GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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04/04/2013 at 19:42

Mel reading back on your thread since your return you seem to have lost no mileage despite a few weeks off and you ran big im ashamed to say have not been on a long run since our last one, yes, ive only my lazy but lack of time behind to blame...mind you i did dislocate my middle finger on left hand 4 weeks a go now well actually the puppy dog did it..its still swollen and yes i realise you run with your feet ive had a serious lack of time and motivation as ive got no races to train for so i thought id take advantage of the easter hols and last week completed 5 runs out of 6 days very happy with myself , then on sunday evening i came down with a bloody cold so i havnt run since saturday ...typical too as id booked 3 days holiday off work and spent them sneezing sniffing and coughing!!

Was hoping to get to brighton for marathon weekend, hotel is booked but not paid for, but my car has been poorly and its mot was due to along with a years road tax so i find myself £650 worse off a serious ouch !! poor credit card took £500 of that so im in proper grown up adult mode and seriously throwing every spare penny to pay it off asap so brighton is a no go ...

Glad everyones training is going well, i do still pop on every few days to catch up and read threads even if i dont post ....

04/04/2013 at 20:53
Hi all

Hope everything is going well.Cant believe how close the marathon is now!!
Just some short runs now though plan 10 on Saturday but even that seems short now!The fundraising going very well.On Good Friday Paypal were doubling donations,well the first ??25000 from midnight so OH and I made two quick payments at one minute past from our PayPal accounts which were both doubled!!So ??175 extra from Paypal!Just ??200 away from my target now!I have arranged with my Mum a coffee morning on the 13th so hope that will get me there.

B+T,hope all going well.Glad you got some new shoes ok.Are you getting excited?I've even started checking the long range forecasts but a bit early at the moment!Any idea of Brighton weather yet?

Mel,Happy Birthday!!Im stumped...FUNEM????

Yvonne boo to the cold and car,hope both weren't too painful?!

working tomorrow am then off to Suffolk for the weekend to visit OH family.But running will have to take priority over visiting as last long run this weekend!

Waves to you all!

Edit:Love this IPad but wonder why the ?? sign is coming up as ??above!
Edit again,I give up,I see its happened again!!!
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05/04/2013 at 03:57

morning all

well another week draws to a close did 6 miles Tuesday and  5 on Wednesday  so i just have 2 x5 miles and a 4 left now before Brighton

Yvonne sorry you can’t down to Brighton but hope to see you at least in October for Cricklade and Swindon if not before

Mel enjoy your birthday present loved the 2 Ronnie’s especially the phantom raspberry blow of old London town

B&T glad to read you managed to get hold of some shoes it’s so frustrating you find a pair that feel right and then they go and change the design

Edited: 05/04/2013 at 03:57
05/04/2013 at 08:04
Did 2 x 4 mile runs this week and took 6 minutes off my time, then did an extra Sweatshop run yesterday evening, which turned out to be a killer session. It was up and down a bridge called the Itchen bridge, and its huge! Well feels it when your running up it! Thighs most definitely feel they have had a work out this morning.

Brighton seems to have crept up very quick - look forward to some race reports.

B&T - feeling your frustration with the shoes

Mel - don't become a couch potatoe with all those two ronnies to watch

Not sure if I'll have time for a run this weekend as life is getting in the way, but, have running school on Monday
05/04/2013 at 14:08
FUNEM - I have a feeling it's something to do with 'have you any ham,??
Susie - great work on the fundraising - well done! Forecast for Brighton is still changing by the day, and of course being on the coast it will change very rapidly. At the moment it looks like being warmer than we've been running in, so could be interesting (not!) Getting more nervous than excited - keep on thinking of things I still have to organise!
05/04/2013 at 20:30
Evening all
Just back from a week in a very cold but sunny Anglesey. Lots of chilling out but also pleased to report I ran 5/7 days with Mr SS and the dog! So just 3.6 miles each time but off road and v hilly. Hoping to make parkrun in the morning if I can persuade the girls to come and watch.
Well done on your fundraising Susie. All of you marathoners must be very excited now
Which parkrun are you doing Jess? Is it the Tues night session you're doing? I can't make that one but am planning to start going to the Weds one again now that my middle one has stopped his swimming lessons. I need to get my weight down again, it's crept up by about 5lbs which is not good
A belated happy birthday Mel

