GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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03/01/2009 at 21:33

Thanks, Foxy! I suppose you're right...

But then, Julia is also right in saying it'll probably be a good while until I get back into the swing. I think I'll wait until mid/end January, and then decide. Would mean I would have to decide without knowing at all how much I can train in the months leading up to the big day, but as I'll only find out about this around mid February, the half marathon I'd like to do might be full by then.

And thanks for welcoming me to RA, Julia. My name is spicedapple, and if I decide to do a half marathon, it will be on April 5th. No clue about time - getting round without walking too much sounds good.

On this note - does anyone have a good training plan (not heart rate, just a "normal" one) for plodders based on about 3 runs per week? I've seen that there's one on the RW website, but it's for subscribers only, and is also aimed at running/walking, whereas I would prefer one getting me round running.

04/01/2009 at 10:55


Spicedapple - if you go into the the training tab on RW  put a mock time and distance into the smartcoach  then choose 11-15 miles with moderate training this may work.  It will work if you choose 6-10 miles. 

Hope this works


04/01/2009 at 13:39

Hi Guys- 4th of Jan and 3rd run.  Intervals this morning.  Went to to church first to allow it to "warm-up" to -1 or -2 and saw a first- in 12 years of living round here (admittedly only been running the tow path for a couple of them) the Thames was frozen and 3 canooists were trying to break their way through!  What a sight.  Then the environment agency sent a little boat down as an ice breaker.  Very amusing.  Anyway did my intervals along the towpath made a change to skate rather than squelch especially when I got to the water meadows.  And boy it was cold even when I had warmed up.  Interestingly (to you Garminites) it was exactly the same session as I started the training plan with, but as I got going, having done 2 long runs in the last week, I cold see why I am due an easier week or two distance-wise.  Legs are just tired, tired, tired, especially as the session should have been just over 3 miles and I ran home so did a couple of extra miles on top, very slowly I suspect!

Rest day tomorrow and back to school on Tuesday for me and the cubs, boo hoo but better for the diet.

Routine is the key.  Official data is put on 3lbs over Xmas- arraggh!

04/01/2009 at 14:39

Darren, absolutely definitely yes you take your Garmin and HRM chest strap to a race. How else can you do all that nerdy after race analysis! I have become a total heartrate anorak. It doesn't help that the gym where i work has a heartrate measuring step machine and i have to check people. It always makes me larf when they reckon 'it must be wrong, i'm working much harder than that! The thing is, I know how it feels to have a HR of 185 and they don't! 

I think you made the right choice, cannot see that the 405 could have anything much better than the 305. How much did you pay if that's not rude, mine was around the £130 mark from Amazon last June time.

OH Spiced Apple, 5th April is ages away. You can do that easypeasy, just enter and go for it. There will be heaps of people entered who have never even run before so you have no worries about being last (if that is a worry, never been one of mine funny enough). Once you have entered you will feel so much better, I know I did, i dithered for so long it was a relief to finally make the decision. Although i was scared stiff, hence starting this thread! Not sure about schedules, but i'd say one of your weekly runs should be a 'long' run, where you go at a comfortable easy to keep at pace, start as long as you can go then aim to gradually increase the distance. Then do one run about 3 miles with some short faster bursts in it or try chucking in a hill or 2. Then your 3rd run aim about 3 or 4 miles at a faster speed, the sort of speed that you can only just maintain for that distance then you're so glad to stop. With warm-up and cool downs included in these runs and stretching at the end of course  Hope that helps, that's loosely based on what i'm doing, if you have a HRM I could maybe be more specific on HR training zones. Good luck!

Foxy I hate the interval sessions! You are right about it being cold, there was flooding down the road, suspect someone had gone thro a pipe or it had burst and it was like a skating rink. Of course I didn't realise so went flying, hole in the knee of my new asics running tights with the orange flash and blood but as it was so cold I couldn't feel any pain at the time. Too numb! Managed my 7 miler, first 3 were awful but it got easier, however my HR was only in the 'slow' zone as opposed to 'steady'. Wanted to just make sure i got round.

Lost 2 of the 5lb so back to 3lb to lose. Plus the next 2 stone or so that needs to go. Still, I can see how much quicker I will be when i've lost it all  

04/01/2009 at 17:06

Julia- hope you are OK and your knee is alright.  I would be gutted about the running tights too.  I was wearing my old ones today (first bit of proper running kit I bought August 08 and they kept falling down- while I would like to think they are too big, sadly I suspect it was the Xmas muffin top aiding their descent!!

