GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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08/07/2010 at 19:43

Hi All

JT - Well done you for entering IOW.  If you want some hill training and your in sleepy Shropshire I could help you find some.  Youv'e used up almost every excuse that I could possible think of the one you missed out on is the humidity, you know bad runs  happen at times.

An aerobic 7 miles followed up by 10 reps of strides haven't done any strides or speedwork lately due to the two half marathons and really enjoyed them.

Need to settle down to have my hour and half of  study.  Module 7 is all about HR training and writing training plans should have a bit of an head start on that one.

Take care all.

08/07/2010 at 19:52

Sounds interesting AH, if you learn anything new don't forget to pass it on

If i find myself in Shropshire i will give you a shout. In the meantime a neighbour has offered me the use of her treadmill and i'm hoping it has an incline facility.......

Well done on your 7 miles, i presume you mean you did around 80-85% HR?

Someone recommended Nottingham to me as a good one to do, what's your longest run up to now?

08/07/2010 at 21:32

Hi all

Julia,well done on entering IOW marathonIs it Oct?I'm doing Stroud HM on Oct 24th.

Do not worry about that run,they happen for various reasons.It is still very humid which really saps the energy levels and if you'd already done a workout then your body probably needed a rest.

I found the same last night.I'd entered the Thames 10k at Beale Park and wasn't sure that I'd be able to run as OH had meetings in London at short notice so I had to find a baby sitter etc Anyway got things sorted out and surprise,surprise met up with FoxyLady againWasn't sure if she'd be running as knew of her back probs and missed her recent post so lovely to see her againAnyway enjoyed the run but boy was it hard work,uneven gravel paths and long grass through fields etc,finished in 70 mins which is embarrasing but just couldn't get going,felt tired etc and it was humid  Anyway knew after the first couple of miles I'd be slow so just enjoyed the evening and meeting up with FL was a bonus

 AH,good luck with the studyingDo you suffer in the heat/humidity or is just us ladies?

Julia,OH said there was a problem because I'd used two % symbols in same text,and I thought computers had brains

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09/07/2010 at 06:16

Morning all

just a quick hello will post more this afternoon have to do the 8 miles i missed Wednesday so i am hoping did doesn’t get to warm

off to bed know so will you all a good night

09/07/2010 at 09:28


Julia - if it makes you feel any better, I've just been out for the worst run of my life.  Aiming for 9 or 10M, got to 4.5M and felt ill. I had been feeling hot, sweating, tired etc etc, but suddenly felt cold & shivering, whilst sweating. Walked for a bit, and found the tiniest bit of shade to stand in. I could only just get my HR back down to 70% by standing still, in the shade. I was feeling sick & tearful, so I walked the half mile or so into the nearby town, and got a taxi home as i couldn't face tryingt to run (or walk!) the 4 miles or so home from there.

Feeling rather strange now - I've downed lots of water and I'm sipping cold  organic cola hoping for an energy boost. I'll get in the shower soon and fingers crossed I'll feel better. Any top tips for feeling better? Still feel like crying as I feel like a quitter and I'm normally not

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09/07/2010 at 12:32

B &T sorry to hear that you’re not well it may be heat stroke i have now bought i a cap to wear when out

09/07/2010 at 13:21


Great that you've entered JT - typical to then have a bad run...happens to me lots. I only did a slow 3 miles last night at 730 and it was still VERY humid. So I say well done for getting round 11

Oh no B&T yours sounds even you need some salt replacing?Cool shower a good idea and may be a lie down if you've time before school pick up 

Well done Susie - as AH said to me enjoying it'simportant too

How did you get on Foxy?

Off to see Joseph at 5 with oldest HL and a  friend and  her daughter. Looking forward to it. Then got neighbours daughter for a couple of days cos they've gone to Italy for a wedding

09/07/2010 at 13:30

Hi all

B&T - Sorry  to hear about your run as well.  If you have the same weather that's here it is very warm and humid just take things a little slower than normal and keep hydrated is the only advice (for now) I can give.

JT - Aerobic is the easy bit 60 - 80% then the strides no point doing them after a hard session.  Did you keep those treadmill workouts I posted once, if not I will post you the hill work session.

Susiebe - Yes heat does get to me but I suffer more with high humidity, the day of Stratford marathon springs to mind.  Nice you meet up with Foxy.

My contracor friend as chickened out on the run tonight,  kept bragging he could run so many miles in so many minutes type of fellow.  The lad he came with told me he was scared of the hills I had planned for him,  poor lad he's had his leg pulled all morning.

Take care all


09/07/2010 at 17:07

Hi Guys

 Run was OK- just sub 60, but evening running doesn't suit me and it was an uncomfortable time but lovely to recognise Susiebe in the portaloo queue! Most diappointed that the goody bags didn't include free childrens park entry like last time. Was planning to go round and scrounge a few and go with a friend and her 2.

