GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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02/01/2013 at 14:55

Afternoon all

well 10 miles done so that’s 5 for today and the 5 i should have done tomorrow which means i can have a rest day now before i do the 8 on Friday hopefully next week i will be able to get back into a more normal routine and spread the runs out more evenly over the week

Speediersal well done on the run and especially on not having to walk

02/01/2013 at 19:07

Hi all


Back to work tonight Been a wonderful christmas and New Year.Returned from Cornwall yesterday,no weight gain luckily

Marathon trainining started today.plan said run for 30 mins so I did 40

Following a really simple plan running 4x week so hopefully doable around family/work.Just plodding at 11 m/m which feels very comfortable.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas/New Year


SS,great that you're running again.My local park run which is by the Thames has been flooded since Nov but hopefully with the drier weather i'll be back there soon.Are you planning to do some more parkruns?


Toby,fantastic mileage and weightloss.I've got about a half stone to lose,and detemined to shift itYou must feels tons better?2 stone + is a lot of weight to not have to carry round!especially on long runs?

B+T,hope Cornwall was good to you too,wet and windy for us but still had some great walks etc

AH,hope the move is going well


Right must get going.Running again Fri and Sun.Plan says 40 mins long run on Sun so will do an hour or so,good feeling to already feel ahead


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02/01/2013 at 20:12
Hi all can I jump in on this thread please? I have my first HM booked 3rd march, following the bupa plan been strict with it so far loving it

I have done a few 10 ks last year and I'm not sure if HM may be pushing me to the limit of capabilities but we will see.

My best 10 k is 57 mins aiming to improve 10 k speed this year and joining local running club for speed sessions starting Monday.

I'm running 4 x a week so far and as from this wek my weekend long runs go up a gear bit worried about that an hour I'm comfortable with but need to get though that barrier lol
02/01/2013 at 23:29
Hi everyone. Welcome to Samantha and ChappersUK - best of luck with your forthcoming HM. I think everyone on here had worries and doubts when training for their first half - I know I did! Keep increasing your mileage steadily and you'll get there.

Susie _glad you had a good time - Cornwall was rather wet whilst we were there!
Sal - good to hear you're out running again!
Toby - hope work's not too awful tomorrow. Good running as well!
AH - thinking of you moving today. Hope all is going smoothly and that the new job goes well.

Made it out for 3 miles this morning - better than nothing, but am supposed to be fitting in 10 miles at some point this week - haven't quite figured that out yet!
03/01/2013 at 09:31

Hi all   belated new year wishes...welcome to all newbies on the thread...A.H good luck with move ..Toby AMAZING weight loss and mileage going on ..

Running wise i have done nothing, zilch not a sausage....but i did go on tinterweb yesterday and with my christmas money purchase a nice shiny pair of brooks adrenaline gts 12 trainers...and a foam roller!!!  My old trainers have seen 2 marathons several halfs and all the training that those runs entailed so thought it best to start new year on right foot as it were ...they were not giving me much support anymore...

Ive only had xmas day off of work this year so hasnt felt like xmas thats what happens when your in the pub trade... still at least i dont suffer from going back to work after a long holiday blues thing....

Talking of work i must get on..take care all  happy running

03/01/2013 at 11:42

Morning all

Rest day today so feet up in front of the television

Welcome to Samantha good luck with your first H/M it can be very daunting  if you look at the distance and time as a whole so you could try breaking it down into smaller bits for example just tell yourself I’ve just got to run for 5 minutes or i just reach the next tree also don’t try and run the first couple of long runs to fast don’t worry about the time tell yourself the aim is to finish the run

Susie well done you on running the extra the plan i follow only has me doing 4 runs a week i do find that way It’s much easier to fit it in around everything

B & T no work wasn’t as bad as i thought last night but that may be done to not everyone being back to work or that’s what were hoping as i can see if the linage doesn’t improve then there may be some job losses

Yvonne lovely to hear from you sorry to hear you never felt Christmassy have to say we had a funny Christmas day thing's got a bit tense at time's can’t really explain it but it turn out Ok in the end hope the new trainers work out ok your going to need them when you start training for your Ultra will have to meet up some time

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03/01/2013 at 14:13

Hi everyone,

Happy New year and welcome to newbies chappersuk & Samantha .. *waves*

Toby - you are going great guns with your training (20ml run) and weight loss (29lb lost).

