GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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01/07/2010 at 07:12

Morning all

Managed 8 miles yesterday before the leg gave out should do 5 miles today but have only just got home from work and i have to be up by 12pm has i have a driving lesson to give so may put it off till tomorrow and come home and have a couple of hours

01/07/2010 at 09:22

Sal - hope you're feeling better quickly in time for your 10K!

Susiebe - hope HL1 enjoyed the night away and doesn't bring tooo much mess & noise back home again! (and did HL2 enjoy being an 'only child' for the night - my kids love it when they get sole attention - poor deprived things ) Hope you have a good trip down to Cornwall & a good time with your family - sorry about missing the race - its frustrating, isn't it!

AH - yes - just checked and my shoes have done over 500 miles, so probably time for a change. Mr B&T said i could get them if I needed them (probably feeling guilty as he recently bought a new bike!) Good luck on Saturday - you'll fly around a flat course!

Toby - you have a busy life! Giving your run today a miss sounds like a GOOD IDEA!!!!

JT - followed the link for the VDOT calculations and it doesn't want to work with my times - too slow I think

Mel - hope yesterday went as well as it could.Wishing I could get myself to Swindon in time for a 9am start - but  Saturday & Sunday morning are my lie-ins

Felt rotten after running yesterday and totally exhausted. By 12.00 thought I might as well have an early lunch and see if it gave me some more energy. Sat down to see if Wimbledon was on ...... and woke up an hour later!! eek! Just a gentle trot on the treadmill in the running shop this afternoon - should manage that okay. Although last time I was so wobbly on the treadmill (never having been on one before) the woman was practically hanging onto my arm to stop me falling off

01/07/2010 at 11:42
  Morning all,

Rest day for me yesterday and my legs still feel a bit achy today .  Think I'll do a recovery easy run today rather than anything more strenuous............

B&T - you obviously really needed the sleep.  Good for you - hope that you feel a little less exhausted today as a result?  Re: treadmills - I fell off one once trying (rather arrogantly and stupidly) to keep pace with the good looking chap next to me.  I hasten to state that this was over a decade ago in my university years.  Needless to say, me falling onto my knees then face failed to impress him and we did not head out hand in hand..............   I've never played the 'keeping up with treadmill neighbour' game since!

AH - if I forget to say before, good luck at the weekend!

Sal - how are you feeling today?  Good luck with the 10k at the weekend, although have to put maternal cap on and add not to do itif you're still feeling rubbish.

Toby - well done on your run yesterday.  I agree with B&T about having a rest day, you sound like you never stop!!!!

Susiebe - hope that your arm continues to improve.  Sorry that it's not completely better yet!  Enjoy Cornwall, think that the weather forecast is good so you should have a lovely time and lots of ice cream .

Have a nice day everyone!

01/07/2010 at 14:27

B&T - still at my vision of you running with a shirt flapping around. Gait analysis today then? - will be interested to hear what they find out. BTW, sorry to read about the problems with yesterday's run. My shoes had done 500+ miles when I changed them - the shop showed me the warning signs on the shoes to show they were beginning to break down. Just had a at your power nap in front of the tv yesterday and at you and RS's treadmill antics in the past!

RS - well done re your LSR's (including that 17.5ml one) and hope your endurance stays with you for the FV Challenge.

JT - I am at your comedy buckle tan mark on your shoulder. That must have made a nice change to run in the rain. Have just read on - now I have a vision of you standing side on to the sun and leaning at 45 degrees.

Toby - definitely worth having a race in your diary to aim for with your training. Well done re that 8ml run.

Sal - sorry you were ill last weekend - hope this weekend's race goes okay.

susiebe1 - glad your arm is getting better.

AH - well done re that hilly 6ml run and good luck at the weekend.

I'm not so sure about my ankle again - it doesn't feel right today and that must be because of Monday's run as I didn't get out yesterday. I knew there was a meal after the funeral and figured it would happen straight away. But when we got to the pub just before 4pm I was told we weren't eating until 7pm - so that completely messed up my plans. Guess that's what comes from being outside the immediate family these days and not being kept up to speed on all the details of the arrangements.

I am away from tomorrow for a week so I won't be logging on. I can't see me getting out for a run tonight as I have to pack for my holiday - Christchurch (sailing), Lyme Regis (beachcombing), Colyton (cottage). But you never know .. I may be able to pack in less than 3 hours for a change!

Probably 'see' you all a week on Monday .. hopefully the ankle will be okay by then and I can start training seriously for Chippenham!

01/07/2010 at 14:49

RS - I'm glad I'm not the only one with a treadmill mishap - and I'm sorry but I did at your story - just the kind of thing I would do. One day I'll tell you about getting my arm stuck inside a pool table.... sigh! Recovery run sounds like a good idea for you for today.