Also the ends of the tie cords to tie them to fit are now fraying so even if I dbl bow them they gradually undo, and then the tights fall down.  Did get a new pair for Xmas but haven't worn them yet.  Was trying to be tough and run mostly in capris as (unless it is still like this) that is what I want to wear for the HM.

Well done for losing 2lbs, great start t the new year- you could try another thread as well "Losing it with Nam and Bear", it's my other main thread I witter on, I just joined them before Xmas having lurked on and off since it started.  Just about to upload my data from this morning as I haven't had time yet, taking Xmas decs down and other stuff as well.

Oh yes- apparently intervals are great fat burning sessions so even if you hate them, they have a great purpose.  It's interesting the Garmin training plan doesn't have hill training but I guess  it's hard to quantify.

Spicedapple- look on some the HM sites, most of them have HM training plans with different time aims; there's a good 16 week one on the Reading HM site I used last year before I had my garmin.  It may have been 4 times a week but I averaged 3 sessions and my friend I ended up doing it with certainly never managed more than 3. Hope that helps. Def had hill sessions in that one, I remember the bin men looking askance at me as I limped down and (in my imagaination) blasted back up the hill I live on, repeatedly!

04/01/2009 at 18:47


Julia - Hope you are o.k. The price is roughly the same I paid £130 with express delivery, second hand 305's are going for roughly the same price on E-Bay infact one just finished 120.99 plus £4.95 postage. I looked at 405's even though it looks better  I believe the 305's are easier to use whilst trainig.

I quite enjoy intervals but  probably have been doing them wrong, I guess the garmin will put me right. Infact I had them planned for tomorrow but will now shuffle and do an easy run tomorrow while I wait for my new toy.

Intersting enough the wii fit board informed me I had put 5lb's on over xmas and last nights weigh in I had lost 2lb.

I must find a 10k. race soon my half is now only 11 weeks away how time flies.  Spicedapple I actually signed up for a race before owning a pair of trainers never mind training, that has given me the motivation.

Foxy sounds like you deserve your rest day and easier week.

Take care all.

04/01/2009 at 19:59
Managed 4 miles today and really enjoyed it.Could've run more but very aware of building back up slowly.

Cold in Oxfordshire today but just wore my long sleeved top with one of hubbies vests underneath and felt nice and cosy after the first few minutes.Great running past people who are in hats,scarves and their thickest winter coats!!Had to be a bit aware of icy patches especially as so many people seemed to wash their cars today!

Julia,I hope your knee is ok.I'm sorry about the tights but your knee is much more important!

Haven't been brave enough to stand on the scales but my children finished the mince pies off today.I've just got a quarter of a bottle of Baileys to finish then I think all the Christmas goodies have gone.

Back to school for my two on Tuesday too.My youngest will be going full time from Mon 12th(just mornings next week) so in some ways its great but also a bit sad and scary as shows how quickly they're growing up!
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04/01/2009 at 20:14

Hi Susiebe, I 'm vaguely thinking of doing another HM- an Oxfordshire one

Sunday, 5 April 2009
White Horse Half-Marathon 

 Guess that'll be a bit close to RHM for you to consider, you'll still be recovering.  If it gets any colder down here, I'll be able to skate over to Oxfordshire rather than using the bridge!

Was great running past all the walkers on the tow path, I know what you mean.  Glad the recovery is going OK.

As for kids at school, just think how much more time you'll have for your running!  I started running in March of the year my youngest was due to start in September, so he was still home from nursery on my days off and it was my motivation to get him riding his bike so he could bike while I ran.  Never quite worked out but at least he's good on his bike now.