14.4 April
06/04/2013 at 13:12

i have to say i feel most strange it’s a Saturday and i haven’t got to go out with O/H for a run she only had a 3 mile run today which she’s taken herself of for so I’ve had a nice lay in this morning got to say i could get use to this have a few niggles which i hope will sort them self out next week as i only have a 5 and 4 mile run left which i may do Monday and Tuesday to get them out the way then rest up till Sunday

We catch the train Friday morning and so are hoping to be able to collect our numbers on Friday afternoon and then have a good look around the Exbo

06/04/2013 at 17:36

Hope everyone is enjoying their tapers in preparation for the big ones over the next 2 weekends.

I am running Paddock Wood HM tomorrow and currently trying to decide what to wear - I can't believe that this decision is taking so long to make! Still trying to decide between a long sleeved base layer and tights or tights and a t-shirt 

Anyway enjoy all your runs this weekend however long they may be.

07/04/2013 at 10:12
Good luck Lisa, lovely morning for a race
You won't know what to do with all your spare time Toby
Parkrun yesterday morning- 32.54 so 20s faster than a couple of weeks ago.
Just had an email about a 10k trail run in Grasmere in June which I think I might go for. It's 1000feet of climb which sounds like a mountain but I fuss nothing ventured ....
Decided on some goals for the next few months- parkrun time back to sub 30 and weight down to 10st
17.5 April
07/04/2013 at 14:44

Paddock HM completed in lovely weather for a change!! New PB for me of 1hr 47 mins and 59 mins according to Garmin however I am waiting on the official results. But as my first and only other HM was Brighton in Feb which I ran in 1hr 52 mins I think that I can definately say that I beat that time. Last 3 miles were hard and my pace dropped a bit so will keep working on endurance and speed, but overall happy with time as I really wanted a sub 1hr 50.

07/04/2013 at 18:17
Well done Lisa, brilliant time
07/04/2013 at 23:09

Lisa - really well done today - great to knock 5mins off your time Did you might the right decision, clothes wise in the end? I still don't know what to wear to Brighton next week!

Sal - sounds like some good goals for you for the next few months, and woo hoo to entering the Grasmere 10K - bet the views are great when you get up there!!!

So fed up with this stupid cold I have - really hoped it would clear up very quickly but it seems determined to hang around. Have been feeling really wiped out with it, so depite needing to wear my new trainers in I haven't run all weekend. Will try and get out tomorrow - fingers crossed!

Need some help with my pacing for the marathon now (blimey - first moaning now asking for help - how needy am I today?!) McMillan says that for my last HM time of 2:16, my marathon time could be 4:46, a pace of 10:55. However I know in my longest runs I found myself getting really tired (and slow!) towards the end, so I really don't think this pace is achiveable.

So should I aim for 5 hours, which would be 11:27 pace (which still sounds a bit quick!), or should I aim for a pace of 12 MM which would still give me a time of around 5:14. In the unexpected chance that I was feeling good at mile 20 I could then speed up (ever the optomist)  Throw into all of the this the problem of starting off so slowly at the start of an exciting race!!!  Any thoughts gratefully heard

08/04/2013 at 03:26

B & T may be better to run a bit slower and see how you feel at the half way mark and then again at mile 20 i think i said before i not shore what pace to run at with having done a 1:43:50 H/M this year really don't want to go out to fast and then run out of steam i think i said before but i may to hang on to the sub 4hr pacer and then see how i feel at the half way point and then at mile 20 myself

08/04/2013 at 10:49

Toby - the voice of reason   I know you're right, but don't want to finish and feel disappointed that I could have gone faster.  Actually, as long as I'm faster than last year I know I'll be happy, so maybe I need to get it into my head its better to finish strong than on  my hands and knees!!!! Pacing is so tricky though - a marathon is a very long way if you get it wrong.

