GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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20/02/2013 at 21:18
Thanks all - yes it was a nightmare and I was a nightmare to live with too, how my family put up with me I have no idea

Jonny that's impressive increase in distance over a short period of time, just be careful of building up too quickly as mentioned before it increases the risk of injury, would not wish that on anybody.

Boring 50 minute tready run for me today, upped the speed a little and heart rate was lower than the usual on the tready??? Would that be the effects of the LSR's ?

Rest day tomorrow, short 30 minute run, then 11 miles in Saturday - going to try out the compression leggings my hubby got me as a surprise.
21/02/2013 at 18:58
Ran the 10km home after work in 46.20 felt it towards the end, gonna relax tonight with a curry and a beer with mrs m. Rest day tomorrow and parkrun saturday and trying trail running on sunday with a few lads from work. Anyone find trail running easier or harder?

Dee, thanks, i love trying to do better each time i run, enjoy your run in your new leggings!
21/02/2013 at 19:30

Hi All,

Dee - A lot of things can cause different HR, it could also be that you are getting fitter.

Jonny - Trail running just watch your footing, your pace may be a bit slower as well.

4.5 miles easy tonight.

21/02/2013 at 21:35
Think I may have incipient hypothermia!
1k intervals again tonight, 5 this time with slighter shorter recovery of 2 mins and decided to aim for 10.10-10.20 pace so slightly quicker than last week. Came out as 10.12, 10.06, 10.05, 10.12, 10.08 so better than last week . Only got to get back to 9.20 pace!!!
Sounds awful Dee, shows how we can never take fitness for granted
Sounds like you're getting back in shape CW
IMO trail running harder work but more enjoyable, and good to have variety. Just don't expect to be quick!

22/02/2013 at 04:05

morning all

14 miles for me today then it's out the the wife and  daughter Saturday for there 18 miles it's really bitter out there to night hope it's a bit warmer tomorrow but my have to be a wimp and put an extra long sleeved top on

car went in for it's MOT just hoping it doesn't cost and arm and a leg

22/02/2013 at 13:21

Hi everyone,

Lisa - well done re 7.5ml run - yep, definitely very nippy out there.

CW - good to see you're getting back to your previous pace.

Dee - I always find treadie runs easier. I can go at a faster pace and put that down to me just needing to move my legs rather than push myself along like outside. Will be interested to hear how you get on with the compression leggings.

Jonny M - the only trail run I've done was the Ridgeway 10ml race last October. I don't have any trail shoes so was lucky it was a dry day. Even though I was watching my footing I did manage to go over on my ankle but caught myself in time and didn't have any problems finishing.

Sal - hope you've thawed out after that bout of hypothermia! Well done re those intervals.

Toby - my car is 3yrs old next month so I've just booked mine in for it's first MOT - should get through okay but you never know! Well done re your 14ml run and good luck with Mrs Toby and Miss Toby and that planned 18ml run.

*waves* to everyone else

I *did* manage to get back in time for Wed's club meet. We jogged out to an industrial estate about a mile away then did intervals (5x 80mtrs; 4x 60mtrs on a slight slope with a jog recovery back down). Was very nippy to start with but I soon warmed up once we got going! A clubmate who I have 'met' via the Fetch website introduced herself - she is doing the Marathon De Sables next year. A couple of others introduced themselves as well. People seem friendlier this time around (not complaining - just pleasantly surprised).

Looking forward to running with Yvonne again tomorrow - I think we're probably doing an 8ml out & back on the old railway line.

22/02/2013 at 20:10

Hi all


Busy here so haven't managed to get to post,even though have good intentions!


Runs going well.Today 6 miles this pm,freezing cold but felt like I was in a nice warm bubble within a few minutes.

