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26/12/2012 at 12:07

Morning everyone!  Just back from the annual Boxing Day 5k and achieved another first - this time by coming LAST!  Not a bad time for me though 28:16 and even better, my knee didn't grumble!

Hope you all have a great Boxing Day.

Sorry about the funeral Cinders - thoughts are with you xx

26/12/2012 at 21:41

t least you ran today trigger2, no matter what. With all your training problems well done.

m drunk but reasonable happy.

Just sat with old drinking friend whon proceded to ignore me.

Hard work becoming aprofessional psychologist (if i get that far). People either give you their life story or hat you.

Have a great day all.

28/12/2012 at 11:05
Hello everyone - hope you're all having a good Christmas!

One of my presents was a very posh juicer and I'm looking for hints for how to make the most of it so please feel free to chip in!

I must start running again too - I got back into it but it's now been a couple of weeks since I got out.
28/12/2012 at 11:40

Hi apps, good to hear from you.  Oooh a posh juicer.  SL will most definitely have some ideas for you

Nan's funeral yesterday was very sad.  I hadn't seen her for a few years since she got alzheimers but I was a lot more upset than I thought I would be. 

Back home now and hope to crack on with some good intentions and running.

Hope everyone is ok.

28/12/2012 at 12:18

Morning everyone  

Hello Apps, I'm sure SL will be along shortly to give you all the advice you need on how to make the most of your juicer!

Cinders, sorry the funeral was not so good, have a

Well, I got the kick up the bum I needed this morning to get back to trying to eat properly; put my work trousers on and discovered that my fat thighs have worn through the material on the trouser leg where they rub together   So, charity shopping tomorrow to try and find some new ones as all my other ones are too small and I don't want to spend loads of money on something I'm (hopefully) not going to be wearing too long. 

Been doing a bit of run/walking again, although still am suffering with this stupid infection so spend a bit of the walking bit coughing   My knee is playing me up as well, probably because I didn't do anything for three weeks.  Saw the physio yesterday and she said I have virtually non-existent glutes, a tight hamstring and the left leg is generally weak.  So the good news is that it can be fixed, although how long it will take is unknown.  She's given me some exercises to do and a stretch for my hamstring, and I need to make sure I stretch after exercise.  Feel a bit like I'm back at the begining again, and it's worrying as I don't really have the luxury of progressing slowly if I want to get round the VLM.  She wouldn't even give me an answer to the question of me being able to do the marathon, and we just have to see how things progress.  There is no question of me not doing it though, if I can't run/walk it then I'm walking the bugger, even if it takes me 10 hours to get round!   She has suggested that I reduce the run time in my run/walk so I'm going to drop it from run 5, walk 2 to run 4, walk 2 for my next run and see how things go.  She thinks I may have pulled something in my knee slightly too, so gave me some ultrasound and I'm booked in for some more next Wednesday, and then again with a progress check the following Thursday. 

29/12/2012 at 20:28

Hi All,

i would like some feedback on a non running incident.

A so called friend of mine is a cleaner at one the wetherspoons pubs here in huddersfield. I'm still angry for what he has done.

I have been awarded the new Employment Supporf Allowance. As long as I kkep trying to move forwards looking for work. I am waiting for an interview date with a disability job adviser, and I will bes asking them for help, As they refused me help, both before and after getting my psychology degree. I have also been in treatment for BPD for a year, believe me its intense.

As I stated before, I hope to move forward again in getting my CBT diploma, and get my chartership, so I can practice for myself or NHS or private etc.

Whilst out with my friend he tells me that I am disliked in the pub, because of the benefits that I am on. That he telling me the truth as no one else had dared up till he told me yesterday. That I refuse to work, and that without asking me, had a chat with the manager, told me I can start working there as a cleaner. He didn't ask me he's telling me, I'm fuming!!!!!!

How mwould you all feel if someone told you (afriend not a disability job adviser) tells me whether or not me would take the job. He's backed me into a corner, where he and his friends can say I tried to get him a job and refused.

Dyspraxia is a horrible disability, most manual jobs such as cleaning, and factory work needs speed and cordination. I would not be able to do the jobs in time alloowed, possible missing jobs, or can't get upto speed. The job centre won't even send me for cleaning jobs et, as when I sent them my application form for ESA, I sent all my disability assessments.

24 hours on, I'm still fuming. I'm going to the pub to have a chat with the manager Sunday Morning.

I try to explain my disability, but because it's hidden people can't see it. With PTS

Although people see me as a nice guym, they are so shocked that I lose friends (i have none in the real world), because I'm so agressive when PTS happens. PTS is something I can't control. I'm like a time bomb waiting to verbally explode.

I'm hurting that a friend is trying to force me into a job, that I would struggle with, let alone asking me first.

How would all you feel. I feel that  hes set me up for a fall. He has two ther friends on beneift, and I doubt he wouldn't dare speak to them, as he has done to me.

Your viewpoints please. Being kicked out of college twice, is just two examples on how pts affects me.

