Giving up the booze

Can I?!!!

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11/11/2012 at 08:42

Hi All,

Sorry I have not been in. I fell off the wagon a couple of times last week, and training went out through the window. It's a bad time of year for me, and a couple of times on the beer is really good for me, I usually drink all day every day.

Hope your all ok?

I have also lost my reading glasses, and only put in for a pair Friday, I can barley see what I'mr typing .

Sl souinds like the clud training is going really well.

11/11/2012 at 10:29

Good running SL, hope you got on ok with the cross country this morning.  Yes, think my club do it too but most races are up the top end of Kent so a bit of a trek.

Sorry to hear it is a bad time of year Sinbad.  Hope you find your glasses.


11/11/2012 at 13:28

Hope everyone is well?  No hangovers from the party

Just back from my first run in 3 weeks.  Covered just over 2 miles in 25 minutes which included 5 minutes walking to warm up/cool down but 15 minutes solid running in between.  Knee didn't feel perfect but some of that could be down to nerves at being out there again.  Funny how ungainly you can feel after just a short time.  Beautiful sunshine out there too.  Now to dig out that Marathon Training schedule and work out when I need the hard work to start.  Not until the New Year I know but I've got a bit of work to do before then.  Off swimming later this afternoon.  The local pool has a ladies only session on Sunday and the centre has just been refurbished so I'm off for a nosey. 

11/11/2012 at 13:54

Hi All,

Glad to see your back running again trigger2

11/11/2012 at 17:18

Well done Trigger, it's always tough getting out there again 

I lost my glasses last year Sinbad when I'd had a skinfull of wine - only  4 glasses but I was ratfaced - it was one of the reasons I stopped when I did.  I was ill for 4 days and it cost me £300 to get new ones, I decided it just wasn' tworth it for one hour of feeling good!

The cross country was fun Cinders, I saw quite a few Thanet shirts   I did the 5.2 miles in 57 mins and wasn't last so happy with that   It was a bit tough in places but then it's supposed to be isn't it. 

12/11/2012 at 10:31

Hi All,

Luckily I only pay for the lenses Cinders. But I know exactly what you  mean. But my friend saoid he won't go into a coffee shop, but I would have to havesoft drinks in pub..

On a better note regarding training, SL thats a great time. I did my  training session 5K this morning in 45 mins, that hill just kills my time . I wil beat it one day.

Whats a Thanet shirts SL?

And low and behold, I been back had me shower and the heavens have opned up.


Edited: 12/11/2012 at 10:34
12/11/2012 at 14:11


Great running SL   

Keep at the hill sinbad, it will get easier

I'm member of Thanet Roadrunners and SL saw some of my clubmates at her race yesterday.

Talking of the club, I'm tentatively going back tonight and going to join the run/walk group.  It must have been nearly a year, just hoping the fatigue doesn't come back again.

12/11/2012 at 15:22

Afternoon everyone   Some nice running going on over the weekend I see.  I had a good run on Saturday but a crap one today, had to pull up in my third set of 5 mintues and then walk the rest of the way home   Think I may have pulled a glute and/or back of my thigh muscle which could be affecting how I run.  Am going to see the sports massager tonight to get it checked out just to be safe. 

Well, my boss wouldn't allow me to have short notice time off, so my ambition to be a retained fire fighter at the local station is over before it started.  I don't even know if I would have got through the tests, but it appears I shan't find out.  He said I was an important part of the company and he couldn't have me rushing off at a minutes notice even though he understood why I wanted to do it.  If the company was bigger it might have been different, so there may be hope for the future at the rate we are growing as we're about to take on our third new person since the beginning of the year!

13/11/2012 at 10:25

Hi All,

I have just got  in from run. I managed to get up the main hill today doing 30 seconds jog then walk 30 seconds. But I found that the last 1k was much slower, but non stop. I would like any suggestions from you experience runners in this thread?

Sorry to hear that TST (hope okay to abbreviate nickname). I'm sure in time you will get the time to do the firefighting, and when the time comes, you will do the tests great.

SL I see what you mean now, I'm sure you will be fit in well with the club.

Hope your all okay?


13/11/2012 at 11:24

hello all, i've been a bit sporadic in my running and in checking this forum recently. I planned to do about 30 miles last week, which would've been my longest weekly mileage ever i think. but i was under the weather at the start of the week, and needed a couple of days rest. I caught up with some of my running my doing a 9 mile detour route home on wed then 5 miles into work on thursday, but didnt' run on fri, sat or sunday as I was up i shropshire on a reunion with my old uni mates. thankfully i avoided hangovers. there were two under-1 year olds with us for the first time, so that probably put paid to the worst excesses of the drinking, which suited me fine. i cracked a molar last week too. i already had a filling in it from years ago and I thnk it had weakened. they've patched it for now with a temporary filling and i've got to go back in next week to get it seen to properly. was a bit miffed but it's not the end of the world.

hoping to do my second parkrun this saturday, and i've no drinking or other social engagements to distract me from running for the next couple of weeks, so plan to get a couple of weeks of steady running under my belt. next boozy night won't be until 24th when i'm hoping to clean up on a poker night with some mates.

did 9 miles home last night, and apart from some slight tightness in my quads it felt ok. pretty slow pace, but i've been trying to keep all my runs at a pretty low HR.

5-6 miles planned this evening, depending on which route home i take, which will depend how i'm feeling about half way home. i've been going out in my winter gear because it looks grim outside, but then stripping down to tshirt and shorts within 10 mins, and having to carry or tie the rest of my gear around me. i think i'm going to ditch my sweatshirts etc until it's 4-5 degrees or below.

13/11/2012 at 13:51

Hi All,

That sounds like a plan AG. You do more distance than me at the moment, but I have managed 3 runs of 5K so far this week.

