Giving up the booze

Can I?!!!

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24/09/2012 at 09:32

Hi all,

Cinders its horrible outside.

Do people still train in weather like this?

24/09/2012 at 09:54

I was wondering the same Sinbad.  I purposely made today a rest day, I really don't think i'd have been able to drag myself out this morning if I was scheduled to train.  There's bad weather and there's BAAAAAD weather.

24/09/2012 at 10:24

Morning everyone

You are lucky if running and boozing mix for you SB, it never did for me although that never stopped me!  Feel free to mention your running times on here, I am probably the slowest one on here but I don't feel like you're gloating, you are just working towards achieving what you want to from your running.  I, personally, am not someone who is always wishing to go faster and be better, but I am always pleased when someone who has that goal achieves a faster time

You need to come spend some time with me Sinbad, I repeat things all the time but it's nothing to do with being drunk, just that I can't remember that I've previously said it!!

Had a bit of a lazy weekend this weekend, did a little run and some digging down the lottie on Saturday but spent yesterday doing my nails and playing catch with stuff on the Sky box!!  Oh, and I also had some minor binges  but mainly because I'll no longer be able to eat that sort of stuff. Still, all in the past now and we are focused on moving forwards   Did a little run this morning, bit drizzly but not too bad, and it was quite nice to have my first run of the year in the rain!  Am thinking of taking a photo somewhere along the route every time I go out and keeping a little log of every run between now and London; I often take photos when it's pretty but maybe I should take them when it's wet and miserable too, it might encourage more people to sponsor me!!

24/09/2012 at 10:41

Ha TST, i'm not absolutely sure they do really mix that well, i'm probably just in denial  I guess the point is that i've found a way to combine the two that still allows me to enjoy the two.  I might never reach my full potential whilst I still drink but that's a price I suppose i've decided that i'm willing to pay.

Couldn't help but notice this -  "was quite nice to have my first run of the year in the rain".  Wow, where on earth do you live?  You want to try and live in Manchester (actually, you don't).  It's more of a rare thing if I don't run in the rain than I do.  This is the wettest year i've ever known, so depressing.

24/09/2012 at 11:17

I've been injured since February SB, that's why it's my first one in the rain  Plus I live in Norfolk so it's nearly always dry here, the only time I usually get wet is when we go to Mr TST's mums as she lives over in Macclesfield!

24/09/2012 at 11:51

Ah, sorry to hear about the injury.  Hope it's all mended now.  I can't begin to tell you how much I wish I lived where you do.  "Replace nearly always dry" with "nearly always wet" and you have Manchester.  I hate the rain (apart from a nice shower during a run!), how I ended up in Manchester i'll never know

24/09/2012 at 11:56

Cold up there too, as well as wet!  I couldn't do it, told Mr TST very early on that if he had any illusions of wanting to move back there he'd be doing it without me   It's nice to go visit but I like my 'boring and flat' but dry Norfolk thank you.  Mind you it's often windy here because it's flatter, so can make for interesting training. 

The injury is kind of healed now; well the original one is healed and now I just have a sort of new one but in the same place.  I have problems with my left knee but I'm on a run/walk plan at the moment and just working at it slowly, and it'll come good eventually

24/09/2012 at 12:34

Sounds like you're doing all the right things, take it easy now and you'll hopefully be rewarded with a long injury free stretch later

We had lofty plans to move to Spain befoe they ended up in dire straits with 25% unemployment.  Depressing to think that we could be living out there in the sun right now instead of here in the damp and cold.  Sigh.  ** logs on to Thomas Cook to look for winter sun breaks**

24/09/2012 at 13:51

Hope so SB   We plan to move abroad at some point, when all the debt from drinking is cleared  but not sure where yet, just somewhere warm so it helps Mr TST's rheumatoid arthritis

Finally I've managed to get Mr TST to comment on my thread about the bike hoses I'm secretly going to buy him for his motorbike and now it appears he wouldn't know which colour he wanted anyway!   Arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!  You go to all this trouble to create a fake identity just to find out  what to buy and exactly what colour to get, and he doesn't even know!!!!

24/09/2012 at 13:54

Hi all,

Glad to hear your injury is nearly healed TST, the winter sun may be a good alternative with the way things are for some time Strangely Brown.

Believe it or not, I originate from Burnage Manchester. I thought it was bad there but I live in Huddersfield now, and I live in a village overlooking the Yorskhire Dales, we have more rain because of the hills.

I decided to try a jog this morning in the rain. I pu t on myy leegginings and cagoul and off I went., by the time I got to my turning point I was like a drowned rat literarlly. I was so water laden I just walked back, glad I did it though.

I'm jealous of people who live in flat places, I have forgotten what its like to just walk on flat ground. I hear you about the wind, but would rather have wind, your not battling the wind and rain at times.

Enjoy all your afternoon.

24/09/2012 at 14:00

Fairly flat down here, I'm in Margate.  Very wet and blowing a gale though so I'm not venturing out. 

What are you going to do next re the motorbike hose TST?

24/09/2012 at 15:04

Pretty hilly here too and very wet this morning - it's stopped now but for how long who knows.  I'm in Kent too but on the other side of it right on the High Weald, there's a clue in the name for how hilly it is in parts!  Luckily we've had loads of sun this year and missed loads of the rain - oh well.......... winter's on its way I suppose we should be used to it by now.


SB (that's you strangely brown)  I used to live in Spain - twice!  I went out in 2001, long story but it was to do with hubby's drinking.  Said he could join me when he'd stopped being a f%*-&ing pi$$head.  It worked but not for long so I moved back in 2002 and left him there.  Bloody sod wouldn't go away and came back sober late 2002 and is still here and half cut most of the time - I ignore him now when he's like that then give him the riot act the next morning before he's had the chance to get bladdered again.

