GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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18/06/2010 at 05:23

Morning all

I have to hang my head in shame never did get round to doing the 5 mile speed work yesterday every intention of doing them but the spirit was weak and the body said  i just want to sit down and the kids were watching UP on the television and i did only mean to sit down for five minutes and as i said to my shame i just never got back up again

Will try again today

Julia T have a nice week

 R/S hope Mr. R/S is feeling better well done on the 15 miles

Mel and Vicky well done on your runs

18/06/2010 at 11:04

RS - you should have put a pen in OH's hand and moved his hand for him. Well done re your 15.5ml run.

JT - you don't know who Bill Bailey is? - I can see I shall have to enlighten you. Have a nice break and 'see' you when you get back.

susiebe1 - the cheque writing does eventually slow down - but then they get bigger.

toby - that CBA virus is extremely contagious and affects us all from time to time

No running for me at the moment My left ankle had been a bit 'tight' all day at work yesterday. It was only when I got home and got my shorts on I could see it was slightly swollen. Thinking back to Wed eve's run I did stumble a bit at one point and the ground was a bit rough in places - I am thinking I must have strained it then. No point making it any worse so I'll be resting it over the weekend and won't attempt my 8ml long run.

Jun - 17/82

18/06/2010 at 13:49

Hope you enjoyed Up Toby

After all my dithering I did 4 mile with 6x2min faster bits and it was fine/good.

Raining here again today

Hope your ankle settles quickly Mel

18/06/2010 at 14:13

Hi everyone

Toby - I'd have chosen 'Up' over speedwork anytime.  I thought it was a fantastic film

Mel - hope that resting settles your ankle down over the weekend.

Sal - well done on your run in the rain - you're more committed to it than I am

Rest day for me today - went out for my sociable run yesterday evening, only 4.5m but nice to have a chat whilst running.

Enjoy the football if you're watching it tonight

18/06/2010 at 16:02

Afternoon all

Redeemed finally did the 5 miles

Mile 1at 6 mph

Mile 2 at 7.5 mph

Mile 3 at 6 mph

Mile 4 at 7.5 mph

Mile 5 half at 6 mph until 5.5 mile point at then down to 4 mph

yes Up is a good film its one of those film your glad you bought

19/06/2010 at 09:17

Morning all

 Hope we are all well.  Keeping promising myself that I will catch up with all the posts but never get around to it at the moment what with work and the World Cup.

My hip feels a bit better but I am starting to think it is not just the running but the up and down ladders that aggravate it.  I found out one of my customers sons is a physio for Stourbridge Rugby Club.  Just got to try and be cheeky next time I am there and ask his advice.

From next week I am going to start with running 1 mile 3 times a week.  Then increase by just 1/2 mile a week.  It will be hard to keep to it but hopefully it will give my body more time to adjust.  I increased my milage quite quickly the last time around and that couple with the ladder work was maybe the cause.

Off to work now and will try to catch up later when Doctor Who is on.

19/06/2010 at 11:50

Morning all

rest day to day have 15 miles tomorrow will have to get up early just encase it get hot again it over cased here at the moment and cool

Have now bought Mizuno hydration backpack i have used it once so far and it will take me a little while to get use to it but i think it’s going to be a great help

20/06/2010 at 12:05
 Morning all

LSR all done and dusted 15 miles for me today wasn’t the best run ever knew i was going to struggle after about 3 miles leg kept cramping despite stretching off so after the third time of stopping decided to run walk the rest so ran for 15 minutes and walked for five

also discovered don’t have curry the night before even if it seems like a good idea at the time

20/06/2010 at 20:46

Good evening all.

Sorry haven't said hello for the last couple of days been really busy and well less said about the footy the better.

Sorry not to wish you all the best for your 10K JT.

Done the Wombourne half marathon today meet up with anyother forumite Jules-Perox  he paced me to a fantastic time.

The course though measured quite a bit short don't know if we lost a signal or not.  Garmin recording says 12.58 miles in 1: 33:47 (7.27M/M) which is near enough  1/2 marathon 1:37:43 (7.28M/M) that will do for me.  Next up the B&BCHM in a fortnights time nobody will be helping me this time though

Take care all

20/06/2010 at 21:43

Well done AH - great time.

Well done for keeping going on your 15 miles Toby

Enjoyed watching parkrun yesterday whilst Mr SS ran with No 1 HL.My 2 yr old was great at shouting names out and was desperate to join in

7.5m slowly and sociably tonight with running group

21/06/2010 at 08:32

Sal - well done re Friday's (eventual) 4 ml run and yesterday's 7.5ml run.

RS - well done re last Thu eve's run.

spen - go for it re asking your customer's son for advice - nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm a firm believer in slow and steady when it comes to building up mileage so your plan sounds good to me.

Toby - I go by pace rather than mph but I know I run at around 5.5-6 mph - so well done re Fri's run. And well done re yesterday's 15 miler even if you did have to run/walk due to cramp. BTW I am re you discovering curry the night before doesn't help.

