GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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11/10/2012 at 16:52

B and T never been one to write a race report but will do a mini one just for you...but first tonight i have a school meeting for my daughters 6th form, what joy....i always attend school parents evenings but boy sometimes its like being in the drs waiting room when your slotted time runs over and your still waiting...

Did a 20 min run this morning felt good and hopefully the threatened cold has bogged off been taking vit c but cant take anymore echinecea as ive had it for 10 days now and you shouldnt take it for more than that..but the power of positive thinking and telling myself im healthy is working...another thing with school age children they bring home every bug going eh...dont get me started on those nits from the infant school days yuk....!!!

Oh would be sooo lush to get a sub 2 hour mr toby on the hilliest course of the lot...


12/10/2012 at 12:25

Hi All,

Good luck to all that are racing this weekend.  Plenty going on.

B&T - Just be careful, are you doing intervals next week?

I have a parcel may just wear it on tonights jog.

12/10/2012 at 14:09

Yes - best of luck to the racers this wekend! Watch out for those hills

AH - I am being cautious - didn't run yesterday to see how I felt. Woke up this morning feeling fine which was a great relief! 8M LSR this morning - HR was apparently below 70% on average (much recheck my resting HR!) which is fab as I felt good - legs just felt tired (hard week!) Yes - intervals next week - have been programming my Garmin - whether I've done it right or not I'll find out!

Yvonne - oh yes, race report PLEASE!!! Lots of cold-y stuff going on here still as well. Think we're all just hanging on for half term! Don't mention nits - still make me itch - and if you only had it in infant school days you were damn lucky!!

AH - what was in your parcel?? Hopefully your lovely expensive stuff?!

Afternoon all! Must do some work now

12/10/2012 at 15:44

Hi all


Very busy week here.3 night shifts,a visit to my parents who were staying with my sister in Swindon and went to Hammersmith Apollo to see Katie Melua(fantastic singer) on weds eveningWorked last night so been in bed today.OH has a geo caching session lined up for tomorrow before meeting up in Burford with an old nursing collegue!Hows that for ideal preparation for Oxford HM on Sunday

Looking forward to it,just going to aim to keep to 10m/m and then a PB should come.Drove home on some of the course this am,exciting to see the road closure signs up but also kept noticing the inclines tooHope will see Jess there too


Amazing that Oxford,Swindon and Henley HMs all on the same day,ooopsSurely some people like to run at least 2 of them as all fairly local


B+T,sounds like a good run,good to keep HR low,must re check mine too

Yvonne,hopefully no more cold symptoms.Good luck on Sunday,I have yet to do Swindon HM so will be interested in how you and Toby find it

AH so what was in the parcel?

HLs have choir after school on fridays so later school run today,time for another cuppa


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12/10/2012 at 16:30

Afternoon all

Just 2 miles today resting up now till Sunday but the best thing is i am now on holiday for two weeks hoary 

B&T sorry there have been no race reports but life’s been a bit hectic and i just haven’t had time to wright them will try to do better with Swindon now I’m off for a while

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12/10/2012 at 19:16

Evening All,

B&T - Don't forget you are fitter/faster now so HR will be lower.

Everyone seems busy.

Yes - my parcel was my lovely expensive stuff, Mrs AH even said it was to nice to wear for running. So I tried out the jacket,  I got a bit warm to start with then kept finding zips for ventillation/cooling down kept my body nice and warm.  The shorts with the compression attached to them these just seems fab.  The shirt also seems fab and no smell of sweat afterwards.  Was only going to do 12m but ended up nearly `17m, well one does have to give this gear a good test.  Two weeks until Snowdon

12/10/2012 at 20:05

A/H glad to hear the clothes arrived and you had a chance to give them a good test

13/10/2012 at 20:46
Susie - hope you have a great race, and fingers crossed for a consistent pace and a new PB! Hope you get to see Jess - say hello from us all if you do!

Toby & Yvonne - don't take any nonsense from those hills!

Voley, Alice and Mel - ditto what I said to Toby and Yvonne, and happy wading!

Makes me feel very lazy, not racing tomorrow. However I do have another flat 10k to add to my race calendar. Speedwork for the next 2 months then concentrating on distance and marathon training. So that's my next 6 months sorted out!

AH - so glad to hear the new gear has been suitably tested and not found wanting! Tapering now?

Edited to add - just checked back and I see Nelliedean's racing at Cardiff as well. Sorry to have missed you out - best of luck to you too!
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14/10/2012 at 13:41

2 hrs 20 mins 33 secs,a new pb by over 9 mins,I'm absolutely delighted

Race report to follow but fantastic race,great course and organisation,really recommend it



14/10/2012 at 16:38

(Got  fed up with laptop not letting me on!)

Well blumin' done, Susie..... great running......

