GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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24/02/2013 at 15:51

Hi all,

Lisa,well done on your PB

Jonny,give it chance to heal,probably just natures way of ensuring you now rest up

SS,Great pace,the splits are very consistant


Toby,great family run


15 miles for me today,felt fine though beginning to get tired at end.Took 2 hrs52 mins so I dont know if a 5 hr marathon is really on but hopefully a pb is(last marathon 5hrs28mins)HM at Silverstone next Sunday,wont be going for a HM pb there,just using it as a training run but no doubt will end up racing it a bit


Yesterdays park run splits 10.09 10.07 and 9.51 so pleased with that




Edited: 24/02/2013 at 15:51
24/02/2013 at 17:25

Toby dont laugh...but dont tell snow maiden how she wont be able to walk down the stairs after the marathon eh but good on them both eh poohbear and snow maiden they both signed up last year and they are taking it seriously and they are both gonna be so proud of themselves on the finish line as will you be too sooooo hoping to be able to go down for the weekend...


24/02/2013 at 18:55

Hi All,

Dee - I too wear my compression clothes in bed proper passion killers.

I'm guessing pooh bear & snow maiden are Toby's family or I may well have missed something.

Susie - Nice park run and good training run today, don't forget time is not important on the training ground.

Sal - Nice parkrun from you as well and sounds like  it was a good night out.

LIsa - Great P.B especially on an hilly track.

Jonny - Rest up & have a read of injury prevention, most of us have been there - too much too soon and training too fast are you in proper shoes?  I can't say how important it is too slow down to start with.

Pictures was with the kids Wreck it Ralph O.K but not great, today an early & easy 6 miles then went into Oxford. Can't run Monday & Tuesday because of School appointments.

Have a good week all



24/02/2013 at 19:20

Toby how fabulous to be able to share your running with your family - nice running btw.

Jonny you may have done what I have been guilty of in the past too much too soon at too fast a pace. I hope that this niggle passes quickly and you are back out there soon.

Susie well done on your 15 miler and Parkrun, enjoy your Hm next Sunday are you having a taper week this week?

Speediersal you done good after the previous nights excesses.

I have decided to not run the Brighton Marathon as I just don't feel ready despite the training going to plan. I have made the decision to run a couple of HM's and 10k'sthis year and focus on building my endurance and improving my speed (consistently). I would like to run a 4Xsomething 10k and a 1hr 4X something HM. To date my last 10k in November was 50.09, and I have booked to run the Paddock Wood HM in April so am hoping that I can get to 1hr 50 mins which was my plan last week at Brighton. I ran a slower 12 miles today at @ 9.40 and kept my HR below 150bpm.

I will run my first marathon next Spring, hopefully in about 3hr 45 which is a GFA for VLM I have said it out loud now

Happy running all

Happy running all

24/02/2013 at 19:25

Poohbear is the wife and Snowmaidens my daughter the daughter singed up first and unknown to me while i was off doing some thing the wife decided that she didn't want my daughter to have to run it alone so signed up as well came as a compleat shock

24/02/2013 at 19:31

Lisa sorry to hear you won't be at Brighton but if you don't feel ready always best to be on the safe side your doing what i did by running a few 10ks and H/M first before committing to my first full marathon

25/02/2013 at 14:28

Afternoon all

8 miles done today run took 1:13:18 with and Avg pace of 8:56 m/m

had to order a new pair of running shoes as the old ones are now Waring badly were i come down on the outside edge of my heel ordered them from the start fitness web site and with another pair of running tights as i let Snowmaiden have one of mine with the discount code the two items came to less than i paid for my current running shoes from the running shop

25/02/2013 at 19:30
Good evening, well apparently, speaking to my mate at work, i havent hurt my calf, its my achillies. Told me to rest for 2 weeks at least. Thats a massive dent in my training, would swimming harm me?

Toby, what shoes did you go for?

lisa, im sure you would have been fine, but you know better than anyone.

cw, my shoes are karrimor, its all i could afford but i havent had problems till now.

Hope everyone is well.
25/02/2013 at 20:04

Good evening All,

Jonny - At the very least do a wet foot test, to see if you have high arches etc - then have a look at start fitness or sportshoes - they have last years shoes for half price. Swimming will be good.

Lisa - I apologise I thought your 10K PB is 47 mins, Its best to train at current times rather than future times so the paces I give you would be a bit optimistic.  Easy pace 10:10, Top aerobic = 8:46, Park run (tempo) = 8:12 (I'm sure you will be doing that quicker), very wise to give up the marathon it is not the holy grail!!!!!!!

