GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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06/07/2013 at 08:06

Jay . well done and hope race went well.

Off to London today (Othello @ National Theatre). But was sat in bed an hour ago having a cup of tea and was thinking ... If I am going for a long run tomorrow, I ought to be out running by this time to miss the worst of the heat. Early night tonight then!

06/07/2013 at 12:51

Park run done in just under 28 minutes - looked at the temperature and it was already hitting 22 degrees, so took the reluctant choice of doing the other 6 miles on the dreadmill at the gym. Still that's 9 miles in the bag, fitness still isn't where it should be but have 2 months before the HM so hopefully will be fitter by then. 

Toby - I kind of did today what was in that article, I found it harder having a break them running again. Legs got a bit stiff driving the car

06/07/2013 at 17:46

Dee go back a page near the  bottom of it in one of my post's is the word heat just click on it and it will take you to it

06/07/2013 at 22:02


Thanks Toby - interesting article, explains a lot, I need to slow down abit. Probably not as unfit as I think I am. Do have problems with the heat though after having encephalitis about 10 years ago, body temperature is an issue with me, should be used to it by now   Going to follow the tips on there and see how it goes, I'm liking the ice pops suggestion

07/07/2013 at 00:25

Jay - hope the race went well.  Let us know! 

 Toby - interesting article. Loving the icepop idea but a bit worried it would give me a stitch! 

Mel - all very cultured. Hope you had a good time at the theatre

Sal - Yes,  seeing 2:02 did make me think  how close it was to 2:00, however my current PB is 2:15 so I've got quite some way to go! 

 Hot run on Friday here. I decided it was a good idea to head down to the woods where it would be shady, and along the always muddy path.  However I'd forgotten that I would then have to climb back UP to get back home!  Good job I was wearing my extra geeky hydration backpack and running cap! 

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07/07/2013 at 07:59

Morning all

went out Saturday morning with my wife we ran down to her weight watchers meeting which was 2 miles and weighed before heading off to do a 6 i have a feeling my training with my wife going to be a lot tougher next year for Brighton as she now run most if not all of her runs now instead of run walking like she use to

by the time we got home we had just enough time to have a bit to eat before heading out the door as my wife was doing the race for life with her sister they had opted to do the 10k race this year but were walking it it was so hot i decided to take small bottles of water in a cool bag with ice packs in them to keep them cool

just as well i did as my wifes sister was struggling in the heat just before half way when i saw them for the second time and one of the cool pack ended up keeping her cool instead of the water after i had moved again and meet them for the third time i walked with them acting as a mobile water station glad to report that they both made it around safely although i have to say my wife although her legs were a little stiff never really had a problem

Hence another reason i get the feeling my training with her for Brighton’s going to be a lot tougher next year

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07/07/2013 at 21:30

Hi All,

Bit of biking & running of late not much swimming but going on hols in a couple of weeks time so good chance then.   Indeed it is all about effort and not pace in this weather.

Jay -  Hope the race went well.

B&T - Of course you can do 2.02, did you think you could do 55m 10K a few weeks back.  You know what to do in training. 

I'm looking into buying a new bike, so much choice anyone got any suggestions?

07/07/2013 at 21:37

Flying visit as the system upgrade went in over the weekend. I need to be on the road by 6am and in the office soon after 7am in case there are teething problems and more support calls than usual. So heading off to bed now.

Just wanted to report I managed 8.75mls this morning - but it was hard work, and not just because it was too warm. I had to stop and walk several times. Am hoping these longer runs will get a bit easier over the next few weeks.

Expecting a very busy day tomorrow .. Will catch up properly in a day or two. 

07/07/2013 at 21:56

Evening all

What a glorious weekend. Having been feeling a bit despondent about training in this weather I just read the link Toby posted which has cheered me up no end. Went after 8pm tonight and it was 6 v slow miles.

By the way, that's a great price for a HM Toby. Did amuse me, you worrying as poohbear speeds up!

Sorry can't advise on bikes CW

How was your race Jay?

Had an interesting experience Fri night. Went to give blood, which I've done on and off over the years. All fine til sat about to have cup of tea and fainted!! 1st time ever, properly out cold! Think it must have been the combination of my usually low BP, hot weather and not enough fluid. Highly embarrassing. Decided I better not do parkrun Sat!


07/07/2013 at 22:48

Speedier Sal I hope your recovered after fainting and a wise decision not to run ...

Will have to read that link toby posted on heat as I never got out today albeit twas only a 20 min planned tiddler but went to work and walked dogs before for 2 miles and then after work ,they enjoyed a swim in the river Thames ...still will hopefully use it as a recovery run on Tuesday after thresholds tomorrow in the garage on the treadmill ,I must borrow a fan from my friend to keep me cool while running them as it's even warmer in my garage ...

Not complaining though seeing the sun is a novel experience of late so must not wish it away ...

08/07/2013 at 02:58

Speediersal glad it helped

08/07/2013 at 16:57

Hi all,

I have been trying to keep up!

Its been a traumatic time recently.My Dad was in hospital and its not good.Hes back home but is having to have chemo.Hes nearly 80 and has had a few health problems in recent years but nothing like this.

