GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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14/09/2014 at 18:54
Hi all,

Good luck for Bristol Toby.

Yvonne - hope the new arrival behaves itself without any glitches.

Mel - Sounds like training going well for you.

B&T - A film star amongst us. Cycling gear far to much of it.

Meself - training going well 40+ mile bike ride yesterday and a 10 mile run this morning heart rate starting to fall so must either be getting cooler or fitter I will take the fitter.
15/09/2014 at 13:37

Afternoon all

Well the 13 turned into 15miles for me today i woke up early so was out the door by 9.00am didn't fancy venturing to far from home so i ran my 2 and 3 miles loops pleased with the time of 2:18:09 as comparing it to a 15 miles run i did when training for Bristol last year as it's only about a minute slower and it’s the first time I’ve run that far since Brighton

15/09/2014 at 23:12

B&T - getting to be a regular in front of the cameras just lately aren't you

CW - glad to hear training still going well

Toby - good training run from you (as always!).

I managed 10miles on Saturday morning. I had a bit of a sore throat and that has since morphed into a cold lurgy - so no more running from me for the next few days

Edited: 15/09/2014 at 23:13
16/09/2014 at 14:07

10 miles for me to day legs were suffering after the run yesterday so just took it slow plus i had one or two stops on the way round picking up some sponsorship money for someone in work and reserving a van just encase the stuff my son wants to take to uni won’t fit in the car

17/09/2014 at 12:43

Toby 15 miles then a 10 mile run, seriously why don't you do an ultra, I'd like to before I'm 50 perhaps we should decide on what one to do and enter together...Just an idea??? 50 miles what do you think?? Or go full pelt for a 100km one which I think is around 66 miles!!! 

Entered brighton 10 km this morning,early bird price of £25 .....would so love a 45 min 10km time so speed training and hills and leg and core strength for me over the winter along with some half marathons me thinks will have to plan the ones I can do on the Sundays I don't work as no holidays left as I want my last 5 days for Christmas with my grandchildren and ever growing family ....

Waves to all, as I'm at work on my kindle !!! Naughty I know 

Yesterday at 00:54

Yvonne an ultra sound good in theory but i don’t know whether I’d have the gumption to stick to the training

Today at 12:27

Third time running  round the small field ,10 laps again this morning, on my third lap however,I was knocked over like a skittle by a whippet running at full pelt, as she  was playing with patch my dog,they were playing chase!!! Patch obviously has spacial awareness developed over the summer and knows it's not a good idea to run full pelt near mummys legs when mummy is running, unfortunately little daisy didn't know this and slammed straight into me, I put my arm out to save myself, although it's a futile exercise cos you know your going down anyway somehow landed with my arm up behind my head , and now have pain in my elbow and wrist !!! So glad I didn't break it, how heart breaking that would of been not to cuddle my grandchild upon being born !!! Anyway I led there for a minute or two just to make sure I could move everything, the owners were very apologetic,bless them I told them not to worry it was an accident and off I went to complete lap 3 and ran 7 more,.....they put her back on her lead, then I felt bad cos she couldn't run round too ....Anyway after being knocked flying it seems I run quicker was doing 8:55 pace at 7am on just a cup of tea !!! And on grass !! 

Hoping to go out again later and do a hilly 5 miles I figured the two runs today could equate to my long run in the morning, and to be honest a) I'm taking Jenny for her induction at asda for 9am, and b) I didn't fancy 20 laps of that field !!! Have to stay close to home just in case I get the come to hospital now call , don't want to miss being at the birth of my first grandchild !! Can you tell I'm excited  ?? 

Toby, next year me and you will do an ultra, you'll p#$s the training !!! With the amount your running now !! 

B&T  how's the loft conversion coming along ?? 

Wtnmel good running from you to , did you have a look at that kinetic thing??? I need to get myself organised and start it !! Plus do core stuff I'm just running at moment all very well but need to mix things up ....

Waves to everyone else 

Today at 16:28

Yvonne - sorry to hear about your fall caused by that whippet. Hope your arm and wrist are okay and the pain doesn't get any worse. Yes, I signed up to the Kinetic thing and started getting the emails. But then I got this cold lurgy and wasn't doing any running or exercise. So I've deleted the emails and un-subscribed now - maybe another time.

*waves* to everyone.

The cold lurgy seems to have gone away although I'm still a bit bunged up. I'll try a run on the treadmill tomorrow to see how I get on. If I'm coughing and spluttering at least I won't have to walk a few miles home.


Today at 18:03

I did go out later,.... just got back from a hilly 6:25 miles which was 6 lots of the same road so included 18 uphills and 18 downhill ,36 lovely gradients that challenged legs and heart ...That's my long run for today .....dogs are cream crackered bless them !!! But very fit !! Yep they did come to ....

Wtnmel hope your over the worst of your cold and you start to feel better, take it steady on that tready run, if you feel like poo just stop ....

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