Finally felt better today (i.e. I could breath again!) so out this morning for my final week of tapering. Was supposed to be 3 miles, but it was just so good to be out running I stretched it out to 5 (whoops!) However I took it very easy, it was good to check my shoes were still feeling good and to test my race day outfit (admittedly with a jacket over the top!) Only problem was one toe that I managed to scrape the skin of the top of yesterday by tripping over something. Doh!

How's everyone else doing this morning?? Ready for the sun later this week????

08/04/2013 at 18:25
Good here thanks.

Off for the sweatshop run in a bit - think its running school tonight, so not really feeling that enthusiastic, but still it's a run with good company.

Managed 2 runs last week and a gym session, going to do the same thus week, then slowly increase again.

Glad to see some signs of improve my in the weather, so looking forward to some evening runs.
09/04/2013 at 03:37

morning all

Well 5 miles done yesterday leaving just one more run till Brighton took it nice and slow and with no Garmin on as it's in my suitcase i have no idea of the time just enjoyed the run

09/04/2013 at 14:10

Hi everyone,

B&T - I know where to find "Four Candles" but will watch the discs in date order and enjoy it as and when it appears. Hope nooo shoes are working out okay (omits to mention his new shoes, same as current ones, cost him less). Re pace for marathon - I would say start slow and speed up later if feeling good. Glad your cold lurgy has b******d off at long last.

Yvonne - tsk tsk re no long runs lately Well done re 5 runs in 6 days. But sorry to hear about dislocated finger, car troubles and cold lurgy.

Susie - well done re fundraising. Hope you read on and saw B&T's (correct) explanation of FUNEM

Dee - that Itchen Bridge sounds like it would make Big Bertha seem like a molehill. BTW - not started watching Two Ronnies so no couch-potatoness going on yet.

Sal - well done re lots of running in Anglesey and parkrun. Hmmm .. 10k trail run with 1000ft of climbing. But it is at Grasmere ..

Lisa - well done re Paddock HM and nooo PB. Did you make right decision about what kit to wear?

*waves* to everyone else

My last two runs (in my shorts!) have gone really well I went out on Sat afternoon and did my 6ml route around town at 10:12 pace. Last night was even better. I was out with the club and was trying to chase down a lady runner a little way in front of me. When I checked later I had done just under 4mls at 9:09 mm pace - didn't think I could run that fast so just goes to show how you can improve with a 'hare' to chase.

BTW, I need to get on and enter some races (yes, I know I keep saying it!). Which autumn HM's have people decided on. I'd like to meet up if poss but am still unsure which one(s) to enter. I'm thinking Chippenham (15 Sep) and Swindon (13 Oct) at the moment but Cricklade and Bristol are around the same time and I'm open to persuasion!

Oh and saw a funny entry on Fetch this morning. A runner saying he was told when he started running he would experience "exercising dolphins" and is still waiting (read it a few times to yourself!

09/04/2013 at 16:41
Mel - I'm doing Chippenham this year, got my entry in so hoping its flattish and the weather is better than reading
10/04/2013 at 21:01

Id like to do the 3 again bristol cricklade and swindon.......bristol/chippenham same sunday i believe...but malmsbury is close to me to not sure of date though.......have decided to enter brighton marathon again for next year too( will be my 4th) entries open 16th april if anyone interested, the hotel is already booked!!!

Would still like to do an autumn marathon this year too...just hope they are not fully booked by the time i can afford it though..

Im back out running again too after my cold, it took a long time to go as it went onto my chest and i was coughing for england, im doing some underpinning as i call it ive decided to run/and do a exercise dvd every other day and have sundays off...3 days in and going well its dvd day tomorrow!! plus i do walk the dogs for at least 4 miles everyday to and its brisk ...

Good luck to those doing brighton this coming sunday and those doing london the week after and waves and running best wishes to everyone else

10/04/2013 at 21:23
Can't advise on marathon pacing B&T as never done one. But FWIW I reckon 11.30 pace for a 5 hr finish What pace have your long runs been at?
Entered Grasmere and my eldest is doing the 5.7k fun run.
Went to speedwork tonight - 3x1m of fartlek which I found hard work. But hoping to go regularly from now on which should help.
Good luck to all racing this weekend, I look forward to the reports
22.12 apr
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