So keep at it, at some stage, it will all come together for you.

13/11/2012 at 14:09

Hi All,

Before I forget to post this, thought I should get it out of my system.

I'm sure that we all have part of a regular run that proves to be difficult. Mine is this hill that bends round a sharp corner, I could cross the road where its more gentle, but thats not beating it.

What I'm trying to say is that today I saw myself slowing down, as I got closer to the beast of my hill, then doing 30 second intervals, but giving up and walking once round the corner.

In a way its like the advert on the tv for recruiting for the Marines.

I hope I got this right. But I feel running is a state of mind, its either getting indivduals physically fit for the riggers of future careers or keeping us fit for what we may have now, and bigeer or maintaining the levels that we are at now.

Sorry for second post, just felt I had to get that personal insight out of my system, before I forgot.

I hate cleaning my flat

13/11/2012 at 17:04

Evening all

Did you go to running club Cinders?  You did well at Titsey, it was slower because it was off road - you'd probably be too fast for the run/walk group 

Hows the bum TST  did you get a massage for it?  Sorry to hear you can't do the firefighting - my boss wouldn't let me join the TA years ago, I was happy soon after as the Falklands war broke out   All things happen for a reason but you may have to wait to find out what that reason is 

Well done on the hill Sinbad - just keep trying and you'll conquer it.  Once you can get to the corner without walking then you can do the interval bit for the second half of it.

FAb running AG and well done on not getting rat faced at the weekend 

I was fine yesterday after my back to back runs but I've felt knackered today and I've got to go to running club for hill sprints tonight 

13/11/2012 at 21:11


Sorry to hear about the fire fighting TST.  Years ago I was in the TA for a year and tried to join the Life Boat Crew down here, both time bosses were ok.

Yep made the club SL but it wasn't exactly run/walk but just run slower than the 10min/mile group so it was just what I needed.  Must admit my glands are up tonight but I don't feel too bad. 

How did you get on with the hill sprints?

14/11/2012 at 06:59

Hi All,

Thanks for that SL.  wll gve it a try Thursday, I;m havng a rest day toay, it may not sound a lot, but I have done 3 5k runs so far this week, and wll liisten to what my body s saying,

Glad you made t too the club Cinders, I hope the glands settke down,

No wonder why you feel tired SL I'm sure t wll be worth t n  the loong term.

I'm meant to be meetng my mate to dscuss the holiday n weatherspoons at 11am today. its hs first holiday abroad, and doesn't even havea passport, bless him.

My MoRun is next Saturday, and although 'm comfortable with 5K (except the hll), I wll be doing walk runs after that. Just not run n a fun run or cross country since beng at school. It may not seem a lot for you experienced runners, but I'm gettng nervous 



14/11/2012 at 08:02

Morning sinbad and all

You'll be fine for your MoRun   As for nerves, I still get them

15/11/2012 at 11:57

Ditto Cinders Sinbad - you'll be fine for the MoRun

I'm running around 11mm for distance Cinders so we're in the same sort of place at the moment.  I'd love to get to 10mm or under but they do say you get slower as you get older  - I suppose you'd have to be fast in the first place for that to happen ........

The hill session was tough as usual, the funny thing is compared to the hills around my village it's a tiny pimple of an incline but when you run up and down it continuously for 22 mins it's still tough on the legs.  Yesterday was a steady 4 miles and it's back to the club for more speedwork tonight.  I think it's another one of those double peak pyramids   

I've just ordered myself a few bits of kit to spur me on - I haven't bought thermal tops or decent tights/tracksters for ages so I've got one each of those for now and I'll get some more in a couple of weeks when I get paid again.  My thermal that I wear most of the time is years old and looking it and one pair of tracksters was so old they fell apart at the seams last week so I definitely need more kit 

Hope everyone's having a good day today 

15/11/2012 at 13:34

Afternoon everyone   Having a wierd week this week, what with my tight bum and not being able to train.  Got it massaged on Monday night, and the left quad as that was tight too and also part of the problem.  Obviously she does both my legs and glutes, not just those bits!   I was pretty sore the next day as both bits had been extremely tight, and the advice had been no training for at least 48 hours which I was happy to stick with.  Have been really struggling with food this week though   Managed to get to yesterday before binging, which means I did 11 days straight with no sugar or crap and was my longest run so far.  Mixed feelings this time during and afterwards, rather than the normal self loathing, so maybe I am starting to turn a corner with it?  Had an extra 2,000 calories in the binge, so am booked into body combat tonight to try and work it off!

Well done on all the running everyone and don't worry Sinbad, you'll conquer the hill eventually and then need to find another one to conquer

Yes, reckon you are all right about things happening/not happening for a reason and I'm sure it will all become clear in due course

16/11/2012 at 07:46

Those of you patiently waiting for my exciting news, my Lovely Niece had a baby girl in the early hours of this morning, Bella Poppy

I am a Great-Uncle

Most of you know that I don't have any children of my own, and I think the world of Big Sis's kids, and little Bella is the first one of that generation in our family.

I'll go to work with a spring in my step now, that makes up for the clutch in my car going yesterday.

16/11/2012 at 10:28

Congratulations Yeo - I've lost count of how many times I'm a great auntie but I know it's over 20! One of hubby's nieces has got 5 kids just on her own and we've got 20 nieces and nephews between us to produce lots more! 

Sounds like your attitude to food is changing TST and for the better too 

Off to the agency in a mo for kc's weekly therapy - she's not been in a good place this week so it should be interesting ............. 

I didn't go to club last night, I felt a bit tired so thought I'd rest up a bit.  I'll still have done 30 miles this week by Sunday so happy with that.  I reckon it'll be ok if I do 5 days one week and 4 the next if I feel tired.  Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be more used to the higher mileage so wont get so tired...............

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