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16/09/2005 at 23:39

Im new to this malarkey but have quickly go the bug!

Single mum with a 6 month ol - never ever run in my life (in fact probably scoffed when someone jogged past 8))

now on a treadmill in the gym as i can book my son into the creche for 2 hours) and really enjoying it!!!!

can run/walk for 20 mins and do this three times a week.

two questions really:
ive bought a pair of £20 asics trainers (very basic) and the bloke in the shop said theyd do for treadmill running ... is this right?
i sometimes do the great outdoors but im restricted due to the baba. bless.
overweight- will running help do you think? i feel better already!

nice to meet you all anyway hope to hear from you soon :)
16/09/2005 at 23:47
Hi Jessica

Well done on starting!

Yup running will help with the weight and also feeling good.

Remember not all runs will be good. Some will be right stinkers. But just go out there and do the next run and it should be better.

Please remember to do some stretching after your run. If you are not sure what, just look in the grey health tab on this site. Then possibly search on stretching.

As for your trainers, go to a proper running shop, they will advise.

Good luck with your continued running. And keep the forum updated as to how you are getting along.

I won't ask if you got the bug for running or this forum as they both can be addictive. :-)
16/09/2005 at 23:51
thanks for your message!!

it looks great on this site!
my bug came firstly from getting my first "sweat on" (is there a technical term for this? lol)

ive been doing some stretching after m warm up and not so much afterwards. must do this. i usually go and do a few weights after my run but will do some stretching straight afterwards!

thanks again! its a real change of life for me and im loving it!

16/09/2005 at 23:58
You don't necessarily need to stretch before your run (or even after the warm up). Studies show if you stretch when your muscles are cold, you more likely to injure yourself.

Do your warmup and then do the run.

And you may want to get a decent sports bra if you don't have one already. There are lots of threads about this so you could look up bra using the search function. I am not qualified to give advice in this area.

I am sure lots more people will be along to give good advice.
17/09/2005 at 00:01
lol cheers i got one thats doing good already but i ontt bore you with the gory details! lol!

will look into stretching for defo.

its really lovely here isnt it! :)
17/09/2005 at 00:52
Hi Jessica and welcome to the mad world of the forum,
1, find time to go to a proper running shop to get advice about shoes,not JJB Sports or the other big chains of 'sports shops', if you are going to carry on running then one thing to look out for is your feet. A proper pair of running shoes will prevent all sorts of future injuries and pain.
2, your doing 20 mins run/walk 3 times a week, thats a great start for someone who didnt do exercise before, its a lot more than some new starters can do.
one thing to remember is that it WILL take some time to build up your levels of fitness and stamina so dont expect miracles too soon.

Your weight wont necessarily go down as fast as you hope because as you lose fat you will be building up muscle tissue. This is better than fat. It wont make you look like Charles Atlas but it is better for you. As you lose weight you will find your stamina will get better and you can extend the 20 mins run/walk.

feel free to stay on the forum and ask for advice or any questions, no matter how daft you may think they are,, there is a whole world of experience here and its yours for the asking.
Good luck for the future and it wont be too long before you start thinking about entering your first 10k race.


17/09/2005 at 11:13
Hi Jessica and welcome to mad mad world of running! your doing really well at 20mins, well done considering you not done any before. I do a lot of treadmill work but i do my weights first after being advised by gym instrustors, apparently it kick starts your fat burning so by time you on treadmill you'll be burning up more fat, i used to do mine after run and have noticed i am starting to lose weight this way, do not focus on your weight tho, just on your clothes as i was getting stressed out as my weight was staying same or going down v v slowly, keep up the goos work, and keep us all posted on how you are doing (i'm trying to lose 16lbs at mo but want to do it slowly so it stays off!)