29/12/2012 at 20:52

Hi all

Sinbad, I think that's a totally shit thing for your 'friend' to do, bouncing you into a job you're not suited to and, as you say, setting you up for a fall. It sounds like you've only his word for it that you're disliked at the pub, and besides, you know what you have to do, and you don't have to justify it to anybody.

I would be totally honest with the pub manager, thank him for considering you for a job, but explain why it would be difficult for you.

Onwards and upwards, TST! Keep running, if only because I'm enjoying your photos of rural Norfolk!

Hi apps! I'm sure SL will be along with juicing advice soon.

Cinders, I'd echo TST's hug if I knew how to do one.

Trigger, 28:16 was LAST place for a 5k???  Bloody hell.

Hope everybody's enjoying the festive season, I'm back to work on Tuesday, but before that on Monday I've got my pre-op assessment.

29/12/2012 at 22:14

Evening all

Ooooohh Apps, a lovely posh juicer - what one is it?  You can make the juices as simple or complicated as you like.  Today's juice was 1 pineapple, a few apples and for me 1/2 a cabbage.  You don't have to put greens or cabbage in but you'll really have a big vitamin and mineral boost if you do.  You can google juice recipes to get you going but I'd really recommend any Jason Vale books

Sinbad - same as what Yeo said!

TST, sorry the knee's wobbly again - and what have you done with your glutes   You'll get round VLM - honest you will.  There are several massage places for the runners on the way round - you can make use of those if you have to 

Virtual hugs from me too Cinders - funerals are not good, always sad 

You've got to go back to work on New Year's Day Yeo - that's a bit of a pain.  Good job you were never going to get lashed on NYE!  Hope the assessment goes alright.

28:16 is a great time for 5k - I can't believe that was last place.  Must have been one of those really speedy races.

I did 20 miles today, mostly off road.  It was so muddy it was unbelievable and flooded in some places so muddy splashy.  It was very slow but not as hard as last week's 18miles.

Hope everyone's ok 


30/12/2012 at 09:09

Thanks for your kind words guys!  Didn't beat myself up too much about the results - it's a race organised by Enfield & Haringey Athletics Club that has Christina Oharugu (? spelling) amongst their number so they're a speedy bunch!  Was just happy to finish without any knee twinges.  Did a local parkrun yesterday and am looking to do another on New Years day.  Still not sure that I'm going to be able to do Brighton Marathon in April but we'll see.  Have fixed the printer and printed off my strengthening and stretching programme and will start that tomorrow.  Have also ordered Nell McAndrew's new dvd - must be the New Year's resolutions kicking in early.

TST your knee problems sound very much like mine.  I too have to work on my hamstrings, quads, calves and glutes.  Good luck!

30/12/2012 at 13:25
Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

Sinbad - I think your friend is completely out of order and I would have little hesitation in telling them, in as friendly a way as I could of course! It sounds like you have a plan you are working towards and are being honest with people you need to be about everything. In my book, that means you have every right to turn down an opportunity that's arisen because of peer pressure, which seems both intimidatory and discriminatory. I know it's not easy but maybe looking for new people to socialise with might become part of your plan. Something like joining a running club could be a step in the right diection.

Yeo - hope all goes well with the assessment - I'm sure it will be a relief to get it over with and be certain about the op. If all goes well, when will the op be and what's the recovery time etc.

Trigger - it seems you keep good running company if Olympic medalists are on the radar! It sounds like your running is good (and pretty fast by my standards)!

TST - I hope the run/walking gets you back to where you need to be.

SL - thanks for the juicing advice! The juicer is by Andrew James and was, apparently, a well-researched present. I will definitely look at throwing in some veg as I attempt to get healthier again! I'll keep you updated on my juicing progress!

I hope everyone else is OK - I'm planning a quiet New Year's Eve and some running in January. No resolutions though...
31/12/2012 at 15:51

Hi team

I've now been for the pre-op assessment, and barring accidents or illness it will be going ahead next week on 10 January. I will be having a GA, which I wasn't expecting but am quietly relieved about - I wasn't looking forward to being awake while they carve up my eye, but I should be ok to leave the same day - I'd already arranged to stay a night or two at my sister's.

When I ask3ed the nurse how long I would be off work she suggested a couple of weeks!  I was expecting to be back after a couple of days, but she said I have to be careful of getting knocks to the eye or getting muck and rubble in it.  Anyway, I'll see what the doc says after it's done.

It just remains for me to wish all booze threaders and lurkers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

May you all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013, and may all your targets be achieveable, if not necessarily easy!

For my part, I'm just grateful for another alcohol-free year (ok, so there's a few hours to go, but I don't think I'm counting too many premature chickens!), and I'm looking forward to life continuing after the 10th!


31/12/2012 at 16:37

Lol Trigger - Dame Kelly Holmes is with one of our local clubs - not my one though but she always starts the Tunbridge Wells 1/2m and some other local races .

