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13/11/2012 at 11:24

hello all, i've been a bit sporadic in my running and in checking this forum recently. I planned to do about 30 miles last week, which would've been my longest weekly mileage ever i think. but i was under the weather at the start of the week, and needed a couple of days rest. I caught up with some of my running my doing a 9 mile detour route home on wed then 5 miles into work on thursday, but didnt' run on fri, sat or sunday as I was up i shropshire on a reunion with my old uni mates. thankfully i avoided hangovers. there were two under-1 year olds with us for the first time, so that probably put paid to the worst excesses of the drinking, which suited me fine. i cracked a molar last week too. i already had a filling in it from years ago and I thnk it had weakened. they've patched it for now with a temporary filling and i've got to go back in next week to get it seen to properly. was a bit miffed but it's not the end of the world.

hoping to do my second parkrun this saturday, and i've no drinking or other social engagements to distract me from running for the next couple of weeks, so plan to get a couple of weeks of steady running under my belt. next boozy night won't be until 24th when i'm hoping to clean up on a poker night with some mates.

did 9 miles home last night, and apart from some slight tightness in my quads it felt ok. pretty slow pace, but i've been trying to keep all my runs at a pretty low HR.

5-6 miles planned this evening, depending on which route home i take, which will depend how i'm feeling about half way home. i've been going out in my winter gear because it looks grim outside, but then stripping down to tshirt and shorts within 10 mins, and having to carry or tie the rest of my gear around me. i think i'm going to ditch my sweatshirts etc until it's 4-5 degrees or below.

13/11/2012 at 13:51

Hi All,

That sounds like a plan AG. You do more distance than me at the moment, but I have managed 3 runs of 5K so far this week.

So keep at it, at some stage, it will all come together for you.

13/11/2012 at 14:09

Hi All,

Before I forget to post this, thought I should get it out of my system.

I'm sure that we all have part of a regular run that proves to be difficult. Mine is this hill that bends round a sharp corner, I could cross the road where its more gentle, but thats not beating it.

What I'm trying to say is that today I saw myself slowing down, as I got closer to the beast of my hill, then doing 30 second intervals, but giving up and walking once round the corner.

In a way its like the advert on the tv for recruiting for the Marines.

I hope I got this right. But I feel running is a state of mind, its either getting indivduals physically fit for the riggers of future careers or keeping us fit for what we may have now, and bigeer or maintaining the levels that we are at now.

Sorry for second post, just felt I had to get that personal insight out of my system, before I forgot.

I hate cleaning my flat

13/11/2012 at 17:04

Evening all

Did you go to running club Cinders?  You did well at Titsey, it was slower because it was off road - you'd probably be too fast for the run/walk group 

Hows the bum TST  did you get a massage for it?  Sorry to hear you can't do the firefighting - my boss wouldn't let me join the TA years ago, I was happy soon after as the Falklands war broke out   All things happen for a reason but you may have to wait to find out what that reason is 

Well done on the hill Sinbad - just keep trying and you'll conquer it.  Once you can get to the corner without walking then you can do the interval bit for the second half of it.

FAb running AG and well done on not getting rat faced at the weekend 

I was fine yesterday after my back to back runs but I've felt knackered today and I've got to go to running club for hill sprints tonight 

13/11/2012 at 21:11


Sorry to hear about the fire fighting TST.  Years ago I was in the TA for a year and tried to join the Life Boat Crew down here, both time bosses were ok.

Yep made the club SL but it wasn't exactly run/walk but just run slower than the 10min/mile group so it was just what I needed.  Must admit my glands are up tonight but I don't feel too bad. 

How did you get on with the hill sprints?

14/11/2012 at 06:59

Hi All,

Thanks for that SL.  wll gve it a try Thursday, I;m havng a rest day toay, it may not sound a lot, but I have done 3 5k runs so far this week, and wll liisten to what my body s saying,

Glad you made t too the club Cinders, I hope the glands settke down,

No wonder why you feel tired SL I'm sure t wll be worth t n  the loong term.

I'm meant to be meetng my mate to dscuss the holiday n weatherspoons at 11am today. its hs first holiday abroad, and doesn't even havea passport, bless him.