Think I've got some Baileys left from last year- is it going to have gone off by now? Whoops

04/01/2009 at 20:15
3lb on for me - Booo! suppose the cheese had to go somewhere. Did 5km yesterday - lots of hills- very hard, went walking with kids today so not a total cop out and gonna do a 5k easy tomorrow after the dreaded return to work! Everyone seemed to be nicely motivated for the new year!  Well done us!
04/01/2009 at 20:21
SP= well done for getting out there, how was the Panto?
04/01/2009 at 20:31
It was long! kids loved it which is the main thing (I suppose) King Rat was a bit creepy for the five year old and she nearly shot out of her skin when he jumped off the stage... hope the cheese supply lasted for you!
04/01/2009 at 20:56
OUr King Rat was an Elvis impersonator- please explain.  Mr FL was looking for the stilton today and had forgotten he has banished it to the freezer only yesterday!  Our two loved it too and enjoyed singing and shouting.  Was long- nearly 3 hours, why is that necessary?
05/01/2009 at 10:21

Hi Julia, Sorry about my cut short email yesterday! It must have sounded like i was laughing at you big time falling over, but my little girl 'Needed' me, so i at to cut the email short! I really hope you are o.k & it dosen't stop you getting out for your runs!

 I done my 6 mile 'Long' run yesterday, was planning to swim today but little girl still off school till tomorrow, so I've just done 1/2 an hour on my ski machine which was good, planning on resting tomorrow then off out again on Wednesday for about 4 mile run, 5 if i can fit it in

 Going to try to actually enter some races soon, so that I am motivated enough to train for them, apart from the Brentwood 1/2, I have nothing else actually entered, so going to search around for smaller runs to enter.

 Are you going to do the Race for Life again this year? I plan to do it again, but again i will be walking it with occasional runs with my little girl on my shoulders, she loves to get a medal

Take care, I hope your not too sore!

These Garmin thingys sound good! Can't afford one yet, still using my £30 stop watch with heart rate monitor i got from Argos 2 years ago! hehehehe, when it finally gives up I may treat my self to a new Garmin thingy! Don't want anything to complicated to work though, i like a stop & start button! hehehe.

jen-jen x

05/01/2009 at 13:09
Foxy Lady

Can I take it you're based in Wales if you come to Oxfordshire over a bridge?!

Yes I think the White Horse Half would be too close to RHM!Good luck if you choose to enter Grove/Wantage is a pretty area.
However it may take me a few months to recover!If all goes well at Reading then I'd definatly be wanting to do another half but probably not til the Autumn as I'm not good in warmer weather.However have pencilled in doing the Oxford Town and Gown 10k in May.
In the Autumn there are lots of HMs to choose from.Would love to do the GNR after seeing it on TV last Oct-however it looks very crowded-even more so than the Reading HM?!

Yes last days of holiday today.I've got to do some ironing of school uniforms this pm and check name tags etc!Yes really look forward to having more time to run during the day but hubby works from home so I often go out at 5pm while teas cooking!
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05/01/2009 at 14:51

*waves at everyone*  Sorry, not been able to get on just lately... Was either shopping (food), cleaning or wrapping presents on the run up to Xmas and then Mr CS whisked me off to Scotland for Hogmanay (think thats spelt right), oh and there was a problem with my internet connection at home... Grrrrrr!!!  Er-hum 4lb gain for me over Xmas/New Year .  Well all that chocolate & wine had to go somewhere...  We've still got loads left so I am trying to limit myself to just a couple of chocolates a day and alcohol free Sunday - Friday, Saturday is gonna be our night for a glass or 2 of wine.

Darren - my Mii looks a right portly little thing at the moment, will do the body test thing again tonight and might even have a quick go on the jogging thingy... Have you read in the back of the book that on the jogging one there are the characters from super mario to spot around the island???  I've only managed to spot a few of them so far.

Everyone seems to be doing really well and loving their Garmins, I have a Nike+ sportsband & a stopwatch/HRM.  Dont actually use the HRM that often as the chest band seems to restrict my breathing, might be psychological...   Will upgrade to a Garmin when all current equipment gives up the ghost, so not for a while yet.

Oooooooh havent been to a panto in ages, could have something to do with not having kids I suppose...  It's behind you... Booooooo.... hisssssssssss.... etc. 

Well I went out for my longest run yet (10.5miles) and my bloody Nike+ decided to run out of battery charge so its not recorded anywhere for me to show Mr CS or friends... Good job my MP3 also tracks mileage or I wouldn't have know how far I went.  Had a very strange pain in my left leg after about mile 8 though... It ran from the inside of my ankle up to about the middle of my calf and was REALLY hurting by the time I admitted defeat and took it down to a walk.  Asked my physio about it (seeing her for a different injury) and after feeling my ankle & calf said it was probably down to the cold and the muscle getting tired.

Keep up the good work & happy running everyone.

