GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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20/03/2013 at 21:41
Hi jess (and everyone else)
My running mojo also went AWOL for a nov and Dec and just starting to feel like fitness creeping back. Missed Trafford 10k cos I hurt my back and have entered the City 10k in July and would like to do the Stockport 10 this year. Nothing else planned yet bu would like to fit some others in. Part of the problem has been that I can't get to running club or parkrun cos the kids have stuff on so I've lost my routine. House is fab, bit of a money pit, but should be worth it thanks!
How's work and home for you?

2.3 miles tonight during swimming lesson. Turned into tempo effort, ave pace 1040mm because its bloomin freezing out there! Fed up of cold and need some sunshine

20/03/2013 at 21:56
20 minute slow recovery run for me this morning, legs protested for the first couple of minutes, after that they went completely loose again - so a big thanks for that tip B&T and CW.

Had some great news as a direct result of appearing on BBC south today a business man donated the whole amount of money I was trying to raise . Much to my embarrassment though I was so shocked and surprised I virtually verbally raped him on the phone , turns out he is in his 60's ooopppssss poor man must of thought I was a right nutter!
20/03/2013 at 22:41
Hi Jess! Nice to see you back, and to hear you're running again
Dee - glad your legs loosened up, and dab need about the generous man - there are still some lovely purple in the world!
Toby - don't think I've had an email from Brighton ...... Wonder where mine has gone .....

Finally made it out for my last long run! It had to be squeezed between getting the kids out to school, and the British Gas man coming between 12 and 2. So a real race against the clock! Made it up to around 17 miles, then wax back in the village so ran round the village and past our house a few times just after 12 in case he turned up, and finally decided not to push my luck too far and stopped at 12:25pm having run 19.1M. That will have to do!
21/03/2013 at 04:08

Morning all

Well i was going to do my run on the treadmill yesterday but in the end decided i could get it done quicker if i went out for a run as i don’t tend to walk when I’m outside running on my own unlike the treadmill were i have a tendency to do a run walk and it was a nice day

B&T try this link Brighton

21/03/2013 at 14:24

Cool - thanks Toby. Can't seem to print it though - would be much easier to refer back to if I could print it out (obsessive taper behaviour kicking in already!) No mail with my number though

21/03/2013 at 14:27

Just realised, there has been way too much running talk, and way too little CAKE on here lately! So here I am, to rectify that. made malteser cake for my son for after his birthday treat at Go Ape on Saturday with 2 of his friends. It was great, but we took so long there wasn't time to come back to have cake afterwards.

Last night he helped me make chocolate brwnies so he could take some in for his other friends in school, and I've just finished making a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream for his birthday tea tonight. Can you tell he likes chocolate????? Anyway - plenty here - help yourselves

21/03/2013 at 15:47

B&T it may be worth just emailing the Brighton Marathon team ans finding out about your number if that's the second email I've had and you haven't can't do any harm

21/03/2013 at 18:43

Hi All,

Dee - Fantastic to get the whole amount of money.

B&T - On her tablet again.   Cake hmmmmmm.

Sal - Hadds approach is aimed for high mileage runners.

Lisa - hows the low HR runs going?  Are you going to get upto 50miles per week before doing a time trial?

6.5 miles easy tonight.



21/03/2013 at 19:47
Aah I see CW, not for me then
Cake sounds great
Brilliant news about your fundraising Dee, well done
21/03/2013 at 21:09
Laughing so much at B&T tablet and the lovely purple out there

I made a Malteser cake for after my HM is it the one where you crush some for the icing in the middle ??? Getting hungry just thinking about it
22/03/2013 at 08:00

B&T  ...AAARRRGGGHHH dont talk cake.....ive still got until easter sunday until i can eat cake chocolate and crisps...gave them up for lent.....and maltesers are my fave and youve combined it with cake!!!!!!....

Can you save me some until then please..

23/03/2013 at 10:06
Footy cancelled because of the weather so made it to a bitterly cold parkrun. Nice to catch up with people and felt it went ok but no faster than last time at 33.06. Hoping to get there next week as well before we head off to Anglesey for Easter.
On call this weekend so no more running for me
Hope you all have good weekends
23/03/2013 at 10:57
Eughhhh @ being on call Sal, I work in a super hospital so we are always on call if there is a major incident.