My MoRun is next Saturday, and although 'm comfortable with 5K (except the hll), I wll be doing walk runs after that. Just not run n a fun run or cross country since beng at school. It may not seem a lot for you experienced runners, but I'm gettng nervous 



14/11/2012 at 08:02

Morning sinbad and all

You'll be fine for your MoRun   As for nerves, I still get them

15/11/2012 at 11:57

Ditto Cinders Sinbad - you'll be fine for the MoRun

I'm running around 11mm for distance Cinders so we're in the same sort of place at the moment.  I'd love to get to 10mm or under but they do say you get slower as you get older  - I suppose you'd have to be fast in the first place for that to happen ........

The hill session was tough as usual, the funny thing is compared to the hills around my village it's a tiny pimple of an incline but when you run up and down it continuously for 22 mins it's still tough on the legs.  Yesterday was a steady 4 miles and it's back to the club for more speedwork tonight.  I think it's another one of those double peak pyramids   

I've just ordered myself a few bits of kit to spur me on - I haven't bought thermal tops or decent tights/tracksters for ages so I've got one each of those for now and I'll get some more in a couple of weeks when I get paid again.  My thermal that I wear most of the time is years old and looking it and one pair of tracksters was so old they fell apart at the seams last week so I definitely need more kit 

Hope everyone's having a good day today 

15/11/2012 at 13:34

Afternoon everyone   Having a wierd week this week, what with my tight bum and not being able to train.  Got it massaged on Monday night, and the left quad as that was tight too and also part of the problem.  Obviously she does both my legs and glutes, not just those bits!   I was pretty sore the next day as both bits had been extremely tight, and the advice had been no training for at least 48 hours which I was happy to stick with.  Have been really struggling with food this week though   Managed to get to yesterday before binging, which means I did 11 days straight with no sugar or crap and was my longest run so far.  Mixed feelings this time during and afterwards, rather than the normal self loathing, so maybe I am starting to turn a corner with it?  Had an extra 2,000 calories in the binge, so am booked into body combat tonight to try and work it off!

Well done on all the running everyone and don't worry Sinbad, you'll conquer the hill eventually and then need to find another one to conquer

Yes, reckon you are all right about things happening/not happening for a reason and I'm sure it will all become clear in due course

16/11/2012 at 07:46

Those of you patiently waiting for my exciting news, my Lovely Niece had a baby girl in the early hours of this morning, Bella Poppy

I am a Great-Uncle

Most of you know that I don't have any children of my own, and I think the world of Big Sis's kids, and little Bella is the first one of that generation in our family.

I'll go to work with a spring in my step now, that makes up for the clutch in my car going yesterday.

16/11/2012 at 10:28

Congratulations Yeo - I've lost count of how many times I'm a great auntie but I know it's over 20! One of hubby's nieces has got 5 kids just on her own and we've got 20 nieces and nephews between us to produce lots more! 

Sounds like your attitude to food is changing TST and for the better too 

Off to the agency in a mo for kc's weekly therapy - she's not been in a good place this week so it should be interesting ............. 

I didn't go to club last night, I felt a bit tired so thought I'd rest up a bit.  I'll still have done 30 miles this week by Sunday so happy with that.  I reckon it'll be ok if I do 5 days one week and 4 the next if I feel tired.  Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be more used to the higher mileage so wont get so tired...............

16/11/2012 at 13:12

Congratulations Yeo! 

Yes SL, I think I've definitely turned a little corner.  I even just turned down cake that is on offer in the kitchen, and because I don't want it rather than because I'm trying to be 'good'.  I feel a small, but definite change today in how I'm thinking about food and I'm really pleased about that.  Let's hope I can keep it up!

Went to body combat last night as I didn't fancy swimming, I seem to have lost the love for it at the moment   It was an interesting experience but I was bored pretty quickly and couldn't see the point of punching the thin air as it didn't feel much of a work out.  So we stopped at one of the local boxing clubs on the way back and I'm going to try out proper boxing next Tuesday!   The rest of the club is all young teenage lads, so will feel a bit out of place for a bit, but reckon it's worth a bash.  Think bashing the bags and stuff around will be good for me and get some agression out.  I won't be allowed to actually fight as I'm too old; apparently they have just created a Veterans class and that's for 34-40 year olds and that's the oldest they allow you to fight at!  But I can learn to punch, defend and spar with the lads.  Apparently there is a young lady who comes sometimes on a Tuesday from their other club so I may be able to spar with her.  Although I have to learn to punch and defend properly before they allow you in the ring.  And I may not even like it!!  Circuits tonight which I'm really looking forward to.

