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09/01/2013 at 16:20

Hope all goes well tomorrow Yeo

I wanted to some advice on using food to fuel my marathon training instead of using gels, Apps.  It started off well and I got some good advice but then some people came on and started telling me I should be running certain distances without any food at all and I felt they were having a go at me.  I maybe over reacted a little and got a bit annoyed that they seemed to be telling me I was doing it all wrong, and they some of them got a bit nasty.  Some people have posted helpful stuff again since then, but now it's made me wary on the thread now as I'm unsure about how to take some things.  All I wanted to know was what real food people eat on training runs if they don't use gels

09/01/2013 at 22:58

Hope it all goes well tomorrow Yeo, lots of those hugs and cuddles up there ^^^^ for you xxxx

Take no notice of the nasty people on any of the threads TST, they seem to get in everywhere and have to say something nasty every time they touch the keyboard.   For the record I eat bananas before I go out - I can eat up to 10 and it doesn't affect my stomach at all.  while I'm out I eat dates on a long run.  I've always eaten dates even before I started on the raw food stuff.  It used to be the ones you get in big bags for baking with but now I have medijools, halawi or fresh dates instead .  For a good sports drink have fresh orange juice and water made up in equal amounts.  It's the same composition as the sports drinks carb/nutrition wise but without all the nasty chemical stuff.

Good running Sinbad but like the others said don't overdo it.  Enjoy your holiday


Well done on the juicing and running Apps, sounds like you're doing really well 

I can't believe Buttons is 5 tomorrow - where has that time gone to 

I did some speed work with club last night and another 9 miles today with a couple of the ladies - nice and gentle as my bum still hurts from Sunday 

Luckily I had a sports massage booked in for this afternoon and she really worked on all the muscles in my hips and glutes areas.  Boy can I feel it tonight   She's training to be a sports massage therapist so isn't  allowed to charge a fee but I 'donated' a tenner towards the oil anyway and have another one booked in for 2 weeks time 

Sorry if I forgot anyone on the last page - I can never remember what everyone said 

10/01/2013 at 08:37

Thinking of you today Yeo.

Little C is 5, yay

10/01/2013 at 09:42

Buttons!!  Hope he as a great day Cinders

SL, I've 'turned the volume off', as a friend of mine calls it!  She says you know they're still there behaving like idiots you just can't hear what they're saying   Actually, I feel a bit sorry for them, if they have to get their kicks taking the piss out of me for asking something then they must lead pretty sad and empty lives!  Am liking the dates idea, I like the medijools and I've been able to get those in the supermarket but I don't know where I'd get the others round here.

Glad you enjoyed the sports massage SL!  I'm often yelping in my session and she's always saying sorry, but if you don't work the muscles then you don't get the tightness and knots out rendering it pointless.  She's good at picking up problems too before they become too bad so definitely worth having done even if you do pay for it a bit afterwards sometimes!

Hope everything is going ok for Yeo today. 

*waves at everyone else*


10/01/2013 at 10:58

Hi All,

Yes my sentiments as well, hope op goes well Yeo.

 TST ignore the bad posts. One thing I have learnt, is that those who have the knowledge to help , and give advice can be the most nasty, In otherwords, they don't want you to catch up with them, instead of realising its your personal journey, and not wanting to take over them. Hope that made sense.

Cinders I hope little C's party goes well. Just a little word on security of the home. When I was at college, they had unwrapped their presents at home, then while at the party, someone had robbed the home of everything, not just presents. Either someone had heard where they were going to be, or even worse someone in the group. Just be careful okay, and have a great party.

Lol with Mr f.

Hi apparition.

Right here goes, men hate being proved wrong . trigger2 was right, I just hated admitting it. Its too big a jump a mile each week. Its taken me 2 days to recover, and I have to admit, its not been pleasent, I thought I had rehydrated properly, but clearly not. I felt yuk after having 1 pint yesterday, and 2 lime and water before that. One drinking friend couldn't belive me being on soft drinks . I will try a mixture of running walking increase just an extra half mile, with 3 and 5 miles running 4 times a week. Mixing and matching as and how I feel inbetween.

Just to bring you upto date, with the so called friend who verblly attackd me. He now insists on an apology, before he even talks to me. I have no intention of doing this, as I refuse to be intimidated by people no more. I know it will happen, but its a uestion of how to learn to deal with it.

Tunisia is between 16 and 18 degrees and 5 hours sunshine a day, with chance of light showers, and about 11 degrees at night.

Hope your all okay?



10/01/2013 at 11:36

hello chaps and chappettes.

I've been away from the forum for a few weeks, so just had a quick recap of this thread, sounds like you've all been busy running and getting match fit so far this year, good work.