Only done the one recovery run this week, but intending to get out more next week.
23/03/2013 at 18:24
Hi all,

really pleased as did 20 miles this am.Absolutely terrible weather,snowing and cold but made it and actually felt fairly strong.Took me 4 hrs but went slow as worried about slipping though the snow didn't appear to be settling but wasn't going to chance it.So ave pace was 12.1 m/m,aiming just a little quicker on the day.Just really pleased with today as the conditions were terrible and it was a real test of mental strength too!

B+T,talking of cake scoffed 4 slices of coffee cake this pm as had a friend visiting!Didnt feel too guilty after the run though!Many thanks for your donation,I hope I have already thanked you but will again just in case!

SS,Hope the on call is quiet.I'm working tomorrow,hence having had to run today!

Dee,wow that's great about the donation!I still have a bit to raise if the kind man is about?!

Jess,lovely to hear from you.So pleased you're running again!You didn't miss much a Silverstone,mile after mile of tarmac,not the most scenic at all infact if I hadn't been running I probably would've nodded off!

CW,hope you're settling in well in your new home.I worked at Shipton under wychwood a few weeks ago which probably is near you?

Have a good weekend
23/03/2013 at 20:15

Well me and the O/H go to Leicester although the trip up was pretty hairy at times didn't think we were going to get out for a run at all, any way we did all was going well up to 10  miles when daughters ankle started playing up and the biting head wind we'd been running into finally took it's toll on my hands even through 2 pairs gloves

and the O/H feet went numb so we cut the run short the daughter was very disapointed she had'nt manged to do the whole 20 but as we reminded her, 1 we had already said we'd keep going until we did the 20 miles or got too cold  to carry on and 2 and more importantly with just 3 weeks now till brighton it was'nt worth carring on and risking doing serious damage to her ankle

24/03/2013 at 14:21

Went out for a 13.5 miler today and managed to keep my HR around 140bpm which is on target for 70-72% of max hr so very pleased, this involved slowing down an awful lot so was averaging 10.30 min/miles. 

CW - as I have a HM 2 weeks today I have done a tempo run this week and will do another one next week at race pace just to make sure I can still run at 8.20 min miles for a few miles . After that I will try and resist tempo runs for a few weeks to allow Hadd training to kick in. I also need to up my mileage at the moment I run about 30 - 35 mpw, so need to increase this slowly over the next few weeks to 55 miles per week - arrgghh scary stuff! I have a 15 mile race booked for July so will focus my Hadd training towards that. I also have a 10k at the end of May so will be interesting to see if my time for that will improve just by 'Hadding'.

Dee really good news about the sponsership, you can just focus on running now.

B&T stop all this talk of cake its making me hungry! 

Susie huge well done on your 20 miler especially as weather is so awful at the moment - remind me which season we are in again!!

Toby it sounds like you made the right decision cutting the run a bit short, your daughter really needs to stay injury free so close the big day.

24/03/2013 at 14:41
Susie what are you fund raising for and do you have a donations page?

Lisa - I've done the run so now having a couple of easy weeks, just running when I feel like it, not having to follow a training plan is weird, but nice at the same time.

Toby - great running in what sounds like awful conditions, we've been lucky here not had any snow but it is chilly.

I've just put an entry in for the Chippenham HM in September, lets hope this one has better weather than Reading
24/03/2013 at 20:55

Evening All,

Firstly well done on everyone getting their training in this  weather.

Susiebe - Yes Right by Shipton.  Very good 20 miler.

Lisa - Will be interested in your Hadd training.  Can't blame you for doing some tempo runs near your HM  Seems like your long run went well by using HR.

Dee - Well done on Chippenham entry.

Toby - Must be start of taper for you.

No races planned so I'm not running in this weather.  Lightweight yes


25/03/2013 at 03:53

CW taper starts this week to a point with just 14 on Friday then it drops right off next week

25/03/2013 at 13:08

Hi everyone


I'm back in the UK (got home on Friday). I just wanted to pop by and say hello. I will catch up properly over the next few days and see what everyone has been up to while I've been away. Northern Lights cruise was great apart from catching the stomach bug that was doing the rounds of the ship  

I went out for a run yesterday - the 2 week break (apart from a 2ml treadie run on ship) don't seem to have had any adverse effect as I was able to do just over 6mls with only one (2 min) walk break.

And I MUST get some race entries sorted before too much longer .. 

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