GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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17/11/2012 at 11:51

Good morning, just a couple of laps of the local park done this morning, am concentrating on running for weight loss at the moment without too much stress on time/distance. It's quite nice going Garmin free too, a bit of naked running sometimes can be a good thing 

Good luck with Big Bertha Mel!!!

I'll look our for the Nak'd bars Susiebe, think I may have seen them but thought they would be higher calorie so that's good news 

Moving house AH? Very exciting stuff, sorry I have lost track of what everyone's been up to due to my lack of threadling lately. 

Have a good weekend everyone


17/11/2012 at 21:20
Thanks for the heads up Mel

Hi to all (waves)

A bit if back ground on me, I returned back to running June thus year following 2 years off following a partial Achilles rupture that resulted in surgery + having my plantarus tendon removed - managed to lose the 3 stone I put on during that time.
I'm on track to run my first ever 10k in December and hoping this will tell me if running a HM early part of next year is on the cards.
18/11/2012 at 18:15

Hi Dee - I see you found us okay!

Dee and I have been chatting on the "Inspire" thread - but it's gone a bit quiet over there. So I suggested Dee and the others might like to come and chat with us over here instead.

Okay - off to attempt a catch-up. But am (gasp!) multi-tasking and cooking Sun dinner at the moment - so not 100% sure how far I'll manage to get.

18/11/2012 at 18:48

Me again

AH - glad to hear preparations for move are coming along nicely and everything seems to be working out okay so far. Fingers crossed for you things stay that way! Re early morning runs - didn't think I could do it. But once I am up and about and out of the door it doesn't feel as bad as I thought it might.

Julia - glad to hear you have been getting out. Have to agree .. a bit of 'naked' running every now and then does you good Re Big Bertha .. see below.

I did a 7ml run earlier today. It felt crap at the time .. had to stop and walk three times for a total of eight minutes. We had a late night as we were at a wedding reception and I was tired before I set off so I blamed that. But looking at the stats afterward, although the avg pace was 10:40mm, I set off too fast (10mm pace) and slowed down later so everything evened itself out.

I wasn't able to do the planned 'Big Bertha' hill repeats. There was a duathlon taking place in Cirencester Park - the race route crosses over Big Bertha so I ran up the hill (dodging the cyclists) and promised myself I will try and do some hill repeats next time.

19/11/2012 at 04:00

morning all

I should be tapering down this week but may just keep it were it was last week (need all the extra Pro points i can have for the weekend) which was  3miles Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday and a 5 miler which i would have do on Thursday as me and O/H of to Bournemouth on Friday just don't tell OH about the extra runs

or i be in trouble

Mel sorry to hear the run never went well and the hill repats never happened but I'm shore knowing you your get them done next time

Dee Mead welcome

19/11/2012 at 06:53
Thanks Toby - extra pro points always a bonus

I'm building up to a couple of overload weeks, got some speed endurance training this week, and swimming for my cross training. Somehow I need to fit a run in on Friday not going to be easy as my daughter gets married, so will need to get up at stupid o'clock to get a run in.

Mel - sorry Bertha didn't happen but you'll get it next time it's horrible when you have a bad run.
19/11/2012 at 07:54
Morning all
Thought I'd sneak back in and say hello
I have been a bad gulper and for the 1st time ever fallen out with running
I was ill with a viral/chest thing in Oct which wiped me out for 2 and a half weeks then work and life got really hectic (including the dog having to go for aggression) and before I knew it I'd not run for 5 weeks and had to miss the Tatton HM
It's been a bit scary cos I've not missed it so now am just trying to go out once or twice a week for 2 or 3 miles to get some exercise. It's depressing how quickly you lose fitness
Fingers crossed the buzz will come back at some point......
Everyone else sounds they're going great guns, especially speedy Susie
What breed is the new pup Yvonne and what have you called him/her?
19/11/2012 at 11:32

speediersal lovely to hear from you any running is good running so don't beat your self up perhaps just going out running for the fun of running is what you need right now i know what you mean about not miss something i played bowls for years and thought i never lose the bug but stop in 2008 just before i started running have to say i don't miss it at all sorry about the dog is it one you have for a while or a new addition

19/11/2012 at 17:27

Speediersal sorry about your dog...our new puppy is a border collie called patch and he is 9 weeks old now and we are instilling in him what he can and cant do as the first 13 weeks are crucial learning weeks we go to puppy parties and we also have another dog at home to play with him to...he is also trying to met as many people and things and get use to the car you i have not ran as such due to busy hectic life with puppy and xmas prep etc and having no races booked i tend to collapse in the evenings instead of running as i dont have to...and yes you do lose fitness very quickly... i have been out twice last week but none since thursday..

Waves to all

19/11/2012 at 22:50

SS,great to hear from you.I had been thinking of you as i remember your HM was the same day as the Plymouth 10k.Really sorry to hear that life has been a pain for you recently.At times like that i can well understand that running then becomes a chore,like something else that has to be done and then the enjoyment goes and its easier to just forget for a while until you're ready again.Just getting out for short runs is great,dont worry about speed or anything just enjoy the fresh air etc and when its ready I'm sure there will be that buzz again for you


Working tonight,start 11pm crazy time I know

20/11/2012 at 07:07
Speed - heart breaking we had to do that with one of our dogs earlier year for exactly the same thing, it's the right thing but never easy.

Been trying to train one of our other dogs to run with me, but it makes it hard work, cos she always wants to stop and sniff or take a pee!

