GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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12/01/2013 at 10:25

Parkrun completed in freezing cold sleet - not the best run I have done but think I ran it in about 25mins30sec, which I guess isn't too bad in those conditions. Will probably spend the rest of the day trying to warm up though!

Susiebe1 - night shifts are eurgh, they really knock you out of synch so I am always mightily impressed when anyone is able to undertake regular training and shift work.

12/01/2013 at 12:59
I was only 10 min behind you Lisa!! The boy had a late footy kick off so sneaked in a parkrun, not quite as painful as last week and walked less up the hills but only 4s faster at 35.17 . I think the appropriate phrase is what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Trying to decide whether to do the 10k this year where I finally went sub 60 last year. Obviously I'm way off that but it was a nice race...
Well done on your long run B&T....snow apparently coming Mon/tues now!
Hi Susie. It's hard coming back but I'm enjoying the routine of getting out there and enjoying it for the fresh air and health benefits rather than stressing about races and times. Which is why I'm not sure about entering a 10k cos even if I say I'll just run it steadily it's still a pressure
Eldest just had a good schools cross country race and is racing again tomorrow for her club!
12/01/2013 at 15:06

Afternoon all

13 done today decided as i still wasn't feeling 100% that a drop back week was the most sensible thing to do and as O/H had 10 to do ran with her for 10 miles and after leaving her at home went of and did the other 3

12/01/2013 at 19:27

A quick post while I'm waiting for the dinner to cook ..

Did a 7ml run in the park earlier today. Only stopped to walk once (for 2 mins on the flat bit just before 'Big Bertha'). So that was an improvement of sorts as I think I stopped 3 times last weekend on same route. It was blooming cold - even with my long-sleeved running top and windproof jacket. Slightly concerned now as my right knee doesn't feel right - hurts when I put weight on it coming down stairs. Think I'm going to have to rest it for a few days

Some of my Gore goodies arrived today - a green beanie hat and a black baseball cap. There are a pair of shorts on the way which are coming direct from a warehouse in Germany. There was one other item in the package .. a (ahem!) black headband  Now as B&T knows I don't have long flowing hair I need to keep out of my eyes. And headbands on men are decidedly 'eighties' (think of the 118 men). So I'm going to write and say "thanks ever so .. but is there any chance of swapping the headband for something more useful like a pair of gloves".

BTW - the sun is most definitely over the yardarm - cheers (hic!)  

12/01/2013 at 22:11
Looks as though everyone has had a busy week again.

Had a very busy day today, what with work and picking up another car to replace the one that was costing a fortune to keep on the road.

Had to get up at 5.30 to fit in a 6 mile run - had to be done in the gym at work as didn't have time nor wanted to run in the torrential rain this morning - did it in 66 minutes so managed kind of to follow the rules of LSR lol

Mel I think you should put the headband on a post a piccy!

Speed I'm like that too I'm running mainly for fitness, and the odd challenge to myself, but everytime I enter something I have a time in mind and I have to beat it! Old habits die hard I suppose.
12/01/2013 at 23:49
Dee well done on the very early run.

Mel - oh dear to the head band *sniggers* not quite what I'd expected from such a great sounding prize. Well done on your run - now get some ice on that knee!
13/01/2013 at 20:32

Speediersal a completed Parkrun is a completed 5k Parkrun so its all good whatever time we finish it in  . I have to agree with the sentiment "what doesn't kill you...." as I certainly wasn't enjoying it yesterday.

Dee running at 5.30am thats dedication for you, well done.

WtnMel - I have to agree with B&T *snort* to the headband. However it may very well suit you.

8.91 LSR completed today was supposed to be a 9 miler according to plan but I just ran out of road. No running for me tomorrow I have a pilates class to attend instead.

Happy running everyone

14/01/2013 at 04:03

Morning all

well off to weight watchers later hoping for a better result than last week but will have to wait and see then 8 miles to do afterwards had a very light shower of snow in the early hours but nothing to write home about and has now stopped so that’s good have in past years training for Brighton had to result to using the treadmill for some of my training runs when the snow or ice has made it to doggy to go out

14/01/2013 at 11:03

Morning everyone!

No snow here, set off for easy 3 miles this morning in the gloom, as the sun was coming up it was crisp and beautiful. Turned for home, icy rain started - not so beautiful! 6 miles tomorrow - quite scary that that's my MWR as 6 miles has often been my LSR!

Toby - hope the 8 miles goes well, and you have a good result at weight watchers!

Lisa - I have been known to run up and down outside my house to get my Garmin to a round mile even worse when you then find someone's been watching you!!

14/01/2013 at 14:22

Afternoon all

went to weight watchers this morning and glad to report back on track lost another 3lb putting me at 11st 04lbs a total of 2st 3lbs since i joined have been set a goal weight of 10st 13bls by the lady running it so just another 5bls to go

When i got home went out for an 8 mile run the time on the Garmin was 1:17:29 but that with having to stop and mess about with my iPod when you look at the moving time it shows 1:14:44 which is 2 minutes faster than last week so really pleased

14/01/2013 at 15:26

Hi all


Just a rather soggy 4 miles today!Same icy rain here B+THad to run quite fast just to keep warm but hands were freezing so will wear my gloves for my next run on weds.


