GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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05/11/2012 at 16:28

well back from my first weigh in at weight watcher and i lost 6 pounds last week putting me down to 13st 1lb did a 3 mile run again today took just over 27 minutes which i am pleased about as it's the fastest one yet since i got back into training for Boscombe properly

05/11/2012 at 16:46
Toby - well done, on the run and the weight loss!
05/11/2012 at 17:34

Hi all


Well fairly pleased about Plymouth 10k yesterday morning.Stayed in a hotel about 2 minutes walk from the start line so left OH in bed at 7.45am and wandered to the start.Was really pleased that weather ideal after reading some horror forecasts of gales etc. Fairly cold but dry and only small breeze.So decided on shorts and tee-shirt so packed rest of my winter wear in my bag and handed that in.

Aim of race was to try and keep under 10 m/m.Almost made it but was a bit hillier than i expected so although the down bits were great the uphill sections tired my legs a bit and I think made the difference.Nice route though,out and back so got to see the leaders storming back the other side of the road which always inspires me.Felt really comfortable,slightly slower on the uphills(need to do more hill training)but ran the whole way and really enjoyed it.Very steep incline just before 6 mile point,a real tease but head down and sprinted for the lineLovely to see OH at the finish as I had expected him not to have moved very far from the bed


Mile Splits were 9.45, 10.04, 10.02, 10.00, 10.03, 10.06, 0.31 mile 9.45  Garmin measured 6.31 miles Very pleased with how consistant the miles were,just need to get a few secs off per mile so aim to do another 10k soon and in the meantime concentrate on some intervals and try and shift another half stone

 Official chip time 1.02.59 so a PB

Edited: 05/11/2012 at 17:36
05/11/2012 at 17:46

Wayyyy! Well done Susie! Very consistent splits as well. I was thinking of you on Sunday morning as we woke up to SNOW!!!!!! Was hoping that it hadn't made it as far down as Plymouth!

Come over to Castle Combe on 25th November - pancake flat course, perfect for PBs, heated area for spectators, and gaps in the pit lane walls for your loving family to hold portions of chips through as you run past shouting "Hurry up or your chips will be cold!"

06/11/2012 at 03:58

susie well done to you as B&T said good consistent splits times

06/11/2012 at 09:40

Well i am going to don my trainers in a few mins and head out to my treadmill for a small 20 min get my butt back into it run....I am very very tempted to try an ultra have been toying with the idea for a few days and will look into what type of training it entails i think its more the volume of running ie how many miles per week you do thats the key i think anyway ..have even looked up to see whats about next summer ultra wise.....woo hoo

Well done on your pb susie

Well done on your weight loss mr toby (no more krispy kreme donuts for you)

06/11/2012 at 10:44

no more krispy kreme donuts Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'll just have to save a weeks wroth o pro points up

Yvonne good for you looking at an Ultra alli can say is you got more go in you than i have

06/11/2012 at 11:31

Well thats it  run done felt very very good.. i think it may help at the moment having no pressure to run and just enjoying it...ran faster than i thought i would to seeing as ive had 3 weeks off!!! a steady 6mph for 20 mins so all good ...

Toby im looking at either a 35 mile one or a 100 mile in 4 day one they both sound fun!!

Work now

06/11/2012 at 22:56
Yvonne - an Ultra ??! Very exciting - your 'halves-in consecutive-weekends will be good training

Toby Krispy Kreme - drools!

After messing up each of my runs schedule-wise last week was determined to get it right this week. Schedule said "upto an hour at MP 10:44" So I ran just over an hour (whoops!) but at an average moving pace of 10:45. I'll take that as a success

Was beautiful, frosty, but not too cold once I got going.
07/11/2012 at 04:30

morning all

well just 4 miles for me yesterday took me just over 37 minutes which was a big surprise as i felt i was struggling for the whole run

07/11/2012 at 21:17
Toby - all those hms this summer paying off now. And if you're anything like me, the cooler weather helps hugely with keeping heart rate down.

Yvonne - just remembered! I bought women's running this month (December's issue) and it has race report from 4 women they've been helping train to run ultras. might be worth a read? Actually if want you can message me your e-mail address I'll scan it and send it to you?

