GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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08/02/2013 at 03:49

20 to do today then i expect i be out with the O/H tomorrow as she has 14 to do so Saturday night will be feet up in front of the telly

08/02/2013 at 07:57

Hello all not been on for a while and lots has happened ....A big well done to Toby a fab time for your 10 km and mrs toby is coming on great guns too..

Dont envy you your 20 miler today either and out again for a 14 miler with poohbear what are you made of steel?? I think youll be asleep in front of the tv on sat night!!!

Good running from everyone else too, Wtnmel hope your ankle is getting better.

Im going through a lean time money wise and really cant afford to book any races at the mo and then find petrol money to travel keeping myself occupied with just the odd run on treadmill and outside nothing spectacular just a few miles at a time thank goodness i spent my christmas money wisely on a nice pair of shiny trainers

Was looking to book the bacchus marathon but its £49!! was only £38 last year if you booked early i couldnt believe the rise..when its a choice between the car being taxed and mot next month or pay out for a marathon my sensible head is on im afraid..

Oh well such is life... at least i have my health and a great family and friends ....and sanity xxxx

08/02/2013 at 12:19

well it was a good decision taking a charity place for the GNR last year the O/H wanted to run it so i entered us for the ballot and true to form both got rejected

Yvonne sorry to to hear things are tough at the moment money the bane of our lives you need any time away your always more than welcome to stay

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08/02/2013 at 17:21

Ah thank you toby and like wise with me here your welcome to book swindon and cricklade safe in the knowledge there is always a bed here for you and mrs toby ....

By the way i wasnt complaining about the price of the bacchus marathon cos i wasnt it was merely right now i cant afford to shell out that amount of money...i think the price, for what you get in that marathon, is good, you get wine/beer every mile apparently, jesus, i cant even see straight after 2 small glasses of wine let alone run there is also a free bbq with more wine/beer at the end and a goody bag oh and a medal....i am tempted just to put it on the credit card but then you only have to then pay that bit of interest on it still...

08/02/2013 at 18:14

Afternoon all

Well 20 miles done and dusted had a few spots of rain but on the whole it actual sunny most of the way around still quite chilly though the whole thing took 3:13:25 but that’s with the stopping for traffic if you look at the moving time it drops to 3:08:49 had a look at last year’s time for the same run and I’m 26 minutes fast on the moving time than i was at this stage last year

just have to keep it up but i am still no were near where i need to be to go sub 4hr

Yvonne were in the same boat now we know we havan't got places i the GNR will enter the Bristol 10k and H/M  but will have to wait till we get payed again

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08/02/2013 at 19:08

A flying visit from yours truly. Doing my usual "catch up with forums whilst cooking meal for Mrs WM" trick. Will catch up properly over the weekend but just to say ..

(1) Meh .. I didn't want to do the GNR anyway (I got a "sorry, you weren't succesful in the ballot" email. That does mean Cricklade/Swindon/Malmesbury/Chippenham beckons!

(2) Ankle seems better so going to head out for a run in the park tomorrow. Hope my next post says it went well and isn't a "poor me and my ankle" posting

09/02/2013 at 09:49
Toby - amazing mileage from you again, and so much speedier than last year. What sorry of speed would you have to be going for sub 4? (Sure I could work it out but it's way too early on a Saturday morning for me!)

Yvonne - Bacchus marathon does sound awesome but I'd keel over well before the end marathon training is certainly cutting race entry costs for me - I've seen so many races I would have liked to enter but just don't fit into the schedule so I haven't entered. Mind you, think I'm going to need another pair of running shoes before then, so many not so cost effective after all!
09/02/2013 at 10:00
And continuing! Mel - also hope the ankle's okay! So am I miss-reading your post or are you going to enter all 4 half's???!

