GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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20/10/2014 at 21:04

good idea to take it easy, Toby.

I've only had one run since the HM, using a cross-trainer instead to try to get over injury. I fancy a run, but am resisting - it would have seemed mad a year ago, but I'm finding it very hard to rest.

21/10/2014 at 21:13

Hi everyone

CW - watching videos about technique is the easy bit but putting it into practise is a different matter.

Toby - well done re last week's 10ml run and good that rain stayed away. Sorry to hear about hip problem and lost mojo - hope you find it again soon. But see you did another 10ml run yesterday so maybe it's back already?

Em - I'm lucky with my race that my family enjoy watching me and it's easy for them to pop up at 3mls, 6mls and the finish to cheer me on and take photos. Shame Jon (other half?) kept missing you. He had better take up running as well before the next one or get a bike!  

B&T - saw on your blog how 'proud' you were to get muddy legs!

*waves* to Yvonne (who is presumably busy on grannie duties)

I also chat on a 'Mature' thread where I'm (gasp!) a young 'un. An ex-coach on there mentioned about lifting knees and kicking back heels to increase stride length and pace and avoid 'old man shuffle'. I tried that during 3ml treadie run on Thu. Ended up averaging 9:27 pace (instead of usual 10:50 pace). So it definitely works but I was knackered afterwards! I went out on Sunday and did just over 7mls - was at a much more sedate 10:40 pace

22/10/2014 at 01:25

Morning all

well 13 miles for me yesterday but in hindsight wish I’d stuck to my original plan just to 10 as by the time i finished my legs felt like they had to lead weights tied to them and were about to drop off not one of my finest runs the weather wasn’t too bad it was warm when the sun was out

The wind wasn’t too bad it did get a little difficult to run into at times

Edited: 22/10/2014 at 01:26
22/10/2014 at 17:39

Toby - well done re 13 miler and for keeping going those extra miles.

I was working from home today. So I went out at 6:45am (before breakfast!) and did 3mls. I also tried avoiding 'old man shuffle' and pace was around 10:00mm instead of usual 10:45mm. Just saying .. 

22/10/2014 at 20:11
Evening all,
Toby - yet again good mileage

EM - very wise to rest up difficult I know but sensible.

Not done any running for a week and a bit, plenty of cycling and swimming done though.

May go for a run tomorrow and just keep thinking of avoiding the old mans shuffle.

Take care all
22/10/2014 at 20:25

Evening all, I have been coming on and reading about what everyone is doing, and all is good with your running, well done on your races wtn Mel and b&t and em 68 ...

Looking forward to a visit from toby and poohbear this coming Saturday as we are running the race of terror in Swindon somewhere , still don't know where as we've not had an e mail on location !!! 

I'm still running with the boys of a morning, trying to find a marathon plan butt to be honest I may just do my long run as usual on a Saturday morning and do three other runs during the week but concentrate on a mid week long run too of 10 plus miles maybe first thing in the morning, I may ask Santa for an early Christmas pressie of a head torch, so then I could still take the boys extra early in the dark round the field !! That would leave two evening training runs of hills and tempo ....

I'm loving being a grandma , I've seen him for a kiss and cuddle everyday except for 2 days , one I did my  abseil the other my daughter and son in law had a funeral in Worcester to attend , but he is the most gorgeous adorable little boy ...and I'm not bias in any way , how do you upload photo from Facebook to here ?? Then I could post a pic and you could see for yourselves how adorable he is  

Another one arriving after the 17th November too, by caesaraian again, not an emergency like my daughter's though , gemma , my daughter in law, has chosen said caesaraian cos that naughty baby is breach and ain't turning, idea of the sex again which I like , another surprise but I'm hoping for a girl then I've got one of each in the grandchildren stakes ,, 

Yesterday at 00:37

Morning all

Did a 3 mile run yesterday and then an hour of yoga and aerobic exercises on the Wii fit will just do 8 tomorrow as i have to be some were by 1.30 pm after this week I'm hoping to something a little longer on a Friday


Yesterday at 13:26

Hi everyone,

CW - plenty of swimming/cycling going on I see - must be difficult to fit in all three disciplines (I sometimes struggle just with running)

(Grandma) Yvonne - glad to hear all's well with the baby. And another on the way too eh? Re head torch - I got a cheap one from the garage where I fill up last year (£7.50). Not used it since last Winter but switched it on Wed morning thinking I might need it and it still worked. Re uploading photos - in facebook, right-click and save to your computer. Then on here, click on the little picture of a tree when you write a message and insert the photo from where you saved it. Hope that helps.

Toby - hope you manage that longer run tomorrow.

I didn't get out last night. We had a priroty 1 problem to deal with then I got stuck in traffic afterwards - didn't get home until 7:15pm.

I plan to go for a run tomorrow morning and will try to do 7-10mls (will see how I feel and change my route accordingly). We have Mrs Wm's sister and husband visiting us on Sunday so will no doubt be having an extended lunch.

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