GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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27/04/2013 at 06:49

Morning all

Did some cross training yesterday well if you can count cutting the grass and hedge for the first this year what with all the extra training runs with Poohbear just haven’t had the time to get out there

which did mean i never went for a run which is quite alien as you could count the Fridays  on one hand that I’ve not run this year must say it was nice to be able to miss a run and not feel guilty about it

of to bed in a minute as I’ve just got in from work had stock take last night  when i get up will then go out with Poohbear for a 6 mile run

27/04/2013 at 11:00


good for you Susie

hope Pink was good. We went to see Sean Lock last night and he was slightly disappointing 

agreed to run my friends 7 yr old round parkrun this morning and she did really well with a shiny new pb of 35.xx. amazing how much more pleasant it is running it at that pace

Out for a 40th tonight and hoping to sneak in a tempo run tomorrow


27/04/2013 at 11:10

Also another 1lb lost and my 1st ever 2 min plank 

28/04/2013 at 12:33

Perfect weather for Manchester marathon today, overcast about 10 degrees and v little wind.

good night out last night

went out to do a tempo run then decided after 1st mile to do 5k at parkrun efforts didn't   run hard yesterday. Flatter route and took 31.34 (10.26, 10.11, 10.03, 9.06). Pleased it came out as a progression run as at parkrun usu start fast and fade significantly 

hope everyone's having good weekends


28/04/2013 at 12:52

hi all


First run since London yesterday,did 6 miles and felt fine!Needed the rest during the week though.

Sal,yes ideal weather for Manchester today.Me and Jess did it last year and it was awful!Hope they sort the baggage out this year as last year some people were really suffering while being made to wait ages for their bags.Sure it will be much better!Well done on your tempo run!Those are great splits!

Working this afternoon as extra so need to get ready.This time last week was somewhere near Canary Wharf I think!


Hope everyone having a good weekend




28/04/2013 at 12:53

Afternoon all

Well should have been 6 miles yesterday with Poohbear but in the end we cut it short and did 4.75 as both of us were feeling tired i never got home from work until 6.30am Saturday morning after spending all night counting as it was out stock take and Poohbear first gym session on Wednesday with a PT caught up with her as muscles she never knew she had were hurting

won’t be doing a lot of running this week as we have the Bristol 10k next Sunday so it’s a mini taper week will go out Monday and do 8 miles but then it will just be a couple of 3’s the intention after that will be to try and do at least a 10, 8 and two 5’s a week up until training for the Bristol H/M starts

28/04/2013 at 16:36

Been very lazy this week - only ran Monday  but on the plus side achilles seems to have stopped niggling. So hopefully tomorrow night it will stay the same, as I start my 10k and the HM training. 

Pink was a total blast, seen her before and loved it, so wondered if she would be as good as I remembered, needn't of worried it was as good if not better. Stood in the perfect position for when she was "flying" around still enough about non running events 


Glad to see some good running going on - here's to a good week of running 

29/04/2013 at 18:55

Hi all .. just popped by to say hello.

Have been so busy at work lately its not true. And it didn't help that the traffic was $h1te all last week and I wasn't getting home until 6:30-7:00pm. Been feeling completely worn out by the time I do get home so am afraid forums have been taking a back seat lately. 

Have had a quick skim through the latest posts but promptly forgotten most of it So a general 'well done' in your respective directions and commiserations to anyone suffering injuries at the moment.

Feeling slightly mojo-less just lately. Managed a 4.5ml solo run last Monday but because of the traffic delays I missed both club sessions last week. Didn't manage to get out at the weekend either. And am on earlies this week (5am starts) so too knackered to go running tonight. Ho hum ..

Haven't forgotten about entering some races. Saw B&T's reminder about the River Run in July. And am aiming to do Chippenham / Swindon HM's in the autumn.

In other news ..

Have another long walk planned for May. This time we are doing the Ridgeway Path - 85 miles from Marlborough (Wilts) to Ivinghoe Beacon (Bucks).

And err .. I am doing another charity skinny-dip at the beginning of June

29/04/2013 at 19:46

Evening all... i too am guilty of not posting much lately...unlike poor wtn mel who sounds like your being run ragged at the moment..hope things get back to normal soon ....and i think your a secret naturist ..another skinny dip??

Ive been back running lots, i did an 8 miler on saturday and felt good...have been running 4 times a week including a longer run on a saturday..also doing body conditioning too...

As ive mentioned i entered brighton marathon next year have entered the ballot for the 4th time for london this morning ,if i get in i will do both...

Would like to do a local 10km in june and an autumn marathon in september and then bristol cricklade and swindon halfs september/october..then next year id like to do brighton half again then the marathon or maybe marathons!!

Thats my would like to do list..funds, training etc permitting ..

Oh and as there hasnt been much cake talk lately i made some lovely cinnamon swirl buns,rock cakes and oat biscuits yesterday ...notice they are made with running recovery in mind

29/04/2013 at 23:18

Yvonne - I'm feeling hungry now  I made tea loaf at the weekend, great recovery and pre-run fuel. Fat free as well Impressive race wish list you have there...