I await your race report! Heres mine for Ridgway 15k..

Bloody hard race, 230m of climbing, over 7 miles +  2.60 miles flat. Mega hills, slippy underfoot.

Saw Mel and also Mrs Mel (what a lovely lady!).

Lots of hills, lots of gorgeous scenary. Photos below. I did 1.44, Foxy 136, mel... will leave that for him, I always think it nicer for the runner to tell the tale... but he did a great time.

Abd me and the Fox had a bloody fantastic sausage butty after...



14/10/2012 at 17:31

Hi All,

Susiebe - Fab result.

Voley, Mel & Foxy, Nice hills.  

Awaiting other results,

B&T - Yes Taper time for me.  Have had to take the weekend off running just no time. 

Voley - Just for you my 8Km out and back training run as 245 metres of Ascent

Take care all & once again Fab result Susie.




14/10/2012 at 19:15

Evening all

Well back from the Swindon H/M all though plans changed and i ended up running with wife instead of Yvonne the wife ran the Cricklade 10k last week and because she was that much slower than the rest she ended up alone running down county lanes by herself and as there were no houses or cars felt vulnerable and was worried the same may happen today

Arrive at Yvonne’s on Saturday and stayed the night have to say did not sleep well but never do the night before a race Sunday morning came breakfast consisted of toast with peanut butter and jam on left for the race at 9.15 the morning was cold and frosty but the sun was warm and as the day went on it warmed up nicely

got the race ok and after the usual loo visit had a wondered around waiting for the start Yvonne went to middle of the pen as she was going for a 2.15 we on the other hand hung around at the back as we were looking for a 3.30 finish

The race got away on time and after a uphill start the course ran down hill and the flat until it started to climb again at the 5 mile mark i let the wife set the pace and she was using a run walk and we were running 15m/m’s using this

All was going well and right up to the 11 mile mark with me pulling her up the hill and then running down the other side have to say the views were stunning when disaster struck her hip or we thought it was her hip started to hurt but being the stubborn c**and determined to finish we had to walk the best part of the last 2 miles

She did insisted on running down the slope to the finish unofficial time 3:26:01 Yvonne gave the wife a big hug and she had finished her first ever H/M

One go thing as we were one of the last to finish there was no queue for the massage so sent her of to get one while i went for my cheese burger

Then headed back for a massage myself the person who massage the wife thinks she probable picked up a slight hamstring strain

Then it was back to Yvonne’s for some tea and then home

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14/10/2012 at 20:24

Wow!! even though today i knew i wouldnt go sub 2 cos me and hills are not the best of friends i was hoping for a sub 2 hours 10 and i got it i think unofficially on the garmin its 2 hours 7 just waiting for the results to go online ....if noone has ran swindon half marathon then i would advise it, its one to do, a great course even with the hills as you get the downhills too and the flat so a challenge, but boy the views are great, ok, today was a fab day for running blue sky sunshine and around 8 degrees, perfect, not so sure if its raining and blowing a gale would be as much fun ...the organisation was spot on and the most toilets in a row ive ever seen... the marshalls were all friendly the drinks stations volunteers all smiley and encouraging everything was great nice medal, nice t shirt, nice goody bag etc and all for £20 im going back next year, but will get more hill training in,may ask for some advice on those AH  !!! 

Had a fab weekend with toby and mrs toby , my daughter loves them both, as for 2 weekends in a row they have brought a box of 12 krispy creme doughnuts and the lemon meringue ones are to die for!!!

Oh my word so proud of that mrs toby or poohbear as she is known as on brighton thread she went and got her sub 3 hour 30 half and in pain for the last 2 miles when she could of given up, but she dug deep and was determined not to let it beat her!!!

A great day we woke at 8 am had a leisurly breakfast shower and dressed ...arrived in swindon at 9.40 walked around the race village and we left it until 10.30 to peel off the layers then had another loo break then we were called into the start i said good luck to toby and mrs toby...the gun went and off we went just got past the start line and the man in front had an accident his belt of gels fell off right into my path so he stopped dead in front of me cant be helped i suppose but annoying ...the course was ace i loved the challenge ...i kept in front of the 2 hour 10 min pacer guys until that first horrble steeper hill than the first lot so had to stop and walk for a min to catch my breath then the pacer guys came past....oh no...

so caught up with them and went past with the aid of a downhill section..and stayed in front....then another runner at mile 11 decided she would like a jelly baby so she cut and ran in front of me making me stop they were to the left of me and she was running on my right at the time....the hill at mile 12 wasnt great either but knew it was coming as we had run down it on way out...had another little catch my breath walk for a min then ploughed on to a lovely fast downhill finish...

A great last half of the 3 ive ran in the last 2 weeks and, even though not my best time, the best one for me, i enjoyed it immensly...felt strong and very positive today and will go on enjoy my holiday from next friday and then decide my winter running races and i think i may do an autumn marathon next year....