Bought some lovely running leggings this am from Primark £9 and the most comfortable pair Ive ever worn.The are not a close fitting lycra,more a looser trouser fit which I prefer.Worth having a look,they also had jackets,tops,bra tops.Not sure about the mens stuff.Also have ordered my new shoes,didnt see them at £50 againbut £59 with free p+p was ok.

ss,great intervals,your times are very quickly improving

mel,the naked ladies must be brave at the mo,bbrrrr its cold


jonny,welcome!You're doing really well,runnings quite addictive but in a great way


Lisa,really well done in your HM.You did really well considering you werent feeling that well.Hope you're now feeling better

Toby,hope the car passes ok


Did anyone watch 'The Brain Doctors' on weds evening?A truly inspirational programme, filmed at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where my daughters were born.Was thinking about it while I was running today,amazing doctors and patients


hoping to get to park run in the am,then 14/15 on Sunday.

Have a great weekend all

22/02/2013 at 22:33

well collected the car £307.71 not overly bad but bad enough 14 miles done was i bit of a wimp wore an extra long sleeved top and my thicker jacket

Susie yes it was a tad nippy out there this Afternoon

Mel glad to read the club runners are a lot more friendly now

23/02/2013 at 10:38
Toby - ouch at the bill for the car, well done on the run

Susie - I love that programme, didn't get to see it this week but will look on i-player later if I get time. All of my children were born in the JR hospital.

Mel - pleased that the running club seem better this time round.

My planned 11 miles turned out to be 11.5 in the end managed it in 1h56mins so pleased with that - thighs were just starting to hurt in the last half mile though, might have been the cold as it was -2 when I started running and was 0 when I got back in the car. Did the run in the compression leggings - got them out of the box held them up - immediate thought "don't think even Barbie would fit in these" anyway after several minutes squeezing myself in them they felt really comfortable . Surprisingly warm whilst running, but not too warm, so far although thighs felt stiff in the last half mile they have settled down. I suppose tomorrow will be the telling point if they have done the job. I'm thinking of running the HM in them as I found them more comfortable than my other sets of running legging/tights.
23/02/2013 at 10:54

Morning All,

Dee - Good run today - I often find that compression clothes are good after a run as well.

Toby - Dont think anyone can call you a wimp - good luck with the long runs and to all the Tobies as well.

Susiebe - Nice to hear that ther running is going well with you, you do seem to be putting the effort in, don't know the hospital that you refer to but maybe in the future.

Mel - So nice to hear that the club is going well for you.

Yvonne/Mel - Enjoy your run today.

Just over 6 done today - feeling like fitness is coming back slowly never really struggled today quite an undualiting route not like the hills I'm used to.  Will leave it a couple of more weeks before joining a club and doing parkruns though.

Have a good weekend all - Off to the pictures now and then Lunch out in Witney.


23/02/2013 at 12:17
What are you off to see CW? Sounds like your fitness is recovering quicker than mine.
Compression leggings sound good Dee although I'm sure I'll prefer the price of Susies Primark ones. Good to hear your pleased with them Susie, might have a look next time I'm dragged there by my eldest -. Hope you had a good parkrun this morning
Well done on your club run Mel and seems like it was worth perservering
Just 2.2 this morning during ballet, like running thru treacle! Prob never got warm and also fighting off a bit of a sore throat at the mo
It's the clubs duathlon tomorrow which I'm not fit to do at the mo but planning to go and do the run which will work out as 9.5k to have a go at pacing ready for 10k in a couple of weeks
23/02/2013 at 13:52

Hello all...well just back from a lovely out and back run with mel i hope he isnt cursing me too much for muddy trainers we managed 7.15 miles at 11.05 min mile pace which i think for track/trail running is in my book, good, i always find you can knock a min per mile off when you revert back to road running....and im always amazed at how quick the time goes...

Ive been reading posts but not posting as my kindle for some reason isnt typing but it does for sending mails etc ..Im still off the goodies for lent day 10 i think ...went running on the treadie for 45 mins tues evening 10 min warm up followed by 3 mins fast 2 mins recovery x 5 then 10 min cool down then a 30 min run thurs then todays run so im slowly getting back in and im amazed im up to this mileage already and feeling ok ive also been doing a press up program and ive done some strengthening work..