No running tonight

25/02/2013 at 21:27

CW thats ok - in my HM last week I ran the first 10k in 47 mins hence another reason why I found the last 3 miles tough, so if I did a 10k time trial tomorrow I would expect a similarish time of around 47-48 mins. I don't think that I can run 10:10 for my easy pace I would find it very difficult to maintain, however 9:40 I can do without it feeling too unnatural.

Toby whats your average weekly mileage, and how are you finding it. Just reading about the amount you are running tires me out!!

Jonny make sure you stretch out your calves and achilles post run - you can do calf raises on stairs. Swimming is good.

Pilates class for me this evening - back out running tomorrow  


25/02/2013 at 21:30
Jonny - go careful, if it is your Achilles then it can take ages to heal if not rested correctly, been there, done that. Although mine was a very unusual case, both in the way it went, and the continuous problems I had for 2 years.

Toby - love the feeling if new trainers, you don't realise how worn out the old ones are till you get new ones.

Sweatshop run complete 3.75 miles in 34 minutes, used it as a recovery run, legs did feel very heavy. Might swim tomorrow, depends how much time I have before work
26/02/2013 at 22:10
Easy 5 tonight, surely it will get warmer soon??
Good goal to aim for Lisa
Always nice to have new shoes Toby
Good parkrunning Susie and not surprised yu were tired at the end of a 3 hr run!

27/02/2013 at 04:20

Morning all

5 mile recovery run on the treadmill yesterday just 4 today my new running shoes and running tights arrived yesterday will have to give them ago today as it's only a very short run

Jonny i went for a the same pair as i have now which Asics 1170 gels got them of the start fitness web site and even with buying a new pair of running tights it came to less than i paid in the running shop

Lisa without going out with the wife my average weekly mileage would only be between 30 and 40 miles a week normally the heaviest week i have mileage wise is about 51 but when you add in the fact I’ve been going out with the wife to keep her company the mileage is more like 50 to 60 miles a week at the moment

27/02/2013 at 17:29
No running since sunday, gonna test the calf on a steady 3 miler tomorrow, fingers crossed. Parkrun saturday.

Hows everyone enjoying the sunshine today? Makes a nice change
27/02/2013 at 18:39

Hi All,

Jonny  - Take it nice and steady - good luck with the calf.

Lisa - I do agree it is difficult to run at the suggested slow paces - but if you can hit your speedwork targets and not feeling tired - that would be O.K.

Sal - It warmed up tonight on my run, had more running kit on than a sportsshop - out comes the sun - nice but oh my did I sweat.

27/02/2013 at 22:37
I'm going mad - I was sure I'd posted a couple of times here lately, but I can't see my posts at all! Sorry - haven't been ignoring you

Jonny - hope the calf's okay - warm it up well, and stretch well after.

Toby - hope the new tights and shoes fit well

Cotswold wolf - how nice to feel too warm!

Lisa - sorry you're not going to be doing Brighton this year, but sounds like you have a good plan!

Waves hello to everyone else!

Done 3 runs this week, now resting up until Sunday's HM. Couple of days to dither about what to wear - better keep obsessively checking the weather forecast!
28/02/2013 at 04:16

Morning just

4 miles for me yesterday that's it now till Sundays half shoes and tights fitted ok but will need to wear the shoes about the house to break them in a bit more

28/02/2013 at 15:04

*sneaks head round corner*

Hello all .  It's been a loooooong time since I last posted.  Just had a quick catch up with this thread and it's ace to see everyone still enjoying their running and lots of new faces

28/02/2013 at 19:48

Hi All

Hello again TR - How are you any major races this year?

Toby - B&T - Susiebe - Good luck with the halfs this weekend - Susiebe I know your not racing hard how about Toby and B&T?

Just under 5 tonight - slowly getting better HR slowly falling.

Take care all






28/02/2013 at 20:56


Really enjoying running at the moment and doing about 2 races a month.  Something magical is happening and I seem to be gaining some speed, hurrah!  Managed a sub-23 parkrun, a sub-48 hilly 10k and I did my second half-mara last weekend at Blackpool where I managed a stonking sub 1hr-43.  Enjoying having a go at some different races too; did my first cross country event in Jan and I'm having a go at a tough fell race next weekend.

Are you planning on Snowdon mara again this year?  Or something even more difficult perhaps?!

Hope you're all well, must read back and see how you're all doing.  Looks like some of you have some half maras this weekend - the very best of luck! Enjoy 

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