GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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11/02/2013 at 18:48

B & T i know what you mean about trainers when i was looking for mine i did want the 2011 edition of brooks as they were so comfy but had lots of size 5 for a bargain £40 but none in 7.5!!! still i love the 2012 edition brooks i got still a bargain price really ,but now the 13s are out but at the new expensive trainer price...

Ive started a little get back into it running and strength plan for 4 weeks.from my womans running was a 45 min run 10 min warm up then 5 x 2 mins fast /3 mins recovery then a 10 min cool down so just under 4 and a half miles done so happy with that ....

its nearly that lent time of year again i always give up something so the chocolate is going again along with cake and crisps!!!! Ive started taking SALAD to work for lunch yes you read that right SALAD!!  today i had half an advocado lots of beetroot and olives in it along with the basic ingrediants...was very yummy...then a bit of full fat greek yoghurt....ive taken to going back to full fat stuff as ive read that when the fat is taken out then lots of sugar is added and its the sugar thats now the big diet danger apparently...and a little fat is good for you....

Dee know how you feel about the money side of running...i have lots of runs on my wish list but its the funds that are limited at the mo

Date for lethbridge 10 km which is a lovely run done in the evening in the summer has been announced 12th june i did this run last year and was amazed at the scenery in the middle of a big town..and the friendliness and organisation you dont get a medal but you do get a memento which was a key ring last year with the race details on...

we had a little snow today not the settling kind though thank goodness

happy running everyone

11/02/2013 at 21:25
Yvonne - it's more because one of my daughters that wants to run is at college, so can't really expect her to pay out that kind if money out of her Saturday job. So it's two entries I'm having to fund , although I have to admit funds are tight this side if Xmas.
12/02/2013 at 14:06

Yvonne great to hear your getting back into the running again

12/02/2013 at 16:38

Yes toby getting back into the running ...i must admit it is a little harder to get yourself out of the door when your not training for a run but thats when, now, i have to dig into the mental day on the plan today then tomorrow its a gym circuit with squats lunges push ups etc the things us runners often neglect to do, to help prevent injury, then thursday its a run ,friday rest ,then sat swim but im doing cross training and running then sunday an hours run so its pretty full on and its nice to have a plan to hoping that at the end of the 4 week plan ill be able to afford a10km run in devizes at end of march so have something to go for (sub 55)

12/02/2013 at 17:03

Hi everyone - loads of good training going on I see. As young Mr Grace might have said .. "You've all done very well"

Toby - can't believe how much training you're managing lately - your weekly total is more than my monthly total! Well done to Mrs Toby too. 

B&T - might spread some deep heat on our garden gates to stop the neighbours cats coming in! Re compression socks, if they do the trick do you really care what they look like? Am liking the 16ml route you did complete with NT toilets (did you have to flash membership card?). Went to check it out on Fetch but don't have permission!

Dee - Mrs Wm was going to borrow my foam roller but she used her hand-held wooden roller in the end (I think the getting down on the floor bit put her off).

Lisa - hope the bruises are starting to fade by now.

Sal - you're not here (you're in Anglesey) but well done anyway re the intervals. I always treat my 3ml treadie runs as a chance to stretch out and up the pace from 'plodding' to something beginning 9.

Yvonne - £49 for a marathon - don't blame you putting car/MOT before that. Glad to hear you are getting back into running. Giving up chocolate, cake & crisps .. you sure about that! Lethbridge 10K - I see it uses the path on the old railway. I used to cycle up there many moons ago when I worked at Burmah Oil.

Susie - you're not here either (you're in Cornwall). What a pain re the Mizuno price going up and down.
C Wolf - hope you manage to find a local running club - expect the break while doing diy etc. has done you good and recharged running batteries.

Well, as mentioned in earlier quick posts, I got a rejection email for the Great North Run. So I'll do one (at least) of the local HM's. Sorry if I gave wrong impression B&T .. wasn't planning to do all four!   And after almost two weeks off I went out on Saturday and did my favourite 7.25ml route through Cirencester Park and the ankle was fine during and after.