I went back in 2005 to work, I was selling property and made lots of dosh but saw the market collapsing so got out before it crashed.  I left hubby at home with the kids for that one  shame it had to end so soon .  He's not all bad, lots of good points but drinks far too much - up to 150 units a week if I'm not on his back about it.

This is my ruin in Spain - I love it but can't afford to do it up to make it habitable   Probably could do it easily if the old git stopped boozing

spain 2003



24/09/2012 at 15:11

OK, so the piccy didn't load - I'll try again

Hopefully that'll work, click on the thumbnail to enlarge it and dream of warm sunny places.............

My sister's pretty good now, she was ill since she was born.  Both of her kidneys were split into two with their own drainage tubes etc but none of them worked.  She was so lucky because as her condition worsened technology improved and kept her going.  She finally had the transplant in 2006 - her hubby donated one of his to her.  She still gets ill easily and has to stay away from poorly people as she'll take immune suppressants for the rest of her life.  Bit of a joke really as she works in a GP's!

Cinders - loads of people only have one kidney, they just don't get to know about it!  I'm absolutely fine - seems like thats the only thing that didnt' go wrong 

Well done on your run TST, as I said on fb the first of many wet ones 

Edited: 24/09/2012 at 15:12
24/09/2012 at 15:51

Hi Sunluvva,

Ouch I really feel for you, and thanks for your honesty on here.

I'm at the stage now that I feel guilty when I have a  beer, would rather spend money on my boat or running gear now, its happenning but slowly.

In time I  will explain more as you have. What you have written is very moving and yes inspirational.

I will never stop trying in whether it will be career rest or play. I see jogging as my long term play instead of sitting in any bar. And I certainly would not like to be on your side of reading the riot act, sounds painful.

Bear with me in getting peoples writing mixed up I will get there honest.

I'm glad things are stable for your sister at the moment, and I hope you will get back to Spain at some point. You come across as a very strong minded individual, so I'm sure things will work out for you.

I hope I have not come across in a negative way, I have my own goals and even if I don't manage all of them, I know I will be somewhere inbetween them. But I believe in never giving up. As one door closes another opens, its upto you where you go from there.

Now that i'm jogging again I'm slowly but surely feeling stronger both mentally and physically.

Hope you are all surviving this horible weather ok.

24/09/2012 at 16:27

Surviving this weather by staying in and watching Monsters Inc

Have you still got your camper van out in Spain SL?

24/09/2012 at 17:39

Thanks Sinbad - I wish I'd been stronger and chucked him out years ago but I didn't.  To be honest if I won  a few quid on the lottery or similar I'd seriously think about leaving him now - I might have been married 26 years but I've spent much of that time feeling very alone and like a single parent.  I think I'd give him the choice of going into a proper rehab place and getting properly sober and deciding not to drink again.  He can't just have a little bit and drinks till he falls asleep - or passes out as I call it.  Good on you for being honest with yourself and doing something about it.

24/09/2012 at 19:08

Hi everyone and welcome Sinbad and Strangely Brown.  Haven't posted on here for a little while but life's been manic.

TST your plan for those who have supported you sounds absolutely fantastic and I'm sure they'll all be bowled over by it.

Got out to parkrun on Saturday and managed 28.26 my best time for this year but still outside my pb.  Am hoping that once the hayfever induced asthma dies down I'll be able to improve.  Was still happy with the time given that I did GNR last weekend.  Went out yesterday - it was just the occasional spot of rain when I set out at 10.30 but 8.04 miles later I was absolutely drenched.   Plan to run 6 miles this Sunday and then have the Royal Parks HM on 7 October.  Should be flatter than GNR so am hopeful to beat my pb there.

Can't believe the weather has changed so quickly although I'm sure that I say that every year.  Will have to start digging out the jumpers soon - the heating is already on at home.

Hope you're all well xx

24/09/2012 at 19:11

Missed your post SL - yes Barney Bus is still in Spain, I'd love to get him going again.  I'm stashing away dosh that the old git doesn't know about so when I've saved up about 1500 quid I'll be able to get him back.  Hubby got him going last time we were out there, I sure he could do it again - he will do it again.  The biggest problem is that it's not insured here or in Spain, no road tax etc. so can't even get it going and drive it back, I wouldn't be comfortable driving it back anyway - I need to get it to a good garage and get it completely revamped.

24/09/2012 at 19:25

Flippin' 'ada, go away for the weekend and the place runs riot!  And excellent it is to see newbies jumping right in, welcome Sinbad and SB. As has been said, we all have different aims when it comes to the booze, but we all support each other in our own goals, especially when someone has a 'slip' - we've all been there so no better people to talk to about it.

I'm one of the total abstainers these days, but also a non-runner most of the time, so it's a bit of a cheek me hanging around here, but I like the company!

I'm just back from a family weekend away at Center Parcs to celebrate Big Sis's retirement. I have swum (well, lazed and splashed about), biked, badmintoned, ping-ponged, indoor golfed, 10 pin bowled, canoed, and eaten lots.

I ache like buggery and I've now got man-flu but boy, it was fun!

24/09/2012 at 19:32


Just a quick hi to trigger 2. I'm trying to respond to keep up with the regulars. Hope your sunday run has gone well.

Whenever the US gets a Hurricane like this latest one, by and large we get whats left of it some weeks later. As we get most of our from the west, unless the gulf stream changes its posistion like we have this year. I try to keep up with the bbc weather forecasst as they show proper sattalite pictuers, and can usually work out from them when best to get offf to my boat.

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