GULP just entered my first half marathon

feeling sick now!

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20/10/2014 at 21:04

good idea to take it easy, Toby.

I've only had one run since the HM, using a cross-trainer instead to try to get over injury. I fancy a run, but am resisting - it would have seemed mad a year ago, but I'm finding it very hard to rest.

Yesterday at 21:13

Hi everyone

CW - watching videos about technique is the easy bit but putting it into practise is a different matter.

Toby - well done re last week's 10ml run and good that rain stayed away. Sorry to hear about hip problem and lost mojo - hope you find it again soon. But see you did another 10ml run yesterday so maybe it's back already?

Em - I'm lucky with my race that my family enjoy watching me and it's easy for them to pop up at 3mls, 6mls and the finish to cheer me on and take photos. Shame Jon (other half?) kept missing you. He had better take up running as well before the next one or get a bike!  

B&T - saw on your blog how 'proud' you were to get muddy legs!

*waves* to Yvonne (who is presumably busy on grannie duties)

I also chat on a 'Mature' thread where I'm (gasp!) a young 'un. An ex-coach on there mentioned about lifting knees and kicking back heels to increase stride length and pace and avoid 'old man shuffle'. I tried that during 3ml treadie run on Thu. Ended up averaging 9:27 pace (instead of usual 10:50 pace). So it definitely works but I was knackered afterwards! I went out on Sunday and did just over 7mls - was at a much more sedate 10:40 pace

Today at 01:25

Morning all

well 13 miles for me yesterday but in hindsight wish I’d stuck to my original plan just to 10 as by the time i finished my legs felt like they had to lead weights tied to them and were about to drop off not one of my finest runs the weather wasn’t too bad it was warm when the sun was out

The wind wasn’t too bad it did get a little difficult to run into at times

Edited: 22/10/2014 at 01:26

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