Last furniture deliveries yesterday so unpacked the last 4 boxes and we are ready for Building Control to come and sign us off, even the skip has gone.

Time to start HM training again if I survive the hilly 10K Johnfol and I are doing on Sunday- in the heat!

I managed to lose 3lbs on a 7 mile run last weekend despite drinking, it is scary!

09/07/2010 at 18:26

Afternoon all

Well 2 gels 3 water stops and a loo stop later i manage another 12 miles took 2.08 but that includes all the stops in the shops to buy water never set out to set any records just get  round and it works out at just under 11 m/m

Well it’s not really 12 miles it 8 to cover the 8 i should have done Wednesday and the rest just about covers what i should have done last Thursday

A/H you must have scared him off but there again some people can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk he sounds as if he was one of those

Slowsal i saw Joseph many years ago i think it one of the best musical of all time hope you enjoy it as much as i did

10/07/2010 at 00:12

Susiebe - camping sounded fun - good idea to have a practice run! Tip about French campsites - the French let their kids run wild (!) until really late at night - so don't be surprised when little kids are scootering / riding bikes / running around / shouting until at least 10 - 11 pm!! (Can you tell we camped in France last year?!) Oh and no, I'm not Cornish, but Mr B&T is, and we lived there for 7 years so I can speak the lingo Are you Cornish? Sounds like you had a great weekend, and well done on the 10k - great attitude

Toby - LOL at work getting in the way of your running!! I guess  people will alwaysneed to learn to drive which is great for you! Well done on your 12 miles - very impressive in this heat.

JT - well done on entering IOW!!!!!!! Woo hoo Sorry you had a horrid run - I can totally empathise. The next one will be better - and at least you managed 11 miles and didn't resort to a taxi! Hope you're feeling better now

Sal - jealous of you seeing Joseph - love that musical! Thanks for the advice on the salt - I did have a bag of crisps just in case it would help!

AH - I was going very slowly and thought I'd taken enough water - but maybe I'd have been okay if I'd had more water. Better look into those hydration packs I think. Take it easy on your contractor - you've scared the poor love

Foxy - well done on sub 60 and woo hoo on building work finishing! And at losing 3lb on a 7 ml run!!!

Feeling better now. Drank lots, ate some crisps, the had some lunch and then set the timer and put my head down for a kip. Still not sure whether I was sensible or pathetic with getting the taxi, but glad I'm feeling okay now. Even after standing in the sun for 2 hours on the book stall at the school fun day this evening! Having some medicinal, chilled wine now. mmmmmm

10/07/2010 at 06:00

Morning all

Just waiting for breakfast to settle and then off on a 20mile or 3 hour run if possible.  Busy weekend again.

B&T - Maybe you need to take some sports drink with you (as well) in this weather replacing some of the salts you lose from sweating.

Anyone racing good luck.  Its going to be a scorcher.

JT - Sorry you mentioned my long runs done two 16 milers and two half marathon races since last marathon done a couple of 10's in midweek but will be picking it up from here all being well and weather being kind.

10/07/2010 at 10:26

AH - glad you're getting out nice & early - although this morning feels much cooler here, hope it is where you are too!

I had some Shot Bloks yesterday - ate one as soon as I started feeling very tired (about 4 miles - pathetic I know!) and then shoved another couple in when I was feeling rotten, but maybe I didn't have them earlier enough? Live and learn, eh!

Editted to add-  anyone like to advise me? When should I now do my long run this week? Missed last week after giving blood, so I do really need to do a long run! Probably wise not to try today, but would tomorrow be okay???

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10/07/2010 at 18:19

Real quickie, THL is 16 today and is having a party. We are waiting for teenagers to descend on us.................eeekkk!

If I survive i will read back and see you properly tomorrow

10/07/2010 at 18:39

Afternoon all

All went well at church today we had  30 people turn up wife got a little emotional whether it was nerves or it may had just drawn on her that she had just spent the last 25 years with
11/07/2010 at 02:28

Managed to get a run in this morning at around 09:30, don't quite understand but 04:30 was warmer than 09:30.  Had to drink 1 litre of water and 500ml of LSport and some crisps.  Still it was lovely being able to run again.  I don't think I'll complain about a bad run for ages, as I was just happy to pootle along.  Haven't lost as much fitness as I had worried about.  But obviously need to get back up to speed if I'm going to be ready for Royal Parks.

JT - about blooming time you applied LOL   Sorry about the sh*t run though.

B&T - I suspect it was a salt issue, I have that problem a lot.  Mine is so bad that I often faint, because my blood pressure falls so low.  It's okay now, I just have to keep adding salt to my diet, according to my GP.  Weird eh, how many people do you know that get told by their Doc to add more salt to their diet!

