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25/07/2013 at 14:08

Hi All,

Enjoy your holiday both of you.

Shopping completed, no run today, I just felt tired.

I will try again Friday morning.

My 10.1 inch been playing up on me again, and has to go back, this is the 4th or 5th time. But I will keep trying with it.

I'm torn between following a marathon training program, or just enjoy the 5k at the moment, watch this space.

That was a good time you did trigger2, and what a memory you had. All I saw was Paula Radcliff at the beginning on TV.

Enjoy your holiday both of you.

02/08/2013 at 18:07

Evening, back home today, great hol though


05/08/2013 at 15:48

 Oh my, where is everyone?!

Glad you had a nice holiday Cinders, where did you go?  We were down your neck of the woods last week!  Mr TST's knee played up so we didn't do as much as we wanted, but we did take Boris (my brothers dog which we were looking after for the week) to the beach for a little swim and out for a walk in the woods   Apart from that we just sat around, watched the telly, ate too much junk and looked after the chickens and cats! 

Got my first counselling session today for the depression.  Bit scared but I know I need to do this to get myself sorted as it's all the stuff floating around in my head that's got me stalled so I can't move forwards.  I only get 8 sessions and I'm guessing the first one will be mainly admin stuff, so going to have to make the most of them. 

Also going back to running club on Wednesday   Am terrified of that as I've lost all my fitness really over the time I've been injured and the extra weight is making it hard to get it back.  Not even sure if I'll be able to do the whole session but I'm going to go and do my best; can't ask any more of myself than that really!

05/08/2013 at 17:13

Hi All,

TST from my counselling experience etc. They seem to start of with 8 may be 10 sessions then go on from there, if you both feel its needed. Discuss your worries with the counsellor TST, don't bottle things up. Thats what there their for to listen.

I'm sure you will be okay with the club running also TST.

I have not been running for about 2 months now, and it shows. I have had to wait in and return this dam tablet pc at least 5 times now, I haven't even been able to get to my boat.

The manchester marathon entry forms have come online, but again this year it doesn't include a half marathon, just in case I needed to come down a peg or two.

Any suggestions for up North Marathons that include a half Marathon?

My internet is being turned off on the 28th Aug as well, so its the Wi Fi and libraries for some time now.

TST agreed, you may just surprise yourself. Keep us informed.

I see the Alcohol Dr on the 15th August, crunch day for me to decide do I go on the meds or not.

Is everyone else okay?

Hope all Okay

05/08/2013 at 20:23

Whereabouts were you TST?  Seem to remember you mentioning Canterbury? Which beach did you go to?  Hope all goes ok with the counselling and also for your return to running club.

sinbad, how come your internet is going off?  Hope all goes ok for you too re the Alcohol Dr

06/08/2013 at 14:43

Afternoon everyone.  Counselling is 8 sessions Sinbad, with the extra 2 if she can talk her boss into it.  There is no option to get any more as the NHS farm it out to a charity (MIND) and that's all they will allow you.  I can understand that as I've waited long enough to get these and restricting the amount of sessions means they can see more people.  I'm not sure what happens if I get to the end of the sessions and still need help though.  Yesterday was good though and we talked over a lot of stuff.  She said it was good I'd had the alcohol counselling and worked with the dietician and the behavioural therapist previously as it means I have a good idea of what is wrong (rather than having to spend all the sessions working that out) and now we just need to deal with it.  She said some very intersting stuff and although most of my addiction issues stem from the 'trauma' I went through when I was a teenager, it would appear that my binge eating disorder has been around since I was little.  She has done a lot of work with eating disorders, so I think I've been fortunate to get a counsellor I'm going to be able to work well with.

Can't help you with the half marathons Sinbad, when were you thinking of doing it?  Might it not be better to aim for a 10k first if you've not run for a couple of months?

Hope things go well on 15th.  Presumably they will talk all the options through with you and help you make an informed choice about what's best for you.

We were in Canterbury Cinders   We went to the beach at Reculver, where the Roman fort thing is, as you can take the dogs on the beach there and let them off the lead.  As you can see, Boris absolutely loved it, especially after Mr TST found a stick to throw into the sea for him to chase after!


06/08/2013 at 18:28

Counsellor sounds very helpful TST Useful that she has experience in the area you need.

Boris looked like he was having a whale of a time.  We can see Reculver Towers from the beach at Margate so you weren't too far away  

Got up and did a morning run this morning (well a wee plod) as I've been struggling with the heat and energy, it seemed to go ok so will try some more!

07/08/2013 at 13:55

Afternoon everyone

The eating disorder is really just an external symptom of what's going on in my head, same as the drinking and drugs where, although it's been going on the longest and is the hardest to tackle as you can't quit eating!  She seems really nice though and I felt comfortable with her straight away which is good.

If Mr TST hadn't knackered his knee I would have tried to catch up with you and SL while we were down there, but obviously it was not to be this time.

Well done on the run this morning, I find it's a nice time to go out at the moment as it's a lot cooler then.  Got running club tonight, feel a bit!  Mr TST is going to do a bit of shopping and then come and check how I'm doing in case I can't manage the full hour.  If I'm ok then he will go and wait in the pub across the road for me.  Reckon I may hurt a bit tomorrow!

07/08/2013 at 14:27

Hi, I too have been through this, infact I have just posted this blog, you may want to read? It's up to you lt me know what you think if you do! Good luck with the quest, it's well worth it. Positive and encouraging people with great attitudes is all I have found with runners


thanks ang good luck Hugh

07/08/2013 at 15:17

Hi All,

TST towards the end, if you need etrax support, ask about mindfulnes 6 month group sessions. They really helped me long turn with short blips as I go along like you all know.