Mel - glad yesterday went okay, and woo hoo at a week's holiday! I think a week away might be just what you need to rest your ankle. I'm starting to get worried about how close to the school summer hols we are, as I find it very difficult to get out when the kids are here, and then at the weekend I like us to do things all together rather than me disappearing. I've booked the children into a tennis coaching few days for the first week so I'll have to really get out then! (Am liking the sound of  'power nap' - sounds like it was a planned occurance rather than an accidental nodding off)

I HAVE NOO SHOOS! Lady in the shop said that as I'd been very happy with the last pair she'd recommended (when I had my gait analysed last year)  that I might as well just have the same again, and  not bother with the treadmill (hooray!!!) So I saved £20 on the analysis, she's reduced her prices to be more inline with internet prices so I also saved £5 on what I paid last year ! They are very white though - even whiter than my legs!! Dying to take them out for a trot, but after yesterday's awful run I think I'll skip today and pop out for a little trot tomorrow. I'll have to re-re-re-callibrate my Garmin anyway.

01/07/2010 at 18:07

Hi everyone, just posting whilst dinner is cooking so may have to be quick! Am planning 10 miles later once dinner has gone down, busy day shopping with THL planned for tomorrow so thought i'd try and get it in while it's cool and before it rains. Will actively seek hills tonight as well...........

Sal hope you're feeling better and good luck for the 10K. Oh yes, forgot to say about the VDOT times. I only just squeeked in with 30, the lowest, just try and work out the spacings between VDOT's and adjust down accordingly? Think i did that for you when we mentioned it before

Susiebe hope you are feeling better, enjoy Cornwall

AH good luck for your nice flat race on saturday

 new shoes B & T fantastic. Did i read that right? You have to pay £20 to go on the treadmill even if you then buy the shoes???? That sounds like a rip off to me. The shop i go to (Runners world, chelmsford) do charge if you don't buy any shoes but it's free otherwise. hmmmm.

Toby don't overdo it. Hope your leg is ok.

RS hope you are soon feeling better. Sorry but i also laughed at the treadmill incident

W & M hope the ankle recovers soon and that you have a lovely holiday


01/07/2010 at 22:35

JT- the running shop used to charge £20 for gait analysis, but it was free if you then bought shoes from them. However they've changed their system, and the shoes are now cheaper (to compare with internet prices) but they charge for the gait analysis. Its only a little independant shop, and I like to support them

 Hope you had a good 10 miles tonight - and have a good day's shopping tomorrow!

02/07/2010 at 14:29


 Enjoy your new shoes B&T

Good luck tomorrow AH

Aah - that explains why it wouldn't work JT. I'll try again in a minute.

Last night did 1k WU, 3x 1k at 10k pace with 3 min recoveries then WD. Still v humid. Just managed it- aiming for 6.30 min/k and did 5.52, 6.22, 6.28 but that exhausted meWe'll see.....

Resting now til Sun so I'm marshaling parkrun tomorrow which I enjoy (far nicer than running it)

02/07/2010 at 18:52

OK B & T I'll let them off then  I too like to go to my nearest shop rather than buying on-line, i do like the personal service.

Sal well done on the run last night, it really was warm and you did fab! Hope it goes well sunday, think the weather is due to cool down.

Did my 10 miles last night and actively searched for hills. Am pleased to report that i ran up 4 which i normally avoid and did one of those twice. However i only took 1 bottle of lucozde sport with me which clearly was not enough because i arrived home absolutley gasping. I dreamt and fantasisied about a glass of cold orange and mango squash for the last 2 miles! So when i got home i hurled 2 large glasses of squash down my neck then had a shower and stood in that drinking the water then felt sick and giddy and faint and had to go to bed! Felt fine this morning luckily as THL and i went to Southend on the bus to check out whether it will be ok for her to travel to college like that. (it will be)

Good luck racing AH, hi to everyone else. i presume FE is moving due to her silence. Hope it's all going ok for her.

02/07/2010 at 20:26

Evening All

Well done on the 10 mile hill session JT, now your hooked on them.  Orange & mango squash what's wrong with a nice glass of cold Lager,  seriously I'm trying out the lucozade recovery drinks and bars and they seem to help me recover more quickly.

B&T - "If ain't broke don't fix it" is a good thing to remeber when buying new kit.

S/S - Well done on the intervals.  Put you spot on for Sunday.  Good luck. 

All pasta'd up big decision in a minute between Jaffa cakes and Chocolate Raisins.  Seems funny having a race on a Saturday.  Sounds an interesting race but not a PB course.

02/07/2010 at 21:07

Evening all,

How is your ankle today Mel?  Hope that it is feeling ok...   Oh yes, you're away so I won't find out until Monday week.  If you do check this, have a great holiday!

B&T - Yay for new shoes!!!!  I think it's fair enough to charge for gait analysis if you don't buy shoes - stops people getting the analysis then heading off to buy cheaply online!   Not that I would do that, but am sure there are plenty of people who do!!!

Sal - well done on getting out last night - it is still really hot and difficult to run so I think  that everyone heading out deserves an extra choccy biscuit when they get back

JT - well done on your 10 miler in the heat.  Im more of an orange and pineapple squash girl myself but completely agree that when you get back in this heat you tend to throw loads of liquid down then feel slightly icky half an hour after.........  Glad that THL's college transport plan works out.  Will that be from September?