B&T - glad you enjoyed Cornwall and managed to fit in a short run whilst away. Well done re the 3ml run .. figured out when to do that 10ml run yet?

AH - you're not around but 'have a good move' wishes being sent your way.

Sal - I have to stop and walk on some of my runs but I don't ever tell anyone (oops!). Good to hear you didn't have to walk last time out

Chappers - welcome. Hope the forthcoming HM training goes okay.

Susie - glad to hear you had a good break. Shame parkrun course has been under water - I must have passed it on my TP walk in May 2012?

Samantha - welcome to you too. I think you'll surprise yourself with what you're capable of. Just build up the mileage gradually - the '1 hour' barrier is just psychological!

Yvonne - welcome back. Nooo trainers eh? And a foam roller too (they hurt but they do help!).

I managed a 3ml run before work yesterday at silly o'clock. On the Fetch website I've joined a '500 miles in 2013' group .. so only another 497 to go (last years total was 458mls).

I've also joined a Fetch 'flab-fighters' group hoping the weigh-ins and virtual group mentality might help me lose weight.

We have Mrs Wm's family descending on Saturday for a post-xmas get-together. So the current plan is to get out tonight for 4-5mls and then do a longer (7ml) run on Sunday.

03/01/2013 at 20:12
Thanks for the welcome wishes all

Yes Toby I'm thinking visualising on small goals at a time will work for me because looking at a half coming up from a 10k seems HUGE at this stage lol.

Just back from 40 mins speed session fon treadmill trying to work on a few speed intervals enjoyed but gym busy and bleedin hot (January joiners! Lol) so prefer running outdoors nothing beats that rest day tomoz then long run on Saturday.
Need to start thinking fuel for my longer runs, on an hour I'm fine but I know I need to look at gels or other fuel and practice running with it.
Have any of you found certain gels or drinks work better than others please? Cheers
03/01/2013 at 20:24
Wow thread has been busy since I last got on here

*waves* to everyone

Looks as though there's been some good runs happening.

Went to fat fighters (aka slimming world) over Xmas and new year and have stayed within range of my target weight - very surprised at that as I have had a terrible week - one of my old team mates at work was very sadly taken from us in the most horrific way on Xmas eve. Thoughts have been with his family and the team I used to work for - and out came the ' sod it lets eat everything in sight Dee' who has now been tucked away again.

On the plus side I too have now entered my first half marathon in march - hoping to be able to start running again this weekend after picking up a slight hamstring pull over Xmas, so decided to take 1-2 weeks off running to let it mend rather than push it and make it worse. I have done loads of swimming in the meantime to keep the fitness level up as best I can. So I'm thinking my LSR on Saturday will be done on a tready to test it out, and new trainers as well not Brooks for the first time in about 15 years. Surprised myself when I found this other pair were more comfortable
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03/01/2013 at 21:00
Can't usually make parkrun at mo Susie as clashes with my youngest's ballet lesson, so this week will be last one til half term. I do miss being able to go as love the camaraderie
Have to confess not weighed my self since the week before Xmas.....
Hi Samantha, bet joining the running club will make a big difference
Just done my core exercises in front of TV, hurt even more tonight as still sore from Tues!
Day off tomorrow then parkrun Sat, looking forward to the pup being big enough for proper walks!
04/01/2013 at 10:48

Samantha - I won some Lucozade goodies in a RW competition. Tried the gels and they didn't cause any probs but did feel/taste like fruit-flavoured toothpaste! Have also tried Clif shot bloks and they were just as good. They're like cubes of jelly and getting bits out of your teeth afterwards takes your mind off running! Best thing is try both and decide for yourself.

((Dee)) - sorry to hear about old work team mate. On plus side, good luck with forthcoming HM and training for that. Good idea to test hamstring on treadie in case of probs.

Sal - shame about parkrun/ballet lesson clash. Hope soreness from core exercises doesn't last too long. Enjoy parkrun tomorrow.

Managed 4mls yesterday evening - missed my footing in dark and twinged right knee but was able to keep going and it seems okay this morning. Busy day in store tomorrow - Mrs Wm's family descending en-masse. Plan for Sunday is long run in morning then my friend Caroline is coming round at 2pm. She needs help setting up Garmin for pace/interval training. Have manual with me today for lunchtime reading! Told C to bring her cossie with her if she fancies a post-Garmin sauna.

Going back to running club on Mon eve - first time since last April (eeeek!) 

