: 23/09/2012 at 14:52
23/09/2012 at 16:29

Hi all,

Unusual way of getting a nickname Strangely Brown, but it works. Cinders, Sunluva and Two-Stroke Tart, all relevant comments regarding beer.

I'm  not sure if I want to stop drinking completely yet, as there's a place and a time for it. But I in particularly associate with the fact that its a lot of repeated conversations and humour happens all too frequently. That's one reason why i bought my boat, and started jogging again. You can take it too whatever level you want to.

Hope you have all had good run out this weekend.


23/09/2012 at 21:22

Lol strangely brown - my sister has olive skin and dark hair, looks nothing like me with my white blonde (greying) hair and paper white skin.  She needed a kidney transplant and I offered to donate mine if it was a match.  All the tests were great but then we had to have a DNA test and we actually asked my mum if she had anything she wanted to tell us - like was I the milkmans or similar.  Turned out we were a perfect match but I couldn't donate as I only had one kidney!

ps - a bit of booze and running can mix - it's a matter of quantity and frequency 

23/09/2012 at 21:45

Crikey, that would have been some gift if you donated your only kidney to your sis

Hope shes ok and found a donar.  Sounds like one hell of a tough time for her.

You're right about the balance of course and by and large, I am happy with the one i've struck these days.  Giving up my only vice is a step way too far just to run a few seconds quicker here and there.




24/09/2012 at 08:11

Morning, Monday, ug

How do cope with only one kidney SL and how is your sister now?

3 weeks to Titsey SL

24/09/2012 at 09:32

Hi all,

Cinders its horrible outside.

Do people still train in weather like this?

24/09/2012 at 09:54

I was wondering the same Sinbad.  I purposely made today a rest day, I really don't think i'd have been able to drag myself out this morning if I was scheduled to train.  There's bad weather and there's BAAAAAD weather.

24/09/2012 at 10:24

Morning everyone

You are lucky if running and boozing mix for you SB, it never did for me although that never stopped me!  Feel free to mention your running times on here, I am probably the slowest one on here but I don't feel like you're gloating, you are just working towards achieving what you want to from your running.  I, personally, am not someone who is always wishing to go faster and be better, but I am always pleased when someone who has that goal achieves a faster time

You need to come spend some time with me Sinbad, I repeat things all the time but it's nothing to do with being drunk, just that I can't remember that I've previously said it!!

Had a bit of a lazy weekend this weekend, did a little run and some digging down the lottie on Saturday but spent yesterday doing my nails and playing catch with stuff on the Sky box!!  Oh, and I also had some minor binges  but mainly because I'll no longer be able to eat that sort of stuff. Still, all in the past now and we are focused on moving forwards   Did a little run this morning, bit drizzly but not too bad, and it was quite nice to have my first run of the year in the rain!  Am thinking of taking a photo somewhere along the route every time I go out and keeping a little log of every run between now and London; I often take photos when it's pretty but maybe I should take them when it's wet and miserable too, it might encourage more people to sponsor me!!

24/09/2012 at 10:41

Ha TST, i'm not absolutely sure they do really mix that well, i'm probably just in denial  I guess the point is that i've found a way to combine the two that still allows me to enjoy the two.  I might never reach my full potential whilst I still drink but that's a price I suppose i've decided that i'm willing to pay.

Couldn't help but notice this -  "was quite nice to have my first run of the year in the rain".  Wow, where on earth do you live?  You want to try and live in Manchester (actually, you don't).  It's more of a rare thing if I don't run in the rain than I do.  This is the wettest year i've ever known, so depressing.

24/09/2012 at 11:17

I've been injured since February SB, that's why it's my first one in the rain  Plus I live in Norfolk so it's nearly always dry here, the only time I usually get wet is when we go to Mr TST's mums as she lives over in Macclesfield!

24/09/2012 at 11:51

Ah, sorry to hear about the injury.  Hope it's all mended now.  I can't begin to tell you how much I wish I lived where you do.  "Replace nearly always dry" with "nearly always wet" and you have Manchester.  I hate the rain (apart from a nice shower during a run!), how I ended up in Manchester i'll never know

24/09/2012 at 11:56

Cold up there too, as well as wet!  I couldn't do it, told Mr TST very early on that if he had any illusions of wanting to move back there he'd be doing it without me   It's nice to go visit but I like my 'boring and flat' but dry Norfolk thank you.  Mind you it's often windy here because it's flatter, so can make for interesting training. 

The injury is kind of healed now; well the original one is healed and now I just have a sort of new one but in the same place.  I have problems with my left knee but I'm on a run/walk plan at the moment and just working at it slowly, and it'll come good eventually

24/09/2012 at 12:34

Sounds like you're doing all the right things, take it easy now and you'll hopefully be rewarded with a long injury free stretch later

We had lofty plans to move to Spain befoe they ended up in dire straits with 25% unemployment.  Depressing to think that we could be living out there in the sun right now instead of here in the damp and cold.  Sigh.  ** logs on to Thomas Cook to look for winter sun breaks**

24/09/2012 at 13:51

Hope so SB   We plan to move abroad at some point, when all the debt from drinking is cleared  but not sure where yet, just somewhere warm so it helps Mr TST's rheumatoid arthritis

Finally I've managed to get Mr TST to comment on my thread about the bike hoses I'm secretly going to buy him for his motorbike and now it appears he wouldn't know which colour he wanted anyway!   Arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!  You go to all this trouble to create a fake identity just to find out  what to buy and exactly what colour to get, and he doesn't even know!!!!

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