AH - good luck tomorrow!  I'm a fan of Lucozade recovery bars now.  After LSRs I now  have a bottle of Lucozade Sport and a recovery bar.  I actually looked forward to them for the last few miles on Tuesday and that's something I NEVER thought I'd say.....

Recovery run of only 2.5 m last night - legs were still quite tender so I decided not to push it. Did easy 5m with running buddy today and that felt  better.  Will try to do a run over the weekend but it'squite hectic tomorrow.....

Off to make dinner now (or order takeaway).  Have a nice evening everyone and good luck to those racing over the weekend

03/07/2010 at 09:03

Good Morning all  Long time no speak!

Hope everyone is well, its been more than the usual chaos with me, Ninja's birthdays, MR FE has been off work for yonks and Ive been having a midlife crisis but heyho .  Hip and calf have been niggling me so no real running to speak of, I have however done a couple of bike rides and enjoyed those.

Far too many posts to catch up on, but will do best to read back thru last couple of pages.

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend??

03/07/2010 at 19:22

Hi All.

Strange race today tough but enjoyable, more of a time trial than a race.  Time wise not a PB but very pleased with my time around the 1.43 mark.  The race surface was very mixed uneven, dirt tracks, concrete and bricks the bridges was O.K going up but steep going down all of it was single file and at times couldn't see people infront or hear anyone behind. 

HI FE hope your well.

RS - The Recovery bars are quite yummy too.

SS - Good luck tomorrow 

04/07/2010 at 13:57

Afternoon all

I’ve not run since Thursday due to one thing and another so was determined to get my 16 mile LSR in today  got up early this morning i was up by 6am and out the door by 6.30am to beat the heat  as it turn out by the time i got it was overcast and cool

hope all is well with everyone

04/07/2010 at 15:54

I'm back and up from my recovery snooze

City of Manchester 10k - cooler but windy and not what I call flat

1st 5k according to plan but faded in 2nd half finishing in 67.50. So no pb but enjoyed it and LOVED the track finish . Think a lot of it in my mind as once realised my time had slipped at 6k then I somwhat gave up and enjoyed myself

Well done AH

And hi FE long time no see

04/07/2010 at 20:26

  on your race AH, well done

Oh  how I yearn for a chilled lager or white wine. But have decided to give up alcohol for a while so i can lose the last stone. It always seems to be my downfall...........

You are right about getting hooked on hills, did 6 miles this morning and did another couple i usually avoid. Mind you, my definition of hills and yours would differ greatly i think!

RS yes, from spetember, then the plan is that in 2 years when she has her A-levels (we hope) she will head off to uni and we can emigrate to the Isle of Wight at that point  I will be glad to get away from next doors dogs, they kept us awake till well after 2 this morning and when i went to 'have a very polite' word today i got the impression that they couldn't care less  Hope you had a good weekend and the legs are better x

FE lovely to have you back, it's been very quiet on here  Sorry to hear about Mr FE, is that from the 10 in 10? I saw the right-up in this months RW mag.

 well done on your fantsatic run Toby, i think it was a bit cooler today, there was definitely a cooling breeze here.

well done on your race Sal, running on a track is great isn't it, makes you feel like a proper athelete. Which of course we all are but more like the olympics and all that. Good time as well, especially in this heat, well done.

04/07/2010 at 21:18

Evening all

Well done SS - Enjoyment is the main thing always another day for a PB.

Good running again Toby - Seems like your well motivated.

JT - Well done on finding the hills.  Plus really well done on not touching the vino.

Looked at yesterdays results and even though not a PB my finishing place was 139th out of 998 finishers so my best finish top 14% so well chuffed.

This week I should meet my tutor for the course I'm doing and will make a start.  Going to find it hard with fitting everything in,  it will be well worth it.

05/07/2010 at 09:38

 JT - well done on your 10 miler AND hills! And at drinking the shower water - you must have been thirsty!

 FE - hello! <waves> Sounds like a busy time - hope things calm down soon for you.

 AH - good racing - well done Top 14% Good luck with your studying as well. I always reckon if I gave up eating & sleeping I'd have no problem fitting everything in

Toby - good run - well done on getting out so early.

Sal - glad you enjoyed your race. Running on a track sounds like a proper race (or in a Cornish accent  "proper job!" )

Phew - think I've caught up - apologies if I've missed anyone out! Managed to get out for 1 mile to callibrate my footpod on my new shoes (did I mention I've got new shoes??!!) on Friday, and then felt okay so added another 3.5M. Then on Saturday evening managed to sneak in another 2.5M which I tried to run fast, but it was still feeling very hard work so I didn't worry too much about it, just miles in the legs! Hopefully I'll get more back to normal this week. Think I may have callibrated footpod too far the other way now, as I think its under measuring my distance now. But never mind - hopefully it means the 13.1M in September will seem short by comparison!

05/07/2010 at 20:15

That's dedication JT

Great result AH

Just off fo a short slow recovery run

Are you OK FE?

Where's Foxy????

05/07/2010 at 20:19

Smiles and waves to Slowsal. Been Building, Busy and Back Injured.  Finally managed 3 runs last week, longest being a 7miler and have a couple of 10ks coming up very soon (Weds/Sunday).

Hi to everyone else as well!

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