Giving up the booze

Can I?!!!

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29/01/2013 at 12:38
Hi All,

Thanks for that TST. I'm hoping to go for a walk instead of a run at some stage today, even a walk if its dark just to see how much light I have. The route I do is only llight by the rd opposite from the pavement. It will prove interesting in the dark.

Keep trying TST you love running, and you will in time get back to it.

I think I'm panicing about going back to my boat, I don't have any friends there, but I'm determined to get back to going, I miss her badly.

I've not gone to the pub and drinking, I'm staying in, the worst part of day over with.

I hate pts, its just so dammed hard to control. And your dammed if you tell people about the abuse, and if you don't either way people just can't comprehend what you survived and push you away.

There's no point in going to another harbour as pts will just happen there, but I just don't want to force myself there, as I know that people will just be nasty or indifferent to me.

I'm waiting for a call from my psychologist. I just stop drinking,as most of my episodes (not all though) centre around booze.

Hope all okay.
29/01/2013 at 12:39

Hi Folks - thanks for your concerns, the dizzyness is a bit better today but woke up with a blinding migraine instead so took a magic pill and stayed in bed till 10.30 instead.  Still feeling woozy (the pill knocks me out) so just taking it easy.  I haven't run since last wednesday Sinbad - haven't felt well since then.

Hope you managed to stay off the booze sinbad - as TST said, you can go for a run anytime - you don't need to know how far or how fast all the time - just enjoy a run.

Hope it goes well at therapy tomorrow and fingers crossed for the physio's kind words.    If she says walk then at least you've time to get your head round it before the day itself. xxx

Hope everyone is ok today x


29/01/2013 at 14:38
Hi All,

TST comments have been noted SL.I hope you get back into training soon to SL. I wnder if it is the post Christmas blues, and trying to get back into training?

I have just seen the weather outlook for this weekend in Yorkshire. There's snow on Saturday with sleet on Sunday. There's meant to another warm front mmoving in again from Monday.

So I won't go now till next week, not because of being of people, but because I have stayed on boat with snow etc before, it gets dam cold, and no heating on her either.

Yet today its like a spring day today 13 degrees.

Thanks for letting me ppost away, it has really helped today. Yet I expect it going to get somewhat harder before it gets better.
29/01/2013 at 16:50

Training, what's that? 

Are you still ok for the weekend SL?  How is HTF, not heard from her for a while.

sinbad, hope you get the order sorted soon.  Can't you just go out anyway, without the Garmin?

29/01/2013 at 18:04
Hi All,

well Cinder's SL and TST have suggested that. But its become such a big part of my life im lost without it lol.

Well I finally got round to tidying my bedroom up (its been a mess since holiday), and would u Adam and Eve it I found the one I thought I had lost. But I'm glad I buying another one though, as I'm forever losing things, it will be a good back up.

I said I would go out for at least a 3k walk, and im off out now. Even though its pitch black, and raining with gale force winds.

Hope your all okay?

Watch me just be out for 10 mins lol.
29/01/2013 at 19:51
Hi All,

And I start with a wo ho. I did my 5k and in places got blown all over the place. I fast walked the first 2k, but and are you ready for this. From the base of my steep hill I can't get up, Well I finally made it tonight, I'm smiling like a cheshire cat, wish i had faces. My actual moving time on my Garmin was 49.27 or thereabouts. I'm just pleased after such a horrible day I feel I can give you something positive from me, instead of doom and gloom all the time.

I'm here for you all to though
30/01/2013 at 11:21

Well done for getting out Sinbad

I'll be ok for the weekend Cinders - I think the fatigue last week was all part of this lurgy so it should be on it's way out now.  I feel better again today - a bit woozy from the migraine as usual but just taking it easy and relaxing.  HTF is fine too, chatted to her the other day and she's had a bit of a wobble because she hasn't managed to get in as much training as she'd like but we've said we'll walk as much of it as we have to but we'll be there


30/01/2013 at 11:51

Morning, just.  Went back to bed after droppping Thomas off.  Feel very .

What time does it start on Saturday SL?  Hope you both do fab

30/01/2013 at 16:39

I think me & HTF start at 9am - it's staggered for walkers,normal  runners and 'elite' runners

30/01/2013 at 17:13
Hi All,

Hope you Sl and HFT ejoy the Pilgrims marathon immensley keep us informed.

SL I have tried to ask before and looked at their web site, but can you please tell me the distance of the run.
SL I'm also glad your feeling a lot better.
Hope HFT is as well.
Cinder's hope you feel better soon to.

Wo ho my replacement Garmin lead has just arrived it fits and is working perfectly.

