GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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05/10/2012 at 22:27

Evening all..

AH you lucky thing ...congrats on winning that great prize...

Julia T you made me chuckle with your cream crackered punch line .

Goodness me lots of race entering going on......

After the Bristol half last sunday, on going through the finish line collecting medals and t shirts etc, i was handed lots of various bits of paper some of them a waste of time like free coffee if im in bristol bath or chippenham!!! anyway one caught my eye only cos it had a wiltshire race on it was something called Clubhouse..

Its bloody AMAZING lots of grass root runs often run by the local running club for runners in the south west....some not so grass root like stroud half ,bristol half etc but the amount of races on this site well you could run every day of the year...ive bookmarked it for now and will have a good look tomorrow...

Legs feel ok for sundays run in my home town.....B and T i got soooo excited for one min there i thought you were joining in the madness only for it to be taken away..i did e mail the race organiser and begged on your behalf but to no avail im sorry ..i had a lovely mail back stating that it was to late to enter and she had had to turn others away to so wouldnt be swindon still open for entries ???

Looking forward to seeing toby and poohbear tomorrow... we are meeting up with charlotte from the brighton marathon thread to on sunday..I did say to my daughter that i need a really good incentive to get me under the magic official 2 hour time on sunday...i did suggest a place in brighton marathon running on behalf of a charity but she just looked at me and tutted.....i dont know why..

06/10/2012 at 06:22

Good Morning All,

Still in a good mood, can't believe that Ive won such a fab prize.  Ordered some gear it is very expensive gear,  that I would never buy - one jacket is £180.00.

Any racing is very difficult for me to predict - sometimes I work on a weekend or taking the lad to Rugby so hard to plan, so not adding to the list.

Good luck to the racers this weekend.

Going out for my 20 miler in a minute then off to a Scouts fun day afterwards.

Have a good weekend all

06/10/2012 at 11:53

Yvonne - thank you so much for e-mailing about Cricklade for me. I emailed the lady as well, and got a similar reply. Ah well! best of luck to you & Toby tomorrow Will have a look at that link later - must be the one piece of paper I didn't manage to get!

AH - must be good stuff that you've won - enjoy! Oh and hope the 20 miler went well.

Off to take 2 boys to the Lego show at the Steam museum, one husband to an expensive cycle shop and one teenage daughter to the Outlet shopping centre. Could be an expensive day...

07/10/2012 at 13:25

Well cricklade half done and its my quickest time for cricklade and i was 2 mins 18 seconds quicker than last week BUT IM STILL NOT UNDER THE BLOODY 2 HOUR BARRIER!!!!!  2 HOURS 42 SECONDS according to my garmin....again like last week the course measured 13.21 miles but i ran faster at a pace of 9:08 min miles.....but its quicker and thats what ive got to take from it .....i just bloody wished that brighton half had been measured correctly then i would have had my official under 2 hour and not a oops we got it wrong here is your amended but not official time.....oh well these things are sent to try us....was nice to have toby and poohbear stay with me too ....roll on next week or is that roll up the hills and roll down them again at swindon....

07/10/2012 at 13:41

Yvonne,well done,so was that a pb?Sounds like a great time to me but can understand wanting to break the 2hr barrier when you are so closeYou will do though very soon,and if course measured a true 13.1 then you would've been underCan understand your frustration but dont be too negative,you did really well

Well i ran 10 miles yesterday and today was a bit naughty and went out and did 5.basically aimmed to run as quickly as poss,great weather conditions,feeling well so just went for it.Bit annoyed about mile 4 though






have never run as quickly as that so really pleased.Maybe a sub 30 min 5k or sub hr 10k is possible?


have good day all

07/10/2012 at 16:24

Hi All,

Unlucky today Yvonne on the sub 2hr attempt , A good race anyhow.

Susiebe - Nice run yesterday and sub 30m 5K is certainly possible.

Comfortable 20 miler yesterday tough in places but not to bad, then had a really nice day out at the Scout fun day with Bear Grylls making an apperance. 