B+T,I was asking whether there are any hills at VLM?As far as I can see its fairly flat but always good to know.Glad your training is going well,yes the runs soon start getting longer but I'm excited by running something i've watched more or less every year on TV.Is Brighton the week before London?Are you planning any races before Brighton?I have Silverstone HM on March 3rd but will do some parkruns too


toby,excellent weight loss,thats brilliant.Really well done,you must feel so much better for it


Lisa,luckily I work set nights Monday and Weds so i know I cant run Tues and Thurs(just too tired even after going to bedas dont sleep that well during the day).Its more tricky when i'm on call which thankfully isnt too often.Great time for your Parkrun.Newbury isnt too far from me so I will try that one soon as my local one still underwaterI saw Newbury had nearly 300 runners on sat so should be a good one"Ran out of road' made me laugh


Dee,5.30am run,wow thats to be admiredBet it was a quiet one


mel,hope your knee is ok.I take it Big Bertha is a hill??!!


have a good day all,hopefully the colder weather wont affect too many runs

Edited: 14/01/2013 at 15:33
14/01/2013 at 16:41

Susie - I thought I'd answered your question Sorry - must be another one where I started typing a response but never actually posted it. Sorry!

VLM is mostly flat. In fact, the first 6 miles or so down to Greenwich are actually downhill, so its possible to get carried away! There are a few little ups & down, mainly down under underpasses and then back up the other side, but nothing major that my legs can remember. When's VLm this year? Brighton is 14th April, so presumably its 21st? I'm thinking of entering a HM in the New Forest on 3rd March, because its fairly small, mostly trails, but promises to be pretty flat Perfect! Just need to make sure I can shuffle my schedule around (again!!)

Toby = there'll be nothing left of you! And what is left will run like a skinny whippet

14/01/2013 at 18:51
Toby well done on the weight loss

Susie I never know to wear gloves or not cos I get half way round my run and take them off cos my hands are too hot ( really dont like my hands hot when I'm running for some unknown reason)

B&T well done for getting out even if the weather did turn pants in you

Lisa well done on the run I'm just about to go into uncharted running for me. Never ran over 10k before and my training now goes up a mile each week for a few weeks starting with 7 miles this week (sprinter in my younger days)

And yes the gym was very quiet at 5.30am in a Saturday morning - had it to myself - but that's not unusual as its a staff gym at the hospital and the times I use it are never busy, well until now with all the people with New Years resolutions, still give it a couple of weeks and they'll dwindle out
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14/01/2013 at 18:55

Lots of running going on and weight loss ...well done toby on that weight loss..

Actually managed to find time to get out for a run today...well if truth be known i was a little apprehensive in running again just in case i couldnt do it ....does that sound silly? not having run since beginning of november i knew i would of lost some not sure i have lost that much, as with walking the dogs 3 times a week in fields have kept legs strong eldest daughter invited me out with her friends all in their 20s im 45!! guess who was in front ...guess who really enjoyed herself immensly....guess who didnt want to stop running but thought it best not to be to smug ....yep me ..... happy bunny... why did i get so scared? Want to run again tomorrow...

New trainers are brooks adrenaline gts12 flashy aqua colour ..think after today they may get run in very quickly

Am looking for a 10km to do in feb end of /beginning of march to give me incentive to get out too....was looking at reading half marathon but its sold out already!!

Hats off to you dee for an extra early run..

Waves to everyone

14/01/2013 at 19:16
Yvonne - I'm smiling here at your description of your run So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you're not stiff tomorrow

The big HMs always sell out really early - I've been looking too! Think its off to the New Forest for me, 3rd March, mostly trail HM which is flat. Sounds great!

Dee - I don't like running with hot hands either, but can't stand getting them cold as its too painful Usually have to take them off and stuff then somewhere!
14/01/2013 at 20:10
Yvonne can't believe Reading is full already!! I put my entry in just b4 xmas, there were plenty of places then. Though I'm beginning to think what the hell was thinking lol, seemed a good idea at the time.

I looked at the New forest HM too but lots of my family live in or near Reading and I'm going to need the support to get round

I'm thinking of the running festival in the new forest later in the year. Need to find out what the courses are like, as have to be a bit careful since the surgery on my leg
14/01/2013 at 20:52

Evening All,

Well done to you all for carrying on training and the weight loss Toby is amazing.

All moved in now and steadily getting rid of boxes.  Kids have adapted really well to the new School and new friends I'm so proud of them.  O/H has started to look for some work,  there is no pressure for her to work but socially will do her some good.  I've settled into work really well and  building a good relationship with the staff.  I have not run since early December and doubtful I will start again this month.  Been driving about looking for new routes though.

Susiebe - May well catch up with you at Abingdon park run once the water's dissapeared.

Take care all


14/01/2013 at 20:53

Must find a new forum name.

14/01/2013 at 20:54

Um think that should of read i walk my dogs 3 times a day in fields oops ....ill be reported for not walking the woofers

B & T i hope im not stiff to,i did stretch ,have had a nice bath and had a little roll on the foam roller..

Dee i was going to enter reading half before xmas too, but funds were tight and had to put what i wanted to do on the back burner i have the money its full

I subscribe to womans running and they had a free booklet with lots of runs in it ..but working every other sunday its either take a holiday to run or try and work it on a non working sunday...and ive no holidays left till 1st april..

15/01/2013 at 05:44

Yvonne glad the running bug has bit again were doing the the Langley 10k but that may be to early for you if your looking for some thing at the end of February as it's the 3 of February

A/H glad the move went well and everyone's settling well

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