Hope it all goes well with KC, SL.  And very impressed with your 30 miles this week.  Am getting Mr TST to drop me out of town tomorrow so I can do a point to point and run on some different roads rather than running on the same ones again.  Will be going through the woods so am really looking foward to it, although Mr TST usually stays in bed while I'm out so he may not be looking forward to getting up early!

16/11/2012 at 14:18

Congrats Gt Uncle Yeo

Hope KC's therapy went well SL.  Sounds like you did the best thing if you're tired.

Good luck with the boxing TST.  Why no over 40's though, insurance reasons?  Funny though Body Combat was the only one of the Body series I got on with, sort of needed less co-ordination to do!


16/11/2012 at 14:43

I think it may be to do with health reasons?  Not so good to be bashed about the head the older you get!  So far as I could make out it's not a club rule but the sort of amateur boxing people's one so I'm guessing the're a proper reason behind it given I could compete in gymnastics until I was 70!

Bloody hell though, if the body combat needs the least co-ordination there's no way I could do any of the others!  She was going really fast and I couldn't see her properly so was having to rely on people in front of me to see what to do, and they didn't all seem to know!  I was ok with stringing 2-3 moves together but anything over that and I was lost.  For some bits i was literally just dancing around and punching the air like I was at a rave!!

16/11/2012 at 16:15

Lol, spose I was just about standing on the spot punching air really like you!  I'm just not cut out for things like zumba and aerobics and step! 

That's a fair point about being bashed about the head

16/11/2012 at 16:18

I did do shuffling from side to side, cross legs and prancing backwards and forwards, but it was all the jabbing stuff I couldn't coordinate!  

17/11/2012 at 10:26

Congratulations Yeo! 

Managed to do parkrun this morning.  First time I'd run since last Sunday and my Garmin wouldn't work so I have no idea how long it took but I finished and I wasn't last so that's a result as far as I'm concerned.  The course is such that if the knee had started to niggle I could have pulled out after 1 or 2 laps but I persevered and have no more discomfort than I did after the 15 minute run last week.  Will supplement it with some swimming tomorrow and maybe introduce another run next Thursday.  Slowly, slowly!

Hope you're all well?

17/11/2012 at 11:47

Hi All,

Congratulations Yeo.

I ended up getting drunk on Wednesday as I feared. Not been running since then. But on the plus side its now down to once a week

Crumbs you miss a few days in this forum you lose track of everything going on. Sorry I have just lost track of you all.

Sounds like fun though that combat thing, nice change from swimming.

SL I hope all goes well for you and young lass.

I feel really drained I think I didn't give myself a proper restup after getting rid of the dredded bug.

I'm thinking of just trying the 5K instead of the 10K next Saturday fun run, not sure yet. Think I will see how I feel then.

You all seem so busy, I don't know how you all manage your time . It must be ladies being able to multitask.

Hope your all okay. 

Edited: 17/11/2012 at 11:48
17/11/2012 at 15:23

Well done on the parkrun Trigger - glad the knee's feeling better.  I need to have a look to see what's niggling my knee, it doesn't hurt when I run or walk but I sometimes get sharp pain under the kneecap when I bend it certain ways, depressing the clutch in the car, coming downstairs etc.  I'll have a look at the knee injury pages on here.  

Boxing sounds fun TST - I've got no co-ordination so can never manage 'prancy' workouts.  

Hi Cinders - did you get out this weekend?

You'll be fine for the 10k Sinbad -try to make yourself a promise not to have a drink this coming week, if your friends ask why either tell them about the race or tell them that you're on medication or something.  You'll find that your REAL friends will support you but your drinking friends probably won't.  

I did 10 miles this morning, it was supposed to be all off road but I missed the footpath so tried to cut across a field to get to it when the lady farmer came out and called me.  I told her I was aiming for the path, she was fine with that then said not to go off the route towards Bayham Abbey as it's not public footpaths and they're culling deer in the woods.  I don't want to get shot and I wish they weren't shooting the deer either   I ended up doing about 5 off road and 5 on, all country lanes except for one short stretch.    Heres the route .  I've got to do another 10 miles tomorrow 

17/11/2012 at 18:05

Good parkrunning Trigger

Aw, poor deers.  Why do they have to cull them?    How come another ten miles tomorrow?

Get some rest sinbad and definitely see how you feel next week for the run.

Didn't get out today, Thomas had footie and stuff so maybe tomorrow.

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