GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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11/12/2012 at 23:07

AH - its the Novice 1 plan - so nice and simple. It does seem to build up fairly gradually. Runs 1 & 2 done already - both very cold though!

Everyone else keeping warm?

14/12/2012 at 17:28

Another week flown by and just as busy at work (testing a new release of the system I look after) so not had a chance to get on here

Toby - see you got out for a 10ml run last week and more running this week. As you say, doesn't really matter about Garmin conking out due to low battery as the 10ml run was a LSR anyway.

AH - glad to see things are progressing satisfactorily on the house/job move front. I see Susie knows Burford Garden Centre well - I've only ever driven past it on my way to see my family (via A40 and Oxford). I drive through Chipping Norton when I'm visiting my cousin in Bloxham.

Susie - shame you missed your 10K PB at your race by 10 secs .. grrrrr! But well done re a faster time than in 2011. A good time considering the conditions in the 4th mile.

B&T - good luck to you (and Toby/Susie) re marathon training which is starting in the next week or two.

Dee - well done re that 4miler and hope the 10K went okay.

Not much running going on here - missed out on last weekend's long run due to family visits/get-togethers happening on both days. I've only managed one run this week - and I chickened out as it was foggy and icy and did my 3mls on my treadmill. And now I seem to be getting a cold lurgy so not sure if I'll manage to get out on Sunday or not (on call tomorrow).

I hade some great news a few days ago. I log my runs on and play a game called Fetchpoint. I collected 5 Gore-rillas in November and my name went into the hat (along with B&T's). To my complete and utter surprise, my name got picked out of the hat and I've won £120 of Gore running gear (though having seen the prices on the website that may just be half a jacket). Don't know exactly what I've won yet - still waiting for an email from Gore with more info.

Mrs Wm and I have been invited to dinner with my friend Caroline and a couple I know from the running club will be there too. I'm bound to be asked why I don't go anymore. And to be honest, I am toying with the idea of going back. I get bored sometimes running by myself and my friend Caroline has come on in leaps and bounds and seems to run a similar pace to me these days. So maybe I just need to accept I'm not going to make any new 'friends' at the club or find a running partner for weekend runs. Maybe I just need to treat club nights as a get-together with other runners, possibly run with Caroline but if I'm not running with anyone, at least there are others around. And ignore the fact that some of the club are very cliquey and are never going to take much notice of little old me. Thoughts??

15/12/2012 at 18:56

Evening all

Busy week in work this week the other supervisor was out on holiday so have been in at 4.30pm all week and not finishing before 4.30am and all culminating in a 13.5 hour shift on Thursday so all though i did 5 miles on Tuesday outside and a 5 mile run on the treadmill Wednesday Fridays 10 mile run never happened

So went out with the wife today for the 10 mile run today weather was cold and got wet at one point when it poured down but all went well until about mile 8.5 when the wife had her first taste of hitting the wall so we walked the last mile now home sat in front of the television with our feet up

16/12/2012 at 13:50
Did the Santa run 10k today my first ever 10k on my and my husbands timing I got round in 1 hour 1 minute, don't know what or if there is an official time. On the whole pleased with that for a first attempt, plus at 2.5k we ran about 1/2 km on a shingle beach.

Been a busy week this week as it is for everyone on the run up to Xmas.
Hope you all get some running in this week.

As for me I think it's HM training now
16/12/2012 at 18:16

Toby - well done for getting out despite the long hours at work and the weather. And well done to Mrs Toby and hope hitting the wall hasn't put her off going out again.

Dee - great 10k time especially if that included some shingle beach running. I'd be happy with that time on flat roads!

Had dinner at my friend Caroline's last night. She and the other couple there - Caroline(2) & Paul - all suggested I ought to re-consider running with the club. Caroline(2) said she runs at my pace these days so I would have someone to run with. Also, both Caroline's are training for spring HM's so there's some motivation for me to go back (think I'm talking myself into going again!).

16/12/2012 at 19:03
Thanks Mel

Results page has my number with another name against it?????
Assuming the number is correct and its just a name error, my official time was 1:01:44 that put me 19th out of 68 women in my age group. Running on shingle was not pleasant, sapped all the energy from my legs so I suffered a bit between 7-8 km

Mel - I think you will go back to the running club, at least you will have someone to train with

Toby - hope mrs Toby is ok, not had the pleasure of meeting the wall, but I'm sure we will meet at some point in time
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16/12/2012 at 19:52

Evening All,

Just settling down to watch sports personality - what a fantastic year.