I've decided to climb onto the wagon for January. I can't say I'm missing it that much, but then the temptation hasn't been overwhelming yet. I've got a fairly quiet January socially, apart from a friend's engagement party and a funeral to attend, both of which should be fairly boozy affairs, but i'm going to resist. If i'm still not missing it I might eek my dry spell over into February and see how far I can be dragged along by the cart.

Running is (touches head in lieu of wood) so far going well. I started my 18 week training program for the manchester marathon on xmas day.

Last week was my highest weekly mileage ever, and i finished my key runs feeling good about them. i'm still a little concerned that I might not be training at the optimum pace most of the time, either too fast or too slow, as I seem to change my mind midway during runs about what my marathon pace should be, so adjust the pace up or down depending how i'm feeling. anyway, i'll get the hang of it. I did a 13 miler on Sunday, which was the longest time i've been on my feet for a run in about 18 months, since I did the Midnight Sun half in Tromso (which I'd recommend by the way). Legs were a little heavy the next day, but generally i feel good. Trying to be disciplined about getting to bed at a reasonable hour so I get enough quality sleep; staying up too late is a bit of a bad habit of mine, which i'm trying to gradually correct.

Hope you're all having a good January so far, I wish I was flying off to north africa sinbad, I'm already over this winter weather (more the lack of daylight) and willing the spring to be sprung asap.

10/01/2013 at 12:14

Hi All,

Your doing better than me with training AG. Glad your back on thread.One day at a time is slowly becoming my moto.

I know most of you have run marathons before. I'm just panicing over the milage I'm not getting in.

Hope all okay.

P.S. I bought a pocket torch yesterday, as they turn the generator off at midnight. Even though i may be in bed well before that time

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10/01/2013 at 13:04

Happy Birthday Buttons    Cinders, just told hubby that he's 5 today and he can't believe it either 

When's the holiday Sinbad?  Just follow your training plan and you'll get enough mileage in.  90% of a marathon is in the mind - you need to keep telling yourself you can and will do it even when it feels tough - and that's how you get through it.  Training makes it much easier but if you don't believe you can do it it will be much harder.

Hi AG, sounds like you're doing just great - have you used one of those pace finders - there's one on here somewhere.  Put in how long it took you to do a recent race (or distance) and it will tell you what your marathon time should be so you can train at that pace.

TST - either go to the baking section of the supermarket where they sell raisins and stuff like that for dates or go to somewhere like Holland & Barratt and get a big bag - they tend to be less expensive than medijools - unless you buy them in a 5kg box like me .  You might get fresh dates at a bigger supermarket that tends to do lots of different fruits - we've a big sainsburys that sometimes has them but I get mine by the 5kg at the market.  It's worth asking at your local market if you have one.  

As for the massage - well I don't suppose she expected to spend the afternoon pummelling someones bum but she did a good job, she made me do some stretched with her elbow pressed into the hurt bit .  It really ached last night and felt a bit 'unleashed'.  Imagine if your bum was a jelly in a mould, then someone let it out of the mould and it spent a couple of hours melting - that's what my bum felt like .  Feels good today though so will go to running club with kc and take it easy .  I'm starting my taper this weekend with about 18 miles on Saturday and between 15-18 on Sunday, that'll be the very last very long one till the event itself 


10/01/2013 at 18:35

Hi All,

Fight is 06.35 am Yeo 1th jan.

Er a question. howw best do I come down from panic attack stress relater lack of sleep?

Symptoms, Can't lye down totry to sleep, its not tinglying, yet its like pins and needles when I'm trying to nod off. its like that now. its like the muscles are fighting to relax then tense up again.

Any suggestions on what to do, I feel shaky on my feet, as there thatrelaxing yet tensing.

Hope your all okay?


11/01/2013 at 10:26
Hi All,
A belated wo ho for reaching the 30,000 post, thats some achievement.

Hope its okay to share a ureka moment with you all. Although I have noticed this before hand, I have not been able to strong enough to break enough to break into anew era for myself, each time I have tried I have been pushed down to the beginning again, but for the past year or so, although I have slid back, some new stages, I have not slid back all the way to the bginning.

I am convinced its been a mixture of the year long group therapy, returning to running, and staying away from my boat for four months (I have really missed her).That I either am too mentally strong for people or they are too strong for me.

This thread has been brilliant, normally after feeling rough I would give up, but surprisingly I'm not. With the milage increasing by 1 mile a week, i propose to say do a comfoortable 5 mile then walk the 6, then drop down to 3 then up to 4 preparing for the next new mile by walking jogging the six.

Hope this post not too long and about me to much. I genuinely hope that I show support etc to you all also.
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12/01/2013 at 09:58

Morning all

Glad you are feeling good sinbad

How is the eye Yeo?