Take care all

07/10/2012 at 16:36

afternoon all

as Yvonne posted Cricklade Done and dusted so that's 3 out of the 4 done came home in a time of 1:57:27 so i am gradually getting slow but to be honest with the week i had at work still pleased with the time

lovely time had staying at Yvonne's she treated us like royalty so a big thank you and looking forward to next week

07/10/2012 at 16:55

Your welcome toby and poohbear... sorry i let you down but i felt i did run my little legs and heart and lungs out the best i could....i felt i never let myself down so thats all that matters to me

Ps Thank you for bringing those doughnuts the kids especially enjoyed them the gannets they are

Edited: 07/10/2012 at 17:09
07/10/2012 at 17:07

Yvonne you never let anyone down your be knocking those few seconds off before you know if anything i let you down by failing to get you around

07/10/2012 at 17:11

NO YOU NEVER!!! YOUR JUST TURBO CHARGED!!!! Right who is rolling who up those hills next week ill go and have a drive round in the week and report back..

07/10/2012 at 17:16

i thought may be we could rig up some sort of ski lift and get towed up them or have a a taxi on stand by

07/10/2012 at 17:26

Looking back at my last post I'm sure I got those race number's wrong. I'm #4 and I think Voley is #5 and Foxy is #7. So our missing link next Sunday is #6 .. "I am not a number .. I am a free man!!"

JT - well done re 5K without walking - must be great to feel yourself improving and speeding up.

Yvonne - Bath HM isn't boring (support around most of the course; 2 laps of the loop means you see the elite athletes fly past (at the 3ml point in 2011) making 5 m/m pace look effortless). Shame about missing sub 2hrs at Cricklade HM by so little.

Nellie - good luck in advance for your HM. Set that alarm because you'll want to have digested your breakfast beforehand and will need too allow plenty of time for the inevitable queueing for the toilets.

Voley - oh goodie .. if the hills at the Ridgeway Run are mere dots than I no longer have any fear! I've found a map of the Ridgeway route on MapMyRun which is here so now I can email it to my sister and BIL and they can check it out to see if there are any points around the course where they can cheer me on.

B&T - oops .. triple-HM madness denied with Cricklade being full. Mr B&T (race photographer) must be relieved to be having a weekend off Aha .. I see you were shopping in Swindon yesterday - hope that didn't work out to be too expensive.

Toby - sorry to hear about 12hr days at work. I'm busy at work but at least I am getting away on time.

TR - I've found the only way to manage early-morning runs is to prepare the kit the night before, get up as soon as the alarm goes off, get dressed quickly and get out before you have a chance to realise what you are doing and how b****y early it is! Hope the nooo shoes work out okay - bought mine a week and a half ago and haven't tried them out yet.

Grant - well done re entering the Edinburgh HM. Good luck with the training and as it's not until April you have plenty of time to build up the mileage gradually. Aha .. your current mileage 60-80mls per month is more than I'm doing at the moment so it sounds like you'll be fine by April.

AH - brilliant news re winning the competition - just goes to show its always worth entering these things. 

Susie - great news reading about that speedy 5mls. Bet you're pleased as punch with that.

*waves* to everyone else

Been out this morning and done the same 10ml route as on the last few weekends. Only had one 2min walk break at 6mls and felt comfortable all the way round. So apart from next week's hills being a bit bigger looking good for next Sunday.

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07/10/2012 at 17:48

GULP Race List

14th October - Swindon HM - Toby,Yvonne;  Oxford HM - Susiebe;  Cardiff HM - Nelliedean;  Tring Ridgeway Run (10mls) - Wtnmel

28th October - Bronte Way Fell - TR

3rd November - Pendleton Fell - TR

4th November - Plymouth 10k - Susiebe;  Tatton Park HM - TR

25th November - Castle Combe Chilly 10K - B&T;  Boscombe 10k - Toby;  Clowne HM - Irish A

---- 2013 ----

3rd March - Silverstone HM - Susiebe

14th April - Brighton Marathon - B&T, Toby

21st April - London Marathon - Susiebe

08/10/2012 at 16:58

Uh-oh .. had a message from Voley on FB warning me it's a bit wet in Tring at the moment. So as well as keeping an eye out for tree roots and rabbit holes next Sunday, it's likely to be muddy and slippery underfoot in places as well. I could pray for some dry weather to dry out the course between now and then .. but looking out of the window today, fat chance of that happening!