Mel - well done on winning the Gore kit,  nice to hear that your considering going back to the club.

B&T - I think you have chosen the plan that is sensible for you.

Dee - Well done on the race, I would say very tough going running on shingles.

Today - I was supposed to race a 10K, however in the week I lost my uncle so took my dad out to watch his grandson play rugby instead, I think he enjoyed the day out. 

Even though a little dissappointed in not running my last race of the year I'm really happy how my races panned out this year.  Two Pb's at 10K, two PB's at Half marathon and two Pb;s at Marathon distance plus having a really good run at Snowdon.  Next years targets are to concentrate on shorter faster stuff with time targets - sub 21 min 5K, 42:30 min 10K, maybe one half at 1:33:00 No marathons though.

Anyone going to do some predications?



17/12/2012 at 13:59

I want to improve my 5K time - I shall aim for 27m (current PB 28:26 at this year's Chippenham 5K).

I also want to improve my 10k time (current PB 61:03 at Corsham in 2011). I will aim for 58m 30s (9:45mm pace). I can do that pace over the 5K distance so want to see if I can maintain the faster speed over 10K. 

My other plan is to do a couple of half-marathons next year - having said never again!  Having done the 'hilly' Tring Ridgeway Run in October (9.7mls) in 1hr 50mins without any problems, adding on an extra 3mls or so shouldn't be a problem. As for the time, I would like to get below 2hrs 32mins which is what I did at Bath HM in 2010. So 2hrs 20mins seems a reachable time to aim for (10:45mm pace) and I'll have that as my target.

And I AM determined to lose some of this b****y weight .. keep thinking how much easier it would be to run without the imaginary bags of sugar strapped around my waist (not going to predict how much I will lose though!).

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17/12/2012 at 16:29

Afternoon all

7 miles for me today took 1hr 12 minutes so happy with that as the last 1.5 miles is all up hill

Mel Know what you mean about the weight i been trying to lose it for the past 2 years without much luck kept thinking to myself how much easier it would be to run in the end gave up and joined weight watchers that was 8 weeks ago and with the 3lb i lost this week have now lost 1st 12lbs

17/12/2012 at 21:13

Hi all


Hope all well.

Goals for me in 2013 is a 5 hour marathon in April and half a stone lighterFeeling really excited by marathon training as enjoy my long runs and finding 11m/m nice and easy nowWell they seem easy but longest run recently only 8 miles.Following a nice,simple training plan from the New Year but also want to try and swim once/twice per week.Not too worried about 10k and HM times but would love to take a minute off 5k time so will be doing parkrun as often as poss(my local one has been cancelled though for past 4 weeks as been under water)


mel,I did 2hrs 20 at Oxford HM in Oct so sure you can get there.Your 5 and 10k pbs are quicker than mine so sure you can do it


Toby,great weight loss,I just have half a stone to lose,lost a stone in 10 months but then kind of plateaued so really need to try and be really good.I'm sure the marathon training will help


AH,very sad to hear about your uncle.Great running year for you,great times to aim for in 2013.I see the Glos marathon is soon,think you did it in Jan as remember the route is close to where I used to live ie past The Pilot pub?


just seen the Chrismassy smilies.Love this time of year

 Just seen all the space below my post,not sure what happened there,had the problem once before.Will get OH to check out pc again!






















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18/12/2012 at 07:04
My goals for the new year - first on the Reading HM that I entered the evening if the 10k them got up the next morning with the stiffest legs ever and thought OMG what have I done! Lol

Then after that it will be RFL 5k with my slimming world buddies as I promised them I would join in their team. (Will try for a quick time for that one) then towards the end of the year another 10k.

Might have a look at a few park runs too. Oh and I've been talked into a few fitness sessions with a friend that's climbing Mount Everest - think I might ache a bit after doing a session with him.

AH - sorry about your uncle, we lost Dad at Easter (he helped coach me during my athletic days), and we talked about HM and marathons as I got older - I never did them so its given me the boot up the backside to try them.

In case I don't get back on here have a happy Xmas and new year xxxxx
18/12/2012 at 11:00

Toby - am impressed with your weight loss. Maybe WW is the answer as doing it by myself doesn't appear to be working and I have plateaued like Susie and been stuck around same weight for a while.

