Giving up the booze

Can I?!!!

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09/12/2012 at 13:21

Hi All,

Alas I didn't get out for a run Friday, I took one look at the ground and said no. I don't mind wind and rain, but ice I nearly always slip on . Thats two weeks I not been training.

I did gett out this morning,  waiting for a shower to pass, But battled the wind.

SL it might be because your body is getting used to the extra training that's draining you. I think getting back onto fresh food diet is a good idea, but understand with it being Christmas, may be why its gone to pot.

AG I hope all went well with your mates and announcing the engagment?

I hope all is well, this winter's day?

I'm going to my mum's for Christmas, but still hoping I can get to my boat for New year's Eve, I been negleting her, believe it or not she tell's me off in her own way. By making unusual noises, saying I need to get stuck back in.

10/12/2012 at 10:48

Hi All,

Where is everyone?

Well blow me down. I have done 3.81 miles this morning, and I feel okay  with it. But as I ran, my Garmin went onto power save growl, and had to start from about 1k into a run. Is there a way of switching it off.

Hope your all okay?

11/12/2012 at 11:56

It's gone a bit quiet hasn't it - I suspect we're all busy with xmas preparations or trying to avoid them  

Well done on your run sinbad - good going.  No idea about power saving on the garmin, mines either off or on.  Sometimes I press the stop/start button by mistake which will stop it.

I haven't run again, still feeling unwell and got a sore throat now - I'm quaffing an orange juice and kale smoothie in an effort to get some goodness into me and get rid of the lurgy asap   I keep eating rubbish and I keep paying for it - when will I learn...............

Hope everyone else is ok today x

11/12/2012 at 20:25

Evening, still here.

Hope you feel better soon SL, cold coming or tummy?

Happy and sad day.  Mum's birthday, 65 today but sadly lost my nan this morning.  She was 93 so had a good innings, up there with my dad now.

11/12/2012 at 21:37


So sorry to hear your news Cinders.  93 is excellent, but its still sad.  


11/12/2012 at 23:50

hi All,

Nothing wrong with a spluge on food every now again, as long as its not all the time SL. Im sure you will get on with it all.

My Gaemin is just so touch sensative, which i will find a way to cope with it, I would not part with at this moment though.

Yes sorry to hear of your loss. Wish I ould help in some small way.

Keep tourselg going everyone.

12/12/2012 at 04:58

I've stopped drinking alcohol completely, haven't drunk a drop in months.  Haven't smoked a ciggarette since I was 11, and I've even been trying to cut down on junk food.

I've never been a big drinker, to be honest, so it's not been hard to cut that out.  Junk food has been more difficult, and I must confess that I ordered in a kebab a few days ago; although, it was my first for quite a while.

Earlier this year I ate take-away food 5 days in a row (mum wasn't in to cook, obviously), went to a gym and was violently sick after 10 minutes of skipping.

12/12/2012 at 12:40

Sorry to hear your sad news Cinders, a very good innings as you said but always sad none the less. Sending big hugs and cuddles your way (((((Cinders))))))

I've got a rotten cold which has floored me again but I've nobbled myself by eating 'comfort food' over the past week - pie and mash last night for instance - and it's made my stomach bad again.  I'm getting lots of pain and have to keep running to the loo 

Hi HTF - how are you today - any running happening this week?

I shouldn't eat certain foods sinbad as I have crohn's diseas and it makes me ill - anything fatty or with gluten in is very bad for me which is why I should stick to the fruits and veggies.   I'm only going to have bananas today, they're gentle on my stomach and won't cause it any upset -thankfully..

Still no running for me - I should be better by the weekend so will go out and do what I can.  I'll be aiming for 16 but anything over 10 will do.......... 

12/12/2012 at 13:41

Bloody freezing here.  Church this morning, followed by an hour outside at lunchtime.

No running yet SL, need to shift arse

13/12/2012 at 12:00

I've been a bit quiet on here this week; it's been a busy last week in work before i finish for Christmas.

so far run 22 miles this week, tmoorrow will be a rest day, then hoping to get out for 10 miles on saturday morning, before getting the flat ready for our Christmas party on Saturday night. Not much to do, just make a playlist, nip to the shop to buy booze and mince pies and cheese etc.

Tuesday was works xmas party, but was a fairly muted affair. It was Tues after all. tomorrow night i've got a mate's birthday drinks, but I can probably reign it in a bit (esp as i plan to get in my run on saturday morning).

Ran home last night (9 mile detour) and in this morning (5 miles) and although it was freezing I was sweating buckets after each run, and really hot after about a mile into each. i think this weather really suits me, as long as i'm not on my bike, which means losing fingers to frostbite.

hoping to continue the running throughout next week and over xmas and minimise the drinking, although there's lots of stuff coming up, so i might just have to accept i'll be tempted to drink more frequently, so to keep it to a couple rather than making each of them a huge session.


