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23/09/2011 at 16:13


a problem i have with running is having enough fuel for a run/race.

Now i know i have a high high metabolism, i'm 5' 11'' 9 stone, have 

less then 5% fat and just don't put on weight no matter what i eat. 

because of this by time i get to a race/start running  have no fuel left 

cause my boddies digested it.

so can someone give me advice on pre run nutrition. 

normaly i have shed loads of pasta and some sort of protain 4h before running at the 

latest. but this dose not seem to be working.



23/09/2011 at 19:26
Not just before the race, but try Guinness. I put on loads of weight when drinking this ! Also lots of Iron in it !
23/09/2011 at 20:34

You should have plenty of fuel - glycogen - stored in your muscles before you run.

It's not what you eat right before a run that fuels your runs, it's your diet in its entirety.

If you are struggling then you either need more rest between runs to build up glycogen stores or you need to slow down because you are running to fast and burning out.

What you describe is typical of teenage males. Most could eat their way through Sainsburys and not put on weight. (I wouldn't recommend the household wares though, not very palitable). Your weight also suggests you are young as your height / weight is similar to that of many other young people I know. So nothing really to worry about. Your not the only one who struggles to maintain weight.

If it really is an issue then speak to your GP.

The Guiness might be a good idea though. (Just not to extremes huh).

Try not to eat 'shed loads' of pasta before a run either, this maybe having the opposite effect - high carb meals take time to digest - hence the siesta after a big carb laden meal. They make us sluggish. - Lots of research to support this.

Make sure you are hydrated before your runs.

You need to build stamina and speed slowly.

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3 messages
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