04/01/2013 at 15:42

Afternoon all

well week 4 completed with an 8 mile run taking 1:16:23 giving me 9:16 m/m so dead chuffed

06/01/2013 at 09:26
Hope your knees's ok Mel and the entertaining went well
parkrun yesterday in a fairly dismal 35.17 but about what I expected with my current fitness. Should be better when I make it next at half term.
Went to see The Hobbit in the afternoon which was fab

6.4 jan
06/01/2013 at 11:55

ss don't be down on yourself at least you got your butt out and ran....look at me I'm posting from my Xmas pressie to myself a kindle's a great bit of kit I've even downloaded a book on ultra can borrow a book a month from the cloud yes I asked my kids what it was so I borrowed one it's only if your on prime I have a free trial but won't renew as it's 49 a to see if I can actually post so here goes...

06/01/2013 at 15:12
It worked Yvonne!
My daughter's saving up for one of those at the moment
Nice day here so decided on another plod and did 3m round the park. Quite enjoyed the downhill bits. Then came home and did the core exercises
Weighed myself this morning- up 3lb at 10st 6 so hopefully that will come back off over next few weeks with the running
06/01/2013 at 19:31
Well managed a 4 mile run on the tready yesterday, slow time but didn't want to push it as I need to get into training for the HM. Hamstring was ok whilst running but a bit stiff later on and a little this morning - new trainers were fab tho

Think I'm good to train again, but need to learn not to push it too hard for a couple of weeks - note to self endurance runs are meant to be LSR not against the clock.

Going to try out those jelly blocks Mel, as I need to learn to take on fluids etc whilst running, still makes me feel a bit queasy every time I try.
06/01/2013 at 22:38

ss she will enjoy it only thing is I have to ration myself with it as it's addictive ...well I'm still waiting for my trainers to arrive it did say between 4th and 9th for delivery then I will attempt my first bimble on the running front since um I think beginning of November ....shocking I know but I really did need new trainers as my old ones really had no support left and I kept feeling a slight twinge now with Xmas money I can get some ..right on this space age device again and I'm in bed..WiFi is a wonderful thing ...back to normal tomorrow school wise and get back into routine wise ...night all 


06/01/2013 at 23:10

Evening all! Glad to hear everyone's getting back into the swing of things. 1 more day of holiday for us tomorrow, kids not back until Tuesday.

Never managed to fit my 10 miles in - Mr B&T was struck down with a sickness lurgy on Friday morning, and I've had a horrible headache since then. Both been feeling really washed out and yuck.  I presume I've got the bug but in a different way! Really hoping to get out tomorrow just for 4 miles, with kids on bikes - so fingers crossed for me!

07/01/2013 at 04:17

Morning all

well the start of week 5 has me doing 4, 8, 5 and what should have been my first 20 miler but will play it by ear this week as i suspect I'm coming down with a sore throat and a cold so will have to see how I'm feeling by the end of the week next week however will be a step back week as regards to long run with a 13 plan for Friday week

S/S well done on the park run as Yvonne said you got out there and ran the speed will i am shore return

Yvonne hope the trainers arrive soon for you and you have lots of fun playing with the kindle fire

Dee well done to you also on the run glad the hamstring felt ok for you

B & T hope you’re feeling better soon

07/01/2013 at 11:25

Long time lurker posting, hope you don't mind me joining in...

Hello everyone *waves*

A little background info, for those that may be interested. I started running last Feb, purposely avoided January as I didn't want running to be a New Years resoloution if that makes sense, as have started a few times but have generally give up within a few weeks!

Anyway this time I persisted and sucessfully completed 3, 10ks improving my time in July (British 10k - never again) from 1hr 2 mins to my last one in November Brighton Brooks to 50 mins and 9 sec. I also improved my Parkrun time from 35 mins to 24.33 mins. 

This year my goals is to run a 10k in sub 50 mins, and a HM in sub 2hrs (secretly I would love to get 1hr 50 mins ish). I am also considering a full marathon - depending on how I feel after my first HM.

So my first HM which is Brighton is on the 17th Feb, already feeling excited but a tad nervous. I am well into my training plan - however there has been a few changes due to illness etc over the last few weeks, but fingers crossed its onwards and upwards from now on. Completed my LSR yesterday of 8.7 miles (was supposed to be 9 miles but just kind of run out of road ), generally running at at comfortable pace of about 9.5 min/miles.

Look forward to continuing to read all about your training - well done everyone on all your achievements - but will also post as well now!

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