TST it makes sense to work twards the 10k for next year.Remembering what you said abut it can take a couple of years, just to start to get into some form form of training. 

Cinder's i'm so pleased at you being by the coast. Perhas it culd be something you can plan to meet each other at some stage. Sorrto hear about one of your husbands knee, hope it heals okay.

I have managed to get a place on the Day Skippers theory class in scarborough over the winter months. It will be interesting to see what its likeout of season.I was planning on selling her, but i refuse to let locals push me out., from soething i enjoy.

HL, from time to time we get people asking us to look at their blogs. Perhaps it may be idea for you to get to know the regulars in here frst, before advertising your own blog?

One bad thing about living in countryside, is that you get the smell of the farmers, ploughing their fields with fertilisers, yuk.Ow what joy.

Hopee all are okay

Ow I normally get drunk on a wed, I have just had five. I norally have 10 pints plus by this time.

Tablet back, and working fine so far.


08/08/2013 at 13:43


Not sure that farmers plough their fields with fertilisers but I think I know what you mean!!



08/08/2013 at 15:36

Lol at the farmers and their fertiliser!

sinbad, it's great by the sea but we also get smells..........rotting seaweed   Oh and they grow a lot of cabbages round here too 

12/08/2013 at 07:22

Morning all!  Back yesterday but still working on Cyprus time so up at silly o'clock this morning!  Running out there was tough.  Although I waited until 7pm it was still around 33 degrees with humidity at 70% so the longest run I managed was 3.7 miles - not good considering that I have a 10k on Saturday!

Have read back and am glad that you're all doing well - take care - looking forward to hearing from you all.

Now to work off the 5.5lbs I've put on thanks to wine, cyprus bread and olives

12/08/2013 at 11:11

? . ood Hi All,

Nothing much to report, still no traing. But I'm hoping to be back on the treadmill at gym from Wedn.

. ... m. Nice to meet you 22Johnny22. Its definately fertilisure, my x is from the norfollk countrside.

Don't envy you with the smell of seaweed Cinder's. I guess you could fry it up at home though lol.

I'm glad you had a good break trigger2, enjoy your training.

I'm finally seeing the alcohol doc over the meds on Wed.I honestly don't know whether to give them a try or not.

I miss running, no laptop or netbook to use for my garmin, maps times looks better on those mentioned instead of watch.

I will see whaT penniex I have left after the dreaded bills.

Enyour your day people.


12/08/2013 at 14:27

Give it a go sinbad and see what they have to say.

Well done trigger on even trying to run in that heat.  It was 30+ in Spain and I couldn't face it.  Which 10k are you doing this Sunday?

6 mile run/walk/stagger for me yesterday.  Some numpty chucked the contents of a bottle of water out of the car as they drove past!

12/08/2013 at 15:23

Hi Cinders - it's a British Heart Foundation 10k in Greenwich Park.  My bestie has been doing parkrun for about 2 years and wanted to step up a league so I challenged her.  Hope your holiday was a good one!

Stick with it Sinbad - the counsellor will probably help you make the right decision about whether the meds are for you.

Hope you're all well 

13/08/2013 at 19:23

Hi everyone.  Turning into rather a shit week here   Got up Monday to find the end of our road taped off by the police, turns out someone we know who I used to work for was beaten and raped by four blokes in the very early hours of the morning.  They're still there and have just been round doing door to door enquiries.  It's bringing back a lot of memories from when I was pretty badly beaten up in town 3 years ago and as they haven't caught them yet I shan't be doing any runs on my own, Mr TST is going to come out with me on his bike.  Where it happened is literally about 200m away from our house and I feel ill that something like that could happen in a small town like this, let alone so close.  There are rumours going around about who may have been involved (not names, just generalisations) and I fear there will be a lot of trouble come the weekend when people are out drinking.  Kind of glad we are going away for a week from Saturday.

Also had my second session with the counsellor on Monday, and she said I will need long term therapy to deal with all my problems.   So looks like we're going to have to find the money to continue the counselling after the NHS sessions run out.  I'd convinced myself that I would be sorted after the 8-10 the NHS pay for so it was a bit of a shock to hear that, but I know she's right really.  I've had stuff going on since I was little which has become totally ingrained in how I think and it's not just going to go away in a few sessions of talking. 

Feeling rather stressed tonight, and Mr TST has gone out on his bike to a meet with a mate so going to snuggle up with a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds and have a little perv and eat my lazy ready meal!

13/08/2013 at 20:38

((( TST )))  That's awful about the person you worked with.  Hope they get those that did it.  Hope you can sort out the counselling too.  You enjoy your lazy meal and Criminal Minds.

14/08/2013 at 07:03

Gosh TST that's awful.  Hope that they catch those responsible soon and that you begin to feel more at ease. 

14/08/2013 at 15:42

Rumour mill is getting out of control now   Police still aren't releasing any information at all, and while I understand they have to conduct enquiries, not releasing anything is making people paranoid, scared and fueling the rumours.  They've opened it up again now, but I don't think people were impressed that they just sat someone in a car there until last night before they did anything (meaning any forensic evidence may have been lost?).  Hopefully by the time we get back they'll have arrested some or all of them. 

Feeling less troubled about the long term therapy now though.  Given it looks like a lot of my issues started way before I had thought they did, it makes sense that it will take time to sort them all out.  And there are a lot of them to sort!!  I think it's just my kind of over enthusiasm for how quickly I can achieve things that made me think I would get fixed so quickly

Lazy meal was fab Cinders, although I ended up watching something on normal tv rather than Criminal Minds in the end.

Roll on Saturday, looking forward to an exciting week away!!   Hope everyone is ok.

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