No running for me today, working this morning then was taken to lunch by my family (brother was down visiting and I only see him a few times a year) Went to lovely restaurant which has delicious food, and they bring big bowls of veg (healthy) and dauphinois potatoes (not healthy) and saut??ed potatoes (definitely unhealthy) but oh so yummy! Must go and run it off tomorrow
08/11/2012 at 08:01

Thanks B and T, i too get that magazine and i think thats what got me thinking about it although 2 of the girls didnt finish which shows me how hard it is!!

The training is the same as marathon just more miles!! (big gulps)

Anyway puppy gets collected in 2 sleeps time my daughter is very excited i must be too subconsciencely as i keep waking in the night and having trouble drifting off that or the thought of christmas being only 47 sleeps away!!!!! aaarrrrggghhh

08/11/2012 at 08:16

Yvonne - I thought it was an inspiring article - but I resisted the urge!

2 sleeps to puppy how exciting!!!

08/11/2012 at 16:41

afternoon all

decided to run for 1hr today so did a 30 minute out and 30 minute back covered just over 6 miles in that time

08/11/2012 at 17:21

I think that doing those 3 halfs in 2 weeks did give me a massive fitness boost....first run after 3 weeks i did 20 mins at 6 mph which felt good and tonight i went and done half hour of my fave speed play run ranging from 5.4 to 7.2 mph and covered 3 miles  didnt even have to stop or drop speed so all good here ....

Toby you just keep on running im not sure your ever gonna stop

09/11/2012 at 08:37

Morning All,

been a bit busy with getting ready for the move, and have hardly run since Snowdon.

Susiebe - Great PB and very well paced, good target for the next 10K is all under 10M/M which I'm sure you can manage.

Toby excellent weight loss.

Yvonne - Ultra hey - I was going to do one in January but with moving that plan as gone out of the window.  Back to back long runs but no need to go to long.

B&T - Very very impressive training I'm sure you will get a good time for your next 10K.  BTW - it is quite common to do intervals and tempo runs in a week but up goes the chances of injury.

like I say haven't ran much since Snowdon - well have had a good rest and last night got out and did a 7 miler - ITB felt fine so will pick it up soon, only going to maintenance running though until the family are settled.

Take care all

09/11/2012 at 08:45

Morning All!

AH - increased injury risk is NOT what I need!!! Do you have a timescale for moving? Hope it all goes well - very unsettling time for you all but hopefully all will be for the best in the long run (unexpected running reference there!)

Yvonne - Puppy day Tomorrow??!!!!!!! We'll need pics of course

Toby - good 60 minute run!

Following my schedule properly after last weeks messing around, so went out for 20 min Tempo yesterday, at 9:33 pace. Warmed up for half a mile, then a mile at 9:18 (whoops!), and a mile at 9:30 (yay!) Included a big dip down and up twice (out and back run!) and felt 'comfortably hard'. Nice and properly slow 8 miles planned for later this morning. Down to lacock to see if its still flooded. maybe I should take my wellies???!!!

Anyone else running today?

09/11/2012 at 10:11

Helloooooooooooooo yet again sorry for my abscence but I though you might like to know that I got round the GSR. An abysmal time of 2.24 and had to walk on and off from 6.5 miles but there you are, my fault for not taking the diet and training seriously.

My running buddy was awesome, bounced along like Tigger and put me to shame. I kept telling her to go on ahead but she refused to leave me, NO we're doing it together she kept saying. 

SO I have been persuaded to enter Brentwood half again, march next year, (the race that launched 13000 + posts) 

eek why did that go so big?


09/11/2012 at 10:13

oh what's going on? I had a huge font but it's small now ooooeeer.

So it's serious stuff for me now, I am not doing another race without being lighter and faster so training has begun. Not wasting £23.........

Hope everyone is ok, have been very busy so apologise for not getting on here, will have a read back now with a nice cup of coffee

09/11/2012 at 10:30

Well done on the weight loss Toby and the run 

Susiebe great race stats and lovely for Mr Susiebe to be at the finish  Hill training is in my plan also for the next few months. And losing rather more than half a stone!

B & T I laughed at the chip encouragement!! 

An Ultra Yvonne? Gulp!

Waves to everyone, better go and do some work now, will try and keep up with the thread this time!

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