GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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16/02/2013 at 16:32

Yvonne that better than last week when i did 36 in 2 days but having said that as Alison uses a run walk it's not all running and there's usually a couple of loo breaks in there as well glad to read the run went well you don't seem to have lost any speed

16/02/2013 at 16:58

As Yvonne said, it was great to be able to meet up and do a run together. Next Saturday I will drive over to Yvonne's and she can take me on one of her local routes. Yes .. Big Bertha was an option but we decided to take the slightly shorter route through some of the park. So BB can wait for another day when we are both in the mood to run a bit further.

16/02/2013 at 19:37

Nice to hear that the meet up and run went well (Mel & Yvonne)

4.5 miles for me thats 3 runs this year!!!!

16/02/2013 at 19:45
6 miles today in 57 minutes didn't have time to run any further as had a couple of appointments to get to.

Toby - I'm deffo thinking your part human part machine

Yvonne & Mel - glad you both had a good run today.

If nexts weeks run is feeling ok I'm going to up it to 11 instead of 10. Haven't really got a time in mind for the HM just want to get round it, as I'm doing it for a gymnast with disabilities as she desperately needs a piece of equipment to train on. Plus she is one if the nicest people I have ever had the honour to meet and get to know.
16/02/2013 at 21:27
Evening all
Back in a sunny Spring like Manchester
Great few days in Anglesey. Fitted in a couple of runs - one lovely, one in gale force wind with horizontal rain which was hideous
Back in time for parkrun today - improved since last time- 33.22 (including the 30s to get over the start line) and felt good. Still nearly 4 mins off pb tho!!
Blimey B&T well done on the very long run, how were your shins afterwards?
Nice that Yvonne and Mel met up for a run
Taking eldest horse riding in the morning, and if legs not too sore after hoping to do some intervals
17/02/2013 at 00:25
Great that Mel and Yvonne got to meet up and run together, and Sal glad you had a good time away *and* fitted in some runs, and a Park run! Sal - all of me felt very tired afterwards - I actually felt sick when I speed, which hadn't happened for years! The good news is that my shins were no tireder than any other part of me - yay! The compression socks seem to be working

Dee - sounds like a good plan for next week's long run. If you can do 11 you can definitely do 13.1

CW - so funny to see you've done your 3rd run of the year - but glad you're getting back into it.

Toby - I have this vision of your running like a Terminator, never stopping! Great running!

Waves hello to everyone else. Skipped my last 4 miler of the week, and went with my family on a lovely bike ride in the Forest of Dean. Beautiful place
17/02/2013 at 18:53

Hi all,


Back from Cornwall yesterday,got a couple of short runs in and 14 todayRun went really well though feel really tired this evening.

B+T,great news about your long run.Thats brilliant,and am really pleased no shin problems.Glad the compression socks are helping,I wore mine today as feel the benefit on colder days.I love the Forest of Dean too,I think there are some trail runs there which I'd love to do sometime.


SS,great that you had a good time away and did a couple of runs and the parkrun.Times quickly improving which is great


Toby and Dee great runningToby you're going to do really well at Brighton


I think Lisa was running the Brighton Half today,hope she enjoyed it


I need to get sorted soon with new shoes as even though I'll be getting the same shoe I need to wear them in a bit before 21st April.of course I haven't seen them for £50 again,let that be a lesson as shouldn't have left it til the next day!


I see you're talking about a meet up at a HM in the Autumn,will 99% be Swindon HM for me even though my sis has been talking about the hills involved

Children back to school in am,where did that week go?


Edited: 17/02/2013 at 19:10
17/02/2013 at 19:19

Brighton HM completed today - here is my review.

I woke up yesterday morning full of cold, however I decided late last night to continue my plan to run the Brighton HM run today, despite being under the weather. I dosed up on Vit C, Zinc and Echinacea all day yesterday in a bid to be able to run and I just couldn't face pulling out of it at the last minute with all the training that I have done.

Left my house this morning wrapped up as it was -3 and very misty and arrived in Brighton to beautiful sunshine - obviously it was still chilly. Being cold it kept my snotty nose at bay .

First 6 miles felt quite comfortable and I was averageing about 8 min miles - I ran 10k in 47 mins, therefore knew that I had gone off far too fast. My pacing for races is really rubbish - need to work on this. Miles 6-9 I was averaging aboy 8 and 1/2 min miles was tiring at this point. Mile 10 we turned around right onto the seafront and was running into quite a head wind at this point I was shattered, probably not helped by being under weather and going off far too quickly. Mile 11 I literally though I was going to vomit , but thankfully I held it in. This was due to having a couple of swigs of Lucozade sport - I don't generally have any sugar in my diet as I eat a paleo diet and I think my body just objected to it.

Boy was I glad when I saw the sign for 900m. I resisted speeding up until I was near the 300m marker. I crossed the line in 1 hour 52 mins and 1 second. Really pleased with the time especially as I am not well. Feel like death warmed up now and again full of cold etc. Probably not the most sensible idea to run with a cold, but glad that I have now run my first HM. Now work starts to get sub 1hr 45 mins !!

Will have a look back at all the posts that I have missed over the last few days.

17/02/2013 at 19:45
Lisa - fantastic in so many ways! Firstly that you willingly completed a race report (we loves a good race report we do ), that you ran despite being full of cold, and that you ran an absolutely cracking time! Congratulations!

Sorry it was a hard race in many ways, but brilliant that you just kept on going. Hope your cold clears up quickly now for you.

Susie - welcome back! Glad you had s good time, and that you got some running in. Typical about the shoes !

If Swindon HM is looking like the popular option for the autumn, then I guess I'll have to plump for Swindon as well. I suspect I'll do Chippenham as well, as its my closest HM, and I haven't managed a decent time for that race yet!

