I Just Ran A Race!!!!!!!

and I didn't come last

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29/05/2003 at 21:47
This morning I woke up and had no idea I was going to run my first race today.
I checked e-mails and there was one from Fit Chick saying there's a race tonight want to run with me?

Well we did and guess what, we didn't do too bad.

It was a fun run 2.5 miles and we finished in 27.50.

I have a PB! I have a medal!

Well done Fit Chick and well done me!

we are plodding good runners!!!

29/05/2003 at 21:48
well done CG and Fit Chick!!
29/05/2003 at 22:46
well done girls!
29/05/2003 at 22:47

Go Fit Chick and COuntry Girl :-)
29/05/2003 at 23:08
Thanks everyone and especially Country Girl for running with me.

Yeah we did it and in a very good time I think for beginner runners. The weather was rather close and humid which meant we were rather hot at the finish but getting the medal was the best tonic for us. We even had the pleasure of passing other runners as we went around! And we ran it all, no walking was involved!

I did get a couple of piccies for our scrapbook taken by the St Johns Ambulance lady as a momento as well.

29/05/2003 at 23:12
It's a great time - particularly in this heat. It was sweltering today.
29/05/2003 at 23:25
Well done on your run Fit chick and country girl. I hope i do as well that with my run .
30/05/2003 at 07:05
Well done Fit Chick and CG. Would love to see the piccies.
30/05/2003 at 07:39
Superb performances from both of you - well done. There is nothing quite like the pleasure of finishing a race. (well, almost nothing ;) )
30/05/2003 at 07:53
Many congrats!
30/05/2003 at 10:50
I've seen the pics! You don't look too puffed out! then again i spoke to FC on the phone afterwards and she sounded like she'd completed FLM!!!! :)
30/05/2003 at 13:25
Have tried to download the pics so they appear beside my name don't know if it will work though.

Thank you for sending them FC

30/05/2003 at 13:43
Well done - brilliant!
30/05/2003 at 13:57
for those who don't know fc is in the grey shirt and CG in the white!!! well done! roll on r4l!!!
30/05/2003 at 16:45
Country girl you had the same idea as me! Actually you look better than me!!!

Chick, I might have sounded puffed on phone as I was talking to you, I was racing back to car to get top to avaid chilling down too fast! Dad and Dan were doing the 5 mile run so had to wait around for another three quarter of an hour as their race started as ours finished.

30/05/2003 at 19:20
Sorry forgot to say who was who, Wasn't sure it would work.
You mean I look redder than you, how can you run that far in that heat and not glow FC, mind you I don't have to run very far to get very red, I think I'll change my name to cherry tomato!!
31/05/2003 at 10:23
Country Girl

Official results for the race are now in on the NVH website.

56 849 00:26:23 P Stapleton

57 851 00:26:24 N Fry

We are offical runners!!!!

31/05/2003 at 10:26
Country Gilr

Forgot to say there were 67 runners, so we did very well to get 56th and 57th.

31/05/2003 at 14:10
Fit Chick,What web site is that I'd like to take a look?
Yeah at least we wern't last eh. I'm still on a high, all my family are very proud of me.
31/05/2003 at 15:44
Well done both of you!!
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