Gym or Street ?

Where do i start ?

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01/08/2004 at 18:52
I am a street kid - the great outdoors for me - the sights the smells the lack of people in the mornings, the wind in your face.Catherine - you are missing out on something special I think.
01/08/2004 at 21:38
I do have to agree with everyone that says Street is best.

No matter how many sarcastic comments I've had, I'm just happy in the knowledge that I'm out there doing something to improve my fitness whereas the people making any comments are probably couch potatoes out to get more crisps from the local corner shop. And they probably used the car to get the 100 metres to the shop as well!
03/08/2004 at 08:05
I would definatley have to say outside running is best. The major problem that I ahve encountered with treadmills is that they are sooooo boring. I usually run with an MPĀ£ player on anyway but any mre than half an hour on the treadmill and it just get a wee bit too dull.
One of the main advantages of the treadmill though is that you do have all the correct distances etc (Im sure some of them are wrong though) but this can be countered if you buy a heart rate monitor and you could drive the routes that you take to mearsure the distance and from that you can get your speed etc)
If you are running outside though I would definatley reccomend that you first get a good pair of running shoes, the roads can be horrendous for dishing out injuries like shin splints and the like. Your body will let you know if you have done too much too soon.
03/08/2004 at 08:08
i do quite an accurate measure with a road map and bit of string David . BTW what happend to the other 16 David Taylors.
03/08/2004 at 08:36
Nooooo Hooose - that's number isn't to tell us that he is version 17 of David Taylor, it's one of those cinema age restriction doobries. Anything he says is only suitable for people of 17 years of age and above!
03/08/2004 at 08:37
Oh I'm alright then (just!!)
03/08/2004 at 08:40
Personally I can never run on a treadmill. I find it sooo boring.

Outside you can get out into the countryside, see the wildlife nad breathe in the fresh air.

I think it is the difference between exercising for exercise sake and exercise for enjoyment. Just get out there and enjoy the ourdoors, sprint to a tree if you want to, stop and look and the badgers if you want to. The time just flies
03/08/2004 at 14:38
As a new runner myself I started on a treadmill for the 1st week, now on week 6, this was mainly as it was easier on my poor legs and also because I felt so shockingly unfit when I started. Though once i could run for 20 minutes I started outdoors.

I'm lucky enough to be only 2 minutes from a 3mile off road trail, so no vehicles to worry about.
03/08/2004 at 15:47
Well, I can only speak from my own experience, but I'd recommend starting on the treadmill. I was far too fat and self conscious to go outside at first, so I made sure I could do 5k at a reasonable pace before I ventured outdoors! All depends on self-confidence and the route you're planning on running. I found it easier in the gym because the treadmill is so controllable and I worried about pacing myself outside. After I ventured out, I found I love running outdoors, but for me treadmills still have their place. I use them for interval training and speed work and like long runs outdoors.
03/08/2004 at 18:35
I agree with Twinklemel.

I realised my love for the running game on the treadmill. I train about 4 times a week. Usually 3 times on the treadmill and at the weekend outside.

Sometimes the other way round, but these mornings are even too hot for me at the mo.

The treadmill helps me with my pace, although it is harder outside, but more exciting x

I too use them for interval training x

04/08/2004 at 22:06
Hey there, I am also very new to all this running,but I am looking to take part in a half marathon.I am now able to run for 30mins on the treadmill, but I feel that I'm not getting the best out of my run. How can I improve?
05/08/2004 at 08:45
Treadmills can be very useful if testing out after injury - you can stop if it hurts without having to worry about getting back home. I use both, but the treadmill is very booring - couldn't cope without the radio & Johnny Walker! It does help with speedwork & timed distance runs though.
05/08/2004 at 08:53
Gemma - I don't think you can ever get the best out of running on a tready anyway - as Doreen said tthey are useful after injury for reasons given - Running out however is a beautiful, spirit lifting experience though hard at times.
06/09/2004 at 20:52
I started on the treadmill, and think it's good if running is not something you've ever done much of. You can start off slowly (I walked on it for the first two weeks), and there are fewer things to worry about (cars, dogpoo, uneven surfaces, darkness, weather, being far from home, and just the unstructured style that outdoor running brings). There are also usually qualified people there to help you out, there are other fit/sexy people to look at and get motivated by, and there are usually TV's or entertainment, so you can distract yourself whilst your body builds up a tolerance.

Having said all that, I agree with the majority of replies - being outside is great. Despite being a 45-minuter on the treadmill, I did have to start again when I went outdoors, getting used to all the elements mentioned above, aswell as the local pikeys watching me as they lurked outside Mothercare. But I did get used to it, and am now running 1hr20 outside, and did my first 10k race on Sunday.

If you like gadgets and you've got some spare cash, try a Garmin Forerunner 201 - it tells you your speed, distance and time, so it's a bit like you're on a huge world-sized treadmill. Which of course we are.

And the best advice has already been given - do what makes you happiest.
15/02/2006 at 20:01
Roads are great, but with dark winter nights, poor road surfaces, waiting to cross roads, dog dirt and people walking or talking that would rather see you run through mud and puddles than make a little space for you to pass, I personally think tread mills have a useful place in any winter training program.
15/02/2006 at 20:45
At the moment, the weather is simply horrid. I'm getting more confident on the treadmill, and will probably join the running group at my gym which is divided into groups (10 minute mile, 12 mins, 7 mins I think) as I would feel a lot safer going out and about in a group - the social aspect would also be good.
15/02/2006 at 22:48
I started on roads, felt too self concious to go to the gym, and also the road is just there out the front door, and free. At this time of year though I have to run twice a week on a tready at the gym because its pitch black by the time i finish work and hae had a scary mopment with a wierdo in a car (I wasn't in the car btw!!)

Agree that treadmills are useful for winter running, but you can't beat the road and the great outdoors!!
19/02/2006 at 11:27
I can't stand treadmills...does anybody else just watch the seconds go by, its so frustrating i cant do more than 10 minutes. On the road time just flies by! I would recommend cross country at this time of year, its good for the knees and great fun
21/02/2006 at 22:56
Just starting out on this 'running thing' too. Have completed one road run (walk 2 min, run 2 min) and was going to just stick to road running as I begrudge paying extortionate gym rates.

However, as I have entered into the Great North Run (self-bullying to excercise and motivate!), should I also run / train on the threadmill or can I do it all with road / outside running.
22/02/2006 at 09:52
Entering a race is the only way I get motivated! You can do it all outside if you want, I would if it was light in the evenings all year round but when its dark I use the treadmill more as a matter of personal safety than anything else!!

Also there are NO hills where I live so the tready comes in handy for that, and since I've been usuing the treadmill I've found I can maintain an even pace better.

Good luck with the GNR!!
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