Have a poorly Buttons and a poorly cat.  Rossi has been sick 3 times this morning and Thomas once so far! 

Must admit SL and TST, these sports massages do sound very painful.  Do they work?

Hi to everyone else

12/01/2013 at 16:15
Sorry to hear you have poorly folk in the house Cinders - hope they're both feeling better soon. Belated happy birthday wishes to Thomas (unbelievable that he is 5 already!).

yeo - I hope the operation has gone well and recovery is on track. It must be a relief to be on this side of the op!

Sinbad - it's great that you're doing well and enjoying being part of this collective of lovely people!

Day 6 of the 7 day juice programme - I have had a couple of pastas with fresh tomato sauce and roasted veg but otherwise it's been juice only. I've got a more hardcore (SL) style one right now - cucumber, celery, spinach and wheatgrass - it's ok and I an see me sticking with a good percentage of raw food in my diet (but definitely not entirely!). Also did a 2 mile run earlier - much faster and stronger than my last one so feeling a bit healthier - hope to have shed some Christmas pounds too and think I will have.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.
12/01/2013 at 17:44

Evening Cinders - yes they do work but can be sore  for a couple of days if you've had a niggle/ouch bit massaged.

Sorry to hear that Buttons and puss are poorly - how are you and hubby feeling 

Another good run today - but very tough.  I'm on a fb group for mental runners who like runing off road and getting really muddy - a friend of a friend saw my muddy photos and said I belonged there   Anyway one young guy lives near Brighton and said he was going for a run on the South Downs so I invited myself along   We did almost 14 miles with some hefty hills thrown in.  The weather was abysmal - I ddon't think I've ever been so wet, I came hom eand had a bath to dry off

Any other running going on today?


12/01/2013 at 17:46
Hi All,
I'm as drunk as a skunt. I'm a mess, and angry at me for being so. I had it all planned at what to post, now its a mess. I want to cry, guessthat may come out on holiday.

Is it really too much to ask for me to want to me? with or without alcohol?
I'm so angry with me. Looking at my home. seeing it as a pig sty, nowhere near the stanrdsy I want it. Even want to delete all this as I type.

I want so muh more from my life than this.
I'm excited and scared about my holiday.

I just want to be me.

I want to be here for you all to.
12/01/2013 at 17:58

ey oop guys,  the yeoman is back 

As some of you know from elsewhere, everything went well with the op.  I went to theatre at 5 on Thursday evening, and Big Sis collected me at 9.  I had no ill effects after the GA, so after a restful day at hers yesterday I came back home this morning.

Thanks for all the good wishes and positive vibes, it really does help to know people are thinking of you.

Sightwise, the eye will be a bit unfocussed for up to 6 weeks, but the nasty cloudiness from the cataract has gone.  Now it's a bit like wearing an old pair of specs found at the back of a drawer, but that will improve and I might get a plain lens put in my glasses because now the prescription is completely different.

See lots of you have been getting out on the road and in the mud, tackling my fitness is my next target.

12/01/2013 at 18:00

You ARE here for us, Sinbad, that's what I've been saying, and of course we want you.

Remember the time you don't feel like posting is probably the time you need the thread the most

12/01/2013 at 18:10
Hi All,

Thank you Yeo.

I'm here for you lady. I really will be here for you. Sleep as best you can.
12/01/2013 at 18:42
Hi All,
I'm trying to back now. Cinders, I hope kids get well soon. Hope there ok soon.

I intend to have a turkish bath while away.
SL I'mlike you spars really do work, most of the time.

As I said I'm backtracking.
Glad the op went well Yeo. Wish there was more I can post on that one.

SL I hope you felt better after the bath?
If its a warner time a year I enjoy running in the rain.
SL I'm so envious of the miles your clocking up, I hope your miles one day.
Sleep well all.
12/01/2013 at 19:07

((( sinbad )))  You are here

SL, fab running.  Love the Garmin link, that looked a lumpy run

Apps, how do you feel after doing the juicing? 

Yeo, great news that it went well and hope it continues to heal well over the next 6 weeks. 

Well both the poorlies seem ok now, Thomas hadn't even opened his party presents from Thursday but has now and is a happy chappy.  My *running* today was mostly around with carpet cleaner lol.  Maybe a run tomorrow


12/01/2013 at 19:17
Hi All,

Thanks Cinders And lol and happy he is a happy a chappy with presents.

I've not run in in 4 days days now. And am frustrated, I can see myself doing some runs on the beach I hope.
I'm sure the cleaner appreciates the attention Cinders?

Glad kids seem okay.
Enjoy your weekend all.
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