Again i ouch that car bill toby mine is due soon and im not looking forward to it..

CW what did you see at pics? hope you enjoyed lunch

Dee i dont think i could run in tight stuff makes me feel uncomfortable putting on fresh washed jeans that struggle enough for me

Happy running everyone

23/02/2013 at 15:08

Dee nice running at a nice pace well done on being out there in the cold. Agree compression tights are very comfy to run in and also lounge about in.

Mel glad to hear that the club is so much more welcoming this time round. I really need to joing a club - must get myself sorted.

Susie well done on running the intervals (shudders at the thought )

Yvonne agree with trail running always a bit slower and yes you feel the improvements much more when converting back to road running.

CW glad to hear the training is coming on.

Parkrun for me today and a new pb of 24.32 which I am pleased with especially as course is 'undulating' (1 massive hill and 1 incline that goes on forever!). Really want to get below 24 mins but may have to go to another course - nice flat one - for that!

Edited: 23/02/2013 at 15:09
23/02/2013 at 17:02

Afternoon all

well back from the 18 miles with the  wife and daughter have to eat humble pie as we completed the run in just under 5:14:00 i have to say i thought it was going to be more like 6 to 6 and a half

23/02/2013 at 17:07
Good running everyone!
Lisa_ im trying to beat 24 mins
Toby- i havent got 300 pence, never mind 300 pounds.
Not going trail running tomorrow, going to increase my mileage to 9 on the road, gonna be a cold morning! Got harry potter and deathly hallows parts 1 & 2 for tonight, good times
23/02/2013 at 19:41
Just popped by while cooking dinner - will catch up properly tomorrow or Monday. Have borrowed Mrs Wm's iPad. Don't know what I would do without it when I'm slaving away in the kitchen. What did that outer wrapper say on that prepared chicken meal? 25 or 30 mins?

Don't worry Yvonne - the trainers weren't that muddy - considering all the puddles and bits of mud I think we did quite well to keep as clean as we did.

Legs feel okay after today's 7 miles. Yvonne and I had toyed with the idea of doing 8 miles but in hindsight, 7 miles was plenty enough for me today.
24/02/2013 at 10:16
So the morning after the run in compression leggings. I put them back as suggested by CW and wore them in bed as suggested by one if my hubby's friends who runs numerous marathons a year. Have no aches or pains no stiffness other than my Achilles which always protests abit when I up the mileage.

Yvonne & Mel - sounds like you had a good run

Jonny - hope your run goes ok today

Toby - sounds like all the tobies had an excellent run

Lisa - well done on your PB that's really good going especially with the inclines.

Sweatshop run for me tomorrow as a recovery run
24/02/2013 at 11:27
Disaster, about 2 miles in, felt ok and right calf ached a bit, stopped and stretched , carried on, really tightened up to the point were i was limping a bit and ended up walking back home, probably didnt stretch enough, glad i didnt try and run through it..try again in a few days.
24/02/2013 at 11:46

Sounds like a good week Yvonne and well done on that fab speedy pb Lisa
Amazing running from team Toby, you must be so proud of them. Bet there will be a tear or 2 shed on the big day.
Oh no Jonny, make sure you rest up now

So great night out with friends last night, curry and prob a couple more drinks than I should have......then up for the run bit of the club duathlon feeling a little fragile
. Actually v pleased with how it went. 5.66m at ave pace 10.38 (10.39, 10.50, 10.30, 10.52, 10.45, 9.57). So can hopefully aim for 10.30 pace at Trafford in a couple of weeks which is also flat. Glad didn't do the 10m cycle in the middle of the 2 run laps as was already last after the 1st run lap! The winner finished about 4 min after I finished my run!!
24/02/2013 at 12:08

Speediersal yes have to Say very proud of them though had a bit of a chuckle this morning as the daughter have is having trouble walking which is quite amusing

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