Oh and bought some goggles on Wednesday, so will try them out on Monday.


11/07/2010 at 08:56

Morning all,

 Hope your all well.  I know I'm late joining in this chat but hope you don't mind a gatecrasher! 

I am running / plodding along and on average run between an 11 - 12 min mile over 6 mile distance.  In order to keep my motivation up I am looking at entering some races but really don't want to be left for dust while everyone is packing up around me!!  Are there runs to be avoided??  Or am I too slow still?  What sort of time should I be doing?  Sorry for the list of questions!

Take care and happy running


Ps I am in Cambridgeshire

11/07/2010 at 09:36

Good morning all

Paula - nice to hear your out and about again.  I would be peeing every few minutes with that amount of drink.

JT - Hope yuor daughter had a nice birthday, how did you get on with all those teenagers.

Toby - Is the wife still emotional or back to normal, sounds like you had a nice day.

B&T I expect you have done/doing your long run today so to late to offer any advise.  I agree with Paula about the salt issue.

Pippa - Hi, Don't worry about the speed you run, remember you are benefitting yourself.  If your upto 6 miles a 10K race would be good, find the results from last years race and you will see a big range of times 1 hr 14 would approx be 12 M/M you will probably be quicker on raceday.

Managed to do my 20 miler yesterday a route I used for Stratts (a toughie) it was very humid and warm even at 6.30.  I decided to leave the garmin at home knowing that my HR would be high due to weather conditions, kept telling myself to slow down, don't know if my fitness has progressed since Stratts or I paced myself badly but managed to knock several mins off my usual time for the course.  Even though it was the first time I have got home and had to sit down outside to cool down.  Had another pub session with the football coaches and not in bad books.  Just done an hours study followed by an hour of upperbody workouts.

Take care all

11/07/2010 at 11:50


hope you having a good weekend

Julia,hope the party went well and no breakages or worse

AH,glad the 20 miles went well and very well done for knocking of a few minsyes more humid than warm here too .Like the sun but no good for training,wish the Chippenham HM was in Oct and not Sept

Pippa,well done on your running, 11 to 12 m/m is fine and judging on the size of the race you wouldn't be last.I did a 10k race the other evening-there were 500 runners and the last ones took 1 hr35mins.I don't know about races in Cambridge but you can check results to see where abouts you'd come.Good luck

Paula,good to see you back runningPlenty of time before Royal Parks

This morning did a local fun run with HL1.just a 2 mile race but so proud of her.She managed to run for nearly a mile without stopping which for her first race is very goodwe finished in around 25 minsShe got a medal which she is going to wear to school tomorrow!

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11/07/2010 at 13:43

Hellloooooooo! We are still alive. The party went really well, they are a great bunch of kids and were all very polite and apart from the incident with the banana and the condom nothing bad happened. And anyway it was educational and at least one of them was prepared..............

THL enjoyed the three tier carrot cake too

OK let me catch up. AH I did write down the treadmill hill training but seem to have tidied i away somewhere. I've tried to search the thread and site but to no avail, if you could post it again that would be fantastic  I really do need to get my heart and breathing behaving when i hit a hill. Sounds like you deserved the pub session after doing 20 miles, well done that was amazing in this weather

Susie IOW is 3rd Oct, time to get the miles clocked up again. Lovely that you met up with Foxy again, times go out of the window in this weather, 70 mins sounds pretty fast to me under the circumstances! well done to HL1  on her medal (and you for being such an inspiration to your HL's)

Toby well done on your fantastic running. Glad to hear it went well yesterday, I'm sure Mrs Toby was emotional for the right reasons - how lucky she has been to share 25 years of her life with you

B & T so sorry to hear about your bad run, sounds like heatstroke to me. We really underestimate the heat, even tho i downed a litre of water while out i still lost 3lb, that says it all i think. Our salts and things get lost and not replaced. AND OF COURSE! you gave blood, that would not have helped, taxi was a sensible idea. As regards your long run i think you need to pick a day and time when it is coolest, whenever that day is. Good luck!

Sal ditto everyone elses comments about Joseph, not that i've seen it but that i hope it was good.

Foxy well done on the sub 60, the amount of fluid we lose is scary isn't it. By the way i bought some m&s sports socks after you recommended them yonks ago, i'm very impressed at £5 for 2 pairs they are a bargain! Hope you and JF got on ok today.

Paula you are right, i talked about it long enough didn't i! Well done on your run, glad you are getting out again. The breeze got up here this morning and it's a lovely temperature now.

Pippa never too late to join, all welcome. Lots of cake making goes on here and sometimes some running  You are not slow, no reason not to enter races. I'd suggest that any you think of doing that you check out the websites and look at last years times. Are there any Race for lifes near you? They are a good place to start, but make sure you get right to the front else you'll be forever dodging walkers!

6 miles done today, much cooler.

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