So after Sat's succesful foray back to this running lark(!) I went out with the club last night. I only just made it (everyone was heading outside as I arrived). I managed 5.5mls at avg 10:22 mm pace so was pleased with that. I was chasing after two ladies ahead of me - I worked hard and caught them at 4 miles (they said they had heard me coming up behind them - I obviously sound like a steam train!). Good news - no ankle problems and I'm ahead of my 500mls in 2013 schedule again

B&T mentioned it would be lovely to try and arrange an autumn meet-up. I've been checking dates of the local races and seen the folowing quoted:

15th Sep - Chippenham HM
22nd Sep - Malmesbury HM
6th Oct - Cricklade HM
13th Oct - Swindon HM

Susie already mentioned she was thinking of Swindon. I had that in mind too. And am thinking maybe Chippenham /Malmesbury as well (will allow enough recovery time). Thoughts anyone?

12/02/2013 at 22:24

Thoughts Wtnmel....well mine are what a quandry you have put me in ..i enjoyed my 3 halfs in 2 weeks last year i may well do it again this year...although Bristol HM is also the same day as Chippenham...and there is a 2 week gap between Malmesbury and Cricklade ...And my maths say thats 4 in 4 weeks???...Im all for meeting up, i know that Toby and Mrs Toby will be down for Cricklade and Swindon, well i hope they will be...Swindon perhaps we could all go to the local harvester after for a meal if thats an idea or Cricklade has a few pubs to for a meal although its a bit expensive ...or mine for tea and cake not familiar with Malmesbury thats B&T territory

I manage to give up chocolate for lent every year for 46 days so hopefully cake and crisps wont prove a step too far ..

Lethbridge is an amazing run along the old railway the view is amazing ...a bit of countryside in middle of a town is always good...

Anyone else having problem inserting emoticons? my bar wont show any more than the smiley face!!

Wtnmel as your cirencester if you fancy company running i run at that pace..saturdays my best day and sunday when im not working (everyother) thats if i can work my way round the one way systems!!





13/02/2013 at 04:54

i will be doing the Bristol H/M and Cricklade if i can swing it not shore Mrs Toby3 will be up for it as she got a little put off by the 10k as she was the last runner and quite a bit slower than the rest was running down country lanes by herself i think it frighten her a bit plus the cut of time is only 2:30 and she only running at over 3hr pace but we will be doing Swindon i except i will run with her again for that one

13/02/2013 at 20:21

Mel - Thanks for putting up the dates of the races will have a sort out.  looks like I will be available to do a couple which ones unknown of yet.....

14/02/2013 at 17:41

Yay - 4 hard slow miles done tonight bringing up my yearly total of just short of 7.5 miles what a difference to last year - 1/2 marathon training started.

14/02/2013 at 21:12

Another baby run for me tonight just 2 miles on treadmill ...every little helps or so we are led to believe .... doing well though and sticking to plan...

14/02/2013 at 23:30
Can I swan in (well, stagger in) and say I did my first 18 miler today? 18.7, if we're going to be truly accurate. Felt very hard right from the start, not sure if it's because I was running later than I usually do, or because I was running from my parents' house rather than from home, or because it was the warmest day of the year so far, but anyway - DONE!

Yvonne & CW - well done on your runs too
15/02/2013 at 04:06

B & T well done on the 18 miles i think the wife plans to do hers next week when the daughter comes down so we can all run together as the daughters had to do all her training on her own

Yvonne well done on the run i will be waiting to hear that you've beaten your PB of 55 miuntes

Edited: 15/02/2013 at 04:08
15/02/2013 at 07:25
Reading HM race numbers are being sent out next week - gulp - starting to seem real now. Read some training tips they have emailed out, and slightly concerned as they say to do at least 3 runs if 10 miles before the HM. My training programme only gets you to do one. But in the 5 weeks before hand you do an 8,9,10,8 with the final tapper off. Does this sound ok to you more experienced long distance runners, as this is my first HM. I followed this persons training for my first 10k and it never saw me wrong, I felt ready.