AH - I would be over the moon with a HM time of 1:37 .. great stuff.

My ankle still isn't right but its better and the swelling has gone now. I'm hoping it will be okay for Wed eve's club run and was a one-off and doesn't flare up again afterwards. BTW, I felt very guilty yesterday tucking into my Sunday morning croissant and coffee and not having done my 8ml LSR beforehand!

Jun - 17/82

Edited: 21/06/2010 at 08:33
21/06/2010 at 09:12

Morning all! remember me? I have emerged from my painting (not quite finished - grrr - still got the dining room to do at some point. Also survived the in-law invasion. By Saturday night we had an extra 6 staying with us - airbeds on the floor galore! Was great to see my little nephews agin though - they're 1 & 3 and are great little characters - but I'm so glad my kids are older now and don't have to be watched EVERY minute

Had no time for running either for the last few days - did a speedy 3.1 M on Thursday in 30.47 - average pace 9.54 very pleased - but damn I still haven't broken the 30 min barrier!

Its all peace & quiet here, so just having - well, its either the second half of my breakfast, or a hobbit style second breakfast - yum yum then might push the dyson around and then will get out for a RUN!!!!! Just hoping it doesn't get too hot too quckly!

 Sounds like everyone's getting on well - speedy speedy susiebe!!! Oh and AH of couse - another cracking time (and was this after the excesses of Friday night??!!) Oh and the Square & Compass is definitely a place to visit - it has a fossil museu, and very basic food - 'pie'!!

21/06/2010 at 13:35

Afternoon all

Rest day to day but my go out and cut the grass if it’s not too hot

use the hydration back pack again Sunday help a lot as it did mean i did not have to stop to by water though the extra weight when you first start will  take some getting used to got easier as i drank from  it and it got lighter

B & T well done on all that painting decorating is not my favourite pass time i all right once i have started it just the thought of it

 mind you it’s the same in our house Mrs T3 dose all the glossing i don’t mind everything else and in fact quite in joy wall papering but when it comes to that and to Mrs T3 despair i am a bit of a perfectionist and many a piece has come down due to it not meeting my high standards  

But it’s just something about the smell of gloss paint that makes me feel ill

Like you i am now glad my kids are older one is 22 and the other is 15 so unless they need us for something we get pretty much left alone baby and young kid are fine if you can give them back oh i sound like a grumpy old man

And well done on surviving the in-laws we have a big family meal every now and again and there so much work to get through for that and that’s just one meal can’t imagine what it would be like to have them stay

Hope you manage to get out for your run

Mel glad to hear the ankles on the mend and i hope you get out for your run with your club on Wednesday

 no need to feel guilty about eat your croissant and coffee and not running if your ankle is bad then rest is best though i do know what you mean about feeling guilty if i don’t run

Slowsal i hope you enjoyed you 7.5m slowly and sociably run with running group

 A/H well done what a great time good luck on your next race

Edited: 21/06/2010 at 13:37
21/06/2010 at 21:56

Evening all,

Busy weekend with the town/church procession on Sat and Father's day on Sunday, so no chance to post - sorry!  

Toby - well done on your LSR.  Especially well done for carrying on with cramp so early on - think I would have gone home Had to laugh about your curry comment - I had a similar learning experience with chilli con carne the first time I did a LSR with the running club.....

AH - excellent timee!!!!!  I need you to write me a speedwork plan for Run to the Beat in autumn

JT - how was the 10k?

Sal - hope that the sociable run was fun.  Great to hear about your 2 yr old's enthusiasm   Get him/her in training for future Olympics

Mel - hope that the ankle continues to recover and holds out on Wednesday. I think next Sunday you should reward your LSR with two croissants to make up for being on the injury bench this week

B&T - well done on your speedy Thursday run and I hope that you got out today!  Am starting to know what you mean about younger children needing watching - ours are 6 and 4 (so still need fairly constant supervision) but I had a friend's two the other day (7 months and 3) - it really reminded me how different their needs are when tiny. That, along with the nappies, may have put the final nail in the coffin when it comes to any more......

Did a leisurely 4.5m with running buddy this evening just to get out.  Have not done anything since Thursday so needed to stretch my legs. Club run tomorrow evening and Wed off to watch the football (sorry to mention it AH!).

21/06/2010 at 22:27

Evening All

SS - the recoveries for strides are 100 - 200 metres either walk or slow jog the important bit is to get the next rep of strides right.  Concentrate on posture and good running form don't clench up just stay nice and relaxed try to hit full pace at 70 mts and float for the last 30 mts. 10 reps after a general run and 6 - 8 after a recovery only need to do this once a week.

Some nice long runs going on Susiebe & Toby.

B&T - Soon be sub 30 mins any 5K races for you to do?

Mel - Hope the ankle gets better, my achillies is sometimes a pain lots of stretching seems to have done the trick.

RS - Don't worry about mentioning the footy the pub's doing an offer a £1.00 a pint untill a goal is scored so needless to say by the end of the game I wasn't that bothered, really hope that the players can pull it together though even though they don't deserve to qualify.