14/10/2012 at 23:15

It's late .. but if I don't pop on here now you'll be waiting until tomorrow evening to hear from me.

Met the lovely Voley and Foxy at the Ridgeway Run this morning. I see Voley checked in earlier on with a photo (while I was still driving home). I have some photos of the three of us taken by Mrs WM. Full race report to follow but the short version is ..

Fabulous autumn morning for a run and fantastic countryside. Set off with Foxy & Voley (we met at the start). I was with them for .. ooohhh .. at least 300yds before they headed off into the distance. Don't have all the stats but 3 (or was it 4?) blimming big hills to contend with. Slippery underfoot in places and tree roots to contend with on some of the paths through the woods. Despite all that, was thrilled and delighted to finish in 1h 49m. And a fab tech t-shirt at the end too (and all this for just £9!).

The only downside was I went over on my left ankle about halfway round the run. I managed to keep going during the run but it has stiffened up since then so applying plenty of Lloyds cream and massaging the ligament (feels like the same one I strained once before).

Hope to do a proper catch-up tomorrow evening ..

15/10/2012 at 10:33

Here goes..


Arived early,leaving the rest of the family in bedFelt really relaxed,ideal weather and felt fine so a good start.Local running shop exhibiting so had a look.Could try all the Cliff Shot Block flavours,and spoke to the chap about the quesy feeling I get with gels so decided to buy a pack(orange flavour was my fav and 20% off) and use them during the race.Also had a carbohydrate bar an hour before the start and sips of energy drink.

Race was late to start but seemed to be a great atmosphere with plenty of support.Saw Sir Roger Bannister at the start,remembered to start my Garmin and was offFirst 3 miles were around the Mini plant and along the dual carriageway-sounds boring but it felt pretty cool to be running along a road I use so much-always has traffic jams etc so was thinking I was able to run quicker than I usually drive along itJust tried to keep to 10m/m and did feel really comfortable which was a great feeling.Some lovely parts of the course,especially alongside the river which was quite narrow but never too crowded.Seemed to be having a race against some rowers for a while(they won!)Some great support and bands along the course.

Had one of the Shot Blocks every 3 miles and really felt very comfortable.Got to Mile 10 in 1hr46 so knew that as long as i kept the pace to 10m/m I would get a good PBfelt myself slowing a little so had to work hard but no real problem. Ran past my dentist surgery and a care home where I've worked,seemed to help knowing the course and knowing that the last mile was nice and flatJust counted down the 3 roundabouts back to the Kassam Stadiumhad a bit of a sprint into the Stadium to some great support/noise.Ran over the line and I think I felt the best I've ever felt at the finish knowing that I'd got a great PBand it had felt relatively easyish

Didnt see Jess before the race but saw her afterwards,great to see her and have a chatShe did really well

A great race,lovely course and even though I did notice some long queues for bags at the end I really recommend Oxford  HM.Great goodie bag,medal(with a MIni on the front,well they were sponsors)tech tee-shirt,Cliff bar,running mag

Home to find OH ripping up carpets to lay new faster internet cablesgreat, but fantastic day

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15/10/2012 at 10:42

Now the boring bit














0.16 10.02

 Official chip time 2.20.31

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15/10/2012 at 13:36

Some nice reading guys, & good running.

15/10/2012 at 13:52

Afternoon all

well that’s it for me now all the  4 half done in 5 weekends so will have to think of a new challenge for next year would definitely recommend Swindon all though we were lucky with the weather i think it may have been a different story had it been blowing a gale and raining

We were lucky to run Swindon as i was reading that it nearly got cancelled because the main sponsor pulled out but at the last minute decided to back it glad they did and that the cost of road closers wasn’t been offset by the number of entries

They were dead chuff this year as they had a record number of runners at 1,930 a far cry from the likes of bath and Bristol were the entries are usually 10,000 and more yet there twice as expensive to enter

There’s no running now for me for 2 weeks as i am now on holiday and have decided to give the body time to recover mind you i say that now but by next week i won’t be surprised if i am suffering from a case of twitchy leg

both me and the O/H will be running the Boscombe 10k again at the end of November and then i expect were both be doing the Santa’s on the run fun run in December i think Mrs Toby3 said her sister- in- law was interested in doing it as well this year

Great race reports B&T will be pleased

not a bad years running for me this year have set 2 new P/B  those bening my H/M time at Bath and marathon time at Brighton help Yvonne to a new 10k PB achieve a goal by running the GNR and help Mrs Toby 3 to run here first H/M

only down side failed again this year to get Yvonne round in under 2hrs oh well there always next year for that one

Yvonne again thanks for having us both me and Poohbear had a great time let us know if you’re going to run any more H//M this year and a see if i can talk Mrs Toby3 into letting me run it hope the cold gets better soon

15/10/2012 at 23:29

Race report as promised .. sorry its so long!