Caz x

05/01/2009 at 15:04

Well done Caz on the run, keep an eye on the ankle, did the phyio check your knee tracking?  I had a long standing odd inner ankle prob, that only sorted itslef when my knee started hurting.  Diagnose with tracking issues, lots of knee strengthening and ITB stretching later I realsied that in fixing my knee, my ankle had got better (touch wood), and now if it strats to hurt, it means the knee will follow a couple of days later and I crank up the exercise routine again.

I remember when my Garmin ran out shortly into what I knew was about a 10K run  and it was the first time I had run it with garmin and was looking forward to an accurate distance, aaaargghhhh, annoying.

I suggest a race (of a slightly different sort) to see who can shed their Xmas 3lbs first- I need some motivation, can you tell?!  Xmas cake finished today and back to work tomorrow so that should help!

05/01/2009 at 15:47

Hey Foxy no cheating on that race... You've all got an exta 1lb to gain before the race can start... No fair that I'm starting right at the back... In fact I'm still in the car on my way there...

I am seeing the physio for a torn/pulled muscle on the inside of my left thigh (tear is about 3" above my knee) so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.... Hmmmmmmm...  Will keep an eye on it and if it re-occurs come back to you for some stretching/exercise suggestions.  

05/01/2009 at 15:59

Just cut and pasted them from another thread I wrote them out for, hope it makes sense

not terribly technical so will do my best to describe!


1.Individual and 2 legged squats from standing, was told 30degrees was enough, not needed to get thighs parallel with floor although I sometimes try with a wall to support my back.

2. Straight leg raises (usually done sitting, but sometimes do when standing around at work!)

3. ITB stretch.  Stand next to something about thigh or hip height for support- lean to it with the nearest leg at an angle to the wall (so your bum is near the wall, foot away), you can cross the opposing leg over for a bit of balance- end result is you give your long outside thigh muscle (ITB) a good stretch. 

I do 2 sets on the bad leg to one on the good and have been gradually increasing the number of squats, length of stretch. 

 It is this which seems to have made the biggest difference to be ankle (knee still a bit creaky!) altho' previous to this doing my Darcy Bussel Pilates DVD seemed to help relieve it when it was hurting, especially when it was very bad post Half-M.  This seems to have lots of toe pointing and stretching out long and tall, mostly as floor work.  It's quite a cheap DVD on Amazon and if you can cope with the plink plonk piano music it is fine, has various programs including abs, stretches and a short all over one.

I did them 3 times a day for 4 weeks, went back to the sports massage lady and by then tracking was fine.  I now do them as part of my post-run stratching routine ie 4 times a week; if I get an inkling the ankle may start to twinge I do them on the other days as well.

 As for the race, first to lose 3 lbs, then I know most of us still have downward aspirations so can keep it going......

I had high hopes of being about a stone lighter by my HMin Feb but Xmas has completely screwed that.

About to possible sign up for another HM at end of March- to keep the motivation going so maybe I can aim for it by then, altho' 2 holidays and some time off running between now and then will not help!

05/01/2009 at 19:29
Foxy Lady

I feel a bit of a prat thinking that the only bridge to Oxfordshire was the Severn one!Also now remember you mentioning a physio in Reading so feeling very stupid now..

Anyway I have since looked up Sonning on google in the desperate need to improve my knowledge!I have learnt that the bridge was completed in 1775 and its rumoured that Dick Turpin used the bridge as an escape route from Berkshire to Oxfordshire!

The Marwell 10k looks great,one definately I will remember for next year!

05/01/2009 at 22:56

Cor so much chatting on here.  (women hey)

 Foxy seems a nice race to enter the whitehorse?

Caz my mii character is rather rounded unlike me . Not weighing myself tonight.  I have only seen the character on the bridge pointed out to me by my son.  I have no chance of getting a go on it now with Mario karts, Batman and star wars he had for xmas trying to limit him though.

Entered a race today my first  for Feb 16 a 7 miler @  Ennstone in Shropshire. Will fit in well for my half in March.

Toy came today a mans read of manual and out it goes up my hill. The incline is 400metres in 1.1 mile for those interested its getting quite boring now but hey I needed to know.  The one thing I noticed I had a real big spike when starting off with hrm? any thoughts.  It definately looks the business and I think I will use it loads.

Take care all forecast -9 degrees here tonight brrrrrr!

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