09/10/2012 at 20:43

Evening All,

Quiet on here probably due to everyone racing this weekend.

Intervals done tonight 6 * 800m with 90 secs rests splits

6.38m/m, 6,38m/m, 6.40m/m ,6.37m/m, 6.39m/m & 6.38m/m, hows that for consistency.


10/10/2012 at 17:50

Very impressive splits there AH!

With the race on Sunday I was planning to go for a couple of short easy runs this week - it hasn't happened yet but there's always tomorrow (well, until Saturday anyway!). Going to be wet tomorrow but looks like it might be dry on the day.

10/10/2012 at 20:51

Evening all

Very impressive splits indeed! I had my first ever track session tonight so I'm starting to understand a bit more of all this talk of 'recoveries', 'reps' and the like.  I've also discovered that 300metres is a lot further than I thought.....especially when you have to go flat out nine times!!  Talk about out of puff.  Practise is definitely needed.

Aiming to get out at 5am tomorrow just for a couple of easy miles.  My training seems to include all the main quality sessions (tempo run, long slow run, speedwork etc.) but I just don't do enough easy or recovery runs.  So hopefully I can squeeze a short session in in the morning and enjoy the pub in the evening - cheers 

11/10/2012 at 04:37

Morning all

Well did a couple of miles on the treadmill on Tuesday and will attempt the same today then nothing until Sunday  as i will need all the energy i can muster to conquer those hills at Swindon

me and Yvonne will attempted a different approach to the race and use a run walk will run a mile walk a minute run to the next mile mark walk a minute hopping this way it give us enough to finish   

11/10/2012 at 09:06

Morning all! Bit quiet on here - we're obviously all busy!

Toby and Yvonne - well done on Cricklade - Yvonne, hopefully you can hold onto the thouht that you ran the best you could on the day. That sub 2hr WILL come!! Any race reports? (you know how I like a good race report!)

Toby - interesting strategy for Sunday - are you going to stick ridgedly to those timings, or are you hoping to aim for walk breaks up the hills (ultra runner style?) Will be interesting to see how it goes!

TR - training going well - hope 5am wasn't too dark and drizzly for you

Mel, Voley and Foxy - is going to be a soggy one on Sunday me thinks..... spotted its the 'Marshfield Mudlark' here on Sunday but won't be doing it this year - don't have any waders

Susie - good times for that 5 mile run - definitely sub 30 / sub 60 - with me it was a big question of having the confidence to go out at an appropriate pace.

AH - great pacing! My splits are never that accurate, but I seem to manage the overall pace (so hopefully that's okay!)

Good news here - got some new shoes this week. Same as my last ones (Asics GT 2170) but when I got there to pick them up I was surprised they were a different colour. Lovely purple and very practical dark grey - really lovely Very pleased with them - could feel the padding from my first run - really comfy.

bad news here I've been having some pain. In my shins. However I am in complete denial about what it could be, so am still running, but icing and wearing my compression calf guards. Each time I pull them on, the phrase 'surgical support stockings' comes to mind Its only twinges, but after last year I know I'm paranoid so fingers crossed its all okay.

So ignoring that, I started following AH's new plan this week, and have so far done a 40 min Tempo run at average of 9:42 pace, and a 48 min MP run at average 10:40 pace. I have a long run planned for Friday and was going to sneak in an easy run today but will see how my legs feel. And how muddy it is (don't want to get mynew shoes muddy yet!)

How's everyone else this morning?


11/10/2012 at 13:42

B&T will deffinetly stick to up the hills but i think it will depend on how close to going sub 2hr it is in the last 2 or 3 miles whether we stick to it

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