Lying in bed here thinking about getting up and attacking my legs with the golf ball and foam roller. Very pleased to report I did my 16 miles yesterday, with no shin pain Made sure I warmed shins & calves up really well before I set off, and wore my compression calf guards and that seemed to do the trick. I can 'feel' them a bit now though. Took me just over 3 hours, but felt wonderful. Really impressive route map as well as I managed a proper circular route which managed to take in some National Trust toilets - highly recommended! Sadly the tea room was closed

Half term next week, so will be interesting fitting my runs in!
09/02/2013 at 10:10
9 mile run done in the rain and sleet 1h31m quite pleased with that although legs were starting to get tight for the last half mile. Be glad once I've got rid of this cough/cold virus.

Mel hope the ankle holds up

Toby more good running there

Have a good weekend all
09/02/2013 at 16:32

Impressively long runs going on
It's tough isn't it Yvonne, in some ways a cheap hobby, in other ways...
Hope your ankles holding up Mel
Just a quick run whilst youngest at her ballet lesson this morning- 2.25m with a mile at tempo pace which is a rather feeble 10.25 at the moment!
Then went to cheer on my eldest at schools cross country, she ran well but upset cos had a cold and couldn't breathe properly. We then walked the course for tomorrow's club x country which was hideous- really muddy with a HUGE hill. V glad I'll be cheering and not running
Week off next week with the kids for half term so heading of to anglesey Mon to Friday with them, the dog and my mother in law! Hoping to sneak a couple of runs in

14.35 feb
09/02/2013 at 17:24

Well back from the run with the wife she should have been doing 16 miles this week but because of the H/M were running in March had swapped some of the runs around and ended up with a 14 today

or so i thought we had done the bulk of the run and as we got close to home i happen to mention that we had already done 14.5 miles and it would be at least 15 by the time we got home it was at this point she decided that if we were that close to the 16 miles she should have done then it would be daft not to do them so that was that found myself doing another 1.5 to make up the 16

come back the days that when she was struggling all  she want to do bless her is go home she getting far too keen for me in the end we were out for 4:44:57 which is good as that’s the longest run she’s ever done

so if you if include the 10k on Sunday that’s a 63 mile week for me this week I’ve never done this amount of training for Brighton before

B & T you need to be running at about 9:03m/m or less the troubles is at the moment i can only keep it up for about the first 2 miles then the pace drops into the 9:30m/m and by mile 10 it was up around the 10:30m/m

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09/02/2013 at 21:42
Dee - good pace in such horrid weather.

Sal - well done to your eldest. No thanks to the large muddy hill!

Toby - that's some pace you'd need to keep up. Mind you with the mileage you're doing at the moment, think how great your legs will feel after a good taper .....! Huge well done to Mrs Toby - showing great stamina and determination!

Bought myself a pair of knee high compression socks for my long runs today. Will fell very silly wearing them, but if it means I can run .......!
09/02/2013 at 22:15

Hi all


Long run yesterday,12 miles, while school providing the child care.Bit more difficult now as OH not back til next SatMiss him so much,aaahhhhGoing to my parents in Cornwall on Tues so will have get out for a run while thereThinking time for new shoes,saw my Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 for £50,great bargain I thought,went to order the following day and they were £59??Now if i buy at £59 whats the betting that they will go down to £50 again...


B+T,have just seen your question about compression socks.I dont wear them for every run especially in warm weather as get too hot but do find that my calfs feel better with them on in the colder weather.Lots of runners wear them especially for long distances so u wont feel silly.Ive got the Hilly ones.So pleased you had no problems with 16 miles,thats greatThe longest run on my plan is 20 miles which i do at the end of March


Mr and Mrs Toby,great running,really well done.Wow,63 mile week


SS,have a great break inAngelsey,hope the weather is OK.


Dee,that a good pace in miserable weather and with a cough/cold,well done

mel,hope the ankle is ok?


Good night all

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10/02/2013 at 14:47

Well back from 12.6 mile run and defrosting slowly. Horrid weather to run in wind, icy rain/sleet and some hailstones as some points. managed the run in 1hr 53 mins so am really hoping that in the Brighton HM next Sunday I will get close to my aim of a 1 hr 50 mins, just hope the weather is slightly kinder. If not then my aim will be for a sub 2 hour as running into a headwind is bloody tough!

Good to see that everyone is getting out there.