Therefore Im not putting any pressure on myself regards running,etc though have entered a 10k in sept.Running really helping me though,to try and keep strong and lift my mood etc

Its really tough,but OH as ever a brick and I'm busy with the children etc.

I just thought I owe you all an explanation re my disappearance

Great running all,especially B+T!Many congrats on your PBS,well deserved!

Take Care all x








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08/07/2013 at 18:38

Thanks all for your encouragement.

Well I managed to complete my first 10k, although my inexperience probably cost me a few seconds.

First of all because it was hot, about 24 degrees, I drank loads of water before the race but unfortunately after about 2K I was absolutely bursting for a wee and had to hold it until I could find an appropriate spot.....

Secondly I decided not to take any water with me which I normally do when I am training, this also was a problem as at one point it felt as if I was in an oven and with only one water stop half way I struggled to stay focused.

Thirdly I decided to use a gel which is something that I haven't used in training, I'm not sure if this was the cause but I did get a stomach cramp which is something I haven't really experienced much during training other than when I started out. any opinions on this would be most welcome.

All that said I absolutely enjoyed the event, which in my opinion was really well organised and friendly, although obviously I have no experience so far of any other events. Getting a small takeaway carton at the end containing a bhaji, samosa and some potato wedges was a nice touch, it was sponsored by an Indian restaurant. 

And best of all for me, even with wee stops and cramps I managed a time of 1hr 5mins and 26sec. 5mins off my BP ....happy days...

08/07/2013 at 19:48

Hi everyone,

Toby - read the 'heat' article .. some useful tips there. Love the fact Poohbear might be pushing the training along next year. Well done re being mobile water station for Poohbear and sister.

Dee - well done re parkrun + 6ml run. Good idea to do 6ml run in gym. I have been doing my LSR's too fast as well. I'm also trying to get 'race fit' as well - hard work innit!

B&T - theatre was good. It was Othello in modern setting - lead role played by Adrian Lester (Hustle) - Iago played by Rory Kinnear. Loving the geeky B&T with hydration backpack. I do have a camelbak but can't seem to find a 'harness' (or whatever they call it) to allow me to use it without a rucksack.

CW - sorry .. can't help re new bike. Could maybe ask Foxy or FE on your behalf?

Sal - glad to see it's not just me been struggling in the heat .. Toby's article explains it.

Yvonne - read that the first time it was you had swum in Thames.

(((Susie))) - had noticed you hadn't been around .. sorry to hear you've been having bad time recently.

Jay - well done re 10k and nooo PB. I had the same problem during a recent club run .. was bursting and had to wait until the ladies ahead of me disappeared before diving into bushes! Sounds like gel could be cause of stomach cramp. Best thing is to experiment in training runs with different types and find one you like taste of and that agrees with you.

I managed an 8.75ml run yesterday at 11:00mm pace. Set off fairly early but still got too hot. Had to stop and walk several times and used small bottle and ran out of water (durrrh). Planning to get out for another run tomorrow.

Wasn't quite as busy as expected today but plenty to do! Users finding a few niggles with the new system so another early start for me tomorrow (will be the same until things settle down).

08/07/2013 at 20:47

Hi All,

Susie - Take care, look after yourself and family.

Jay - Well done in tough conditions and not just the heat. 

Mel - Thanks for the offer have done a lot of research yesterday and got a shortlist.




09/07/2013 at 04:36

morning all

had a rest day yesterday and while this nice hot weather continues i may restrain myself to a few short runs on the treadmill in the garage

Susie sorry to read about your dad as CW said looking after yourself and the family is the number 1 priority

Jay well done on completing your first 10k in tough conditions and well done on the PB as well

09/07/2013 at 07:34

Mel - yep agreed this HM is much tougher than the last to get fit for. 

Susie - nice to see you back, but sorry life is dealing you a rough hand at the moment. 

Only did a 4k last night with the beginners group, as both the members of staff at the Sweatshop are pregnant and unable to run. We set off at 7.15 in the evening and it was still 26 degrees! Took them out at a conservative pace really hoping I could get them round without stopping, one lady managed it, one stopped due to a stitch, another because it was too hot, and the two at the back (with another experienced runner) purely because they only started last week. 






09/07/2013 at 19:58

Have entered Bristol half marathon at last,thought as I'm training for it I best enter,mind you only had the spare money now .....

Have borrowed two fans from a friend and will attempt my threshold run later in the garage on the treadmill ,I did my 20 min run from Sunday yesterday .... 

Oh and have won prizes for being chosen as an ambassador for Linwood super foods I am officially fab and 40 (or over) 

09/07/2013 at 22:13

Evening all

Well done Jay, tough conditions to be racing in

Sorry to hear about your Dad Susie. Tough going through chemo at his age

Went out at 9 tonight but still v warm. 8 x 300m hill sprints. The most unsprint like sprint intervals ever!

5k race Thurs eve, 1ok on Sun


10/07/2013 at 05:26

Well so much for keeping to short runs in the garage i had to get a new bit valve for my Camelbak that’s the bit you shove in your mouth i was only going to run to the shops and back only a couple of miles but the run felt so easy i ended up doing 13 instead

Did make the mistake of not putting sun cream on though so although i thought I’d got away with it just got home from work and i am nice and red and have nice outline of a running vest

Yvonne glad you managed to enter Bristol will look forward to you coming down to stay

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