Ridgeway Run (part 1)

We travelled up on the Saturday as we had booked a room at the local Premier Inn. My family (mum, brother, sister, brother-in-law) joined us for a meal on the Saturday evening. I had rib-eye steak with chips .. not exactly ideal pre-race food! My sister and BIL wanted to watch me running and said they would pick up Mrs Wm on race day and try to see me at the Bridgewater Monument (3.5mls). My Mum and brother said they might join them as well ..

Had an early breakfast - granola and fruit, toast, tea. Got myself organised and set off just after 9:15am (race start was at 10am). A 5 minute drive to Tring Park Cricket Club - got myself parked, changed into my running shoes, stretched, texted Foxy to let her know I had arrived. Hadn't managed to meet up before we needed to make our way to the start (5 mins walk away). But managed to meet up with Foxy and Voley near the start line and had a quick chat. But before we knew it we were off (no hooter - we just noticed people moving forward).

I stayed with the two of them for a few hundred yards but then let them head off while I ran at my own pace. The first mile is flat along a road/farm track before you turn right onto Northfield Rd which you run along for about half a mile. Then you turn left onto a footpath. This is the beginning of the first little 'bump' you negotiate as you run up and over a ridge, along the edge of a golf course and then descend through some woods. Across another road at the 2.5ml point and through a farmyard (very muddy!) and then the first big hill starts on a slightly muddy path. You can see the Bridgewater Monument on the ridge ahead but then you're into the woods and its uphill all the way for the next mile. Lots of us were walking at this point. At 3.5mls the path flattens out as you approach the monument. This was where my family were waiting .. all of them! A quick wave to them then I was on my way.

The next two miles is along a good track through the woods with some ups and downs but you slowly lose some height. I was just concentrating on keeping my pace constant at this point and chatting to people alongside as we compared notes on how we felt. At 5.5mls you leave the woods behind and start a big descent. It was here I turned over on my left ankle due to a split-second lapse in concentration talking to a marshal. It felt okay and I figured I could run it off so kept going. You are running down grass paths at this point but are warned (a) it could be slippy (b) watch out for rabbit burrows. A couple of twists and turns and then you have a long, less steep descent down grassland which brings you to the next road crossing (Pitstone Hill) just after 6mls.

I was feeling great as I crossed the road and car park and was delighted to see my 'team' were there to cheer me on again.

15/10/2012 at 23:36

Ridgeway Run (part 2)

You immediately start uphill again so a bit more walking was needed (everyone was by now) and although I was working hard I felt fine. At 7 mls you enter woods again and the path became quite tricky with ups and down, tree roots to watch out for and lots of walkers to dodge around. You start to lose more height from here on and eventually pop out onto Northfield Rd again (8 miles). From here you run along the road for a short distance before turning onto the road/track where the race began.

I was still feeling good at this point and going along at what felt like a comfortable pace. I slowly gained on one lady who saw me come alongside and surged forward. I didn't respond and kept my pace constant and she quickly dropped back to her previous pace. I slowly came alongside again and she surged again, then slowed again just as quickly. The third time I came alongside she didn't respond. I passed the start line (9mls) and although I was tired I was concentrating on trying to keep things together.

The last .7ml is along the road we walked along to the start. By now there were lots of people around - runners who had already finished, families out supporting other runners. I just concentrated on my running and as I knew it wasn't much further tried to wind things up a bit. The marshals were egging me on and as I drew nearer I could see the entrance to the cricket club. I saw the marshals stop the traffic by the entrance and crossed the road with one marshal's "Go on mate!!" ringing in my ears as I ran towards the finish and under the banner in a time of 1hr 49m 29s.

My family were there to see me over the finish line and once I had collected my tech t-shirt went to see them. Foxy and Voley were nearby so I introduced them to Mrs Wm and she took a photo of the three of us. After the race we went back to the Premier Inn where I showered and changed before we had a late sunday roast before heading home. Looking at the stats they are quite erratic due to all the ups and downs. The average pace was 11:17 m/m and I'm pleased to see my pace was okay for mile 9 and I did manage to speed up a bit over the last part:

1) - 1m - 10:57(10:57/m)

2) - 1m - 11:38(11:38/m)

3) - 1m - 11:40(11:40/m)

4) - 1m - 11:58(11:58/m)

5) - 1m - 11:08(11:08/m)

6) - 1m - 10:56(10:56/m)

7) - 1m - 12:16(12:16/m)

8) - 1m - 11:46(11:46/m)

9) - 1m - 10:15(10:15/m)

10) - 0.71m - 6:54(9:41/m)

The left ankle is still stiff today but better than yesterday so I've not done any major damage - just a slight sprain.

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