Mel - booooo! to work and traffic getting in the way of running

Dee - Pink sounded good!

Toby - another race? At last it will feel very short!

Susie ' well done on getting out for a run.

Sal - impressive splits, don't think I've ever managed a progression run!

5 miles for me today, in just over 50 minutes. Felt fast (and good!) I've been spending lots of time getting the allotment going for this year, so lots of cross training (carrying buckets of compost, carrying water containers, digging, strimming, weeding etc.) Gave blood today, so might not run tomorrow but if I do it will be very easy.

Who entered the ballot today?? I did...

30/04/2013 at 06:56

Went to, but by the time I had a chance at 11.45 they had already shut it grrrrrr. Still I think I'm not ready to tackle a full marathon yet. 

30/04/2013 at 09:40

Dee - apparently it was a record for the shortest time to fill the 125,000 applicants Wonder if that's a post Boston thing??

Headed out for an easy 3 miles today, knowing HR would be high after giving blood yesterday. Found a riding school horse (well - small 'Thellwell' pony if I'm being honest) out of its field on the lane but couldn't catch it (it walked away from me and I'm quite scared of horses, and little ponies) Ran back the way I'd come and round the other way to get the owner's phone number which I knew was on the gate on the opposite side of the field, eft a message, and ran the 'wrong way' round my loop so I might find the pony if it had carried on the way it was going. Didn't find it, but when I got to teh field the owner had already arrived and put it back in the field. Apparently this pony is an escapologist and can even get through electric fences!

So an exciting run, but not as easy as I'd planned so HR was pretty high!

Still my new running cap worked brilliantly to keep the sun out of my eyes 

30/04/2013 at 12:44

Afternoon all

have to say am feeling run down and worn out this week did 10 miles yesterday and felt total drained so am having a rest day today will do a 3 mile tomorrow then rest up until Sundays race

i entered the ballot for the 3rd year but i not holding my breath as i don’t seem to have much luck in that regard i would Like to run London once just to say I’ve done it then i really not fussed about entering again

01/05/2013 at 21:30

Hi All,

How's the marathon recovery getting on?

Dee - Nice to see some cake talk again.  Cinnamon swirls sound good.

Susie - Enjoyed reading your report, Ive been lucky to go to a lot of sporting events including the old Wembley but nothing like running over the bridge.

I have read some sort of C**p on the clubhouse tonight anyone else? some accusations of cheating (Manchester, Brighton marathon) one of which as posted on this thread before, seems to be an organisers fault though. 

Meself had a fair month and fitness coming back slowly.  Yes put in for the ballot but what will be will be.  Having a think about Chester Marathon in October?

Take care all

01/05/2013 at 22:29

(sitting in bed using the laptop - only time I'll get a chance to post on here)

I runned!

Went out this evening and did my 10k route around town - got round in just over 63 mins so was happy with that. It was the club intervals session tonight but I just needed to do a 'general' run instead. Funnily enough, as I got near home the club were out running along the same road in the other direction. So I got a few funny looks!

Yvonne - I'm not secretive about being a naturist - just don't mention it unless the subject comes up. Well done re all your running lately - am on call this Saturday otherwise would have checked with you about another run together.

B&T - good to see you getting back out running as well as doing all that x-training. Nope - I didn't enter the ballot .. didn't even know it had opened (and closed I see from Dee's later posting). See you had a horse-themed run then?

CW - glad to hear fitness coming back now training started again.

Planning to run on Sat afternoon after I finish my on-call at 2:30pm. Sunday is a no-no as we have the family coming down for the day (not for any special reason .. just one of our regular get-togethers)

02/05/2013 at 03:50

well the 3miles never happened yesterday have decided to take a week off running and rest up til Sundays Bristol 10k

02/05/2013 at 07:43


think you've earned some time off Toby

no ballot here either

Lovely sounding baking going on.

Missed Mondays planned run -serious case of CBA and then got home from work work too late last night to make running club. Decided to run on my own but only did 2.8m as ankle bothering me from where I bashed it on the dishwasher!




02/05/2013 at 07:58

Well my first run on my wish list will be booked later a local 10km on the 12th june...and ive persuaded my eldest daughter to run with me too ...weve been going out 3 times a week for the last 4 weeks now as she wanted to start running again so weve been taking it steady and ive been doing a long run on a saturday too and cross training in between ...tonight she wants to go to 4 miles as we have been on the 3 mile mark for last 6 runs!!!

she always suffers from stitch everytime she runs and no matter what she does it always appears any ideas to stop this would be welcome as it puts her off trying for longer distances although she ran the local half 2 years ago and had it for most of the run...

02/05/2013 at 20:33

Yvonne - funnily enough my daughter always says she gets a stitch when she runs with me. She's way faster than me, maybe I go too slow for her??!

Short run today, up to the polling station then round the village. Still feeling the effects of giving blood - hopefully I'll be recovered by next week!


02/05/2013 at 21:15

Beautiful evening here so decided on some hill reps in the park. When I got to my hill some guy had beaten me to it!! ggr. Had to make do with an inferior hill

got home and husband confessed he'd missed the Sainsburys order cos he was in the garden. Really peed off now and we have NO food. 


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