14/12/2012 at 08:38

Hi All,

I rememvber you mentioning Chns diesase SL, so the bananas sounds like a good plan.

Cinder's sorry about your loss, always difficult at this time of yeart,

AG I know how you feel booze wise.

I live alone, so the only people I know are those that enjjoy  a beer.

About training. It's freezing here even in my flat, normally I'm ok as I get the heat from other flats.

Anyway it makes sense that outside there's loads of black ice, but added to that its so foggy, I would say  visability down to about 20ft. Should I go for run, or  finally go for a swim and a suana?

I'm worried about injury on the blak ice/

14/12/2012 at 10:17

Hi All,

an update on weatherr, be very careful out  there. I was going to the gym (if I could avoid the pub), but a I went over onto my bum twice. I got to bus stop, and overheard that the bus had not turned up.

As I walked back home a lady at  the other side of the rd (at bus stop) had phoned the bus depot. The busses were running but they didn't know for how long. He added that it's chaos on the road/

Please be safe out there, only go out if you really have to.

Jordan Williamson, that's ace stopping drinking beer completly, I'm struggling.




14/12/2012 at 14:04

Hi All,

Well I've nearly done it. I have booked a tour for the local lesuire centre sports facilities about 3 miles from me. It's only £23 a month after paying £10 joining fee.

There is a total fitness gym two miles away but membership is over £40 a month membership.

Crumbs what must you all think, my third post today.

Hope your all okay.

14/12/2012 at 14:20

hey sinbad, good call with the gym membership. might not be as interesting running on a dreadmill as it is outside, but needs must, and it's certainly better than having to skip lots of runs because of ice/snow etc.

plus will be a good place to do some supportive exercises too, core strength and the like, to bolster your running.

14/12/2012 at 16:38

Hi All,

AG i agree totally with your thinking.


14/12/2012 at 22:09

Hi All,

Me again, sorry.

I really would like to stop drinking to the point, that one is about right for me being drunk.

On days like my weekly pay day on a Wednesday be ok to post on here, as a way of not going on a binge drinking session?

I'm just aware that I may be putting too many posts, and trying too hard on this thread. It just appears that I may be cutting down one week or so, then I'm going daft for two or more weeks.

Advice would be welcome, and yes I do remember some peopel's experiences that have helped. It makes me feel that I'm not on my own, with cutting down stoppng drinking.

14/12/2012 at 22:55

Evening all - a rare visit from me, sorry about that!

Sinbad, post as much as you like, it's what the thread's here for especially if talking about how you're feeling here stops you going on a binge. That strikes me as being just fine.  I hope the visit to the gym is useful, that sounds like a good plan.

I'm now on the regime of putting drops in my right eye 4 times  day, as well as the 2 in both eyes at night and one in both eyes in the morning that I take normally! How the hell I'm I'm going to keep track of that lot, but surgery is provisionally booked for Jan 10.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I'm fe3d up with being cold!

15/12/2012 at 09:07

Morning all

Post as often as you want Sinbad - if it helps to stop you going out and getting lashed then thats a good thing.  The gym sounds a good idea especially at that price, my local one's over 50 quid a month which is the main reason I don't go to the gym!

Hi Yeo - I'd be useless remembering to put those drops in my eyes 4 times a day - I used to ask for all y meds to be taken just once a day if poss as I forget  any more than that.  Surgery sounds scary but it will really be worth it when it's done.  On the plus side - it's positively balmy out there today compared to the rest of this week

For the first time in over a week I feel almost normal, no headache, no swollen glands, no sore throat and no feeling bleurgh.  I still won't go for a run though - that would be daft, maybe I'll go for a little tester tomorrow to see how I feel.......

Some awesome running going on with you AG  especially as you seem like you like a bit of a pary - it's great when you get the balance right so you can do both running and partying and not let one compromise the other.  Hope you got out for that run this morning and have a great party tonight.

I've got to go to the market this morning and pick up my fruit haul - 18kg  box of bananas, box of oranges - 50-70 depending on size, massive box of clementines - not sure what the weight or count of those is and a 5kg box of fresh dates.  That'll do for this week as I've still got some pineapples and apples in my store room..  This afternoon we've got the foster agency xmas party, it would be more fun if it wasn't in sittingbourne which is an hours drive away..

Anyone got anything planned for the weekend?

15/12/2012 at 09:31
Enjoy the party SL

On a Chunnel train. Just leaving so have a nice weekend all. Off to Lille
15/12/2012 at 13:06

Sinbad, another vote for posting as often as you like .

You xmas shopping Cinders, have a fab time.

Yeo, fingers crossed for the surgery.  Why is it provisional?

Pilgrims last year.  There are still some places left!

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