Mel - belated thanks for the steadying hand and hot chocolate after my long run last week Just what I needed.

Winner if the girls will have dried out any after the lovely sunshine this week??
17/02/2013 at 20:10
Lisa - fab time especially feeling that ill. Do t think my first HM will be that quick, it's going to be over 2 hours.

Don't think I'm going to be able to join in on the Swindon HM, it's only 2 weeks before the GSR and I've promised my daughter I would do that with her, providing we get an entry. Might look at Chippenham though, depending on what the course is like?

(Makes note to oneself that race report is expected following reading lol) *wonders if I can fit a notebook and pencil in my zip pocket??*
17/02/2013 at 21:17
Evening all
Well done Lisa, amazing result especially when you're not well. Hope you're feeling very proud of yourself
Welcome back Susie, impressive long running
Lovely trek with my eldest today, she was very pleased as managed rising trot by herself. Then took the dog to the park so ended up running tonight. Did 4x1k reps with 3 min recoveries. Supposed to be at 5k pace which based on yesterday should prob be 10.30m/m. So decided to aim for 10.20-10.30. Managed 10.21, 10.25, 10.10 and 10.04 so pleased. Onwards and upwards ...
Back to school for my lot as well tomorrow but Mr SS on half term which always makes for an easier week for me

39 feb
17/02/2013 at 21:36

Hi All,

Nice racing and report Lisa, well done on toughing it out.  Interesting to see your times for 10K v's half marathon.

Nice reps Sal - Good that the last was the quickest.

Susie - Nice running from you.

I see Toby's not checked in today is he still running?

Will check up on the dates soon and work something out?  Swindon's not far away though.

Doing some online shopping like Susiebe - after some shoes and compression socks,  going to have a look at the Saucony's with the 8mm heal - toe anyone tried them? If i remeber correctly Mel

Take care all - might go for a run tomorrow.

17/02/2013 at 23:05
Just reading back, and see my snazzy tablet auto corrected my post a little strangely. So when I said "Winner if the girls will have dried out any after the lovely sunshine this week??" I actually meant "Wonder if the FIELDS will have dried out" !

Dee - oh yes, race reports are definitely required! I will nag you otherwise cos I love reading them! I live very close to Chippenham and have run it twice now. It's a nice route, mostly on country lanes so I guess it can get a little lonely if you're used to big city races! There's good support all round the course, and its really well organised. Is mostly flat but there are some 'undulations', particularly at around mile 10 ish, but then it it's downhill to the finish. Susie - anything to add?

Sal - great intervals

CW - compression socks - the footwear of champions (well, those without sore shins!)
18/02/2013 at 04:21

Some great running going on over the weekend  i have 10 to do today that’s after  my weight  watcher meeting hoping I’ve lost the last 3lbs

Lisa well done you that’s a great time considering you were under the weather I’m a bit jealous to be honest as that’s not far off my PB and i was well


18/02/2013 at 07:45
B&T - I was born in Oxford and grew up in Abingdon when it was a much smaller town than it is now, most of my athletic training was done running in the country so country lanes sound good to me. It's more the hills I have to worry about - not because I'm frightened if them - its my Achilles it doesn't cope with steep long hills, I've done a couple of short steep hills in training and its always protested a little the following day.

Susie - some good reps there.

Toby - looking forward to your next robotic time for your run
18/02/2013 at 07:55

Well I have now managed to read back on all the posts that I missed.

Yvonne in my book walking definately counts towards mileage. Good to see that you and Mel met up for a run - it must be nice having a run with someone rather then heading out on your own all the time.

Speediersal really well done in the interval training  - I have avoided speed training like the plague, but I have decided that although they are the devils work I have start doing them as part of my training to improve on my times aarrgghh!! Any tips?

Dee, I was hoping for a sub 2hr, with a "I'd be over the moon" with a time nearer 1hr 50. Its amazing what adrenaline will do on the day of your HM, just don't do what I did and go off to fast, when is your HM?

B&T I salute your mileage thats very impressive and a distance I am yet to cover.

Cotswold Wolf, enjoy your run today.

Toby I am pretty sure with the amount of mileage that you are doing you would have no trouble beating your HM pb. Do you have times that you are currently working towards or are you just concentrating on running BM in less then 4hrs?

18/02/2013 at 09:31

Lisa mainly working towards a sub  4 at Brighton but we have  H/M coming up in 2 weeks and would love to go sub 1:50:00 if possible but will have to see as I've never run this one before i usually run Bath and that's were i seem to set all my best times but decided because of the entry fee being £41 i give it a miss this year

18/02/2013 at 10:28
Mines the 17th March and its a fairly flat course, just has 'two inclines' in the description of the course. Not planning on going out too fast, I have a handy app on my phone that tells you your pace so I'm planning on using that
18/02/2013 at 13:30

Dee - Chippenham doesn't have any long, steep hills (or I wouldn't be doing it!)

Easy 4 miles this morning. Don't know if its the cold weather, or the marathon training, but I do seem to be running faster with my HR still at / below 70%. Magic Entered my Half marathon last night after dithering for ages about it. Family are primed to come with me and go on the cycle paths whilst I run. Still not sure what sort of pace I should aim for - marathon pace? Bit faster?? Full on trying to shave a bit more off last year's PB???!!!!

18/02/2013 at 14:29

Afternoon all

well went to W/W done another 3lbs 10st 7lbs  making a grand loss of 3st since i joined back last October so this now puts me  were i wanted to be so i can start the maintenances  whole heartedly instead of the half heart effort last time

Went out for run afterwards 10 miles done in 1:31:15 giving me an Avg pace of 8:59 m/m

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