B&T well done on your 16 miler I am hoping to be at that stage after next weekend. I am thinking about some compressions socks what have you gone for and would you recommend them?

Toby that mileage is seriously scary !!!

Susie I think you picked the better day of the weekend for your long run  so well done. Re the trainers that always seems to happen to me I call it s**s law!!

Dee your 9 miles sounds like my run today. I had to keep reminding myself whilst running that I do actually really enjoy running

Speediersal enjoy your break, fingers crossed you get to have your sneaky couple of runs.

Mel  - did your ankle hold up for your run?

Rest day tomorrow and a bit of a taper week in preparation for next Sunday. Happy running everyone!


10/02/2013 at 14:48

Afternoon All,

Just catching up on what's been going on, find some impressive mileage and weight loss.

Toby - Really impressed with your efforts to lose weight over the last few months you must be very pleased with yourself.  I will say you will smash 4 hours at Brighton and get nearer 3-45, (no pressure)

Wmel - Hope the ankle holds up.

B&T - Don't feel silly with compression socks,  I rate them as Susie mention's great for cold weather. 

Susie & Sal - Have a great week away.

Meself - feel a bit of a fraud on here at the moment, its been tough finding the energy to get out running with the move, new job, getting the kids settled and all the DIY jobs that goes with a new home.  but I'm feeling more ready for running and have been into the local leisure centre today to see about running clubs so I'm sure I will soon be out again.  I'm close enough to Cricklade/Swindon/Malmesbury/Chippenham  to travel to these places if your having a meet up may give me something to train for.



10/02/2013 at 17:50
Just back from a grey drizzly run but pleased that a route I thought was about 5 turned out to be 6.6miles.
Sure you'll be back into it soon CW
Toby, I've decided you can't be human... That's incredible running
Girls did brilliantly at xcountry this morning, v proud of them. They were filthy, smiling and looked really strong. I was nearly as dirty charging round the course to cheer loudly!
Right off to pack...
21.95 Feb
10/02/2013 at 18:49

Hi everyone .. a flying visit from me as I'm cooking roast dinner for Mrs Wm and I need to get the parsnips in! Will catch up properly another time. Just wanted to stop by to let you know I ran yesterday. I did my 7.25ml course in Cirencester Park and got round without any problem and the ankle was fine afterwards and still is today. So I'm back running - wah-hey!

I'm on lates this coming week so I'll take my kit to work with me and get changed before I leave - traffic permitting I can still get back to the running club in time.

Okay .. gotta go as the clock is against me .. byeeee

11/02/2013 at 14:29

just a little 8 miles for me today boy has the temperature dropped again

11/02/2013 at 16:03

Toby - yes, definitely surprisingly cold! I popped out for this morning's 4 miles, and persuaded one child to come with me as outrider. It actually started snowing whilst we were out - so lots of hardcore points for us!

Mel - so glad your ankle's okay, and hope the traffic is with you for your club runs.

Sal - well done to your girls!  Glad they enjoyed it, and that the washing machine wasn't too overloaded with mud afterwards.

Cotswold Wolf - thank you about the socks. Tobe honest, if they sort my shins out, I'll wear 'em! Not surprised you've not be able to get out running. Bet the break will actually have done you good though. Would be lovely to have a big meet-up at a HM in the Autumn - sounds like a few of us are up for doing some of the same races. Just need the dates now!

Susie  typical about the shoe prices. I've found lots of bargains for the shoe I'm currently wearing, but none in my size. My size, through a seller on Amazon, is actually charging more than I paid for them last year when they were new out! When their replacement's out I'll be off to Sweatshop to check they fit okay and going with tehh ew ones (sound of till ringing and B&T sighing)

Sal & Susie - hope you have a good week away.

Waving to everyone else - hope you're all wrapped up warm again!

11/02/2013 at 18:13
Quick catch up b4 sweatshop run.

Excellent running again this weekend. Glad everyone is doing ok.

For autumn/winter I'm thinking of the GSR in October as my daughters would like to have a go. Think the entries are now open, but at ??41 per entry have to wait till pay day
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