B&T good running and well done for sticking it out when it was tough

Yvonne - good for you getting out

CW - nice to see you are back out running

Toby - you just a machine and can't wait to see what time you end up with

Happy running and have a good weekend all
15/02/2013 at 12:22

Dee that sounds OK but if your worried you could always just add a mile to each run and do 9,10,11,9 in the book you get from the Bristol H/M they just say you should be able to run 8 miles comfortable a month before the race

Edited: 15/02/2013 at 12:23
15/02/2013 at 14:29

Hi everyone,

Yvonne - re which HM to do, I need to check those various dates with Mrs Wm to make sure they don't clash with anything. I still fancy doing two a month apart - so am tending towards Swindon and Chippenham. But if Bristol is the same day as Chippenham then I'm not sure which to do as I've not done either. But I know Mrs Wm would like the idea of a night in Bristol! BTW - thanks for the offer and I have sent you a PM regarding doing some runs together with some contact details - hopefully we can work something out

Toby - I see you are planning Bristol, Cricklade & Swindon HM's. Not sure I would manage all three.

CW - would be great to meet up with you at one or other of these HM's .. good to see the HM training has started in earnest. Bet it won't take long at all for you to get back to your previous fitness level.

B&T - *takes hand, leads to comfy sofa and passes hot chocolate* Blooming well done re that 18.7ml run you did - very impressive stuff

Dee - I asked for some advice on here when I attempted the Bath HM. I ended up with a 16 week plan of what long runs to do which included some 14ml runs.
In your case, I would try and add a bit more mileage if you can, but don't overdo things as I'm sure on the day the crowd will get you round. I just found that 16wk plan - there were obviously shorter easy/tempo midweek runs in the plan but the LSR's I ended up with were 6,7,8,6,9,10,11,7,12,13,14,10,14,10,6,race)

I've not managed to run since Monday I didn't get back in time for Wed's club run and haven't been able to fit in any runs since then. But I'll get out for a run tomorrow (hopefully with Yvonne!).


15/02/2013 at 16:17
Thanks Mel and Toby - my 9 miles last week felt comfortable and I could of ran further. I might well change the 10 miler to an 11 just for my own peace of mind. I think if I try to increase it too much I run the risk of niggling my Achilles, its not even a year yet from surgery and only started back running in June. In my mind I know I can do it - just needed to check the training seemed about on track with you guys

Thanks x
15/02/2013 at 19:32

Hi All,

Dee - At the end of the day what you put into the training is probably what you get out of it - Mels version will be good if going for a time, while what you have stated will get you around and probably the best if you fear a recurrence of a injury,  always more races to aim for a time.

B&T - Great run from you, many more long runs planned? how long to marathon day?

Toby - I expect you are ready for the marathon now?

See we are in a quandory about which Half to meet up at,  I will have a look tomorrow I know Oxford is close to those dates as well, what to they say about buses.

Planning another run tomorrow ...........Gulp indeed.


16/02/2013 at 09:50

Looking forward to meeting and running with Wtnmel for a trot around ciencester park just as long as that big bertha he runs up isnt included

Although only eating porridge now as ive been out with dogs so hope it goes down before running ...

Hope everyones runs go to plan today not sure if im jealous of all the marathon training going on or not all these very long runs and Toby like everyone says your not human right now .....

16/02/2013 at 15:22

Afternoon all

Went out wife  today to keep her company as she had 14 miles to do

swap my runs around a bit yesterday so did next week 20 yesterday and will do the 14 miles i should have done next week as the daughter is coming down next week so we can all go out for a run were going to try 18 miles and as were not shore how fast she is are expecting to be out along time

16/02/2013 at 16:09

Toby so your telling me you ran 34 miles in 2 days!!! see not human!!

Had a lovely run around ciren park with Wtnmel, managed to avoid big bertha although mel did give me the option of running it ,i declined gracefully of course....maybe next time after ive been running again for a few weeks ill attempt it....we ended up doing 6.4 miles in 1 hour 6 mins pace of 10.22 min miles...longest run since oct 14th (swindon half) so all good, and was nice meeting another forum threader....

Then came back and walked dogs for 4 miles had already walked a mile with them before running...and there is me saying i was jealous of mileage being done (does walking count)

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