Seems like the organisers had the course measured proffessionally but are going to do it again,  I do think it was short though but I'm absolutely delighted with the time and finishing position of 80th out of 507.  A few recovery miles done tonight and will have a couple of days off until Thursday.

Take care all - Enjoy the sunshine all

22/06/2010 at 03:57

Just 5 miles for me today but no curry i might add

A/H enjoy your rest days

R/S well done on your run yes the curry was big NO NO shall now avoid chill con carne as well

Edited: 22/06/2010 at 03:57
22/06/2010 at 08:19

B&T - good to see you back on here. Great time re that last run. And if it was 30:47 for 3.1 miles, you *did* break 30mins for 3mls (29:47 if my calculations are correct).

Toby - re cutting lawns, I thought my lawnmower blade needed replacing (lots of vibration). But I took it off, cleaned it up and now its running normally again.

RS - two croissants? And there was me thinking I should be un-hobbitlike and forgoe my 2nd breakfast after next Sunday's LSR to make up for this weekend! Well done for getting out for a 'leg-stretch' run.

AH - some of the 'footie fanatics' in the office feel the same way about the England team. A few are even claiming they won't bother watching the match (find that hard to believe).

I'm not a happy bunny at the moment My left ankle is just about sorted (feels okay walking but probably need to give it another day or so before I try running again). But I got bitten on my right calf on Sunday and it swelled up rather alarmingly - a large area of skin (6" x 4") was hot to the touch and the whole calf felt 'tight' because of the swelling. I have some hydrocortisone cream the pharmacist suggested which seems to be doing the trick and the itchiness, redness and swelling are slowly subsiding.

Jun - 17/82

22/06/2010 at 13:13

Mel - hope the calf feels better soon - sounds nasty I was bitten by a horse fly once on my hand and it swelled up spectacularly - sounds like its something similar. Glad the ankle's feeling better though And yes you're right about it being a sub-30min 3M (yippee!!) but I was measuring 3.1M so it would be a 5k (which I've never done). sigh - some people are just never happy, are they!!

 AH - have never looked at 5k races - too much of a 'sprint' for me!! But I'm hopefully I can knock a few more seconds off that time!

Toby - yes, I like being an Auntie because I can hand them back when they get grizzly and they go home (eventually!) Well done on your 5M and sorry but I did   about the curry - another one to add to my list of 'things I've learnt about running'!

RS - yes, to go back now to having a tiny would be SUCH hard work. I'm too old now anyway so its just as well I don't want anymore

Well I did get out for a 5.6M yesterday - ran off all the stresses of the weekend and it felt good. 3M at under 70% (just!!) and then 2.6M at around 11MM. Felt hard, and hot, but realised that if we have a good September that's exactly the sort of heat we'll be running in - so I should just get used to it!

So full of energy I also got out this morning - just for a 3.2M slow (under 70%) run. Saw a beautiful hare which raced me down the footpath (ha ha -left me for dust!!) then it cut across the field of wheat and I could just see the tips of its ears as it ran. Amused me.

Thought for the day - Had a bit of a revelation whilst running today. I'm never going to win any races - I'm 43, had 2 children and never been AT ALL sporty (more of a geek, truth be told!). BUT I've discovered that I love running, and with a lot of training and more determination than I ever knew I had(!) I can be a runner anyway 

22/06/2010 at 20:18

Hi all

Had a lovely weekend in Suffolkgreat to see OHs Nan at her surprise 90th b'day party-her face was a picture-about 40 family and friends there to surprise her!

Have had a bit of a strange injury-woke up on Saturday am with a stiff neck -think I slept a bit funny-anyway the neck is much better but pain has radiated down my armyes very odd-feels like a dead leg sort of pain but with sharp aches-i think its a trapped nerve as its not really a muscular painAm hoping it'll just disappear but if not i'll be off to drs.Nothing to stop me running but painful and hurting now i'm typing this..ouch

AH,what a fantastic time- well done-you're nearly an hour quicker than me

Mel,hope you're bite heals up quickly but glad ankle is ok now

B+T,gosh its getting hot again-really hope for a cool day on Sept 12th-ran 3 miles last night at about 7.30pm and it still felt really warm but excesses over the weekend and this damn pain in my arm not helping at all.Love your revelation-love running too and love the challenge of trying to get stronger and faster and feeling fitter

Must go,HLs off to bed and now I can hear a few footsteps on the landing

Edited: 22/06/2010 at 20:19
23/06/2010 at 04:25

Morning all

Got the 5 miles in yesterday no idea how long it took as i treated myself to a watch free run have 8 miles today but depending on how late i get back from giving a driving lesson may have to put it off till Friday

Susiebe1 sorry to hear about your neck had the same problem Sunday Morning must have slept awkward on it but it was fine by the afternoon

B & T well done on both your runs

Mel sorry to hear you’re in the wars your certainly not having much luck at the moment

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