Good morning from a very new beginner

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18/11/2008 at 01:44
Just found this site before turning in so I thought I'd say hello from Peterborough. I used to run by myself 4 or 5 years ago but gave it up after becoming bored by the same old routes I took at lunch-times. After taking up football 25 years after my last match I got bored training alone at lunch times so I took the plunge and went out with 3 runners at work last Thursday and managed 1 and a half miles before I developed stitch. I felt much more awake at work afterwards so I am aiming to go out again this Wednesday lunch-time.
18/11/2008 at 06:24

Morning Crun, welcome to the forum.  You'll find out we're a friendly lot, although many of us are raving mad...    Any questions you have, just ask - although you may find the answers in previous threads.

Well done on the 1.5 miles, a solution I use for stitch is:  don't eat immediately before you go running.  If you do get stitch, breathe in, through your mouth, slowly, then exhale, through your mouth again, quickly/suddenly if you know what I mean.  Also try running with your hands above your head for a minute or so.  Although you will look like a berk, and cars will honk at you as they pass, if it gets rid of the stitch, who cares lol?!

PSC    pirate
18/11/2008 at 06:32

mad! Yep!

Well done Crun and welcome to the forum!  Be prepared .... it's compulsive!

18/11/2008 at 08:15

Hello from Peterborough too

I started running early this year and I'm aiming to complete a 10K in 2009, celebrating my 50th birthday too.

Keep going.... I struggle sometimes, but there are also the good days too

18/11/2008 at 13:07
only been running for about 18 months myself crun,but have now completed 2 half marathons! the forum makes you feel 'part of something' and always motivates me when the going gets tough
18/11/2008 at 13:19

yip, welcome to the forum.

We were all beginners at one point, only thing is you're a beginner again.

but congrats on the distance, just keep it up

18/11/2008 at 14:33
Welcome to the forum. Hope you like it here.
19/11/2008 at 20:53
Thanks for the warm welcome. I managed 5.5 miles this lunch-time...a big surprise for me and my running mates from work!

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