Almost any veg you could eat raw Apps - carrots, beetroot, cabbage, spinach etc.even broccoli.  Just start with a small handful for starters then add in more as your tastebuds get used to it.  I often juice a whole head of celery after a long run now and drink it neat 

I ran 20 miles on Saturday and another 7 yesterday - thought I'd have a day off today   I shall probably go out for 5ish tomorrow, have to run New Years Day - it's a bit of a personal tradition 


31/12/2012 at 21:53

Just popping in to say Happy New Year all, hope 2013 is good


01/01/2013 at 04:00

Hi All,

And Happy New Year.

Thats some running your doing SL. Its a good idea to give yourself a break, if thats what your body is saying.

Yeo I didn't know your having an operation on your eye. I hope it goes well. Keep us informed on how it goes.

I have been boozing New Years Eve. But I have given that day as my  last till at least till after the marathon. I hope to get some sleep soon, nearly been 24 hours without sleep.

Hi Cinders hope your okay?

I hope too be back on dailiy again now. When I wake up, I hope to go for a 5k jog. Depending on on my hangover

Hope your all okay. Apparition, thanks for your comment. To bring you upto date, I  had chat with duty manager of pub, they had no idea what he's talking about job offer. I sent him a few choice text messages. He spoke to one of my friends about the text I sent him, and he didn't like them.

Anyway happy new year all, I hope to not step into a pub till after my marathon now.

Hope all okay.


01/01/2013 at 10:36

Hi All,

I feel a little rough this morning, so will resume training Wednesday. I can just make my four runs if I start tommorow.

I have just bought a Manchhester Marathon Huddy. I will buy the t shirt next week. It feels a lot more real, now that I have bought a top.

Hope your all okay.


01/01/2013 at 15:32

Hello Everyone - Happy New Year to you all - I hope it brings you everything you need and everything you wish for 

Missed your earlier post Yeo - I'm sure it'll all be fine and you'll be seeing clearly again by 11th Jan 

Hope the hangover has gone now Sinbad - keep focussing on the marathon each time you feel yourself wanting a drink and you'll be fine too 

I didn't run today after all, my knee was sore yesterday so I wore a support all day then kept alternatively icing and warming it and smothering it in volterol gel.  It hardly hurt at all this morning but I thought it would be better to give it one more day and I'll get out tomorrow - hopefully it'll be another loely day like today 


01/01/2013 at 15:48

Hi All,

Thanks for that  SL, thats what I'm hoping to do.

From Wednesday I wiil either be running on the road where possible, or in the gym. Doing cross training with weights and or swimming, when weather is bad. Forecast for rain in West Yorkshire. Its just tiredness now SL

You know something you people are the only friends I have. Thankyou for being so patient with me.I just don't know how to play mind games with  friends or know how to manage them. As soon as I have built trust with people, they turn on me, then I'm pushed out again. On top of that I am difficult to deal with.

Hope your all okay?

01/01/2013 at 23:59
Happy New Year everyone!

Sinbad - the people here are pretty amazing and I think the Booze Thread has recognition across the RW forum as one that offers unconditional support: I'm pleased that you are benefitting from being one of our crowd! You don't need to thank people for their patience but you demonstrate a nice quality in doing so. Your self-awareness is also a good quality and not knowing how to play mind games is suggestive of a positive character trait; friendships should be founded on mutual trust and equal status, which mind games have no place in!

SL - it sounds like you're managing yourself well, which is a good sign with the running challenges you've set yourself'! After you suggested Jason Vale as a good juicing guide, I found out that I already own one of his books! I'm looking forward to trying a few of his ideas.

yeo - I'm pleased that the assessment means that the op goes ahead and I imagine that you are anxious to get to the other side of next Monday - I hope that you recover quickly and can relax with some of the enforced rest.

I had a decent last 3 months of 2012 booze-wise, with a couple of good spells of 3-4 week periods of no booze. However, when I drink after one of these spells, it sneaks back up on me and I know it's an addiction and not just a case of wanting to cut back. It's important that I hold on to the recognition of my relationship with alcohol and keep challenging myself. You guys all help so much with that and I know I need to post more to draw on your support, friendship and experience.
02/01/2013 at 10:06


Grateful I don't work Wednesdays as I have another day off and to get over the last cold I've picked up. 

Question SL, do you find juicing helps your immune system at all?  I just seem to forever pick up colds these days.

Apps, it is always good to hear from you and good that the last 3 months have been decent. 

Yeo, wishing you all the best for the op next week and a quick recovery.

How are you feeling now sinbad?

Booze wise, not been good here, it's slid back to not good ways and I need to do something.  Realised that I've had a problem for nearly 10 years and that's a 1/4 of my life.   

02/01/2013 at 10:37

Hi All,

Yeo I echo the thoughts others have said about your operation.

Thanks for that apparition. I know how you feel about sliding back. As one person has said on here look at the positive aspects, and work on those that need to.

Cinders, realisng that something needs to change is a massive step in the right direction.

I feel better thanks Cinders.

My run today 5k was worst one today, some 12 minuetes of my pb. But its a  positive restart after the New Year. I intend to stick the 16 week training program suppled by the Manchester Marathon team coach. It means running five days before I get a break, but then I can get proper breaks with cross training included.

As you have said always look try and look the positives then work on the the negatives, one step at a time.

Hope your all okay.

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