I have been a naughty girl

help me get back out there please!

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03/07/2003 at 20:27
Country Girl - most has been said, but I shall put in my two penn'orth anyway. Don't worry about what you 'should' be doing. Do what you *want* to do. That sounds like running, to me.

And please - beg, steal, borrow or buy John Bingham's No Need for Speed. He wrote it for you, from what I gather from your thread.

03/07/2003 at 20:38

Away on my summer hols when the Thorney run takes place otherwise would have run it with you.

I am hoping to take my running shoes with me to Corfu and get out early morning for a run before sun gets too hot with my other half. It's all good intentions on my part not sure how it will go. I have to say other half did go out twice last year in Zante on his own, but then last year I was not a runner so spent the time by the pool getting a tan. This year it will be different I hope.

If you see any races advertised locally after 1st Sept let me know, I should be back by then.
03/07/2003 at 20:53
hey CG!

I'm here for the Thorney run if you want a partner- it would give me a new reason to get out running again??!?

Hope you're feeling better! :-)

Loadsa love, Chick
03/07/2003 at 22:40
Thanks Juliejoo
I love a good read so will definately try to get that book, Is he that penguin bloke?

O.K.Chick, think I might go for that, will try to train hard 'cos I ont want to hold you up. My spirits are lifting a bit, all the ppl on these threads are so kind you can't help but start to feel positive can you?

Thanks to All of you
03/07/2003 at 22:42
He is indeed that Penguin bloke, CG - and worth every bit of his fame. :o)
03/07/2003 at 23:15
No need for speed?

maybe i need that
06/07/2003 at 14:53
Well let me know more CG! I'm off with FC later for a run around ferry meadows. A friend of mums from church is going to start running with us and her kids are coming along (on bikes too!) so it should be fun and relaxing!!

I need to get more running in as i've been mainly doing bodypump and kick fit to keep me active.

have you found a good schedule we could follow for the race?

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21 to 27 of 27 messages
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