Susie - I decided 2:20 was a reasonable HM target to aim for. We are away in March 2013 so I'll aim for some HM's later in the year. Good luck with your target of a 5hr marathon. I'm sure you'll manage that with your training plan and hopefully you'll stay injury-free.

AH - apologies, forgot to say sorry to hear about your uncle.

Dee - good luck with the training leading up to Reading HM and RFL/10K later next year.

Have a cold lurgy at the moment so not run since last Tuesday. Am hoping I get rid of this cough/cold before xmas or I'm likely to be suffering from cabin fever!

*waves* to everyone else 

20/12/2012 at 16:04


21/12/2012 at 12:38

Hi All,

Merry Xmas and have a good new year all,

Nice to see some targets wrote down - will have to get them on a spreadsheet.

Susie - Yes Gloucester in Jan, I did it last year went past the pub you mentioned,  I'm well of marathon fitness at the mo.

Amazing weight loss Toby,  I'm putting on what you are losing.

Take care all and have a good holiday season 




21/12/2012 at 16:47

Afternoon all

Well i actually got the 12 miles done today it will be the first time in 2 years i won’t be going into Christmas a long run behind well i say 12 i slight miss remembrance on how far the route i ran was and it turned out to be just under 13 it clocked up as 12.93 miles and the whole run took 2:08:48 giving me a pace 9:58m/m so the weight loss is paying off already as looking at last year’s run the time is the same but that was barely over the 12 mile mark

21/12/2012 at 19:25

Go toby youll get your sub 4 hour marathon in april im sure of a way im jealous of you all getting down and training for a shiny new pb or a shiny medal...but to be honest im really enjoying my break away from running doing lots of walking with the old woofers and like you toby im doing the weight loss thing and im finding it easier without the running as i got soooo hungry running and would end up over eating so now ive gone and done it and got myself below the 9 stone mark!!! 8 stone 12 pound and 6 ozs  a weight loss of 10 pound since beginning of november...bring on christmas then ill get back to planning what runs i fancy doing in the new year...i did want to do 2 runs in feb and march but turns out im working on those allocated sundays and ive got no more holidays left to take ho hum ...

Happy christmas to you all keep well and safe and injury free xx

22/12/2012 at 19:07
Totally not running related - flaming car broken down twice in a week!!! Only just spent out ??500 getting it serviced and timing belt changed. It's got to go!!!
Hence to say didn't get out for my planned 4 mile run today

Still its nearly Xmas! Will run Monday now instead.

Have a great Xmas all xxx
23/12/2012 at 16:03
Just popped in to say Happy Christmas everyone
Hoping to be a regular again in the New Year....ventured to the Santa parkrun yesterday, brought up the rear in 39min but enjoyed being out with the running club despite the pouring rain and ran of my hangover this morning.
Feels a bit like my enthusiasm may be back (fingers crossed)
New pup arrived Friday and is gorgeous and settling in well
23/12/2012 at 17:54

Toby - well done re the long run - excellent progress.

Yvonne - well done re the weight loss. Enjoy your break from running .. am sure you'll come back to it in the new year feeling refreshed.

Dee - sorry to hear about car problems

Sal - well done venturing out yesterday for the santa parkrun and hope your mojo returns soon.

I ran yesterday - my first run in almost 2 weeks thanks to cold/cough lurgy. Did a very wet, muddy, splishy, sploshy 7mls in Ciren Park. Shoes had to go into a bucket of water when I got home but are clean and drying out nicely now. I am working tomorrow and Thu/Fri but my boss has said I can work from home. So hoping to get out for another run later in the week. In the meantime ..

Season's Greetings to everyone and hope you all have a great time over the next few days   Just don't eat or drink too much and end up feeling


24/12/2012 at 16:52

Hi all


Happy ChristmasHope you all have a wonderful time


I went and did a different park run on Saturday as my local one still flooded.Hadnt done it before and dreadful weather so felt quite braveWas though worried when saw most of the others in trail shoes and the tail runner wearing wellies.Soon found out why when I was wading through ankle deep puddles of mudTook me 33 mins and with the conditions quite pleased with that


Today 6.5 miles at 10.5 pace so marathon training started and happy with approx 11m/m pace.


Now about the peel a few spouts and carrots.My sister is spending Christmas with us then we're going down to my parents in Cornwall(weather permitting)on Friday.


Happy Christmas 

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