17/09/2005 at 11:36
thanks guys!

and great advice..wheni get some money im gonna invest in a nice pair of trainers for defp

santab- good advice! im a size 16 but due to having a huge baby boy (10lbs 8oz) ilook like im wearing a jumper 2 sizes too big!
im 6 foot tall so happy with my soze- just need to tone up(which is happeing!!)
will look t doing weights frst - sounds a good plan. im assuming you warm up first with 5 mins cardio?

happy with dong it slowly - am 14st 1 - as i love food too much!! but im finding im much more concious of what im eating now anyway

great to hear fromyou all- sarting my yoga course tomorrow so looking firward to that aswell!

keep up the good work guys!! and thanks :)
17/09/2005 at 11:45
Start slow and don't over do it.
Yoga will help with the running. Im a 6ft bloke that does yoga(Odd looks in class!) and im getting a sort of six pack back......just takes time. So keep sweating and the the faith.
Good luck
17/09/2005 at 11:52
i also love my food, yes i do warm up on cross trainer then stretch then weights... take much longer stretches after my run tho as advised.
must dash, off for weekend.

HAve a godo one

17/09/2005 at 11:53
hiya! m.t!

love the name - did you get that from High hopes the TV programme ( i love this)

i too am welsh and a valley girl (blaina-brynmawr) but live in swansea -good to know theres a welsh contingent!!

i love my yoga and starting an intraductory course in newport tomorrow - well looking forward to it!
17/09/2005 at 11:54
cheers sandra- wicked advice - will do this xxx

have a goodone :)
17/09/2005 at 12:01
JP- Swansea then yoga in newport? Nearer courses? Used to live in swansea for a bit. I think they got the name from us. But I got it from work(in cardiff) if that makes sense.
17/09/2005 at 12:11
lol yer it does :)
its the only course in s.wales at the moment that looks into the theory and practice of yoga. its really interesting- it helps you achieve a higher understanding (alledgedly!)- with the British Wheel of yoga- then hopefully i can do a yoga teaching course..

hell i digress! can you do that here?
17/09/2005 at 12:16
I do ashtanga yoga in merthyr and i think there is one in cardiff. My higher understanding comes from beer! No seriosly ive done yoga for about 6 months now and it helps with the breathing and the balance of the body. However i feel my mind is less cluttered. some may scoff but each to they own. Enjoy. Oh did you say 6ft they have good yoga mats on wiggle for that.
17/09/2005 at 12:36
Hi there Jessica!
welcome on in! firstly well done on being bitten by the bug its a good one to be biten by!! secondly listen to your body dont over do things in the first few months! short trots on the treadmill and build up slowly dont be tempted to wack it up to flat out and do shorter bursts work up slowly and aim for longer bursts!

I echo all what every body has said so far get some good runners from a independant running shop esp if the peeps running the shop run themselves!

Running does help with toning up not doubt about it I have shed 3 stone and my rather huge bottom is now ok I am still a size 14 with a few more lbs to loose! but as a word of advice running also makes you bloody hungry (well if your anything like me!!) so be aware that just cos you have done 30 mins of exercise dont go eating goodies everyday ting sounds like sound advice shame I cant follow it!!

Last things enjoy esp being on your own with a small child! make it your time, time for you this is very important cos your more likely to stick at it if you pencil in set days to do it!

Good luck and lets us know how your doing! ps I screamed when I ran my first 5k was a moving thing!
20/09/2005 at 14:14
Cheers scrummy - some good advice! id like to lose weight slowly too- an feel lthat im toning u at least. i do get really hungry, but id never starve me anyway :)

im very lucky to have a creche in the lesuire centre that costs 60p an hour so im happy (do you take him for 3 days? i asked. no -they replied)

good on on the ashtange taff- i used to do that form a few years back very dynamic. im going for breath and personl development at the moment- its a journey unto itself old yoga- i love it. helps with the stretching too.

gonna try and find a 5k somewhere in jan i think xxx
20/09/2005 at 14:37
5k would be a brill incentive for you Jess, don't wait til january tho, get one in there sooner, go on, give you something to aim for....
20/09/2005 at 14:53
Well im off tonight, see if it helps me with feeling better. Feeling like c**p today. Go for the 5K. Something to aim for. 60P creche? where?
20/09/2005 at 14:58
penlan - swansea - do you have children too?

unfortunately the valley councills cant seem to make a connection with healthy population and cheap provision, but hey ho syck is life.

do you suffer a lot with stress then? the breathing aspect should help a lot.
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