I went took the risk of going shopping after 1pm today, and to be honest the wind if anything is stronger than yesterday, the trunks off trees are actually bending over as well as the branches. So I dare not take risk of ging out tonight, I love wind and rain, but will go to the gym tomorrow after the postman has been, hopefully with tshirt. I will do 8.2k on treadmill depending on weather.

Glad your as ready as possible for Piligrims SL HFT.
31/01/2013 at 18:38

I don't have a smart phone so won't be able to post anything but HTF has and I'm sure she'll post something to keep you informed.

It's 33 miles each way Sinbad so 66 in total - though it could be a bit longer or shorter depending on what line you take or if you get lost etc.  It's off road so can vary quite a bit if you wander off the exact measured route.  I've looked on Garmin and seen that others have done it in as little as 31.5 miles each way up to 34!

31/01/2013 at 23:15
I'm off to Rugby to see mum tomorrow so best of luck to you SL and HTF. Look forward to hearing how you get on
Edited: 31/01/2013 at 23:15
01/02/2013 at 12:01

Hope it all goes well over the weekend SL and HTF, although I'm sure you'll do fantastically!   I've got a 12 mile walk tomorrow so I'll be thinking of you while I'm out on that and probably be quite glad I'm only doing 12 miles!!

Saw the therapist on Wednesday and she has decided that the changing your thinking way they usually use for cognative behavioural therapy wasn't working for me as some of the stuff is ingrained since childhood so we are going to try and alter my behaviour as eventually the thinking will follow suit.  It takes a lot longer but for some people it's a better way to do it.  She's also given me the address of a website who can help with my eating disorder (I'm a binge eater, what a suprise!).  Physio is happy with my progress, albeit that it's slow, and has swopped some of the exercises as I was using the wrong muscles so that was hindering my progress.  She has also ok'ed the fitness walking I am going to use for training in future; it's not that silly wiggly hips speed walking, but it will make me faster and will really work my core and glutes, which I'm having problems with.  Feel much more positive about the VLM now

Oh, and next Saturday I'm getting my hair cut and coloured and I've got the go-ahead from the doctor to throw myself out of a plane sometime at the beginning of July with a friend of mine!   And if doing a parachute jump doesn't teach me to have faith in myself then nothing will!

01/02/2013 at 14:17

hello all, my dry january didn't quite work out that way, but i totalled 39 units in Jan, compared with an average 105 units per month for the last few months of 2012, so i'll hopefully continue this moderation throughout the year (esp throughout my spring marathon prep).

your parachute jump sounds fun TST, it's something i'd quite like to have a go at some day.

01/02/2013 at 15:25
Hi All,

thats some distance your both doing SLand HFT, I hope the weather holds up for you both.

TST I have done a parachute jump, not the one where you freefall with the professional strapped to you. But the old WW2 round parachutes, you will love the experience.

AG nice going with the units and beer.

I got legless Thursday. Why? I got the date through for me to see the Job Adviser at the job centre. I paniicked went for beer instead of trying to work out how I felt.

I have only been out for a run on the treadmill once this week, and non outside. Although I'm panicing somewhat, I'm going to try and push me from the end goal. The weather really hasn't helped, we have have had nearly 5 days of rain and gale to severe gale force winds.

I'm going to try and switch from getting up having fresh juice and then going for a run in the mornining, to running in the evenning, either before or after tea, it felt better, and my time for 5k seemed a little faster to.

I'm just annoyed at myself for getting legless.
02/02/2013 at 08:05
Best wishes this weekend SL and HTF - ultra respect to both of you! I have to go back several years to remember running 66 miles in a month, let alone in one race and 2 days! Thinking about the 2 of you taking on this challenge serves as a reminder of the positive journey you've both had with booze too. Obviously our thread meanders in all directions but when a monumental running task is undertaken by people who are doing well in their relationship with alcohol, us booze threaders should be proud and inspired...I certainly am!
02/02/2013 at 08:29

Well said, apps, I couldn't have put it better myself.

Hope everybody has a great weekend, especially our ultr-girls!

02/02/2013 at 08:29

I echo Apparition's comments above - well done to everyone and keep it up.

02/02/2013 at 09:09
Go SL and HTF
02/02/2013 at 15:06
Hi All,

I echo the post of Apparition. MR_OJR took the words out of my mouth ow er.

Well I went to gym this morning, didn't fancy running in the coldtoday.

I managed to do my first 10k on the treadmil in an 1 hour 38. I can build on that now. I will have only lost 3 miles after doing 3 miles on Sunday.

Anyone know how the ladies are doiing?

Hope your all okay?
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