Good thing about fitness tho is after a break it doesn't take that long to get your fitness level back after a break, I had 2 years off due to my injury, now less than 6 months later I'm probably fitter than I was before the injury.

Right got to go and get a swim in b4 work
20/11/2012 at 21:39

Well ive just signed up to my local park run ,have even printed off the bar code, now just need to motivate myself to get there and run....ive just read thats its mostly on hardstanding so shouldnt be too bad to run on after rain ..

My mums birthday tomorrow and we are off out for a meal,a stomach stretcher im sure...

I was also looking on clubhouse to see if any races tickled my fancy but can only do one every other sunday as i work on the other....and saturdays of i may think my mojo is slowly returning..

20/11/2012 at 23:12
Evening all! Sorry I've been AWOL lately - just too busy here. Have been runni g though, apart from my planned long run last Friday that I was just too shattered to do (sleep deprived week last week yuck!)

Welcome Dee good to have you along! Exciting day on Friday for you!

Hi Sal - sorry life's been so full on, and sorry about your dog. Don't worry about your running mojo - it will come back when you're ready. Oh and boo to having to miss Tatton HM

Yvonne - give Patch a cuddle from me and good luck with Park run!

AH - sounds like a busy Christmas and a hectic New Year! Good news that the schools look good and the house is getting there!

Mel - glad you're getting out lots and well done for avoiding the cyclists.

Julia - more running

Toby - sounds like good planning for the weekend re. Points!

Susie work starting at 11pm? Ugh!

Castle Combe Chilly 10k on Sunday. Feel prepared in that I've done lots of soggy runs lately (rolls eye) but I haven't decided what pace to aim for. As a completely flat course this is where I set my PB last year of 58:35. I've managed to set a new PB at every distance this year apart from 10k .... So no pressure then!
21/11/2012 at 17:36

Hi all


Did a practise 10k on Sunday,a couple of hills and it took me 1:2:05 so maybe without any hills a sub 1 hr 10k is getting closer!


Today went for a slow 5 mile run,but found I was averaging 10.3 m/m so the faster running has been making my slow runs more efficient tooReally pleased as marathon training starting soon.


B+T,good luck on Sunday.You sure to get a 10k pbI think the weather will be drier  yes been really soggy here today.My youngest went on a school trip today to Ciencester,they couldnt have chosen a worse day


Hope everyone ok

21/11/2012 at 19:23

Evening All,

Susie - Nice to hear the slow runs are getting faster a sign of improvement.

Dee - Welcome - have a great day Friday.

Sal - Nice to hear from you, sorry to hear that you've had a bad time.

Mel - Hope that Big Bertha comes off this week if you want to do hill repeats - how about Snowdon marathon.

Toby - Excellent weight loss going on,  good luck for Sundays 10K.

B&T - Yes busy between Xmas and New year also daughter is 9 on December 30th. - This weeks 10K I'm sure you will get a PB - Training seems to have been good - How about 9.10 pace - 57 minutes.

Meself - Managing 2/3 runs per week and have signed up for a fast 10K on Dec 16th even though at the moment not feeling fast or have much stamina,  so a couple of weeks to get race fit.  Have done some research on running clubs near to we are moving and will get in contact with them when settled.

Take care all



22/11/2012 at 04:00

morning all

running wises this week did 3 mile Monday on the treadmill Tuesday to my shame could be bothered to run at all so had a rest day yesterday felt guilty about not running Tuesday so did 6 miles to make up for it will try to do 5 today but haven't decided whether to go out or do them on the treadmill as a recover run will wait to see what the weathers like

weight loss is going well dropped another 4 lbs this week which means i have now lost 1st half a pound in 3 weeks putting me at 12st 6.5lbs so still have 1st 5.5lbs to lose before Brighton next year

23/11/2012 at 04:23

morning all

well i was going to do 5 miles yesterday but to my shame yet again never got out or stayed in for a run yesterday never slept well and had a bad case of CBA won't run again now till Sunday that's if it dosn't get washed out with all this rain we've had

23/11/2012 at 23:56
Evening all! On iPod sorry, so hard to read back as I type!

Toby - if it makes you feel any better, I didn't run today either. My excuse though is that I woke up FULL of cold. Snotty, coughing and achy. Yuck! I have my fingers crossed I've recovered by Sunday, weather looks awful so I don' t want to get soaked if I'm still not 100%

AH - fast 10k sounds ideal for you - not such long training in busy times. I'd decided to aim for 57 mins as well, but we'll see if I get there at all!

Susie. 'practice'10k sounds great, because you'll always go faster in a 'real' race

Waves and sniffs to everyone else. Wonders if Lemsip is a banned substance???
24/11/2012 at 16:42
Well the wedding went exactly as I expected it to, bloody knackered now tho

Did get up this morning and managed an hours run - only covered 5.3 miles tho was hoping for more. Still on the plus side training including speed endurance seems to be going ok and I'm on track for my 10k mid December.

Fab weight loss Toby - don't think I've ever lost that amount in one week.

Another hill - out of interest your 10k wouldn't happen to be a Santa run?
24/11/2012 at 21:47

Evening All,

Good luck to the racers tomorrow - hope the weather behaves itself & illnesses are kept at bay.  Looking forward to the race reports of PB's.

Dee - Not sure about the santa 10K - the one I've sighned up for is Telford,  very flat for me have done it before. Good news that the wedding went as expected must mean it was a great day.

Intevals with a twist today started with 3 * 1 mile at 5K pace with 90 secs rest followed by 2 miles at 10K pace - Hard but hopeful of a bit of improvement, after a year of Marathon training really nice to change the training around.








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